Thought Gestapo in Action at Rollins College

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Jamie Pizzi, a freshman at Rollins College in Florida, penned an op-ed for the college’s student newspaper The Sandspur on March 17 in which she discussed aspects of the continuing national debate over illegal immigration. She focused on the issue of “anchor babies” – children born to illegal immigrants residing in the United States and who are, under the 14th Amendment, automatically granted full citizenship. Like many Americans, Ms. Pizzi believes that children born to people who entered the nation illegally and/or who continue to live here illegally should not be granted the same rights and privileges that legal immigrants obtain only after negotiating a mountain of paperwork and waiting for a very long time.

Some members of the academic establishment at Rollins College were outraged that Ms. Pizzi would dare harbor such “extreme” views, much less commit them to writing. Worse, in the opinion of the intelligentsia, was the fact that The Sandpiper actually published such “inflammatory” opinions. For example, Rollins faculty member Kathryn Norsworthy sent mass e-mails around the school denouncing Pizzi’s piece. A comment that Norsworthy posted at The Sandspur’s website is typical of the academic community’s hysterical reaction:

“This kind of media contributes to a climate of hate and intolerance in our community and is potentially traumatizing to our friends, colleagues, and students who are immigrants, their families and friends, and to those of us who are allies and/or members of other marginalized groups. Finally, I cannot imagine what people outside of Rollins will conclude about our college community and climate when they read this kind of thing in our college newspaper. I am extremely embarrassed to know that this is being put forward as part of the public face of Rollins and, sadly, regardless of how many letters we write, we can’t take back the fact that this has already gone to print and been disseminated widely inside and outside our campus.”

Faculty members Denise Cummings, Ted Gournelos and Lisa Tillmann put their signatures to an open letter that was sent around campus, in which the trio compared Pizzi’s viewpoint to Nazi propaganda. They went on to explain why certain opinions should have no place at Rollins College:

“This is not an issue of free speech. No one is arguing that the only legitimate view is one in favor of birthright citizenship. Informed, reasonable people disagree on a host of issues. The issue here is one of responsible communication, journalistic integrity, and the Rollins mission of global citizenship and responsible leadership. If the Sandspur puts texts like this op-ed and illustration into public discourse–without even a contrary view or comment–you have to take responsibility for harm that comes to everyone impacted. Members of our department and several others have worked with undocumented young people and farm workers in Apopka. It pains us deeply to consider their having to confront a depiction of themselves as an alien, a bug; and we shudder to consider how this rhetoric feeds already existing stereotypes and prejudices that precede hate-based violence.”

Steve Doocy brought such intimidation to light on Fox & Friends last week. When the incident then garnered national attention, George Soros’ spin-machine went into action. The billionaire’s media watch-dog organizations ignored any part of the story that involved attempts to stifle the free expression of ideas on campus. Instead, they attempted to demonize a college freshman for having an opinion that they don’t agree with.

College Media Matters gave prominent play to Pizzi critics who accused her of being a Nazi, supporting genocide and promoting an atmosphere of hate and intolerance. Media Matters Simon Maloy went after the freshman as well, in a personal attack that was questionable even by MMFA standards. Maloy declared: “I’m not here to bash on (sic) a college op-ed…” and then proceeded to do just that, although practically nothing of his criticism had anything to with what Pizzi actually wrote. Maloy slammed Pizzi for “her poorly articulated nativism,” declared that the anchor babies are a myth and dismissed the very idea that liberal academia might attempt to stifle opinions it doesn’t like instead of fairly debating the issues of the day.

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  • Gee S

    Wow. I am not only completely appalled at the reactions of those 3 faculty members, but the over-reaction of media and others that would attempt to vilify a simple student!! Let this have been an article slamming religion or other 'left wing' popular discourses, and there would have been nothing said! SHAME ON THEM for their hypocrisy!! We've had DECADES of these so-called academics shoving their agendas down everyone's throats and deciding that they were going to come against every moral America has held dear. But now that students are starting to see otherwise, they want to shut them up and stop the free speech. These faculty members need to be fired. Supposedly our colleges and universities are centers for free thinking, speech, and thought. They would make it otherwise.

    • USMCSniper

      We are Beaners of Borg. Resistance is the Futile. We are far too many.

  • Chezwick_mac

    The (over) reaction of faculty should come as no surprise to anyone. What IS surprising is the apparent attitude of Ms Pizzi's fellow students, as well as that of the Dean of Faculty, Deborah Wellman. Their indignation at the machinations of Kathrine Northworthy and her posse of radical professors is a very hopeful sign that the leftist monopoly of acceptable discourse at Rollins has come to an end.

  • localtimezone

    Regardless of whether this is true or not, what IS true is that Crackpot Cronkite’s skewed reporting of the Vietnam War contributed to our loss.

  • chiquelets

    To all the parents who are paying the massive tuition for their children to attend Rollins College…demand that this Nazi mass emailer/Professor stand in front of the students and explain her actions, then, allow the students and other Professors to question her. I'm talking face to face confrontation. A true open debate.

  • Rifleman

    Faculty members at that school are openly aiding and abetting criminals committing crimes. If they and soros' media morons are upset, somebody is doing something right. It's good when the commies highlight their intolerance.

  • aspacia

    Colleges, universities, similar to the K-12 system, and private industry are profiting from more students and cheap regardless of their parents legal status.

    The original intent of the 14th was not meant to provide legal status to any and all living in our land; it was to protect black voting rights.

  • theleastthreat

    Quote from article: "The issue here is one of responsible communication, journalistic integrity, and the Rollins mission of global …. If the Sandspur …have to take responsibility for harm that comes to everyone impacted. Members of our department…It pains us deeply to consider their having to confront a depiction of themselves as an alien, a bug;"

    They're not bugs, they're illegal immigrants. Some of them work for drug gangs. Some steal identities of US residents, Some of them are actual slaves held here in the US. A number of them are exploited for their labor. This out of control migration erodes the standard of living we built up over the decades with fair labor practices. Some of these females are as young as 13 and are getting pregnant to remain in this country. Is any of that worth defending? Is any of that good? Or even okay? Are we all supposed to bury our heads and not notice these things?

    • Sheila

      Alien is the word ascribed to persons living in this country who are not citizens, whether legal or illegal. Illegal aliens are bugs, i.e. pests. Like bugs, they infest the structure of their hosts, taking that which they have not earned. Sometimes they bring with them diseases to which the host has no immunity.

      Legal aliens, on the other hand, follow the laws to get here. They undergo medical exams prior to entry, and they work hard to assimilate into our culture.

      My father was a legal alien, and carried his greencard in his wallet till the day he died. He worked hard, always paid his taxes, and never took what did not belong to him. He died before he could become a citizen.

      • theleastthreat

        I'll try to be diplomatic here but I don't know if it will work out that way. My goal is to explain, not offend. The article is about suppression of thought and speech by faculty and the Left. No one should make rules regarding that. It would end all discussion on this particular issue yet the Left uses this strategy quite a lot. It tries to force a climate of rudeness and less than open and concise discussion so any argument opposed to theirs is readily dismissed.. One of the tricks in replying to such a tactic is to not play into the hands of the Left. I take you at your word that your family is honorable and complied with the law. God bless them. You were lucky to have such a father. God bless you too.

  • Steve Chavez

    I was attacked too yesterday at the University of New Mexico online editon of the A professor wrote a satirical letter to the editor "Spit on your professors for ruining the economy so I went with it and wrote that deserved to be spit on for "literally spitting our Vietnam soldiers when these very profs were in college." A comment by "Li Po" (Liberal Professor) was posted against me which said, Steve Chavez, "who plays concerts all over the country for Liberals who are enamored of Hispanic music and the trend to love all things Hispanic. In other words, Chavez makes his living from the very people he puts down. You would think he would be grateful for the attention lavished on hm by the very Liberals he excoriates. It might be interesting if one day his Liberal audience woke up to the fact of his hate-filled, irrational politics and stopped attending his concerts." I have been very vocal about the "illegal immigrants" from Mexico so Prof. Li Po things I hate the very Mexicans who I owe my living to since I play Mexican music among many other countries.

    I reminded Li Po that Carlos Santana praises Fidel Castro and yet his music is banned in Cuba You can also weigh in with a comment at and go to a letter "Spit on your professors." This college newspaper would make the Communist Party USA's, People's World very proud! Very few of my letters are allowed while there are several radicals, jihadists, anti-semites with daily letters!

    • theleastthreat

      Another thing to remind Li Po is that illegal immigration is not a race but an individual act. He or she is insinuating that illegal immigration is Hispanic and that would make it bigotry on his or her part. Aside from all that, Li Po's are meant to be excoriated. It's the natural order of things. It follows the basic scientific formula: Li Po = idiot –> Idiot crushed by intelligent person –> Idiot gets even by slandering –> idiot gets crushed again. And so on. Enjoy the process! And please don't feel guilty about taking their money.

      • Fred Dawes

        the nice thing is within 10 years it will stop , after all no money to hand out no little monkeys to take and go home to the monkey house.

    • Fred Dawes

      This is so funny to watch and read about.

    • theleastthreat

      I finally got around to reading your comments in the daily lobo. Sorry if I seemed to make light of your experiences. May God protect you.

      To anyone else, go to daily lobo and read for yourselves. Your jaws will hit the floor.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    It's a small world, afterall.

  • jacob

    What about the industry for foreign women coming here to have their babies and
    returning to their respective countries with the US passports of their babies ???

    Why would illegal immigrant's children be entitled to the same privileges as those
    from legal immigrants ??

    Does anybody know that foreigners residing legally in Mexico can't have business
    unless they have a Mexican partner ??
    Try to implement this ruling here and watch the stink erupting..! ! !
    What about which rights do legal residents have in Latin-American countries ??
    How about calling for once in this country of fools, an ace an ace and a spade
    a spade ???

    • tagalog

      What do you mean "what about them?" They're a myth, the professors at Rollins say so. So it must be so, right?

  • Jobe

    What a joke these academics’ disapproval of Ms. Pizzi’s intelligently worded commentary on the disgraceful practice of our government slapping the faces of those immigrants who follow the law and do the things that are laid out for them, thereby becoming LEGAL citizens of this country.

    These infantile, tantrum throwing, foot stomping college professors have done far more to embarass the college, academia in general, and themselves with their hysterical rants that make little or no sense than has this young lady in her well worded criticism of a practice that deserves much derision. They are intellectually out classed by a college freshman and it shows. Once again, leftists show us their bankrupt idealogy and the fact that, lacking an appropriate response, they froth at the mouth and present their rabid replies.

  • sedoanman

    "…dismissed the very idea that liberal academia might attempt to stifle opinions it doesn’t like."

    But isn't that what they are doing, i.e., attempting to stifle an opinion? If the professor dismissed the idea, then why has a whole cottage industry grown up to defend students' AND professors' campus speech rights?

    And why do colleges have speech codes?

  • sedoanman

    So, it's a "journalism issue", is it? Check this out:

    "while SCC instructors may limit the expression of students during class time in the service of SCC's educational mission, such narrowly tailored restrictions for instructional purposes cannot lawfully be extended to restrict all distribution of literature outside of class time." In a 1979 decision striking down The Ohio State University's similarly broad restrictions on literature distribution, a federal district court in Solid Rock Foundation v. Ohio State University fully explained that absent "material disruption" or "substantial disorder," the distribution of literature on campus is student expression protected by the First Amendment, even if students complain about the content of the message distributed.

  • Boca Cond King

    Like Superman and Clark Kent, Batman and Bruce Wayne, some arguments are never discussed in the same room at the same time.

    IE, Illegal Immigrants, Union Workers.

    What should have happened is Ms. Pizzo, should have suggested that lower cost higher quality college professors from overseas take the jobs/teaching positions of Rollins college professors. (Not legally of course, just fly em in and pay em in cash)

    If the professors object, they are racist. After all Ms. Pizzo is angered by illegal immigration, and she is racist there fore…..

    BTW, I think the 14th amendment is fine as it is. It's abuse is a symptom of not enforcing our laws, not it's cause. It's like being against cars because they are double parked outside your home, but not being angry that your town is not enforcing the parking rules.

  • tanstaafl

    Can't these professors find work in China or the former Soviet Union?

    • Jim

      Russia then or now would never hire these professors. There are lots of professors of Marxism in Russia . A few have come to America and commented that the American professors of Marxism seem to be ignorant of true Marxism. They also do not realise that Marxism is no longer relevant to the people running the former Marxist countries. Only the Communist pensioners and American liberal professors still have faith in it.

  • John H.

    Talk about createing a hostile enviornment! These pissant professors are as much as censoring free speech on their campuses. Commie rat bastards! We should fire every one of them.

  • BLJ

    Should anyone really be surprised by this? College and universities have been bastions for pinkos, anti-Semites and American haters for years. These people are educated derelicts at best.

    A big problem is that most students are afraid to challenge these pinheads for fear that their grades will suffer. The professors know this and use it to promote their ideology. They talk about open thought and diversity, but once you disagree with them their true colors show.

  • Erin

    I applied to Rollins College for school next year and was accepted. After seeing this, it solidified my decision NOT to attend there. This is ridiculous! The faculty, students, and media who are attacking this student and paper are, indeed, attempting to snuff out the right to free speech. The only free speech they care about is the speech that only agrees with their point of view. Saying that the issue is only about "journalistic integrity" is a blatant lie, and a terrible excuse on top of that! Write on, Ms. Pizzi! I support you!
    Rollins College, you just lost a prospective student. Congratulations.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Excellent stance, on your part, Erin! You are to be commended.

  • jtbaumgart

    Soros is a war criminal. He ratted out Jewish Hungarian people during WWII for money. Why the Mossad does not take him and his entire family simply amazes me. All it would take would be one tracer round from the business end of a barrett .50 call strategically piecing the gas take of his bullet proof limo at a mile away would end a large amount of the problems facing the entire world. What was it the Israeli Prime Minister once said. "Cut the head of the Serpent off and the snake dies"

  • Fred

    There is no free speech or free thought in colleges anymore. I remember attending college and a professor said "liberal and leftist" things in class, but when I spoke to him privately he said "I have to go along with the program or get fired". He then said the U.S. is ripe for a revolution and it is long overdue.

  • carl

    These professors should be tar and feathered and run out of town.

  • justasking

    Isn't Rollins one of those schools that gives academic credit for surfing and beach volleyball?

    • MNO

      Actually, no. You work your tail off there. The classes are small enough that they KNOW if you have/have not done your complete homework, they know your first name and you WILL be called on in class each and every day. A LOT is expected of you. It's actually a great education.

      • justasking

        Thanks for the correction. No wonder my brother left Rollins after one year. He's smart but I think he smoked too much pot and didn't work at it. He said he took canoeing or kayaking or something. That was 40 years ago, though. He has a pretty good management job now, even w/out a degree.

  • Michael

    How dare those professors express their opinion about someone else's opinion. How dare she get called out for putting out an opinion article devoid of facts. How dare she get called out for putting out an argument that does not follow logically. All of you need to grow up. If Jamie has the right to free speech than so does the professors or other students. That means they get to call her out for putting out a xenophobic article. To be clear I'm not calling Jamie xenophobic; although we go to the same school, I've never met her and do not know her well enough to make such a claim. However, when one dehumanizes some babies as "anchors" while other babies are still babies, or generalizing calls for action such as "America has a crucial decision to make: continue to attract those who want a free ride, or return to a time where America attracted only the best and the brightest to its golden shores," one's argument is xenophobic. It amazes me how people hide behind this fake issue of free speech instead of using their right to defend their actual speech

  • Taxpayer1234

    My comments on the faculty dolt's rant:

    “This is not an issue of free speech."
    –An op-ed in a newspaper? Yes, it's all about free speech.

    "No one is arguing that the only legitimate view is one in favor of birthright citizenship." –Yes, you are. Your very actions and histrionic condemnation say exactly that.

    "Informed, reasonable people disagree on a host of issues."
    –Except for you and your cronies, who shout down any view that doesn't toe the politically correct line.

    "The issue here is one of responsible communication, journalistic integrity, and the Rollins mission of global citizenship and responsible leadership. If the Sandspur puts texts like this op-ed and illustration into public discourse–without even a contrary view or comment–you have to take responsibility for harm that comes to everyone impacted. "
    –Newspapers print controversial op-eds all the time, and they do print contrary views and comments–AFTER people have had the chance to read the op-ed. To insist that the PC Police determine what the newspaper should or shouldn't print is the kind of Nazi propaganda you're accusing Ms. Pizzi of.

    "Members of our department and several others have worked with undocumented young people and farm workers in Apopka. It pains us deeply to consider their having to confront a depiction of themselves as an alien, a bug; and we shudder to consider how this rhetoric feeds already existing stereotypes and prejudices that precede hate-based violence.”
    –While they are probably nice people, they are still here ILLEGALLY. No amount of niceness changes that FACT. Deal with it.

  • Phillip Galey

    I would marvel to think that, they might ever hear this, but, particular members of the Rollins faculty appear to go so far beyond any perfectly normal self-centeredness, to have arrived at unqualified, blinding selfishness, and in this way:

    They had their time in college, each one; they had time and opportunity for writing and rising up—how becoming of decency in the Rollins faculty might it have been, to have let individuals of THIS student body react and respond as THEY may have chosen, . . . if in the very least, to have let THIS student body to have first set the tone which THEY may see for themselves and their school? This is THEIR time, . . .

    Selfishness, . . . ripping off mere students, many of whose heads are still—as is sometimes said—"full of mush", . . . selfishness. Attitudes and opinions change with use and shaking out, . . . their opportunities—and with those, their possibilities—snatched away, . . . elder abuse, but done by the elders, and against the younger and those who were to have been guided, assisted and encouraged in exploration, . . . me, first, . . . selfishness. The faculty have their inter-departmental communications.

    The opening picture of the men with the dogs appears as most apropos, . . . the over-riding impulse of the Nazis—and all such, today—is to be noticed in their ebullient and unbounded selfishness, . . .

    • Taxpayer1234

      Exactly. They've decided they are the final arbiters of all thought in academe, and to hell with everyone else.

  • ACG

    College students everywhere should exercise their right to be heard. Most students are paying large sums of money to the school of their choice to buy an education. Students need to realize that they are the customer. For a faculty to condemn a customer in such a fashion at an institute of higher learning is unconscionable and borders on cyber bullying. The school administration needs to reign in the academicians who are intolerant of views that are divergent from their own. Few businesses could survive operating in a manner similar to that of most colleges.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The issue here is leftists at Rollins stifling thoughts that are against
    their intent, they do everything they can to subvert American laws and
    the American people. Anything that makes life in America untenable for
    it's citizens is their goal, destroying free speech is part of their program,
    they could care less about what is right, lawful and a students liberty.

  • Lee

    I teach at a college level myself and I can say that the so-called "Faculty" at this college were belligerent, bias, antagonistic, insulting, and clearly not representing good pedagogical attributes. The action of these three faculty would not go unanswered by other faculty members within other institutions if such an event took place. These three faculty are guilty of disgraceful conduct.

  • Jim

    The professors have set them selves against the American working class. The illegals were came here for two reasons. The NAFTA treaty allowed American Agra business to export subsidized corn to Mexico which drove the peasants off the land and to North America where business fired their own unskilled workers (mainly Blacks) and hired the exploitables from Mexico. The Left Profs. have no concern for the American worker . A true Marxist would have dissolved these left wing cultists schools. Blacks and Americans of Mexican descent are turning against Obama as they realize he represents the mentality that thinks it is OK to drive Americans into economic ruin as long as it keeps him in power.

  • AJ Bath County, VA

    Stay the course Jamie. They'll bully and try to wear you down. You don't think as they do. And a maverick is a threat to their herd instinct.

  • R. Doering

    I graduated from Rollins College in 1992. I can confirm that at that time there was a significant idealogical chasm between much of the student body and much of the faculty. This is not unique in the world of academia. Ms. Pizzi wrote an "opinion-editorial", the key word being "opinion". I might also add that Ms. Pizzi's op-ed has been quite successful, given the attention that it has generated. Kudos to you Ms. Pizzi ans shame on Rollins' faculty members who do not respect her right to voice her opinion. Nazi-ism…really? Is that all you have? Ridiculous.