Obama’s Race Card

Rich Trzupek is a veteran environmental consultant and senior advisor to the Heartland Institute. He is the author of the new book Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA is Ruining American Industry (Encounter Books).

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Walsh thus exposed a fundamental misunderstanding of the Tea Party movement that could only happen when one views this uniquely American grass-roots phenomenon through racially colored glasses. Tea Partiers were not and are not upset because they’re unable to grab a piece of the big government pie. Instead, the fundamental problem that Tea Partiers have with the big government programs that Obama has foisted on America is that they exist in the first place. Tea Partiers don’t want to get in line for government handouts alongside “bankers, automakers, irresponsible people who had defaulted on their mortgages, and the poor” – they want the handouts to stop altogether. They don’t want government to redistribute income, they want government to get the heck out the way of the free enterprise system. The left is genetically unable to grasp the differences between these two points of view. To them, if you’re opposed to big government giveaways, then you must irrationally hate the people who are formulating those benevolent programs and – since the head of the government happens to be an African-American – you are therefore a racist.

Attorney General Holder‘s comments regarding the New Black Panthers case were even more offensive. On Tuesday, Holder’s anger boiled over as he testified before the House Appropriations subcommittee about the case, in which members of the New Black Panthers wielding weapons and wearing military garb were caught on video intimidating voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 election. Many believe that Holder’s Justice Department have gone easy on the caused because they happen to be African-Americans who supported Barack Obama. Legendary Democratic civil rights activist Bartle Bull took offense over the New Black Panthers case, calling it the most serious incident of voter intimidation that he had ever witnessed. Holder bristled at that claim, wasting no time in tossing Bull under the bus:

“Think about that,” Holder said. “When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people.”

In the first place, it’s obvious that a post-racial Attorney General who holds an important cabinet post in a post-racial administration shouldn’t describe “my people” as those who skin is shaded more closely to his, but as the people he was indirectly elected to represent: the American people, whatever their race, creed or color. Moreover, it’s clear that Holder didn’t actually digest what Bartle Bull had to say. Here are Bartle Bulls remarks, in more detail:

“On May 15 Obama’s Department of Justice quashed a civil rights case involving voter intimidation by blacks in Philadelphia on election day, 2008. As New York chairman of Democrats for McCain, I had gone to Philadelphia on election day to work as a volunteer at polling places. An old hand at election work, I had been Robert Kennedy’s New York campaign manager in 1968, had worked for Charles Evers when he ran for governor of Mississippi in 1971, and had worked in South Carolina against Strom Thurmond in 1978. In Mississippi I had stopped the voting in the towns of Red Lick and Midnight and made them remove nooses that were hanging from tree branches outside the polling places. But never until I went to Philadelphia on November 4 had I seen a man with a weapon blocking the entrance to a polling place.”

Eric Holder, like his boss Barack Obama, is trying to take advantage of the prejudice that prevailed fifty years ago, in order to make those themes meaningful to their supports in 2011. It’s a different world today, and most of us know that. The left is loathe to acknowledge that fact, but the press of events and history makes it harder and harder for them to deny reality.

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  • kafir4life

    Obama is a racist moron. He totally disavowed his Mother on the census, and claimed his white grandma was racist.
    I hope that the Republicans / Conservatives get a Black man (or better woman) to run, and take the steam right out of the abomination in the WH.
    688 days, 4 hours until Obama is removed from office (assuming we're "allowed" to have another general election)…..but who's counting.

    • Pierce

      I have to be careful,but look at some of the people Obama has surrounded himself with;
      Rev Wright, Eric Holder, Van Jones, and I feel sure countless others.
      Rev Wright is an avowed hater of whites. Eric Holder has so much as admitted he has little or no use for whites, by his actions, or lack of actions.
      Time to fire Holder, and if he could fire Wright he should.
      I sort of wish Condoleezza Rice would run. Now there is some I think is fair, and I respect her immensely.

    • Sal B

      It is time for another vacation.. a little round of Golf…play some basketball… pressures of the office, don't you know…
      BUT.. he is PRESENT…but NOT accounted for…

      NOBAMA 2012!

  • Steve Chavez

    How much more RACIST is Black Liberation Theology and yet he, and Michelle, sat in the pews listening to this "Blame the Whites" sermons for twenty years. Oprah too was a member of the RACIST church!

    Martin Luther King's DREAM turned into a NIGHTMARE with the election of Barack Obama when 92% of Blacks voted for him BASED ON HIS SKIN COLOR and not the content of his character! So did many others as they too wanted to vote for the "First BLACK President!" Most BLACKS support him, even when they are now finding out that his character is nothing like theirs, his utter failures in every position, and his fake use of religion as if he were like them where they sing the most beautiful praises of Jesus every Sunday when he listened to HATE AMERICA pep rallies and now egged on by his media buddies at MSNBC!

    • kmakavou

      Shocking post yet true! Is it right to fight racism with racism?

      • Foolster41

        Huh? No. I don't know how you can even come to this question from the article, since nowhere is it suggested.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Obama and his appointed puppets, such as Holder, have turned America's race relations back by fifty years or more. I know men who would have been branded "Nixxxx Lovers" in the south who now contemplate joining the KKK. It will be far more difficult for a black man to get elected to public office because of this bad experience with Obama. Not only his reverse racism but his championing of America's biggest enemy, Islam, and his socialist ineptness that will turn America into a third world country. The only possible hope for America's blacks to regain some status and acceptability is an Allen West to replace Obama.

    • Timmy

      Race has nothing to do with it. If you join the KKK, you're a racist. Seriously. Obama's election is a reason to hate liberals, not blacks.

    • rick

      why dosnt anyone count bho as being white?why black only?if youer white you have to watch your wording. if your not white, you can pretty much get away with saying what ever you want.during a poll in a crowd when i said we have to vote this marxis out before all independence is gone, someone stated "why ,because hes black'. ITS NOT THE SKIN ITS THE ENTENTIONS OF THE HEART.in this case to destroy the" we the people of the usa.its a sad day when america keeps putting into office employees who refuse to listen to thier employer,WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA,islam is the beast an false prophet who beheads those with the testimony of CHRIST,yetno marxis new channel is reporting it.instead the news defends the raditcal islamist.

  • http://www.hotexchangerates.com/ exchangerates

    Remember when he was touted as the “great unifier?” He was going to bring people of all colors and ethnic groups together.

    Well, he’s united at least some of us. We can’t stand him; so we will be working hard to remove him from office in 2012.

    • Jim_C

      That's true–he did manage to unite all the racist scumbags in this country.

      • GKC

        Yes. Probably the ones who voted him into power.

      • GisliaJackson

        Why are you libs always on about using degrading sexual terms? What happened to the civility your messiah told us to practice? I am shocked–shocked–that a good democrat would resort to calling someone who disagreed with his views a used condom. I really am. Can't we all just get along? BTW–Obama the Wise did manage to unite quite a few racists in this country–his attorney general included–when he appointed his cabinet, and most of his "czars."

  • Maggie

    Tax paying, hard working citizens who support and actually "buy into" the system are viewed as the enemy by our government.
    Perhaps this will be The Post-American Presidency.
    It is a sad day indeed.

    • Jim_C

      Ah, "post-America." So many of you think Obama spells the "End of America" in spite of pesky things like, oh, say, reality. All one has to do is search the archive to find any number of inane apocalyptic predictions that never came true. Of course, having no real moral center or intellectual honesty, you have no shame for making such inane predictions. You just WISH it were so.

      So in that spirit, in terms of what many of you guys think of as the "End of America," dear God and Jesus in heaven, I pray–please let it be the End of America! Please please please let these people's idea of America end. The end can't come soon enough!


      • Steve Chavez

        Thanks "Amused!"

      • linner0455

        Jim, do you do any reading of any sort other than comic books?
        The signs are there, the US dollar is no longer strong, the country is practically owned by China, the budget had doubled this past two years and obama and his cronies are wanting more, with no solution, except to call the people racist and worse, those who are trying to fix this before your way of life is gone, like WI gov Scott., and AZ gov trying to manage the problems with illegals there…obama is actually siding against the state in a law suit…quit listening to Katie Courig and actually read what is going on in the world, and the US. Its not pretty.
        And you say the end is not near?? Tell that to the many who have lost their jobs, and are now trying to get food stamps to feed their family. The world as they know it has ended…
        Get real JIM.

        • Jim_C

          I know…let's cut taxes on the super rich. It has never helped before, and in fact helped bring us to the point we're at…but THIS time, I swear…

          If the excessively silly state of Arizona really wanted to take care of the illegal immigration situation, they'd start jailing the people who hire them.

  • USMCSniper

    Yassah, he dun beez dah Black massiah, brinkin dah hopey and changey un youse honky crackas donts apprseeates. Hee beez dah man! Yassah!

    • Jim_C

      FakeUSMCpretendSniper, I do hope you keep it up through 2012!

      • USMCSniper

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as Jim C. who made him their president.”

        • Ghostwriter

          Please stop with the attempt to mimic black speech. It's disgusting and racist and unnecessary. You're giving more amunition to those who believe conservatives are racists by doing that.

          • USMCSniper

            Some basic instructions for the unsophisticated:

            "First of all racism is the dispensing and/or withholding of priveleges and/or punishments based on a person's race" So what I am doing is called just dialect ridicule.

            Obama is amongst those who believe conservatives are racists because he referred to "Tea Partiers" as racists. Obama is a clandestine Muslim and has to be a racist by his attending Reverend Jerimiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology church for 20+ years.

  • Texasron

    This administration will use the race card more often as the months go on. That's their strategy to motivate the black community who voted over 90% to elect him – just because he is black.

  • lanastaslem1

    Unfornunately, the assertion that Tea Partiers are against government doing things in the first place is not supported by the polls. I have been honored to be one of the featured speakers at two Tea Party rallies. My conversations, admittedly only anectdotal evidence, are backed by polls which show the majority of Tea Partuers do not want some programs such as SS and Medicare eliminated. I concede this is NOT the central thesis of the essay. As for the central thesis, the author hits it out of the park.

    • BoogiesDaddy

      I've been paying into Social Security for 44 years. Yes, I'm a bit hesitant to flush all of that sweat equity down the toilet . This isn't being inconsistant……it was my labor that generated it……it's MY money!

      I do not agree with your inferring that giving it back constitutes the government "doing something for me".

      • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

        Yes but you, and I, have been paying taxes all the while as well, yet I don't, and I expect you don't, expect some sort of payoff from that. Do you? Well, if you're intellectually honest than how do you ignore the fact that SS ceased being an actuarially sound pension system about 35 years ago? And that if I, being in the financial services biz, ran such a system I'd be in jail. Didn't Bernie Madoff compare his schemes favorably to the gov'ts?

        My point is that when SS ceased as a sound pension it became a transfer program, welfare essentially. The money withheld from your check this week goes into the account of a retiree next week. I'll never forget standing in line for a movie near a retirement community 20 years ago as a young man, my wife pregnant with our first of six. Ahead of us were a quartet of retirees dressed to the nines with fine jewelry and who had exited a late model Jag. They get to the window and pay the tender. I get to the window and pay twice as much per person. When I also remembered that money was coming out of my pocket weekly to fund their retirement and healthcare while they sat on perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions I was livid. I don't mind they were wealthy, God bless 'em. But I mind very much we were subsidizing those geezers and SS is a hundredfold worse. They too would protest they "had paid into it" and that their subsidized tickets were well deserved too because….why…exactly? It's not a great insight that folks feel entitled to something once it's promised them.

        Statements like your's are but a half-truth fired off in self-defense. But it is not honest and certainly not in the interest of the country and its future generations so many of the self-described patriots of the Tea Party profess to be so concerned about. Tea Partiers also proclaim themselves tired of the lies of politicians that have led us into this mess. Well, how about disabusing yourself of some you just happen to find comforting?

        SS has long been a transfer benefit no different than any other welfare program. It should be treated as such with means testing, higher starting ages and other limitations.

        • BoogiesDaddy

          Intellectual Honesty?
          We get some limited payoffs from taxes all the time: Roads, Hospitals, safe food, law Enforcement, fire suppression, etc.. I don't need any extra intellectual honesty to understand that basic fact. You have to be dishonest to deny it. Are you saying that you have never received any benefit from ANY of these things?
          How about sidewalks?

          • BoogiesDaddy

            How does my stating that I have paid in for 44 years and am reluctant to write it off constitute a half truth? That could not have been a more plain and truthful statement.
            As far as making that statement in my defence: What do you feel I have to defend myself from?
            Social Security is absolutely different than welfare. Welfare is supported from the general tax base while Social Security is deducted directly from paychecks on an individual basis on the promise that it will be available later to that individual.

            Before the system is dumped, which is the easy way out for elected officials, SS should be denied to individuals who never paid in. Like the relatives of anchor babies and illegal aliens……
            SS should not be paid to dead persons…….
            SS should not be paid to penetentiary inmates…….

          • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

            Hey BoogiesDaddy,

            Now, before we go further, I'd wager you and I would agree on a lot of issues and I'm not really picking on you. I just chose your post to make my point. Call it random psuedo-blogging. I'm sorry, I can't help myself but your comments triggered a response in me I cannot contain to liberals, idiot boomers (but I repeat myself) and assorted oblivious others who want the gov't to cut the largesse, just not their's. And that's not to say you're an idiot boomer either because, after all, if we agree on most stuff you cannot be by definition. I was really picking on those others and Tea Partiers who have talked a good game but may be showing their true colors. You surfaced to take the Tea Party bait lanastaslem put out so I pounced. My apologies. :)

            Of course we all benefit from capital improvements and general services for the good of the public weal. But surely you don't expect a cash payment in return for all of your taxes do you? Well, SS ceased being a true pension almost 35 years ago as defined as something like money going into an account with your name on it. It became…what…exactly? It became a cash transfer program no different than welfare and your "contributions" nothing more than a general tax on employers and employees to that end. Money taxed from you goes to somebody else faster than you can say "lockbox". As attorneys like to say, "it's a distinction without a difference". So, in point of practicality, you're wrong that it's "absolutely different than welfare" but right if one chooses self-serving, meaningless distinctions. It's only different in your eyes because you still choose somewhat to believe in lies- lies that promote the old, sepia-toned images of a prudently managed account with your name on it and, I guess, because they confiscate your earnings under a different heading.

            As for half truths, I was being kind because you want to stand on those lies even though you know the truth or should know the truth. If you've worked for 44 years you're probably around my age (50) or more likely, a bit older. And for almost ALL of that time you've known, or should've known, SS has been in deep trouble and with 70 million boomers beginning to turn 65 this year the crisis is upon us. NOW, today not 44 years hence. It's been in the news, yes? Thus, putting these two truths together, to then say "I'd paid into it and by God want my benefits because they told me it was a pension" and you KNOW the lies back of it all is, at best, a half truth on your part. Yes, you did indeed pay into it, as did I and every other legitimate working person, but you know damned well it ain't no pension. And if you don't, well, shame on you.

            My point is really this: It's nigh past time we start acknowledging reality and truth again in our society and politics in a whole host of issues, not just SS. But SS is nothing like a pension and has not been for decades. You know it and I know it. So it's a good place to start. It is actually already broke and we all know that, too. Change must happen if it is to be saved. I agree with your items but means testing for the wealthy, particularly for those with continuing upper incomes, later starting ages even on an optional basis, later Required Minimum Distribution ages on retirement accounts and many other measures would go a long way begin to right the capsizing ship.

            I know, I know. A chorus will shout, "but I paid into it" just as you did. A chorus of mature, sensible people who also know the truth but choose to hide behind politician's lies when it behooves them. So that is the question for Tea Partiers. Are we, for I count myself one in spirit, serious about saving our country? Do we really mean to put things right? If so, the very FIRST place we must start is to act on truth and reality and to quit believing the ruling class' lies. Even those we find self-serving.

          • BoogiesDaddy

            First you infered that it was rediculous to expect any return from taxes and then you say "of course" you get a return. So, you aren't paying anymore into S.S.?
            You have known about the "ruling class lies" for 35 years? Because you don't believe those ruling class lies, did you stop your SS payments back then or is that a more recent development for you?
            I couldn't work or operate my business if I didn't play the game.
            I won't be so assuming and claim to understand your motivations or plans to execute your seperation from the system on your own.
            I am not standing on any lies or behind any politician (I'm not even sure how that would work.) . i am not "standing" on anything. I am merely stating, at this point, that there is a legitimate reason to be hesitant about dumping the entire individually payed into Social Security program before cutting waste, fraud and payments to unqualified recipients first.

          • BoogiesDaddy

            I am fully aware of the history of SS. The guardians started stealing money the day after it passed. But that isn't the entire issue.
            A good many of the people who are calling to dump the system are just as interested in pocketing the money they may save from the system in the future as I am about the money that I have already paid in the past. And rightly so.

          • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

            Hey BoogiesDaddy,

            Thanks for the reply. I can't think of any reasonable people calling for the elimination of SS. Nor can I think of any proposals to eliminate payments completely to anybody, especially those who've paid into it. I'm certainly not. As for your bill of particulars:

            I think I did say of course I benefit from those proper gov't services that benefit us all such as defense spending, highways, etc. In that respect I do get something as you stated. What I don't expect is a cash return for my regular taxes and my point is SS "contributions" are just another tax to fund a transfer program no matter how much somebody wants to call or belive them to be something else. As such, its benefits ought to be treated like transfer benefits. The problem is in convincing folks who seem to believe at this late date SS is some kind of legitimate pension program. What's mysterious is it's many of those same folks demanding gov't reduce itself.

            Yes, I have known about SS lies for 35 years along with budgetary shennanigans, regulatory creep, agency proliferation and all the other symptoms of metastizing gov't. I've been a political animal all my life, watching the nightly news since aged six. Thirty five years ago I lived in Claude Pepper's district. Do you know who he was? He was a Congressman from Dade county (Miami area, FL) and the elder lobby's pre-eminent defender of SS, Medicare and other elder issues. I remember in one debate, over the bill to index benefits automatically to inflation if I recall, him wailing on the House floor, "don't pay any attention to those charts and graphs. It's for the elderly, it's for our parents…." Plus, I'm in the actuarial biz, Life & Health insurance since '85 so, yes, I've known about the Ponzi scheme called SS for a long, long time. And so must be anyone who even watches the news in passing.

            Separation from the system? Didn't say anything or advocate anything about that.

            I guess if you were truly in the dark regarding SS all these years it's unfair to say you're standing on lies in demanding your benefits as currently structured irrespective of the system's viability despite knowledge of it's insolvency because, apparently, you've only just become aware there's a problem. I guess in that case the news is truly astounding and I offer you my condolences for the shock you must have suffered.

            However, if this ignorance and attitude is prevalent within the Tea Party movement we are in serious, serious trouble and those of us looking there for hope for our country in the probable danger of great disappointment.

          • BoogiesDaddy

            I have known about SS since the first time they took my money and I started poking around.
            I do not expect a cash return on my regular taxes either. i don't expect any, if much, for all my years of payments to SS.
            But Social Security is different than regular taxes because of the individual being specifically targeted for their own claim. It does not come from a general fund.
            If you still are paying into the ponzi scheme does that mean that YOU are standing on or behind the lies of the ruling class or because it is STILL illegal to not pay?
            You should probably hold back on calling people ignorant when your observation is based on assumtion.
            I wouldn't begin to speak on what a common line of opinion would be the Tea Party.

          • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

            yes, I know, I know, SS is supposed to be a pension and the money they take from me is vouchsafed for my retirement. Got it. But that's not really the case, is it?

            No, I'm not standing on lies because I'm not the one holding out my hand demanding I be paid according to their promises when I know damn well the system is broke, their promises empty and have known it for 30 years they were squandering it away. People who post they know full well the system is belly-up, always knew it in fact, but nevertheless demand their's on the self-admittedly phony basis that they were "promised" it are the ones standing on lies. Get it? One cannot simultaneously state he knows he's been flimmed-flammed all along but then innocently expect the promised payout by the flim-flammers.

            I pay into the system because it's the law, an unjust one, but the law and so I obey because I'm a law-abiding guy. But I don't delude and comfort myself that I either will or even should get full bene's as currently structured.

            As for name calling, I do believe I predicated mine on "if". "If" they're ignorant of SS's condition, or "if" they're not but hold an "I want mine, anyway" attitude nonetheless, well I say still, if the shoe fits…

            You know, for anybody who expects SS and is just now become aware of it's insolvency, well, there's more bad news. The numbers of boomers hitting 65 now, 70 milions of them, are going to absolutely, positively bury the system, Especially when you factor in Medicare for them, Rx coverage, the new Long Term Care benefits which even the gargantuan insurance industry couldn't handle for a couple of million premium paying policyholders and other goodies of Obamacare. The system is doomed.

  • Leo

    There no question that Both BHO and Holder are racist., it Is true that both have chip on their shoulders and they hate whites. Most importantly they are racist because they are hard core lefties. All left leaning ideologies from fascism to liberalism to communism are by definition racist, here is why
    a) they think of themselves morally and intellectually superior
    b) they are self righteous
    c) they see people who don't agree with them as Neanderthals
    d) they believe people must be control like sheep herds
    e) the lefties ideologies not only are racist also are monstrous

    20th century is full of racist monsters like Hitler, Stalin , Mao , Che and on and on

  • BLJ

    Should anyone be surprised? The fact is that if Obama wasn't black (or part black) he would never have beaten Hillary let alone win the White House. White guilt put this unqualified American hater in the Oval Office.

    One of the greatest myths is that only white males can be racists. I have worked with many blacks over the years and I can tell you for a fact that there are quite a few racist one's out there. Part of their problem is they have fell hook, line and sinker for the "victim" role that the Jackson's and Sharptons feed them.

    Obama is a divided not a uniter. He could care less about real black people or anyone else (with the exception of his pinko friends and boss George Soros).

  • Jim_C

    I give Obama a "B." Administration is governing about as centrist as possible. Republicans have been accomodated in many ways, so charges of Obama's "leftism" will only work for those who have a hard time accepting empirical reality. Where they haven't been accomodated–health care for example–is no problem, since Republicans' plan for health care was always "do nothing because everything's fine." He has done nearly everything exactly right in terms of foreign policy so far. Finally Wall Street is beginning to be prosecuted for what they've done to the country, though their grip on our political system will not let up unless TEA partiers realize their anger should be directed toward the top 2% and not their teacher neighbors. Jobs are starting to return and if job recovery continues, Obama will keep his job in 2012. As to his presidency I wish Barack was a little more adept at "political showmanship" and used the bully pulpit more but alas that's not his style.

    • Nick Shaw

      When you finally emerge from that pink fog you live in, get back to us.

    • Foolster41

      Bowing to enemies? Check. Blaming Isreal for attacks by their Arab neighbors? Check.. downplaying dangerous terrorist regimes such as the muslim brotherhood…

      As for health care, such ignoring the problem is a big mistake, but going in the completely wrong direction with a socialized healthcare no one wants is even worse! That's like saying the republicans are keeping in place from the waterfall, but the democrats who row head on into the waterfall at least are going somewhere!

      Your idea of a "new America" seems to be the one Obama is heading towards, it's called SOCIALISM. It has nothing to do with Obama's race, but his IDEALS.

    • Maggie

      He will almost certainly win the election in 2012 so there is very little for you to get upset over.
      Government is big business and our taxpayer dollars are paving the way to his next election.

      • Jim_C

        OK, thanks Maggie. I will not be so upset. But just to be on the safe side, vote for Obama at least once in 2012, 'k?

  • NJK

    Ignore him. He is 1/2 white. At least I think. I don't know much about him, what is true and what is not. I don't even know if he's real, but maybe a robot or something.

    • sodizzy

      Excuse me. Ignore the President of the United States, the man whose administration is changing our way of life from the foundations. ??!

    • Gislia Jackson

      I don't know why no one brings this up, but–he certainly does not look 1/2 white to me. Maybe that belies the problem with his birth certificate…many people think he's trying to hide who his real father is. I wonder if he's trying to hide who his real mother was…

  • Dennis X

    Thank you, really , thank you for your voice of truth.

  • Steve Chavez

    Why did Colin Powell vote for Obama if it was not for his skin color? Obama, and his Circle of Communists, spent their whole lives spitting on the troops like Powell and yet he endorsed him with glowing comments! Did Condi Rice vote for him too? I wouldn't doubt if Michael Steele voted for him too!!!

    One recent leftist protest sign: "We support the troops when they shoot their officers!"

    Being that Blacks can't seem to criticize anything about Obama, due only to their common skin color, I wonder if Powell will stand by him too no matter what now that he's seen who the type of person he spent his whole life fighting against?

    • Timmy

      Michael Steele was at the Republican convention in 2008. He didn't vote for Obama.
      I don't think Condi Rice did either.
      Don't make things up about people.
      Not all blacks fall into that mentality. Just the majority of them, unfortunately.

  • Jim_C

    "Why did Colin Powell vote for Obama if it was not for his skin color?"

    Powell endorsed Obama because he actually thought Obama was the best choice for the country; I'm sure it's hard for a delusional nutter like yourself to wrap your peabrain around that. After all, what kind of irresponsible maniac would vote for cranks like McCain and Palin?

    • BLJ

      How is life in fantasy world there buddy? It is because of saps like you that we have this pinko as POTUS.

      • Jim_C

        It's my way of saying thanks for the country George W. Bush left us with.

        • BLJ

          Ahhh…the let's blame George W, Bush comeback. Par for the course there poindexter. C'mon son, you can do better than that.

    • BoogiesDaddy

      Ah yes…Clearly the most well informed in the U.S. voted for B.H.Obama.

      Born outside of the continental U.S..
      Marxist parents and sexually deviant mentors.
      Sealed school records,
      short history of non votes in State Senate….
      Chicago…Union backing……
      20 years in Black Theology church……

      Obviously the best choice to lead and represent America.

    • sodizzy

      Sure he did. I got a bridge I could sell you!

    • Gislia Jackson

      I'd take the endorsement of a peabrain like Powell anyday. Powell is an idiot who nearly faced a court martial over his idiocy in dealing with Operation Desert Storm. Stormin' Norman nearly punched the idiot out, and the only thing that stopped him doing so was being given effective control over the operation so that it actually worked. Only the fact that Powell was a "Canadian" saved his "Canadian" skin. He was an utterly incompetent general, and an utterly incompetent Secretary of State. Too incompetent for even the dumbass neocons in the Bush administration to have around, that's why they kicked his ass out.

    • Sal B

      I would. and so would 49% of the American people. So we have the Maniacs against the closed minded, anti-American values, apologetic numb-nuts following Oblamer and his Socialist/Communist agenda. What part of "Don't you get it" don't you get?

  • William Griffith

    Jim C =>
    Obama is a Radical Progressive. He sat in a church for twenty years listening to Black( racist) as a "pastor," and would of course lied when he claimed he and Michelle never heard any of the "liberation theology" Wright was spouting.
    Any white candidate who had sat for twenty years in the church of 'David Duke' or a similar white racist would have been driven from the public square – justifiably -but BHO was – is given a pass !
    Economically – BHO and his cadre are seeking to destroy the US private sector and centralize the command and control of as much of the economy as possible in the DC or into the hands of their Progressive/ Union allies. OBamacare is the prime example.
    Attempting to destroy the energy and agricultural sectors are exhibits two and three .
    Please give us "delusional nutters" an example of a centrally commanded economy that works ? China, Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea or maybe the old Soviet Union ?

    • Jim_C

      How come you guys always want to bring up the USSR or Cuba–never Denmark, Canada, Norway? Please. Obama's not out to destroy the US private sector. At worst he's a bit too zealous trying to regulate the markets (though regulations are badly needed in the long run).

      Now if he was really smart and he wanted to return to rock star status he would lower taxes on the middle class and tax the utter living daylights out of the top 2-5% who have been rigging the game in their favor since Reagan.

    • Jim_C

      I always wonder why you guys always use examples like the USSR, Cuba, N. Korea. Why is it never Denmark, Canada, Norway?

    • MarkRich

      Heres the deal- its never okay to call a communist man of color anything but a fighter against past injustices. Its never okay to call a socialist or a marxist man of color anything but a person who craves to overcome the PASTS indignities and abuses. Now a David Duke he's a part of that past which exerted power you see. Hate is not a two way street for the leftists as its justified for the PAST and unjustified for the power that existed in the PAST. You see its all about the PAST and rectifying the PAST. The far left is all about the PAST! And until that is equalized in their minds the hate they spew is legitimate. I say all Irishmen should rise up about the late 1800's-early 1900's to equalize their PAST!

  • Foolster41

    So, being black is being a race traitor?, Jim C? This is a common false claim of the left, and is rascist. You seem to beleive non-white people are robots who can't think for themselves. I think I can guess what the letter C stand for.

    • Jim_C

      Wow…You honestly believe Clarence Thomas is capable of thinking for himself? What evidence do you have for this?

      • Foolster41

        Thank you for proving my point. You believe all conservative blacks are stupid.
        Also, your example fails anyway. Read this.

        He has sided with the dissenting view a number of times.

      • Antonio Sing

        "Wow…You honestly believe Clarence Thomas is capable of thinking for himself? What evidence do you have for this?"

        Das rayciss!

  • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

    Errr, just a simple etiquette question if you please. Since Holder has used the "my people" formulation in an official setting and on the record, is it now acceptable to say "you people" or "your people"? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • sodizzy

      good one!!

    • Sal B

      You have a valid question, and I can see it now
      Your people will get together with my people so we can handle those people, and then we can take care of our people.. but don't say it out loud..

      • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

        Well, can't say I've ever really thought in those terms, at least not any narrower terms than "American" but it's getting harder and harder…and harder to resist the trend. When the AG of the United States talks that way one can't help but think there must be something to it.

        Back in the '90s I used to chat with my oldest friend in this life almost every night, a guy I've known since aged four who meets the old definition that "some of my best friends are Jews", not to mention my wife of 24 years and our six children according to the Talmud, about all manner of politics, social issues, etc. I do believe I've attained Honorary Member status of one of the tribes. He was still semi-liberalish, a public ed teacher and would come out with some old canard about race or ethnicity or something once in a while. One night, I said to him, "You know, Jeff, surprising as it might seem, I do not wake up every day and think of myself as "white" and belonging to some group with its own interests, perogatives, "rights", issues and all the rest. I don't see the world through that prism, I just go about my day, minding my own business and I believe the great mass of folks do the same. But some day, if the race hustlers and professional grievance-mongers keep at it, we just might. They just might succeed in corraling us into a herd mentality. And given there are over 200 million "white" people in this country you might want to consider what that could mean if we do.

    • Timmy

      No it's not. Can you imagine if Ashcroft or Gonzales had said anything of the sort?
      They'd be eaten alive by the media.
      It's not okay to use Holder's racist remarks.

  • William Griffith

    jJim C – Ok . So are you going to address the racist issue or is your silence just an endorsement of BHO/ Holder/ Wright ?
    So you consider Denmark, Norway and Canada to economically viable as world leaders ?
    They are NOT where BHO and his band of Progressives want to take the US just so we are clear . They have NOT had a national ban on oil/ energy production, drilling .
    It is NOT possible to grow an economy – ANY economy – powered by pinwheels, solar panels and corn squeezens – even if we were inclined to be Norway, etc..
    And as for your, "2-5 % rigging the game since Reagan" ? Really ?? So those 2-5% are all Republicans and the 25 YEARS of economic growth that followed Reagan helped ONLY the upper 2-5% ? I guess you never heard of Buffett, Gates, Soros, Kerry, the Kennedys, Goldman Sachs, Progressive INsurance, a broad and deep swath of Wall Street and Hollywood which were BHO's largest supporters in '08 ?
    Take your class warfare – marxist – drivel and peddle it to Van Jones .

  • Steve Chavez

    Shall we remind ourselves of the BLACK PANTHER VOTER INTIMIDATION case dismissed by Eric Holder? Why was that if not for the color of their skin?

    But to be fair, Holder also dismissed overwhelming Pay to Play crimes against a Half-Mexican-Half-White, Bill Richardson!

  • kafir4life

    Jim? What problem do you have with a Black person holding public office? I know I don't. I vote based on policies, agendas, and ideology. Do you vote based on color? If so, shame on you, you racist.

  • Martel64

    Black Racism – The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name

    • Mark S- Jupiter, FL

      No, you've got it wrong Martel. To paraphrase Pat Buchanan's quip about the gay rights crowd, "it went from the hate that dare not speak its name to the hate that won't shut up."

  • claspur

    president Soetoro's baggage from his associations in his life can't be more telling of his dislike for the caucasion race, unless they're some form of communist, then they're used and tossed.

  • Hannibarca

    America will soon be in a whole world of hurt because of our own stupidity and cowardice. We have betrayed our Founders and our fallen warrior patriots who froze at Valley Forge,Bastogne and at Chosin to preserve the freedoms we take for granted or we do not know that we have, because we are too lazy (or too dumb) to read our Constitution or learn our history. I hope the service academies have done their job well because my gut tells me that the coming storm may require an interverention from our military to bring us back to a Constitutional Republic.

  • jaythehistorian

    Obama is the poster boy for the consequences of white self hatred. His only qualification is his skin color. He is human equivalent of the bubonic plaques of the 1300s. Every day he is in office , the US suffered more damage. But white self hatred has white people are so brain washed even conservatives suffer from it . For example, some brain-washed Conservatives, infected with white guilt are talking about Allan West as a republican presidential candidate. Who the hell is Allan West? Former US military officers are in reality, nothing like their positive image. They are the most spineless, politically driven people on this planet. Just as the empty suit Colin Powell , was constantly being promoted as the ideal REPUBLICAN candidate for President despite his lack of qualifications and his clear lack of loyalty to the Republican party , now we have a new empty suit in Allen West. Colin Powell, was given the credit that should have gone entirely to Norman Schwartzkopf. Just like the Jihadist in the White House, the only qualification these 2 worthless people have is their skin color. White self hatred shows the 45+ years of indoctrination with the theme of the white man as cancer has been effective. But the white man 99% has created, invented or developed 99% of all that is necessary for life in 2011.

    • MarkRich

      That is garbage- Allen West is NO Colin Powell. Colin Powell was never a CONSERVATIVE! I listened to Powell for years and he always presented himself as a centrist. The reason he was considered a conservative in my view is the same as the great white hope theory that prevailed in boxings heavyweight division for years- the republicans wanted a black guy who wasnt going to be too (ie: A Clarence Thomas-Thomas Sowell type) Uncle Tomish-but was black. Allen West has none of that baggage. The mindset is what one believes and holds to vs. what skin color exists thats the point- either way black is good, white is good is nut job and racist claptrap.

      • Chauncey Gardener

        You are correct–Allen West is articulate, intelligent, and basically a war hero. He may not be presidential material, but he does a good job of articulating the threat we face from radical islam, and muslims in general. He's a good, decent man, and we should support him and others like him.

      • Timmy

        Clarence Thomas isn't an Uncle Tom. That's just a liberal lie and smear.

      • Timmy

        The thing is, Republicans, we don't see race. We see a person based on their accomplishments. Democrats see things by race.

    • Timmy

      We've got someone bashing our military. Nobody's called them out on that yet.

  • MarkRich

    You know Obama has done everything he said he would do. His election was an exercise in America's white guilt trip for the 1950's-60's era (which had plenty of racism overtly and hidden)which in the liberal mindset is a gift that needs to keep on giving. I knew so many people in 08 who knew exactly ZERO about the issues facing the country and yet were convinced that because we were electing a black man all would turn out well. However. I started thinking about Clarence Thomas and other black men who had been called Uncle Toms and destroyed or the attempt was made to destroy them on the basis of race in the reverse sense and I realized that the term BLACK MAN is a defined term with certain criteria- ie: Socially and politically very liberal;a belief that ONLY the federal government can remedy the years of racism and economic failure in black communities; that taxing the evil corporations and by corporations we mean anybody that is a small business owner; that the idea of self sufficiency and free markets where outcome is NOT the issue but opportunity is is inherently RACIST; that a conservative mindset financially is a code word for racist; that the term socialist is equivilant to the N word; blah blah blah.

  • MarkRich

    So the final result is that we have a party that views ALL black people in the same mold- No diversity of thought or opinion allowed- we call that fascism as you will all fall in line with the party order. Sounds like real freedom to me?!

  • ziontruth

    The Marxists are as racist as your average Aryan Nations member; the difference between their racial theories is only in the details, and in being more flexible for the purpose of accommodating the Marxist goals.

    Marxist racial theory places "black and brown people" at the top, but white people can become honorary dark-skinned people by belonging to an "oppressed" group. Example: White Muslims like the Kosovars (q.v. the Frankfurt shooter). Conversely, dark-skinned people can be demoted to "white" status by failing to buy into the Marxist scheme of things. Example: Any black conservative (to be demonized as an "Uncle Tom" by the champions of the Left).

    Jews are a special case. Jew-hatred has found its new dominant home on the Left, but classical Jew-hatred a la Stormfront is considered gauche. However, a workaround has been found: A Jew can be forced into the "White Oppressor" group if he's found to be a Zionist. Zionism is, of course, a "White Oppressor" enterprise, no matter that more than 50% of Israeli Jews today are brown-skinned. White-skinned, blond, blue-eyed Arabs in Palestine (yes, they exist–probably got something to do with the Crusades) are, naturally, honorary browns, by virtue of being "oppressed" by the Zionists.


    • Timmy

      They're racist against whites, but really they show their true colors sometimes and show themselves to be racist against any race.
      They want to put Justice Thomas "back in the fields" and "string him up".
      Their pretending to champion minorities is like their pretending to champion the working class. They don't really care about them.

  • ziontruth


    "White" equals "oppressor" by nature; it is a fact of birth, and there is nothing a white person can do about it. He or she can do nothing but atone for it, through self-flagellation. In contrast, a Robert Mugabe can kill the people of his country, whether white or black, as much as he likes; it is not he but the residue of White Colonialism that is being seen in his actions.


  • ziontruth


    If there have to be words that trigger the censorship software, then could there be some kind of list to consult so a poster could know what's preventing his comment from appearing even after the umpteenth modified attempt to submit it?

  • ziontruth

    Well, anyway…

    Faced with a moral question, I usually find it a good idea to take a look at the Torah. And the Bible in general.

    The Bible is chock-full of references to ethnicity. Nations, nationalism, the idea of the importance of national belonging, the concept of the nation-state–it's all there. Pretty damning to the multiculturalist crowd, I'd say.

    But not race. Not genetics. Not the idea that your personality is irrevocably determined by your ancestry. And not even the unflattering genealogy of the Moabites (Lot's daughters) a bar to having one of their women as a progenitor of God's chosen royal line (King David, from whom Mashiach will come, soon in our days, amen).

    How do you define a nation? In my opinion, that's up to every nation, as long as it involves positive characteristics (a hint to all the Arab "Palestinian" nation fabricators). But if race doesn't come into it, yet there are people still equating nationalism with racism, then you have a case of sedition in your hands.

    Marxism is doctrinally anti-nation. (So is Islam, by the way. The Unholy Alliance isn't a baseless one.) Declaring nationalism as racism is just one among many tools in the Marxists' chest. The Race Card isn't just immature, a way of deflecting blame; it's a mark of the Marxist agent of sedition. Marxism must be criminalized.

  • sneed5

    I'm like the townspeople in the story of the "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf"! I pay little attention, anymore, when the race card is played!!

  • Free Bee


    Like Rockefellers' 'link' to 'regular guy' Rhodes scholar (i.e. Globalist and eugenics)
    Bill Clinton —-we might one day discover Barack's actually a spawn of the like of
    Averell Harriman thru the Dunham line.

    —-Those Harriman eyes!

    Think China opium cabals, Yale, collusion with MAO TSE TUNG treason and
    world order EUGENICS.

    THINK FAST——————————————————————————————-