Rep. Darrell Issa Takes On Big Government

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Issa will thus have an opportunity to prove his mettle over the next two years. Heretofore, he’s largely occupied the role of “critic at large,” finding fault where there was fault to found, but not occupying the kind of leadership role that would require him to make tough decisions himself. He’s a favorite of the Right because he speaks plainly and he clearly takes the time to educate himself in detail on a topic before commenting. Darrell Issa is a smart guy with an attractive vision of the way the world ought to look. The question will be how well he can walk that fine line between principle and pragmatic politics.

Despite his hard-edged reputation, Issa’s approach to the Middle East – and he has obviously spent a great deal of time mulling over the challenges of the region – reveals a man who believes that a point of compromise can always be found, even among the most uncompromising of foes. Removed from their larger context, some of Issa’s remarks over the years seem to be attempts to undermine Israel. He looked to Syria for leadership in the Arab world soon after 9-11 and he still expresses sympathy for the plight of Palestinians living in Gaza, for example. Yet, these kind of remarks are not indicative of an anti-Semite (as some of Issa’s opponents have claimed), but of rather, yet another example of a Westerner who views the challenges confronting the Middle East through Western eyes and assumes all parties involved share Western values. Issa obviously still believes that the “good Muslim” governments in the region can be separated from “bad Muslim” governments, if only the US would take a bold step forward to express our undivided support for the former and our disdain for the latter. Thus, when Issa looked to Syria for leadership after 9-11, it was because he believed that Bashir Assad was what he purported to be: a moderate who had turned his back on his father’s policies. When Issa talks about Gaza, he expresses his conviction that the Palestinians in Gaza are suffering under corrupt leadership just as Israelis have suffered from that leadership’s unprovoked attacks. His solution is to find benevolent leadership for the Palestinians that would do better for those living in Gaza and would also make peace with Israel. That’s a noble, if terribly naïve vision.

Yet, Darrell Issa’s influence on foreign policy is going to be negligible, so his misconceptions about the Middle East don’t count for much either way. The most important part of his tenure as chair of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee will involve rooting out waste, exposing bureaucratic excess and exposing failed government policies. Those would appear to be the kind of tasks to which the congressman is uniquely suited. His performance, or lack of same, over the next two years will go a long way towards determining the future course of the nation.

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  • tanstaafl

    Islam insists that its believers be governed under the laws of Shariah, that is, Islamic law. As a result, a benevolent Islamic government is impossible. The problems in the Middle East remain intractable until the mosque is separated from the state.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Let’s not mince words, when it comes to the Middle East, Darrell Issa is a loon and an anti-Semite as well. Indeed, show me an obsessed Jew hater and Israel basher and I’ll show you someone completely ignorant of Islam, the greater global jihad at large, and the existential threat to freedom in the world the global jihad represents. Likewise, show me someone completely ignorant of Islam, the greater global jihad at large, and the existential threat to freedom in the world the global jihad represents, and I’ll show you an obsessed Jew hater and Israel basher. Indeed, the two go hand in hand.

    • Brett

      When I read here a few months ago that he had attended a banquet for the American Task Force on Palestine and the list of notorious radicals they were awarding, I thought Isaa, who I had heard nothing but good things about was a fool, I hope he becomes enlightened and educated about the ways of "moderate muslims" not duped. Time will tell.

    • Fred Dawes

      Yes you are right but all of the little monkeys inside government are fools Issa is doing his home-work on Islam/global jihad and his people have been murdered by jihad monkeys, but keep a open eye on him.

  • owyheewine

    I firmly believe that all regulations formulated by non legislative agencies of the government should be sunset every 10 years, subject to renewal by congress. That will make sure that these regulations are continually examined and our congress can be held to account for these extra legal regulations become oppressive.
    In fact all of these independant agencies should also be sunset in the same manner.

    • Wesley69

      Maybe these needs to be enshined in the Constitution. These Executive agencies like the FCC, ERA need to be held accountable to Congress. They are not independent of it and DO NOT MAKE LAW.

    • scum

      I assume you're talking about Arizona where the govt just declared a Latino studies class illegal? Are you willing to stop this kind of govt intervention too?

      • bill garrett

        you betsir go back where they can from vtyanhee we have are own people in this country to take care of i am 80 year old an you baby boomerrr make me sick no all i have 3 of my one

  • Guest

    History suggests that Issa will just be another GOP dog that's all bark and no bite. The GWB presidency is emblematic. Despite owning Congress Bush walked away from the Filegate and Chinagate treasons and dozens of other Clintonian malfeasances. Bush I; Ford, Nixon, Reagan and IKE did nothing to reduce the bloated Dem Bureaucracies from the FDR, Truman and Carter years. The RINO-dominant GOP doesn't have the stones to do clean up the slime and corruption of the D's – it just pays the bills that the latter runs up.

    • Fred Dawes

      thank you, this evil corruption has eaten away our nation, to the point that most people may as well live in some third world hell.

  • okrahead

    Obama has already issued a memo on dealing with Congressman Issa, read it here…

    • Fred Dawes

      that is funny but maybe the real Obama.

  • Wesley69

    Issa has his work cut out for him. There are so many questionable things this administeration had done. The investigates need to translate into House bills. Put Dirty Harry in the Senate on the spot, either pass reform or resist it and hear about it from WE THE PEOPLE.

    The thing Issa must be careful about is attacking Obama. Get the people around him, then let WE THE PEOPLE draw our conclusions. But Issa's work will be essential in preparation for the 2012 election.

  • arthura

    A new bill prequiring all residential candidates to publicly show proof of citizenship in order to be nominated. If the Republicans would pass such a bill it would be most interesting watching Obama and the Democrats soft shoe around that (can’t you just imagine their consternation ?) especially if it was attached to a bill that he really lusted after. And if it was done this year it could be in place for the next presidential election. Just a dirty rotten thought from one really pissed off real American….who does not like either Kenyans or Muslims !!!!!!!!!

  • Fred Dawes

    Just keep your eyes on Issa I hope he will keep being a Thorn in the side of that so called president Obama but i think in the end game Issa will become just one more monkey inside a government of monkeys. It is the duty of real Americans to become Freedom Fighters in this coming end game.

    • Morrismajor

      Nice to see that all the paranoid bigots are lining up behind Issa.

      • Guest

        Read some history and discover the facts. The GOP has never done a thing to eliminate or reduce the run-away Dem Bureaucracy. Nixon and W added to it. Issa can't do it alone and he'll be advised of that quite forcefully by the RINO's. It will be all Show; no Go. Read my "guest" comment above.

        Bigot's? What/Who are you talking about? Specific's please.

        • USMCSniper

          Hey just because we are paranoid doesn't mean that they are not really out to screw all of us!

      • davarino

        A desire to see government do right equals paranoid bigot. Got it