The Left’s Ends Justify Any Means

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Illinois’ economy has suffered more than most during the recession, but the Prairie State is now the home to at least one growing industry: that of providing sanctuary to Democratic legislators running away from neighboring Midwestern states. Thirty-seven of forty Democrats in the Indiana House fled across the border to prevent the Republican majority in the chamber from passing a right to work bill. They joined the fourteen Wisconsin Democrats who took flight from their state rather than fulfilling their responsibilities as elected officials. It’s clear that Democrats understand that if the power of big labor is diminished, their party will suffer. Without union votes, and most importantly, union cash, the party will face the unpalatable choice of moving toward the center or finding itself marginalized on the far left fringe of American politics. And so the party has responded with these incredibly childish tactics in both Indiana and Wisconsin.

When Barack Obama was elected president and his party enjoyed majorities in both houses of Congress, many a Democrat responded to complaints about their party’s agenda with a simple, five-word observation: “you lost – get over it.” Now that those shoes are on other feet at the state level, Democrats are apparently either unaware that they lost or unable to get over it. One can only imagine how Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media would react if Republican lawmakers ever ran from across state lines to prevent a measure that conservatives found unpalatable from being voted on. And yet this churlish behavior passes for heroism to many on the left, who hail the “courage” of those they have dubbed the “Wisconsin Fourteen.”

The standoffs in Wisconsin and Indiana have given rise to remarkably heated rhetoric on the left. Protesters comparing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Hitler and Hosni Mubarak are commonplace, and some Democrat politicians have used that imagery as well. Representative Michael Capuano, a Massachusetts Democrat, told union workers in Boston that every once in a while they “had to get a little bloody.” Capuano later said he regretted using the language, but calls to violence on the left are clearly on the rise. Walker’s security detail is taking an increase in assassination threats very seriously. Fox reports that some Twitter posts have been particularly disturbing:

A number of Twitter users, apparently unhappy with the budget plan, have publicly pleaded for somebody to kill Walker. “Someone please shoot him?!” one user Tweeted. “Crazy people wanted!!!! Please have sniper skills,” another wrote, later adding: “Some one please take out the governor Scott Walker.

After Representative Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others were shot by a deranged gunman in Tucson a month ago, the far-left was positively hysterical, blaming the right for the “violent discourse” that – in their minds – led to the tragedy. Sarah Palin’s uttering the word “reload” and using cross-hairs to identify targeted districts during an election were somehow to blame. Far leftists tripped over each other to call for an end to such dangerous rhetoric. Take, for example, Media Matters’ David Brock, who shed crocodile tears in the wake of the tragedy, begging Palin to join him in renouncing violent rhetoric before it’s too late. But is anyone at MMFA, MSNBC, the Daily Kos or the rest of the left’s noise machine troubled by the increasingly violent rhetoric pouring out of Madison and Indianapolis today? Apparently not, since there’s not a peep of complaint emanating from that end of the political spectrum. Far-left media outlets are too busy cheering the protesters on, reinforcing union supporters’ self-righteous perception that their cause is so important that any and every action to achieve their ends is justified.

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  • exchangerates

    Lincoln and the republicans never wanted to stage a direct assault on southern slavery in the beginning, though Lincoln's entire handling of the war, depending if you think the consequences were worth it, it a good example, I agree.

    • Jacobite

      There's a lot of argument over LIncoln's war strategy. I believe it was Phil Sheridam who said that if he thought the Civil War was about slavery, he'd resign his commission. The question of foreign colonies for freed slaves is back, too. When you come to the Republicans — the Radical Republicans that is, Reconstruction showed that their motivation was hatred of white people.

      • Chiggles

        Which has nothing to do with this article. The post you replied to is commercial spam. Put your cursor on the poster's name and you'll see. Just don't click on it.

  • Wesley69

    When in doubt as to tactics the Left can use, go to Saul Alinsky's book, "Rules for Radicals." You know the one Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer.

  • Gary from Jersey

    Indiana's governor has backed off the right to work bill. The unions win.

    • coyote

      I have relatives in Indiana. Almost as nice as Tejas, but too cold for me in the winter. Indiana's governor never really championed the bill in the first place. In fact, he stated that they had bigger fish to fry. Oh, I am sure he will sign it, if, and when, it passes, but he wasn't a big advocate. Indiana hasn't had the same issues with unions, pubic or private, that other states, including WI have. I am not siding with unions, but Indiana's wage scale is nowhere near the outrageous amounts you hear about in other states. Except for a few areas, even private sector wages are more like a southern state than they are a midwestern state. There is even a saying, "Indiana is a southern state, that just happens to be located in the midwest." Also, the percentage of union workers, total, is less than 10% of the workforce, and slowly but steadily decreasing. I question whether "right to work" legislation would make a big impact in a state like that to begin with. I understand, and support, the principle, but I don't know if the effect would be noticeable.

  • BLJ

    The only thing that works against these lowlifes is the Code of Hammurabi playbook. The Left has used intimidation tactics for years to get what they want. The best way to deal with a bully is to punch him in the mouth.

    • Edward

      I'm afraid the GOP is not up to the task, or they don't comprehend the depth of the Evil confronting the Republic. After all, this is the same group of boneheads that nominated John McCain, a man broken in a Communist North Vietnamese Re Education Camp who then returned to the USA and did everything in his power to ensure the election of the Republic's first Marxist President.

  • sue805

    I hope the people of WI will vote these senators out at the first opportunity!!

  • Martel64

    The problem is not so much that they use such tactics,and think they're perfectly fine to use them – it's that anyone politically different than them, or,specifically, to the "right" of them, are never allowed to use them also, not without getting demonized ,slandered,etc.

    • Fiddler

      And in this case those who willingly trumpet the demonizaton (Matthews, Olbermann, and the like), themselves need to be repudiated by the public for being merely PRETENDERS at their profession, namely to inform the public. That "thrill" running up Chirs Matthew's leg must have him comatose about now.

    • Jim_C

      What's your point? Are they OK to use, or not?

  • Dennis X

    How about the tactic of injecting agittators into the protesters, walker states it was considered, but backed out due to the polls that fox/lies inverted, 61% favor the unions. Any harm that would have come from walkers tactics would have been blamed on the protesters!!

    • Fiddler

      Wow, those lies that Fox invented! You have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and everything they say is pure as the driven snow. But BOY that FOX news! It doesn't matter that they have left versus right debates all the time. WE ALL KNOW that CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS NEVER give an opinion on ANYTHING. People like you seem paranoid that there is ONE news channel that doesn't "go with the flow". Gee I thought that's what freedom was about! If you bask in "talking points" that originate from the "GRAY LADY" (the NYT) and get reguritated verbatim to the "main stream media" and you think that is just fine, perhaps you'd better take another look!

      • Edward

        I've reluctantly concluded the New York Times supported Stalin knowing full well the nature and extent of his tyranny.

    • Fiddler

      Let me make another point about polls: It's how the questions are ASKED! If you ask: " Do you agree with those meany-weeny Republicans that its okay to stop all Union collective bargaining?" That could elicit an emotional "NO"! If on the other hand you engaged their intelligence and asked: "As a taxpayer, aware of national and state debt, are you infavor of paying for ALL the health insurance and wage increases of government employees besides having to contribute 20% for your own? Hmm, perhaps they would take a moment and THINK before emotionally answering. Unions seem to consider themselves exempt from personal responsibility. Perhaps union dues ought to be made VOLUNTARY!!!! Ooooooh no, not that, say union bosses (and Democratic candidates). That would eliminate a built-in TAX!!

      • coyote

        Likewise, I bet if you asked a questions about lack of tax payer representation at public sector contract negotiation, you might get an interesting response.

  • topperj

    The unions and the administrations of the states in fiscal trouble share the blame. If any one of these Governors had stood up to the unions, none of this would be happening. But it was more expedient to cave in to the unions. Kick the can down the road, let someone else deal with the crisis when it explodes. All of these cans are now exploding and when the adults try to make the tough decisions, the children (unions, leeches, etc.) come out of the woodwork to whine about losing some of their perks. This is a life and death situation for these states and. ultimately, for our nation. We have the worst possible man-child in office for these perilous times. How's that Hope & Changie working out for US?

    • Jim_C

      I don't know about "life and death;" remember Walker manufactured a lot of this "crisis" himself by decreasing revenue. It's great politics and it plays well with the public–so far. Clearly, the pension/benefit employee contribution needed to be dealt with. But taking away bargaining rights is really a matter of philosophy rather than fiscal necessity, and if he succeeds, I'm not sure public sentiment will stay with him.

  • JosephWiess

    Democrats are liberals and liberalism is a mental disorder. I know that the governors can't send state police into another state to bring back the cowardly people who are in hiding, but they can do what Walker is going to do: Stop direct deposits and make them come back for their paychecks, then lock the checks in their desks on the Senate floor.

  • QSuzy

    When Gov Walker gives up his govt health care which provides all the benefits for him and his family–health care, dental, vision, ears, I'll listen to what he has to say. When Rush, Beck and the other extremists give up their union membership in AFTRA and SAG, which provedes their benefits, I'll listen to them.

    • Rusty

      I do not pay a dime to Rush and Beck from my taxes. Walker is not asking state employees to give up healthcare, but like the rest of us, they need to contribute. I pay 100% of my own insurance, and quite frankly, government union members too. State employees should foot some of their own bill. I can't afford their insurance too.

    • Rusty

      I do not pay a dime to Rush and Beck from my taxes. Walker is not asking state employees to give up healthcare, but like the rest of us, they need to contribute. I pay 100% of my own insurance, and quite frankly, government union members too. State employees should foot some of their own bill. I can't afford their insurance too.

  • BoogiesDaddy

    Why should the governor give up his insurance? He's doing his job.
    Why should any private media employee quit their union? They pay their dues.

    if you want the governors insurance eliminated get a bill in the works that does that and let the people vote on it. You know, like they voted for Walker to balance their budget.

    But no one except you is demanding that public employee quit their union or lose their coverage. Just that they pay a fractional percentage into the system that private sector employees (middle class taxpayers) do.
    Stop the gravy train.

    • Jim_C

      But they did agree to pay into the system.

      • Jerry

        But you know as well as I do, that the very next chance that the unions get, they will go on strike to give back all of their concessions and more unless the law is changed to make union contributions to pensions and health insurance non-negotiable. Right to work laws make unions act in a more civilized manner as well, since they can't force employees to join the union without demonstrating how the union truly benefits the workers….all of the workers.

  • alexander

    great union jobs – TWICE the average Joe's salary plus health insurance for the whole family, great benefits etc., and if Joe Public doesn't want to pay for it, his house will be taken away……..nice gig!