The Muslim Brotherhood on the March

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What is interesting, and frightening, about the situations in Egypt and Yemen is how different those nations are economically. Egypt, like Tunisia, is relatively prosperous in North African/Middle Eastern terms. The unemployment rate in Egypt is less than ten per cent and “only” about twenty per cent of the populace lives below the poverty line. On the other hand, the unemployment rate in Yemen is over thirty five per cent and almost half of the nation lives in conditions of poverty. Thus, if we are looking for a common thread connecting discontent in these nations, we can’t rely on economic conditions. There has to be something else. Among the ideas that undoubtedly contribute to all the protests are these: the universal desire for self-determination, the freedom to exchange information and ideas in the modern world, and the belief that no one is entitled to virtual hereditary rule, measured in decades, in the modern world. And so we find ourselves faced with nascent revolutions in two very different countries, both of which may represent very different, but very real, threats to American and our allies if those revolutions are successful.

Up until now, the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak’s most powerful opponent in Egypt, has stayed out of recent protests. But as of today, the radical Islamic supremacist group is joining in the fray. This is very bad news for a number of reasons. Young, idealistic revolutionaries are about the worst sort of people to run the machinery of government that one can imagine. Egypt’s protests, if Rashidi is correct, represent a youth movement. If they’re successful, the “under 25” crowd won’t want to be bothered with the tedium of governing, but will rather hope that some more mature folks who say all the right things will assume that particular responsibility. The Muslim Brotherhood, which doesn’t have any qualms about completely misrepresenting itself and its aims in order to achieve its goals, is thus ideally positioned to take advantage of the chaos that would follow Mubarak’s ouster.  And, because Egypt is a much more powerful nation than most Middle Eastern states thanks to years of American aid and support, if the Muslim Brotherhood grabbed control in Egypt it would be a disaster along the lines of Khomeini taking over in Iran.

On the other hand, Yemen remains a weak, impoverished nation. Yemen’s chief sources of revenue, its oil reserves, are rapidly drying up. Yet, it’s the poverty and hopelessness of Yemen that makes it especially attractive to Al Qaeda, the country that bin Laden’s terrorists use as their base of operations on the Arabian peninsula. It is thus important to western interests to keep Yemen within our sphere of influence, so that Al Qaeda can be contained and – hopefully – neutralized within its borders. Though Salih has been an uncertain ally, he has been an ally. Should the Yemeni opposition succeed in removing him from power, the same question that confronts us in Egypt remains: will the next regime remain at least outwardly friendly to western interests and values, or will the next regime be infinitely more dangerous than the one we know today?

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  • jacob

    I personally do not believe OBAMA will do anything in this respect but rather welcome the reproduction of IRAN type regimes.

    This way he won't have to apologize any more for American misdeeds to the Muslim

    • USMCSniper

      American misdeeds? Well, perhaps, but only by sacrificing American lives for worthless nation building for Muslims instead of scorched earth like the Romans did to Hannibal and Carthage. No rematches!

    • sodizzy

      I am sad when I hear American misdeeds to them. I believe we have been faithful and helpful to the world even though a lot of people like to detract from this view of our efforts.

  • Al'Marri

    I watch these events with great trepidation. The spectre of a another Iranian type bloody revolution could be just over the horizon. I was not inspired by President Obama's blabbing on about democracy and the right to peaceful protests. Sounds like Jimmy Carter version 2!!

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Unlike most heads of state today, Churchill, even a hundred years ago, had clearly assessed the Islamic world. Would that he were here today.

  • Denise

    Can anyone override Obama if his decision is to do nothing?

  • wingwiper

    If not mistaken, Al Qaeda got its start in Egypt within, among other similar groups, The Muslim Brotherhood, one member of which was Al Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden's supposed primary lieutenant.

    If 60% of Egypt's 80m citizens are, in fact, under the age of 25 – then unless their government's law enforcement/military cracks down very hard and very fast, we can look for serious disruption soon. Such events normally start with a "student body left" maneuver (as happened in 1960s America), but tend to peter out when the babies begin running out of their favorite latte or when they discover how little fun it actually is to sleep days at a time on the street next to your unbathed BFF.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has been around a long time, quietly and not-so-quietly working behind the scenes at the propaganda level – not unlike certain "Progressive" organizations in our own nation have done since their last defeat. In their case, however, the weapon of choice is sadistic homicidal random death and maiming of innocent civilians. Thusfar, America's sedition has been limited to maiming common sense.

    • ApolloSpeaks


  • Robbie Winningham

    I fear Obama will welcome the unrest that this type of "peaceful demonstrations" would bring. He then could declare marshall law & do us all in. Then his muslim brothers could help him totally ruin this country.

  • BLJ

    If the world is banking on Obama coming to the rescue……good luck. The Muslim Brotherhood has been waiting for years on this moment. They will quickly step in and take control should Murbarek get toppled.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has it's sights set on America as well. There is no doubt in my mind they are behind organizations like CAIR and the Islamic-American Council. They have been at work here for quite some time.

    The only way to fight these creatures is by force. Send them to their 72 virgins.

    • Snarky

      No Obama to the rescue in sight.

  • Wesley69


    From Tunisia to Pakistan, the entire Middle East is aflame with uprisings, war and revolution.

    The key state is Egypt. Should this, the most populated state in the Middle East, fall to the Muslim Brotherhood, moderate regimes & US allies in Jordan, the United Emirates, Morocco, Yemen would be endangered. Some countries would be radicalized further, such as Turkey & Pakistan. The reestablishment of a seventh century Muslim Caliphate could become a reality with its capital at Baghdad. If Fundamentalist IRegimes, dedicated to strict Sharia law, are established, Israel would be surrounded by hostile forces on all sides. Europe, already facing a Muslim crisis of its own, will not be far behind. The danger is indeed real.

    As was mentioned, Egypt is the key. Yes, Mubarak is a dictator. He has been our ally for 30 years. He joined the US mission against Iraq in the Gulf War to free Kuwait. Since Anwar Sadat’s death, Mubarak has maintained peace with Israel. He HAS helped us in the WAR ON TERROR. Yet, the Obama Administration is dithering in its support. This is not good and it only encourages the opposition. While this opposition has legitimate grievances against Mubarak, there is the danger that the Muslim Brotherhood could vault into the leadership role.

    In 1979, the US failed to support the Shah. As a result, the Islamic Republic was born and it has been a thorn in the US side ever since. Hamas & Hezbollah receive support from Iran. Iran is working against the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, Venezuela. It is preparing to build atomic weapons. Can we afford to abandon Egypt, doing what Jimmy Carter did to the Shah? Only at our peril.

    We need to support Mubarak in crushing this resistance, then try to help him weed out the Fundamentalists, taking the battle to the Muslim Brotherhood. We can’t afford to lose Egypt. It would be worse than the loss of Iran. Much of the world’s oil flows through the Suez Canal. So there is an economic component to it. With Yemen, a similar strategic danger exists. Yemen sits at the entrance to the Red Sea. Should Fundamentalists, supported by Iran win control here, Iran and its ally would imperil oil traffic at both the Straits of Hormuz and the Mandab Strait.

    Lose Egypt, however, then, kiss the Middle East good-bye.

    • Ron J.

      Iran will be the winner here as it solidifies its stranglehold on the oil routes and takes hegemony over the Persian Gulf. Who can then protect Saudi Arabia and Jordon, which will also be surrounded? Iran is the main supplier of arms to the youth oppositions in the region. As in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and soon Egypt, Iran will be acting as a Godfather tyranny more than happy to provide more fuel to the spreading inferno.

      It seems the only debate in the West is about precisely how many years and months it will be before Iran has a nuclear bomb, not realizing that the Muslim demographic explosion of youth, lack of water and food, and fanaticism, is a variety of a "human" nuclear explosion already happening. The fact that few countries are able to even prevent failed-state Somali pirates from threatening shipping, makes it less likely they will when the routes are surrounded on all sides.

      But if they block the shipping routes, those countries will soon implode, as they rely on food and manufactured imports. If oil prices rise or get cut off as a result, those same foods and goods will also rise dramatically in price, and the implosion will feed on itself with exponential Muslim civil wars.

      The West has to understand that the only reliable friends it will ever have will be those countries with Christian or Jewish populations where democracy and human progress are inbred and part of their nature. Yet we can't even keep tiny Lebanon out of the clutches of terrorist proxies of Iran, who train and supply it with an arsenal. This is more than just about oil.

      • Wesley69

        I agree with you to a point. Iran will win as revolutionary Islamic regimes sweep away the old regimes. The old argument between Sunni and Shiite may reemerge. If it does it will be Iran, Syria, Iraq against Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Before they go after each other, they will turn their attention to Israel and Europe. Egypt is the key. It goes, it will be a strategic disaster for the US.

    • Rob

      This is why I read Thanks for breaking down the insurgency into something the rest of us can understand, Wesley.

      When you mentioned the Suez Canal, it dawned on me that the terrorists are simply going after their same objectives as last time, regardless of past failure and UN intervention. As long as they're in power a little while, they don't care.

  • Dennis

    OK, it seems the SUPER BOWL of revolutions is about to begin. I, for one, hope the U.S. has learned its lessons. No matter what we do or who we support, we'll get our t*ts in a wringer. Do the people of these countries hate us? I do not know. Do their religious leaders and large sectors of their politicians hate us? Of course they do! Perhaps we should gather all the confiscated guns every police department here has and parachute them into everyone of these Middle Eastern countries – stand back – and watch them fight it out. When all of them have wasted themselves, their money, their kids and families like what we did in our Civil War / War of Rebellion well, perhaps they'll learn the hard lessons. No more AMERICAN BLOOD shed on that soil. Finally, arm Israel to the hilt with superior weapons and let them save themselves which is what they are willing to do. END OF STORY.

  • BeckNCall

    Revelation unfolds before our eyes.

    • crazyhorse

      Bang on….Even this bit about Egypt–Ezekial 37-39 for the time line..

      • BeckNCall


  • HenryCrux

    I cannot believe that 99% of westerners believe that this is a Democratic Reveloution. What utter fools you all are! It is a Revolution for Religious Dictatorship – I hate the sound of all you sheeples bleating non-sense like, "Muslims, who are all for the murder of anyone who would even try to change religions, can hardly wait to get freedom for the non-Muslims around them.

  • Guest

    The author says: "Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Ali Abdallah Salih in Yemen are hardly ideal American friends, but they have at least done their part to keep their countries’ aggressive Islamist factions at bay in an area where options are very much limited in this regard."

    What the author does not understand is that those corrupt strongmen in the Arab world are the main reasons for rising stars of Islamist movements. Relying on them to keep the Islamists at bay is as effective as tying yourself to a chair while Titanic is going down. The West should have long ago forced the Arab dictatorships to change their ways; not for the sake of Arab world, but for the security of the west and Israel.

    • scum

      Apt metaphor, indeed. It seems the neo-cons have learned little after the Iranian Revolution. Look up Blowback in the politictionary, and learn something, people.

      • Scotchie

        Democracy is a foreign concept to the grass root elements of Arab states and will be for generations to come. The only type of rule they respect are strongman dictators or dictatorship by religious fanatics. The only hope the West has for peace with these countries is by either colonising them or propping up strongman dictators. The former is impractical so the latter is the only option unless we want the whole Arab and then eventually the Muslim world to go the way of Iran.

      • ziontruth

        The coup against Mossadegh took place nearly 60 years ago. Just how long does the West need to pay for it? Even where it must be admitted a mistake has been made, why is it always a given with you Marxists that the sin must be atoned for in perpetuity?

        Don't bother, I know the answer: Because any excuse to bring down the hated West, bitterest enemy of Marxism, will serve.

        Marxism: In a sane world, it would be outlawed.

    • ziontruth

      "What the author does not understand is that those corrupt strongmen in the Arab world are the main reasons for rising stars of Islamist movements."

      What this poster does not understand is that the worldwide movement to install shariah law over every state possible is motivated by nothing more than Islam itself. "Blowback" is just an excuse the Muslims give (or more accurately take, from the Marxists, who supply them with the rhetoric they need) to cover their aggression with the veneer of "justice."

  • Fred Dawes

    Just a little history the muslim brotherhood has been around for over 120 years, and the people working behind the scenes are living inside the USA, OBAMA Father was part of the muslim brotherhood for over 30 years before he died. Obama was never a member of that brotherhood, MUCH! But one of his brother who was before obama became our so-called President was wanted by the UN For criminals like mass murdered in the name of that evil muslim brotherhood. now down to the point within 10 years with big mosque being build about 10 per week inside the USA The muslims will be able to attack you, within 20 years many parts of this country will be owned by our enemies, so what the point? the point is the USA Is dead, and its time the people who are about to be replaced get up and do the right thing under Laws and Under arms.

  • sodizzy

    I am wondering just who these "activists" are who are leading the protests. That will tell us everything we need to know perhaps.

    • Fred Dawes

      God only knowns but a hell of alot of money is in the hands of some real evil people

    • MixMChess

      International ANSWER which is a radical socialist organization is leading protests right here in the good ol' USA!

  • Tanstaafl

    Secular dictator or mullah dictator? I just love the diversity of Islam.

  • HonestAmerican

    When it hits here. A few Americans will take notice but it will be too late. Very few have the gonads to protect their family, their country and their freedom.

  • Amused

    Speak fo yourself , honest American . When there's blood in the streets , that's when Democracies take notice . There are more than you imagine that are ready. The situation's just gettin' warmed up .

  • fxgeorges

    Stop the Mosque Poland – The Saudis will use it to try and destroy you from within. Remember your history – Do not trust these Arabs!!!

  • muchiboy

    "but very real, threats to American and our allies if those revolutions are successful."

    A very telling comment.These nascent revolutions have the interests of the Arab world at heart,not America and Israel.America wants a tame Egypt that will fall in lockstep with her policies and interests.America talks the talk,but fails to walk the walk.America fears democratic elections in Egypt,afraid of what may replace the despotic but useful Mubarak.We can only hope for true democratic change in the Arab world and support those forces of moderation.Only with such change can the Arab world challenge America and her proxy Israel with any hope of success in bringing about needed change.
    Today,we need remember the many Jewish victims of the death camps and promise that we will never again permit genocide.Today we need hope and pray that the brave,young men and women in the Arab world who are facing down the armies of their despotic rulers will prevail.Today we hope for a safer,more secure world for Arabs,Jews and Palestinians.Really,they are neighbors in a dangerous neighborhood who deserve what we in the west enjoy daily.If only the bravery of these young Arab men and women will spread throughout the Arab and African world it will demonstrate to all that hope lives in the hearts of all men.We still remember those other brave young men and women of Tiananmen Square,China. muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "Today,we need remember the many Jewish victims of the death camps and promise that we will never again permit genocide."

      Yes, that's why we (we, not you, Muftisboy) oppose the imperialistic march of Islam, which already has one genocide under its belt (ask the Hindus for details) and wishes to do more; desires, among others, to finish what Hitler started (Mein Kampf is a favorite in the Muslim world).

    • victoria_29

      Moderate? Don't tell me your one of those ignorant liberals that believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Clause & moderate Muslims

  • Amused

    Wake up muchi-boy , " these are not forces of moderation " at work , The trouble arabs ad palestinians face are those initiated by their own leaders, who atleast percieve that they are reacting accorrding to the sentiment of the people , and not necessaerily the positive aspects of such sentiment ,but the more base hatred and fears . As far as your high minded alleged aspirations of the present situations in Egypt and Tunisia …..we'' ll see who eventually floats to the top .

  • Steve Chavez

    Don't worry folks, we have a Community Organizer-in-Chief, Joe "Gaffy Duck Quack Quack what at Quack" Biden, and a to round off these Communist symphatizers, a former First Lady who was not brave enough, or honor, to leave her cheating husband like most women would have! (Tipper Gore left! Liz Edwards left! Hillary stayed only for the perks while brave women leave with nothing!) WITH BUSH, we had professionals in his circle like Cheney and Rumsfeld, who were a White House insiders decades ago. Condi Rice and Colin Powell, both professionals. ***** NOTICE THAT THE MEDIA IS ADVERTISING AND PROMOTING PROTESTS IN JORDAN, ANOTHER PRO-US/ISRAEL ALLY? THEY ARE SILENT ON THE POSSIBLITIES IN SYRIA AND IRAN WHERE REFORM IS REALLY NEEDED! WITH LUCK, THOSE COUNTRIES WILL GET A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE!

  • Steve Chavez

    WHAT ABOUT FIDEL CASTRO??? LEFTIST WEBSITES are supporting the removal of Mubarak, leader of Egypt for 30 years, BUT THEY HAVE SUPPORTED FIDEL CASTRO, THEIR HERO, FOR FIFTY YEARS PLUS!!!! EXPOSE THIS AND USE IT AGAINST THEM!!! "Will you then support the same type of uprising to get rid of Castro? He's been in power for FIFTY YEARS!"

  • Amused

    Chill Chavez , you're in the throes of another of your Obama Derangement Syndrome attacks . The media , the leftys , or whoever you may choose to "villainize " , are all inneffective when it comes to the inevitable machinations of the islamic juggernaut . It wont be stopped by hysterical rants ,such as yours …….Egypt will go the way its people want to go , and we will deal will the results . It's out of our hands , get that into your head .It was only a matter of time before this occurred .

    • Raymond

      Another rant by amused.

      • Amused

        seems to me , you be doing the ranting chavez…and quite hysterically in fact.

        • Raymond

          Amused, when you were a baby did your mamma feed
          you lead paint???

  • victoria_29

    What people better keep in mind is the rhetoric of this not being Muslim doesn't matter. Bottom line is Egypt is 90% Muslim-pardon me can we say 1979

  • muchiboy

    "march of Islam, which already has one genocide under its belt (ask the Hindus for details) and wishes to do more; desires, among others, to finish what Hitler started"

    Certainly my wife,who is of Hindu heritage,is mistrustful of Islam,ziontruth.But not because she fears genocide,but rather the Fundamentalist mentality of some segments of this community.We do have a friendly relationship with a young Indian Muslim couple in our town,and I assure you they do not have horns.I just do not share your very severe attitude towards Islam and it's adherents.Even though I strongly disagree with the Zionists and their impact on the Palestinian people I hope I am not demonizing Jews,though you may feel that sentiment because of your pro Zionist beliefs.Personally,I neither hate nor fear you because of your core beliefs,I just don't like them.I still have friends that have differences of opinion,even with core beliefs.But we share enough that we are still respectful friends.muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "Certainly my wife,who is of Hindu heritage,is mistrustful of Islam"

      If she's merely mistrustful then she hasn't educated herself about history enough. Among the more knowledgeable Hindus there is a phrase, "When there's a snake and a Muslim in front of you, take care of the Muslim first." These Hindus know where the bread is buttered.

      "but rather the Fundamentalist mentality of some segments of this community."

      More naivete. This fundamentalist mentality is the mainstream in Islam, and it's the way of the majority. You naifs keep treating the Muslim world as though it had undergone the same horn-locking with Enlightenment as the Christian world has, but the truth is, the Enlightenment has barely made a dent in it. The Muslim world remains medieval. The man in the Muslim street believes with the same fortitude as 500 years ago.

      "We do have a friendly relationship with a young Indian Muslim couple in our town,and I assure you they do not have horns."

      The MSM template regarding every Muslim who displays symptoms of Sudden Jihad Syndrome. But SJS apart, even if only a minority of Muslims are actively involved in the jihad, the overwhelming majority of the rest provide them with aid and comfort.

      "Even though I strongly disagree with the Zionists and their impact on the Palestinian people"

      Zionism is Jewish nationalism; the Jews are the one and only Palestinian people.

      "Personally,I neither hate nor fear you because of your core beliefs,…"

      Even so, in the name of anti-Zionism worldwide my brothers and sisters are murdered (God forbid). I cannot compromise, not even with those who really think their intentions are good. I care not about feelings and theories but about actions and real-world results.

  • Raymond

    God's laws are instructions to protect, not restrictions
    to hinder. They bring pleasure, they don't take it away.

    Think of God's laws like a cage around a parakeet.
    In a perfect world the parakeet would be the safest
    and freest outside the cage, in an open environment.
    But it's not a perfect world, is it? So the bars of the
    cage are not so much to keep the parakeet in, but
    to keep the dangers out.

  • muchiboy

    "believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Clause & moderate Muslims "

    Please,victoria_29,there may be children present! muchiboy

  • HenryCrux

    If the Muslim Brotherhood can't get a hold on this "revolution" and change it into an Islamic lock-step against the freedom of humanity on the whole planet, it will be a miracle – but I suspect the real motivation for this uprising is the Egyptian lust to murder the Roman Catholic Pope for those truthful things he has said of late.

  • exchangerates

    I heard on a talk show last night that Hezbollah is connected to the Muslim brotherhood and is now set to take over Lebanon. Iran will have set up next door to Israel. That is not a good situation.

  • Maggie

    Get ready for the perfect storm, here.
    Guess who the media will pick as the bad guys?

  • muchiboy

    "The unemployment rate in Egypt is less than ten per cent and “only” about twenty per cent of the populace lives below the poverty line."

    I understand the figure is closer to 40%,twice that quoted.The World Bank sets this level at less then $2 per day. muchiboy

  • beckncall

    TEA PARTY! It’s all their fault, just ask Chris Matthews.

  • Amused

    oh brother , ole robbie needs to take a zanax .truth is Obama can do NOTHING , nor can anyone else . This is Egypt's thing , they will call ntheir own shots . When will the blockheads in this country get that thruogh their thick skulls ?


    But you better run for cover anyway Robbie Winningham , hurry up now , the Egyptians are coming !!!!