Union Fascism on Full Display in Wisconsin

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The hypocrisy of the American left is on full display in the heart of America, as the teachers’ union in Wisconsin continues to show how it will use any tactic, no matter how reprehensible, to try and get its way. Threats, intimidation, violent imagery and inflammatory rhetoric – all of the sorts of tactics that the left and the mainstream media routinely accuse conservatives of using – are on full display in Madison. But, rather than condemning such behavior, left wing champions from Barack Obama to Michael Moore are falling over themselves to show solidarity with the teachers’ union.

Protesters carried signs likening Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler and Hosni Mubarak. One protester carried a placard that posed the question “why do Republicans hate people?” while others likened Walker’s budget cutting efforts to rape. He was called a dictator by some and an image of the governor was overlaid with crosshairs by at least one protestor. A rent-a-mob marched on the governor’s home. None of this behavior seems to bother leaders on the left, no more than the same kind of extremist rhetoric and actions concerned them when the left directed it towards George W. Bush for the better part of eight years.

Wisconsin state senator Randy Hopper, a Republican, told National Review that he and his colleagues have been receiving threats of a physically violent nature, and that law enforcement has stepped in to protect the homes and businesses of Republican legislators in the Dairy State.  And how does the President of the United States react to all this? Barack Obama, after all, called for more civil and respectful political debate in America just a few short weeks ago. Here’s what the President had to say in an interview with Milwaukee’s WTMJ:

“Some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain, generally seems like more of an assault on unions. I think it’s very important for us to understand that public employees, they’re our neighbors, they’re our friends.”

Leftist hero Michael Moore was less circumspect, tweeting: “Madison is the new Cairo! Wisconsin teachers, nurses, firefighters — shut the state down! All of working America is with u!” Like the Madison teachers who are effectively engaged in an illegal strike, Obama, Moore and all of the rest of the left don’t understand what’s happening in Wisconsin any better than they grasp what previously happened in New Jersey. It’s not about education, it’s not about collective bargaining and it’s not about freedom and democracy. It’s about the future of America, it’s about unsustainable debt and it’s about making sure that our children have the same kind of opportunities that we were blessed with.

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  • truebearing

    These same teachers couldn't answer my charge that they were undermining the integrity of our democracy by their actions, and what those actions are teaching their students. They denied they are teaching the kids to lie, get fake excuses, violate agreemnets, etc. No moral clarity whatsoever. The responses were all the same rationalizations about their "rights", ignoring their contractual and moral responsibility.

    Some got angry when confronted and muttered about "civil discourse" as they walked away from the truth.

    Of the union supporters, the teachers were probably the best of the bunch. Many of the people were beyond reasoning with, indifferent to truth or logic, and potentially violent. Typical of liberal/leftist protests, the prevailing attitude was that of a barely restrained mob. They should be ashamed, but they're not. instead, they are proud. They need to be reminded: Pride goeth before the fall.

  • Amused

    Barely restrained mob ? Radical leftist Homosexuals ? Marxists /Socialist Communists ? Undermining Democracy ?

    And Truebearing tags them as what ??


    Yea they reject the Conservative/Republican /Teeebager VERSION of the truth , so you denigrate them , SLANDER them , Accuse them ….Wow , how truly American is that ? NOT > What HYPOCRISY !!

  • Amused

    What HYPOCRISY !

  • Amused

    When people disagree and protest ….they are called a barely restrained mob ?

  • Amused

    If they don't tow the Conservative /Republican/ Teebag line they are called "radical -leftist -homosexuals "?

  • Amused



      Freedom to hire homeless day workers because you cannot cause trouble without "protestors" carrying signs. You are an idiot.!

  • Amused

    Better go read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights Truebearing….YOU and your ilk are the TRUE-FACISTS !

  • Amused

    Denigrate / Slander / and Accuse those who disagree ……WOW ain't that American ? What sickening hypocrisy !

  • Amused

    I'll bet you're praing for Walker to bring out the National Guard to "put down " the troublemakers " , eh truebearing ?

  • Amused

    …and you close your statement by quoting the Bible ? hahahahahahaha what a hypocrite !!

  • Pete0097

    The Teachers Unions will do anything to get their way. my brother was a school board member. When they were negiotiating the teachers contract, the union head was told by the national union to send telegrams to the board members that would arrive at 2:00AM so as to disrupt the board members sleep and give the unions an edge in negioiations. My brother merely called the sender and discussed the issues for an hour or so. When I saw the teacher the next day, he was the one that looked ragged. They always complained that the starting teachers salary was too low, but when my brother brought that up and offered to raise it $2000, THEY refused the offer. When he offered to raise all teacher salaries $2000, THEY refused. THEY wanted percentage increases which would help the old teachers more than the young teachers. (The teachers get an automatic pay raise due to another year of experience anyway) Guess which teachers made up the negioiating team? They are a bunch of hippocrits.

  • aussiejim

    I'm a firefighter from Sydney, Australia, who has been proud to see my brothers and sisters in Wisconsin stand up against Walker's reverse Robin Hood policies. From where I'm sitting it is as clear as day – Walker is sinking the boot into those who work for a living in order to give more handouts to his rich mates. I support the protests, and I feel pity for anyone stupid enough to think that the Walker's of this world represent them (unless of course you're a billionaire, in which case he does).

  • jdg

    I don't think you understand what the word fascist means, busting unions is on of the first things fascists do. Look at the definition of the word, it is a right-wing concept.

  • Coco Mndrake

    Have the passage of time and the direct admission from several elected officials that this was entirely about busting unions changed your mind? Has Walkers past fabricated budget crisis in Milwaukee to make cuts no one should make appealed to your sense reason? What about the fact that the immediate Wisconsin budget shortfall was estimated at 137 million, while Walker gave out another 140 million in unfunded tax breaks to corporations? Hows about the sale of publicly owned heating and cooling plants as well as wet lands for no bid contracts? You feel anything yet? I would argue that selling off the states to corporations while making no attempt to listen to any opposing viewpoint would be a much more apt definition of Fascism then your uninformed rhetoric.