The Left Celebrates the End of the War on Terror

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But that’s just a random web post, right? Surely such sentiments are not representative, right? How about this quote from an imam preaching in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in the wake of bin Laden’s death: “You personally instructed to kill Muslims,” he warns president Obama on a video posted at You Tube. “You should know that soon you’ll hang together with Bush Junior. We are a nation of billions, a good nation. We’ll teach you about politics and military ways very soon, with God’s help.” Or perhaps you’d prefer the statement issued by the Islamic Defenders Front, an Indonesian Muslim group that plans “…to hold a memorial service to express gratitude to the late martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.”

It would be wonderful if the death of a single monster like bin Laden spelled the end of a radical, violent movement, but that’s clearly not the case. Bin Laden may have served as an important leader for a resurgent, aggressive Islamofascism in the modern world, but those jihadi flames have long since roared out of control. This war is going to continue for a long time whatever the West does or does not. Barack Obama realizes that even if the Medea Benjamins and Tom Haydens of the world can’t grasp such a basic truth.

As far as the president’s personal political fortunes go, it would be ludicrous to hold that Obama has personally played a big significant role in neutralizing bin Laden. Sure, Obama deserves credit for approving an action plan developed by the pros in the military, but this victory belongs first and foremost to the military and the intelligence professionals who found Osama and executed the plant. Next in line for credit is Obama’s predecessor in office, for it’s clear that bin Laden would not have been brought to justice but for intelligence gleaned while George W. Bush was president.

The president’s supporters want this to be the turning point in Obama’s administration, as they happily speculate about how big a bump they’ll see in his poll numbers. What’s forgotten on the Left  – or at least conveniently ignored – is the fact that it was enhanced interrogation techniques utilized in selected cases during the Bush administration that provided the raw intelligence that eventually allowed us to find bin Laden. It was a long, arduous task to root out the Saudi terrorist leader, but that is the nature of intelligence work.

Now that bin Laden is dead, we should thank those who made it possible, but we shouldn’t allow the Left to deceive us into believing that Islamic terrorists are simply going to fade away now that bin Laden is dead. The opposite is true. Now that this symbol of aggression in the name of religious purity has been sent to the virgins waiting for him in Islamic paradise, the millions of Muslims who revere him are going to be angrier than ever. Both the nation and our president need to face up to that simple fact.


To get the whole story on why leftists deny the Islamo-fascist threat, read Jamie Glazov’s critically-acclaimed, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

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  • drolgaandrei

    whatever, losers….

    • BS77 cannot take these dummies seriously….Code Stink and all their screeching
      clueless followers………forgeddaboudit.

  • Wesley69

    Think about it. Democrats NEVER finish something they start. They go halfway, then quit. Nor do they go all out to win.

    In Korea, after the US miscalculated in China came into the war, Truman settled for a deadly stalemate. Eisenhower threatened the North with nuclear weapons, then North Korea sat at the table.

    LBJ, if he took it to N Vietnam, could have ended the war with honor. Then, when Nixon tried to withdraw, doing some of the things LBJ should have done, the Democrats were anti-war. It was a Democrat Congress that cut the funding to the South Vietnamese government that lead to its collapse.

    During the Iraq War, Bush made mistakes. He overthrew Hussein quickly, but the pacification was a bigger problem. Democrats used every opportunity to embarass the President, tried to cut the funding, said the war was lost, BUT THEY SUPPORTED THE TROOPS. They opposed the surge, but progress was made. Violence was greatly diminished. Bush turned over a more stabile Iraq than anyone would have believe 2 years prior. Obama, as a result, was able to start withdrawals, but not in defeat.

    Obama announced a surge In Afghanistan, then announced that withdrawals would begin in 2011. This was before this phrase "depending on the conditions of the ground" was added. This plays into the enemies plans who can wait until we leave. In Libya, Obama intervenes against Gadaffi, says he must go, but fails to deliver the killer blow to knock him out of power. The rest has been a stalemate with the US taking a back seat to the Italians, British and French.

    • ajnn

      Regarding foreign affairs, I have found the behavior of the Democrats in Congress shocking and frequently destructive of American interests.

      • wasicu36

        Very true; since the late 60s the democrat's dream has been to denigrate and cripple (if not destroy altogether) the country that allowed them to live. Now they have their dream president: an enemy mole extraordinaire; a fifth column to end all fifth columns, a man who will replace Benedict Arnold as the definition of treachery and treason. He's their "smart bomb" ; their Terminator!

        • Wesley69

          Everytime the Democrats get in we get weird US foreign policy. Under Carter, he pursued human rights, but did not treat all countries equally. He screwed up big time in Iran. He gave up the neutron bomb without getting anything from the Russians. He DID broker the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty 1979.

          Under Clinton, as with Carter, we cut the military budget. We get involved in the Balkans protecting the Muslims in Kosovo against Serbia. He has a chance to get Bin Laden, but blows the opportunity. North Korea played him, but they have played every administration back to LBJ. He almost had Camp David II, but Palestinian Arafat walked away only to start a new war with Israel.

          Under Obama, it is the policy of apology and appeasement with the failures mounting. Egypt, Yemen may go the way of Iran. Iran is building nuclear capabilities and has threatened Israel's existence. What does Obama do – Put more pressure on Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians from a position of weakness.

    • Fred Dawes

      "you are so right."

  • Carol

    Do I hear a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED from the left, however this time it won't be the navy ship that accomplished the mission…

  • Fred Dawes

    This war cannot end for one reason to much money being made and most are in fact lefist meaking the money.

    • Amused

      Oh please Dawes , you can't be that stupid ….Chenney /Haliburton ? Then again …lol…I guess you can be that stupid .

      • winston

        why is that stupid ? Have you seen Cheney's W2's for the period in question? I have. You obviously have not watched IRAQ FOR SALE (its online) or made note of the fact that despite being such 'bitter ideological enemies' with North Vietnam that we just had to slaughter 3 million! completely innocent men, women and children, and yet somehow set managed to up trade agreements with them within a short decade of the end of the war. Maybe you should refrain before calling people such childish names and realize that 'never is one more telling of himself than in his judgement of another.'

        • Jim_C

          I don't know, saying leftists are making too much money on the war effort sounds, not just stupid, but "reality-impaired."

  • Vermont Yid

    I have two questions.

    What are these fools smoking?
    Where can I get some?

    • Fred Dawes

      The money in the bank for one thing, its about big money and it GOES into deals like islamist and human rights for muslims and immigrattion rights and check on the big boys in the unions and social justice monkeys, ITS ABOUT The Goals of others for big money and the end game is the mass killing of a nation and its people its basically the old game with a new faces of evil.

  • Toa

    The Left's ad-nauseum repetition of "Where's Bin Laden????" during the Bush years evidently mesmerized their followers into thinking that the only reason we deployed large numbers of troops overseas was to kill 1 man (good "Liberal" military thinking). Now, I guess they think that the terrorists will just dry up and crumble without the venerated Osama, so they ("Liberals") can just go back to watching American Idol and worshipping The One for bringing World Peace by being President when Bin Laden got it.

    Watching "Liberals" in action, it's easy to see how the "crude" European tribes were able to overrun "enlightened, sophisticated" Romans.

    • Jim_C

      That's interesting, because bin Ladin was actually responsible for 9/11. President Obama finally brought justice to him for the attack on our country and all those innocent lives lost. You owe him some gratitude for that but evidently lack the class.

      Yet you–somehow–thought it was a good idea to sacrifice enormous amounts of blood and treasure to go nation-building in Iraq as a response to 9/11. Wow. Great "military thinking," genius!

  • pyeatte

    All these lefties should go volunteer their services in Gaza. The women will especially be welcomed.

    • Fred Dawes

      now you must be good, but send the woman and take pictures.

    • tagalog

      The last time I remember hearing about lefties volunteering their services to defend "innocents" against the EVIL United States was back when some peaceniks told Saddam Hussein they'd be human shields to stand between the Great Satan and the cruise missiles they were sure it was going to fire at hospital and elementary schools (preferably when they were in session).

      When Saddam Hussein told them that the United States wasn't going to be attacking schools and hospitals but instead going after barracks, airfields and other military targets, they said "What?! We would have to actually stand in places where we might actually be blown up?! No way! We're outa here!" And they beat their little pacifist feet right back to the Homeland, where they could feel safe.

  • Amused

    Stupid assssumption , wrong guess ,and poor metaphor . And on a 5th grade level ….man you're impressive !

  • winston

    the War on Terror is an absolute farce! "Terrorism" is a tactic. And historically, a tactic of the militarily weak (like our founding fathers in fighting the brits, or the middle class in Cuba against Batista in the late 50s) and of false flag operations (like the nazi's Reichstag fire, Operation Gladio, Operation Ajax, & more recently 9/11) to mention a few.

    Even a casual look at the US mortality tables show what a joke this War on Terror really is. For example; aspirin kills 7000+ American citizens every year.
    Terrorism? 0 (death by 'terrorism' is homicide.. Its just pointless to give its own category,, but since 911 there it is!
    With the exception of 9/11(or our invading foreign lands we have no legal or moral right to be in) aspirin kills 7k more Americans every year than do 'terrorists.'
    9/11 COULD NOT have been the work of Islamists because they whatever they are guilty of, could not have blown up the twin tower and wtc7 with explosives as we saw on 9./11

    Just look at the facts: 1100 missing bodies, (1100!!) The pulverized concrete, speed, symmetry and explosiveness of the destruction of 1&2, wtc7's implosion, NIST's shameful behavior, molten metal shown in the FEMA BPAT (see: Appendix C. issued May 2002) -the residual heat with temps up to 2800f (weeks later!) 99 day fires underground, the suibs, dissembled superstructures..etc etc Trust me, I know just how difficult it is to believe this could even be true. But there it is, just look yourself. You are NOT entitled to your own facts and the those of 9/11 prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, that WTC 1, 2& 7 were blown up with pre-planted explosives. (see NORTH TOWER EXPLODING video by Chandler, then tell me that was gravity. North Tower was hit only 10 storeys from the roof! The thing was built w/tapered columns that got much thicker the lower down they went! Its absurd to postulate gravity as the cause of the results we saw. (it shows just how ignorant most people remain on this important issue) Also see the HarrIt study ACTIVE THERMITIC MATERIAL FOUND IN THE DUST OF THE WTC CATASTROPHE

    • JoJoJams

      *sigh* ~ the "it was an inside job!" conspiracy has been debunked sooo many times (by actual engineers and scientists), you'd think these people would give it up. Say hi to Elvis for me! *smirk*

  • Jim_C

    "First, leftists hope that the event will convince America that Barack Obama is a strong decisive leader and thus see him re-elected in 2012. Second, they want Obama to use this moment to declare victory in the War on Terror and to pull all troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, thus effectively ending a war that they believe was “manufactured” in the first place."

    You say that like having a strong, decisive leader as preisdent and ending a war is a bad thing.