‘Green’ Crime Pays Dividends

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DeChristopher envisions an America in which millions of committed radical activists “bring the fossil fuel industry to its knees” by shutting down mines and coal-fired power plants by the score. The economic ruin and consequent, unparalleled human misery that would be sure to follow doesn’t even begin to enter into the equation for such zealots.

Ironically, the United States has been spectacularly successful at reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade. According to USEPA data, net greenhouse gas emissions are down about 15% over the last ten years. Some of that reduction is surely do to with the economic downturn of course, but a greater part is attributable to the vast number of greenhouse gas reduction programs that have been implemented on the state, regional and federal levels. The fact is, that while arrogant activists like DeChristopher are certain they are the only ones who understand the grave threat that global warming supposedly represents, they’re not even remotely clued in enough to understand that the United States has been making massive reductions in the gases they demonize and we will continue to make such deep reductions far into the future.

But then, however much the United States reduces greenhouse gas emissions, it doesn’t really matter as far as global concentrations of those gases are concerned. For all the millions of tons that we have reduced, China and India are pumping out millions of tons more. It’s more than ironic that the long, slow death of cheap coal-fired power in this nation hardly portends the death of the domestic coal-mining industry itself. China is happy to pay premium prices for American coal in order to feed the increasingly monstrous appetite of its coal-fired power plants.

Tim DeChristopher is thus just the latest poster-boy for the spectacular, almost unbelievable narcissism that represents the modern American environmental activist. He and his supporters are convinced that he is nobly marching off to jail because he had the courage to stand up and make a difference. But, outside of feeding the insatiable martyr complex that characterizes so many of the Left’s causes today, he hasn’t actually produced a single tangible result. This wasn’t a case of courageous civil disobedience in the grand tradition of Rosa Parks; this was rather just another example of mindless, angry, self-centered grandstanding, of the sort you’d expect from Rosie O’Donnell. The Left ought to be embarrassed, if they were capable of being embarrassed at all.

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  • Ashley

    Stopping or hindering oil companies isn’t only about “global warming.” It’s also about saving our fragile ecosystems and animal populations. Oil companies are not taxed, rape our earth, and act like we should be grateful for their services. DeChristopher sounds like a true activist.

    • derekcrane

      Yo Ashley: Look up the facts before you vent. Exxon, alone, paid about $59 billion in taxes during the last 5 years. They paid over $1.6 billion in income taxes last year. Every oil company in this country pays taxes. Property taxes costs them billions annually.

      • usimate

        they do get alot of government subsidies too though.

        • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

          They're nowhere near as large as the taxes. It's not a subsidy-based industry like Solar is.

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      I've visited oil fields. In general, they do no harm whatsoever to wildlife. In fact, they really barely affect the land. Certainly they do less harm to the land then who sets up in their stead – farmers, ranchers, or worse, construction crews putting up little boxes of ticky tacky on the hillside. It might arise the curiosity of a fox, but that is about as far as it will go. When the lands out of oil, you can make it a park, especially considering as it is after all Federal Land we're talking about. In fact, it probably preserves the environment better then a park as professional workers under tight discipline are less likely to litter then empty-headed tourists and campers.

      The only thing that can even be argued to harm wildlife is oceanic shipping of oil, and your friend just managed to launch a couple tanker ships with his excellent patronage of middle eastern and ocean-based oil drilling.

  • http://normbreyfogle.com Norm Breyfogle

    "Green tyranny"! LOL The writer of this article is out of their ever-loving gourd.

    It's clearly CORPORATE CONTROL OF CONGRESS which amounts to tyranny.

    • Harvey

      HAHAAAAAA Green Tyranny

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      Why do you think they're mutually exclusive, especially when large companies make millions a year off of "green" subsidies that smaller businesses can't effectively compete for as they don't sufficiently benefit any particular constituency.

    • http://www.arlohemphill.com Arlo Hemphill

      I know! Green Tyranny? I love how the extreme right calls the kettle black in a feeble attempt to hide what they really are.

  • Dana

    Rich Trzupek, you are really a fool. you have no idea how to 'report', and no understanding of basic science, not to mention basic human rights. Two years in prison forTim De +Christopher is not only travesty of justice, but a complete and total waste of tax payer dollars.

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      I agree. It should be punished with either a fine or, if he can't pay, manual labor, as wasting peoples time is all he is guilty of. He should pay back the cost of disrupting an auction and recompense everyone who wasted their time so they can go out and have a new auction and not come out behind for it.

      Every person he rudely interrupted, however, should be reimbursed properly at his expense. I'm no econut, but I know poor jurisprudence when I see it.

  • Matt

    What an unbelievabe piece of human trash you are, Rich Trzupek. The aution DeChristopher disrupted was found to be illegal in the first place, which he knew. Illegal because it was stealing valuable resources of all kinds from the public. DeChristopher was moral enough to realize it was wrong, smart enough to discover it was also illegal, and brave enough to do something to stop it. Only whining slime like you would then try to tear him down in order to protect the interests of mega-corp overlords who don't know or care you exist. Drop dead.

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      So allowing common people to buy gasoline that doesn't exactly wiggle its way out of the ground perfectly refined is stealing resources from them, while denying them a reprieve on their taxes equivalent to the rent is considered giving back?

    • Hanna

      Right on!

  • ebonystone

    Looks like nobody except trolls have read this article.

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      So you noticed that. Not that I'm surprised – green nuts are frankly the only people who even care about this story. I only stumbled on it because it was referenced on a friends facebook page.

  • Ben

    Mr Trzupek, you need to go back to school. "Environmental Consultant" – really? What kind of education did you get? I am afraid the only thing radical about this article is your ignorance of the world we all live in.

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      No it's radical. Any form of civil disobedience is radical. Why do you consider "'radical" such a bad word? Perhaps because you're scared?

      I too am in favor of radical. The radical destruction of our elites, both in DC and the so-called scientific "academies" degraded by public action and a tight purse on research grants in to tools for the bodypolitick, as they ignore every new piece of evidence, from readings that indicate that frankly our earth DOESN'T retain heat very well at the planetay level to studies showcasing the immense capacity of Cosmic Rays to influence temperature (something I always thought might be true, but now have evidence to support my case), and cling to "settled" science that indeed is settled as only a dead thing can be. I am in favor of the radical militarization of the American public to deal with these traitors and fools who have squandered our land with stupidity like this and were honestly dumb enough to think that "post-industrial" was a good thing when nearly all good and useful things are made by industry.

  • Harvey

    Rich Trzupek is an obvious tool

  • Machew Green

    He is a tool. A tool of the American industrial complex whose only focus is making money with no regard to the health of the animals and people on the planet. If he has children, he is obviously not at all concerned about their long term well being, only whether or not he has enough money to buy the next model of Hummer.

    • http://hailingfromgeorgia.blogspot.com Jeremy Janson

      As opposed to thieves like Al Gore, belonging to what of the Souths oldest and most treacherous families, who want to steal from taxpayers by crying wolf with science that should've never even be allowed publication for its poor methodology and excess of assumptions?

      Any good IE will tell you that even simple arithmetic simulations based on adding and subtracting and random numbers are only good for Industry if you're willing to have some tolerance for inaccuracy. Not only is it not good enough for science, but to simulate climate you need mathematics far more complex then anything simulations today can handle.

  • skipatrol

    Right, those arrogant 'greenies' are damaging the rights of poor, innocent, altruistic, petrochemical companies… JUST ASK RUPERT MURDOCH!!! BTW, is this publication owned by Murdoch?

  • Alc

    It is time for the crooked EPA be done away with and the crooks all fired

  • Sound&Fury

    These "green" trust-fund babies are indicative of a narcissistic generation that has learned to parrot certain pet causes, but have never really examined the implications for their own positions. Once they grow up & have families of their own, they will hopefully gain the maturity to recognize that we live in a world in filled with tradeoffs.

    • Jim

      You mean hopefully they'll give up on their ethics and sellout?

  • tramky

    I think these so-called environmentalists–they are ACTUALLY simply terrorists of a certain kind–should describe for us what our lives–what YOUR lives–will be like when the fossil fuel industry is 'brought to its knees', whatever that means.

    Consider the world in which you live without petroleum products. Actually, you can't, unless you consider the world as it was before 1850. What a gaggle of idiots & fools, who obviously think that WE are a gaggle idiots & fools.

    • skipatrol

      A world without petrochemicals is NOT a reality…. A world without petrochemical companies raping the land, abusing the public trust and destroying people's lives COULD BE a reality…. And a desirable one. Which company do you work for? BP? Shell? Here's a name for you: Ken Sarawiwa, google it.

    • Jim

      Yes, throw the word terrorist in there where completely unwarranted. It's the first line of defense when defending the indefensible.

  • http://www.1up-games.com sanjuro

    Are you saying only old farts really understand the power of money over morals, values and mankind's integrity? One can grow old without growing any wisdom, as you just proved, still relying on the age factor like a prepubertal bully.

  • http://www.zianet.com/web WEB

    Unbelievable. All these “environ-mentalists” are posting on web sites using computers made from oil and mining products, using electricity produced with coal, gas, and nuclear energy, and enjoying their modern lifestyles; all the while whining about how terrible it is to actually use any natural resources. They are hypocrites unless they are willing to live in mud huts and use no resources themselves. Preventing us from developing natural resources in America only forces us to buy them from other countries, where they don’t really give a damn about environmental protections.

    • Sound&Fury

      These are the same starry-eyed kids who bought into Al Gore's film, hook, line & sinker. They would have voted for big Al in 2000, had they been old enough.

    • John Standard

      The poor fools.. using tools of mass communication to spread their message.. And trying to protect the environment by protesting the destruction of local ecological habitats in their own back yard is clearly a ridiculous idea.. If it wasn't for these guys ruining everything, America wouldn't be fighting several stupidly expensive wars of aggression against third world countries in pursuit of their oil.. probably..

      I mean, America is pretty much the biggest polluter in the world anyway by a laughing stock.. a bit more wouldn't hurt..

      People are stupid.. no way around it.

  • perma

    But when we run out of oil, arguments about environmental activism will be moot. We'll all be living in mud huts and growing our own food out of necessity. Better start now to be prepared.

  • MPIR

    Rich Trzupek, you opinionated right-wing corporatist hack, you are only representing the interests of what can essentially be considered pillagers of our ecology.

  • semus

    'he just ensured that we use a bit less of our own fuel and pay a bit more to buy it from some other nation. But this young man is clearly part of the petulant, neo-revolutionary crowd that is increasingly exerting itself through green tyranny.'

    This whether this person knows it or not is the true goal of the hard left, the environment is the last thing on their mind. Only the "Useful Idiots" believe in the clap trap.

  • Hanna

    The real crime was the Bush Administrations disregard to the law. They (again) ignored the necessary mandates for the auction in the first place, namely environmental impact studies. Why are they not brought before the courts themselves?

  • http://www.arlohemphill.com Arlo Hemphill

    This author is so far off base in belittling the outcome of Mr. DeChristophe's actions. The "crime" itself may have not brought oil and gas to its knees, but it has done a spectacular job in getting a media spotlight pointed at this issue which affects us all.

    • ebonystone

      Unfortunately, media spotlights seldom provide much illumination. The media spotlight often turns out to be more of a fog machine: obscuring, spinning, and smearing rather than providing any rational analysis.

  • Sue

    This author is referred to as an "environmental consultant and chemist". It seems clear to me that he has been subjecting himself to too many toxic chemicals at homeopathic doses that have made essential and fundamental changes to his body and brain. This is an observable effect in many who consume Industrial Agriculture processed food, Big Pharm drugs and American media bulls..t. He is to be pitied and watched carefully for the possibility of going viral. He needs to repeat basic chemistry again and relearn the rule about balancing an equation and dealing with unknown quantities.

  • David

    I am so happy to see how many people disagree with this idiot.