The Keystone Evasion

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The occasional instances of contamination associated with pipeline operations have happened before and will happen again. However, the risks are tiny and we have the rules and technology to deal with problems when they happen.

The other objection makes even less sense. The enviros are convinced that if we don’t build Keystone XL then the Canadians won’t be able to sell their evil crude oil and thus the planet will be spared the emissions of the deadly greenhouse gases that would be created by using Canuck crude.

In a world that includes only the United States and Canada, this logic might hold true. Unfortunately, there are a few other nations out there that are more than likely interested in Canadian oil. China and India – nations whose appetites for petroleum grows by leaps and bounds ever year – spring immediately to mind. Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty laid that choice out in no uncertain terms.

“The decision to delay it that long is actually quite a crucial decision. I’m not sure this project would survive that kind of delay,” Flaherty said in an interview at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Honolulu. “It may mean that we may have to move quickly to ensure that we can export our oil to Asia through British Columbia.”

In fact, China has already made it abundantly clear that they will be more than happy to buy Canadian crude if we don’t. No matter what dreams the enviros have, the fact is that the world’s appetite for oil isn’t going away any time soon.

And so President Obama was caught in between two very important parts of his core constituency. He concluded that he could afford to offend neither and so, as is all so typical of the man, he chose to offend everyone else instead.

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  • aspacia

    O is a disaster who cannot lead or be Commander and Chief.

    • ngw

      beforeitsnews website money column Buffett helped draft bailout rules

    • F. Swemson

      I'm surprised to see Rich make a major error in this piece by paying lip service to the enviro-nazis in regard to their claim that stopping the pipeline with avoid "deadly greenhouse gasses" by saying in effect that it won't matter because the oil will simply be burned elsewhere, so we might as well get the economic benefit of the pipeline for ourselves.

      CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It's a beneficial trace gas that's one of the basic building blocks of life. There's only 3 things we need to remember about CO2:

      1: CO2 doesn't drive climate change, it's the opposite way around. As temperatures rise, the solubility of CO2 in water decreases, causing more CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. Climate change is driven by changes in naturally occurring solar cycles. If anyone asks, just say: IT'S THE SUN STUPID!

      2: CO2 is plant food. Without it NOTHING WOULD BE GREEN!

      3: WARMING IS GOOD! Yeah, isn't that a shocker… The only type of climate change that we should fear, not that we can do anything to change it, is extreme cooling… Why? Because plants don't grow well when it's cold, & that causes people & other animals to starve. (Remember the winter at Valley Forge?)

      The best approach that we can take whenever anyone brings up the absurd CO2 lie, or even whenever anyone uses meaningless terms like "CO2 footprint" is to laugh at them are repeat the 3 rules above:


      BTW: There's nothing even remotely unusual about our current climate. It's been recently proven that the Arctic was ICE-FREE only 6,000 years a of ago. The study of climate concerns itself with changes that take place over thousands & millions of years. To concern ourselves with changes over 30 or so years is a total waste of time. FYI: This recent global warming scare is the 4th example of climate alarmism in the last 100 years or so. In the mid 1970's, the same liars & charlatans were panicking over the coming ice age. For more detailed history of this scam see:


      • aspacia

        Bravo! Yes, many do not realize that the Arctic was actually tropical — Good. Now try posting this on a liberal site and see how quickly you are banned for these facts, as I have been. Liberals and most Muslims do not like fact they cannot refute.

  • Big Irish

    what an awesome opportunity for both our countries!…what the hell is wrong with Mohammed Obama?…we (Canada) can be sending oil for the next 150 years to our best friends creating jobs – money -etc, etc….we can stop relying on the blood oil from the saudis or any other stinking vile regime…how nice it would be to give those desert monkeys the big F-U……thanks Barry (PissBeUponHim)……we call our oil "ethical"…see Ezra Levant.

    • mlcblog

      O has no interest in promoting American business at all., less in advancing the use of petroleum fuels. Don't you see this? I am amazed at people who say What is wrong with him? as if he thought like us. He does not.

  • Herman Caintonette

    First and foremost, you should know that only sociopaths are permitted to post articles to FPM. TransCanada's own data supplied to the State Department says 2,500-4,650 jobs would be created — not the hundreds of thousands claimed.

    Second, oil is a fungible commodity. If it is going to end up in China anyway, the best course of action is to have Canada build their own damned pipeline to a western port (Prince Rupert comes to mind). The environmental risks are substantial, and not worth the rewards to America, which will be a net loser on the deal (see below).

    Third, the State Department's Keystone review process may well have been tainted by corruption. Deputy IG Harold Geisel — the highest-ranking official in the department’s IG office — will look into the matter amid allegations of bias, influence peddling and conflicts of interest.… If that is the case, delay is the only logical course of action.

    Fourth, by releasing the pressure on distribution of Athabascan tar sands oil, gasoline prices in the Midwest will actually rise by 10-20 cents per gallon, resulting in a net loss of jobs!… It's great for Canada, but not so much for us.

    Obama would do well to tell TransCanada to chug another Molson.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      Why should we believe Cornell University's Global Labor institute? Besides, 4650 jobs would be very welcome; and I believe that Keystone XL would probably create 10000 jobs or more. In addition, you are ignoring all of the jobs created by the oil boom in North Dakota.

      • Herman Caintonette

        FoG: "Why should we believe Cornell University's Global Labor institute?"

        Why shouldn't we? Do you only believe what the Faux Propaganda Network tells you?

        • FriendofGaryCooper

          Because the Global Labor institute is a biased socialist front organization for those who want to steal American sovereignty; which you well know. But the discovery of oil in North Dakota puts the lie to your statement, "by releasing the pressure on Athabascan tar sands oil, gasoline prices will rise by 10-20 cents a
          gallon." What nonsense! Go chug a Coors–its made in America!

        • mrbean

          Hemaphro Castrati makes an idiot look intelligent because Hempro Castrati is always wrong so he knows less than nothing.

        • aspacia

          Pay attention to who this university hires and what it produces. It invited Ahmadinejad to speak. Granted, he made a fool of himself, but he is a huge human rights violator.

          It does boast a strong medical department.

    • aspacia

      Little Cain,

      For once try not to be completely myopic! There are both negative and positive effects from any power source, be it nuclear, a damn, etc. The best way to analyze the Keystone Pipeline is to study the effects of the Alaskan Pipeline:

      Considering the terrorist threat, the positive affects of the Keystone Pipeline far outweigh the negatives. There are possible environment damages, but the environmentalists screamed this regarding the disruption of Alaskan Caribou migration pattens, but their hypothesis was wrong because the Caribou herds increase and actually breed near the warm pipeline.

      There was the Exxon oil spill, which caused a huge amount of damage, and so did the recent BP explosion, but the oil companies pay for the clean-up. Again, I would rather purchase oil from a nonthreatening nation that the current ME idiots.

      Oh, and since you are a Pauline, who wants to be friends with the Armageddon wishing Ayatollahs and jack job, I just put you in the same league as Chamberlame.

  • al Kidya

    Herman, where did you come up with the jobs and fule price figures? Politico?

    Do you actually believe the trash that comes out of that "e-rag"?

    • Herman Caintonette

      I cited the report, written by Cornell University's Global Labor Institute. If it isn't written by a Zionista propagandist, we are not to believe it?

      • Herman Caintonette

        Politico is good at reporting political facts. That an internal investigation was initiated is eminently believable.

        • mrbean

          Hemaphro Castrati is a dumb brick with arms and legs.

          • aspacia

            beanhead, you are using fallacious ad hominem attacks.

            Don't worry, I will, as usual, deal with Little Cain later.

  • Raymond in DC

    So instead of the jobs and the energy security that comes from working with a nearby, friendly country, the US – thanks to environmentalists wanting "clean hands" – get to rely on not so reliable Nigeria, unfriendly Venezuela, and even less friendly Persian Gulf countries. This should have been an easy call. China is likely to be the big winner here.

  • tagalog

    Are you sure this isn't the Keith Stone Evasion? That's more President Obama's speed. Smooth.

  • StephenD

    And none of us voters will notice when it is time to vote that he kicked the can down the road. He talks about the Republicans not passing any job measures he wants but never mentions the dozen plus bills before the democratically controlled Senate that they won't even allow to come up for debate or an up or down vote! In the meantime, the Conservatives, through their silence, heap hot coals upon their own heads. Nobody is calling him out on any of this on the big screens…why?
    The man is a fool and is hurting the country. Conservatives ought to say so…loud and clear.

    • Herman Caintonette

      The dirty dozen doesn't create a single job.

      • mrbean

        The government sure as hell doesn't. Get your tongue otta Obama's A$$.

        • Herman Caintonette

          beano is really Jerry Sandusky … he's into that sort of thing.

  • tanstaafl

    I'd rather buy oil from Canada then buy it from the jihad.

    • Hyac

      What if Canada doesn't want to give you any of it's oil?

    • aspacia

      Which is just what our Little Cain Jihadist wants.

      • Tanstaafl

        I wonder if that’s the same reason Obama is dragging his feet…..

  • Ageofreason

    Those opposed to the pipeline have no idea what they are talking about. Here's a map of Nebraska, it's present pipelines, and the proposed pipeline: The new pipeline will be the most advanced, high tech pipeline ever built. It's opponents are Luddites, and a collection of half-baked socialist nutbars. Their "reasoning" is specious, their "facts" nothing but anti-Capitalist propaganda. They want oil money to go to Saudia Arabia because it works tirelessly to bring down the United States in order to replace it with a sharia state. We Canadians want oil to flow to the USA, our friend and ally. Think of it as ethical oil as opposed to unethical oil from thug states that use the proceeds to undermine freedom and free countries (A tip of the hat to Ezra Levant and his book Ethical Oil).

  • Bamaguje

    "The enviros despise Keystone XL for a couple of reasons….it must be admitted that pipelines do leak now and again." – Trzupek

    That's like saying we shouldn't ride cars or fly in airplanes because there's a risk of accident.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Do you drive when you are three sheets to the wind?

      Think risk versus reward. Some risks aren't worth taking; the opposition to XL is largely grounded in the judgment that we don't get enough out of the deal to make it worth our while.

      • mrbean

        Do you stick your head ot the window and catch bugs and eat them when you drive? I think you are Renfield's half-brother!

  • joy52

    I would pay more to be free of islamic oil.

  • Ghostwriter

    To be honest,I would rather get oil from Canada than Saudi Arabia. Unlike the Saudis,the Canadians actually seem to like Americans. The Muslims,on the other hand,have never condemned a single terrorist act that was committed by one of their own. The Canadians aren't strapping bombs to their children and encouraging them to kill Americans.

  • mlcblog

    Canadian oil would be so sweet. Too bad.