Gingrich Jumps into the Race

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Newt Gingrich put an end to any speculation yesterday, declaring that he will indeed be a candidate for president in the upcoming election. The former speaker of the House broke the news on Twitter and Facebook, before appearing on Fox with Sean Hannity to discuss his vision for America.

“All my life I’ve preached citizenship,” Gingrich said. “I think my job now is to recruit 310 million Americans.” He said that the problems that the nation faces today are beyond the ability of any one person in the White House to solve by themselves. However, he maintains that a united nation can return to four per cent unemployment, a balanced budget and a secure energy future. “I think this country has an enormous potential to break out,” he said.

Gingrich brings tremendous name recognition into the race. Eighty-four per cent of Republicans recognize his name according to Gallup, even though he’s not held an elected position for twelve years. On the downside, his high-profile position as speaker and combative style made him the leading foil to President Bill Clinton when Clinton was in office. Gingrich thus became a favorite target for many liberals in the mainstream media who despised him.

Hannity questioned him about that issue, especially in terms of how the mainstream media is expected to delve into Gingrich’s personal life and history, even though they have been loath to do so when it comes to Barack Obama’s past. Gingrich shrugged the problem off, telling Hannity that a conservative would be foolish to expect even-handed treatment from the mainstream media, so his focus would be on getting his message out, rather than the hopeless task of trying to obtain fair treatment from left-wing journalists.

Gingrich’s great advantage as a candidate is his intellect. He is as good at formulating and articulating policy as anyone who might be a potential candidate in 2012. If Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama were to sit across a table and discuss the issues of the day for an hour or two without a script, there can be no doubt that Gingrich would demolish the president. However, that soaring intellect is also his Achilles’ heel. It’s much more difficult for Gingrich to project the homespun, everyman image that voters adore and that master politicians like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were able to utilize so well.

Might another “Contract with America” be in the works? Gingrich indicated that he would revive that part of his playbook during the campaign. He hopes to get Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on board so that they can present a unified new contract to the American people. The ultimate goal, according to Gingrich, is to add twelve more Republican seats in the Senate and forty in the House. If that happens, he asserts, a Gingrich presidency can make a real difference.

Gingrich juxtaposed the rise of Texas and the demise of Detroit as the metaphor for the way that he looks at the role of government, and how Barack Obama views the same. Texas has created more jobs than any other state for the last ten years running, largely due to adhering to free-market, small government principles. In contrast, Detroit is the epitome of big-government and big-union influence and everyone understands how that has worked out.

“Talking to [Texas] Governor Rick Perry, I know how to get the whole country to resemble Texas,” Gingrich said. “President Obama knows how to get the whole country to resemble Detroit.”

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  • kblink45

    Gingrich isn't a true conservative in the intellectual sense. He has always demonstrated a propensity to overstate the potential for human reason, especially his own. As the great libertarian F A Hayek contended, it is this tendency which most marks the rise of the modern welfare state.

    • Jim_C

      I don't know about that (Newt = not true conservative intellectually). Maybe. Remember, Hayek himself wrote the essay "Why I am Not a Conservative."

      • kblink45

        Hi Jim. I haven't read that essay in a few years, but from what I recall the term "conservative" had at the time non-meritocratic connotations that violated Hayek's central premise, that capitalism was essentially a discovery procedure, a means of selecting, though mostly unconsciously, between alternatives. After Newt's tenure as Speaker, I watched and listened to him very carefully. I detected, especially in his discussions of education and knowledge, a tendency to exaggerate the positive role of government…he was, after all, a politician. Unlike Hayek.

  • Steve Chavez

    Do the Republicans have an overall game plan? Do they have a "Rope-a-Dope" or a "fake play" or are they hoping for the "Hail Mary?"

    Are the contenders now on stage just a part of the overall plan of just getting the Republicans air time to cover a wide range of issues and positions like my former Governor, Gary Johnson, who wants to legalize pot? Some are Pro-Choice. This shows the numerous DIVERSITY of the Republican Party and it should be exploited since the Democrats can't handle dissent as evident when they threw their former VP choice, Joe Lieberman, under the bus! Anyone in that party that doesn't tow the party line, is out! NO DIVERSITY! How rare is it that you hear from Moderate Democrats and where is "moderate" in the spectrum of Democrats since the line in the sand is in FAR-LEFT FIELD so where is the middle or moderate line?

    Newt is the smartest and most knowledgeable man so far but on MSNBC this morning, they were having a field day bringing up his personal side. If only they did the same slopping through the mud concerning Bill Clinton since it is Hillary who was the coward for not leaving "her man" when brave women leave with nothing but the clothes on their back!

    They also didn't care about the history of Barack Obama and his personal life and associations and they still don't because they are on the same side of the fence as Obama's Circle of Communists!

  • Steve Chavez

    The Republican Party MUST aggressive seek out Conservative Hispanics like me. This border issue is one that even Hispanic hard-core Democrats are mad at Obama and the Democrats. They want the illegals arrested and deported and are even angry about it!

    Here in New Mexico, the voters also elected it first female and FIRST HISPANIC Governor, Susanna Martinez! The legislature controlled by a Democrat Mafia since the Big Bang, was almost defeated in the last election but Northern New Mexico, which is known for dead people voting, gave the Democrats an edge. HISPANICS are also angry that former Gov. Bill Richardson, gave drivers licenses to illegals and Martinez almost got the votes in the legislature to defeat the licenses which included a measure proposed by a Democrat! Martinez is also now required DNA from all illegals when they are arrested but this also includes all those arrested so as not to discriminate!

    Hispanics are Conservatives and here in New Mexico, most are Catholics. IT'S TIME TO GO AFTER THEM!

    • Steve S.

      Very interesting, Mr. Chavez. I lived in El Paso, Texas for 25 years and as a professional musician played with Tex-Mex bands almost exclusively. Several of the Mexican American musicians in those bands were angry about people from Mexico coming to the States illegally and scamming our nitwit government for every benefit they could get. Also, when Juarez mariachis would sneak over to El Paso and play for cheap in the southside bars and nightclubs, the El Paso mariachis would call border patrol to come and throw out the illegal crooners. So, you're right. Republican politicians need to keep in mind ALL the Americans who deeply resent illegals taking American jobs and cavalierly abusing our system.

  • wingwiper

    > The Left is in full ridicule mode about him, but I believe he has a chance to make a difference in the campaign against Obama and Democrat hegemony of social issues. If, as he stated yesterday, he is sincere about de-centralization and 10th Amendment matters being fundamental to his run, then that will be appreciated by conservatives capable of remembering how crucial those two issues actually are.

    His weaknesses are that he will be vilified and belittled as an old-school egghead and moral relativist in his personal life. However, being able to go toe-to-toe with Obama in a debate is something he should excel at, and that alone is going to become absolutely necessary to take the White House.

    If he can hone his talking points so as to dismiss the inevitable shibboleths of "right wing extremist", "racist", "fear monger", "paranoiac" and worse, then he might actually be swept to victory by a seethingly irate majority who are on the verge of revolt.

    He and other conservatives are, after all, running against a man and a spendthrift racist political party who expect us to believe that Obamacare will save money and improve health care for all, and that border fencing has been completed.

  • BS77

    The Republicans better find a viable candidate….let's face it….Gingrich, Ron Paul will never be elected President…..they are too old and do not have widespread support.. Repubs need a real contender….like Rubio….young, charismatic, principled and prepared to campaign.

  • BLJ

    I think Newt would blow Obama's doors off in any debate. Let the Dems bring up personal issues. Maybe this will finally force the Repubs to bring up Obama's very shady past.

    Force the Chosen One to run on his crap record as POTUS. No more of this b.s. "Hope and Change". Hopefully enough people will be fully awake this time before they pull the lever, push the button or punch out that ticket in the voting booth.

  • Jim_C

    So Newt is flavor-of-the-week this week. Let him have his moment.

    Unless there's a dark horse waiting in the wings, I'm thinking you guys are getting Romney. He's low profile right now, quietly raising huge sums of money and getting the prestige gigs. Once all these flashes in the pan satiate the conservative base in the primaries with fiery rhetoric, you'll settle on fatherly, reasonable Romney. Not a bad choice, though not someone conservatives can get too excited about.

    • BLJ

      I think Romney would be a good President. The problem I think is the fact that he is a Mormon. I could care less myself (after all we have a POTUS who attended Rev Wright's church) but for some reason too many people are afraid of Mormon's.

      Comes to down ignorance more than anything else.

      • Jim_C

        I think he'd be all right, as well. Yeah, it's a shame about some people's attitudes.

        He has two "flaws" as a candidate: his health care plan in Massachussetts, which was a good thing, he is now trying to disavow; and he's really rather boring.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Let me see…Gingrich's problem is that he's too smart, too knowledgeable and therefore can't look stupid enough for the American people to vote for him.

    Yeah, sure.

    Gingrich's ideas are just variants of progressivism. He still believes that the "proper" government policies can create jobs and prosperity. What's so smart about that? It's never worked in the past. FDR (whom Gingrich greatly admires) failed utterly to end the Great Depression and, in fact, adopted policies that exacerbated and extended the depression.

    Gingrich is an Alvin Toffler style "futurist" and a technocrat along the lines of Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover. He wants the government to engineer the economy using tax incentives to move industries along lines chosen by elite government planners. This is exactly what progressives want to do. The only difference between Gingrich and Obama is which industries shall be the beneficiaries of government policies.

    Gingrich is the Anti Tea Party candidate. If he wins the nomination the Republican Party will join the Whigs in the history books.

    • kblink45

      Exceeeelent analysis. I, too, consider Newt a progressive. He thinks a bit too highly of himself and of Congress. Isn't that really why the Contract failed, because true change can't come from a legislative body?

  • Payne

    The age of Gingrich is over; The age of the Rino is over.

    • Sovereign Soul

      Absolutely! Burn me once, boo on YOU. Burn me twice, boo on ME. Newt's "contract" was unilaterally violated BY THOSE WHO AUTHORED IT! Wise up folks. As Richard B. Boddie says: "With Republicans in ppower, man exploits man. With Democrats, its just the opposite." America needs STATESMEN … NOT politicians and, especially NOT the INCUMBENTS!

  • Steeloak

    Newt's time has passed, the worst mistake Republicans could make would be to run a tired old man against a young, charismatic Marxist like Obama. It didn't work in 1992, it didn't work in 1996, and it didn't work in 2008. When will they learn?
    Romney? I'm sorry, but the reality is that his being Mormon will cause a large portion of the Republican base to stay home on election day. I wish it wasn't so but a large percentage of Christian conservatives regard Mormonism as a heresy and won't tolerate a Mormon president. It would be like running a Shiite for president in a Sunni country, or vice versa.
    The winning Republican candidate has to come from the Tea Party backed candidates to have a ghost of a chance. Another McLame and we lose again.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    There are some unpalatable candidates amongst the Republican herd, Romney, Huckabee, and Gingrich being notable examples. If one leaves ideology out of the equation, all three of those mentioned are excellent political mechanics who know how to manage things. They each have the extremely valuable attribute of not being Obama.

    The Tea Party – many members of which are Democrats – will not be won over by these sorts of "business as usual" Republicans, and will stay home in droves. They will be excited, motivated, and mobilized by the likes of Allen West, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, et alia. Among the Tea Party favourites, only Sarah Palin has the experience to manage the presidency since she makes 50 or 60 Obamas when it comes to experience, talent, and gravitas.

    I suspect that the real battle in this country is not between Democrats and Republicans, or even Remocrats and Depublicans, but rather between the Ruling Class and the Country Class. Obama, Gingrich, Romney, Clinton, and others are part of the Ruling Class. Rubio, Palin, West, and all too few others are part of the Country Class. The Tea Party is almost entirely Country Class in its makeup.

  • OLJingoist

    Is he all there is ?

  • Jim_C

    Gingrich is a RINO, now? Man, you guys are harsh!

    • Dennis X

      no, he's a ho

  • Liberty2

    ARE YOU KIDDING? Please do your homework. IS HE KIDDING? Newt is a typical politician. Do we need to say any more? A RINO. Corrupt. Oh, and didn’t he serve as a consultant to Freddie Mae? Oh and didn’t he have a stint with Al Sharpton on education? (“Arne Duncan, Al Sharpton, and Newt Gingrich Join Forces”) Did yothe one about “Newt Gingrich Paid $300K to Praise Ethanol” ?

    He thinks we peasants are stupid!

    • Reason_For_Life

      "He thinks we peasants are stupid!"

      If we vote for him we'll prove he's right!

      • Liberty2

        You are, unfortunately, right!

  • Paul Joseph

    Here! Here!
    VDare + Great Resource (too bad so few others know not the name of Ms. Virginia…)

  • crackerjack

    Give us a break.
    Gingrich is BIG OIL. They pay him. He does their business. "Drill here, drill now,pay less".

  • crackerjack

    Manning is the headmaster of looney school.


    Gingrich is an untrustworthy,disloyal snake-& I say that as a citizen who has voted Republican since Jimmy Carter showed what (little) he was made of. Personal life as mudslinging? When you have an affair with another woman & divorce your wife while she's dying of cancer while simultaneously braying about "family values"- gives me a strong feeling of how readily he'd sell out our country when the going gets tough. During his mercifully brief political ascendancy in the mid ninties,he further demonstrated what vile depths he's willing to descend to. Recall the horrific incident in Chicago when a woman of color's fetus was ripped from her body by an obviously psychopathic resident of her public housing tract. He blamed the entire incident on the Democrats' 30 year war on poverty. Electing this man to ANY public office again-or even taking him seriously-would be like electing Attilla the Hun to the highest office in our land. Unless the Republican party can stop practicng rectocranial inversion by promoting jokes like Gingrich & Trump,Obama needn't even bother campaigning next year. In case it's escaped anyone's notice,bin Laden was offed during HIS watch.