Wisconsin Unions Only Have Themselves to Blame

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Those remarks represent some of the least inflammatory rhetoric to emanate from the left in the wake of the two votes in Wisconsin. At the other end of the spectrum, the left’s outrage took a much more sinister turn. Republican legislators, including the leaders of both houses, revealed that they have received multiple death threats. The showdown in Madison has thus been a remarkable case study in the way that leftists routinely talk out of both sides of their mouths. They claim to cherish democracy and majority rule, but Democratic Wisconsin senators chose to withdraw from the democratic process in an attempt to undermine the will of the majority. They say that public discourse should be respectful and people should avoid any hint of violent imagery, but protestors in Madison have rolled out some of the most violent, reprehensible rhetoric in recent memory and it’s no surprise at all to find that death threats are the natural outgrowth of those overheated pronouncements.

Many union supporters are now claiming that bringing collective bargaining alone up for a vote comes as a complete shock, characterizing it as an underhanded parliamentary maneuver that somehow undermined the system. In fact, everyone – on both sides of the aisle – understood that Wisconsin Republicans could have played this particular card at any time. Taking away collective bargaining privileges is not a financial measure and thus a quorum was not required.   Democrats hoped that boycotting the senate would generate sympathy for the union’s cause, but significant support never actually materialized. In the intervening weeks, Governor Walker gave the Dems an opportunity to make some kind of a face-saving deal. When it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen, Walker and his party let the other shoe drop. Thus, Democrat senators are now officially abandoning their responsibilities for no reason whatsoever. It’s only a matter of time before they slink back into Madison to face the inevitable: another vote that will force the teachers union to contribute a bit more toward their pensions and insurance.

No doubt the left will continue to demonize Walker and Wisconsin Republicans, characterizing their actions as “union busting” and claiming that they tried to stifle debate. In fact, the opposite has been true. Public sector unions in Wisconsin chose to commit suicide, after having been given the opportunity to remain relevant. And so, public employees in the Dairy State join their brothers and sisters in the employ of the federal government and dozens of other states who do not enjoy the privilege of collective bargaining. Moreover, the right did nothing to inhibit the exchange of ideas or to quell opposing voices in Wisconsin. Instead, Republicans exercised remarkable restraint as the rhetoric on the left grew ever more incendiary. The left has thus suffered a massive defeat in the Midwest and they only have their own hubris to blame.


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  • nexus

    Erm, where have you been? Not in WI, apparently. This whole mess is the result of a Governor that wouldn't negotiate. He has had this agenda in mind from the get go, and has stated that "he doesn't budge". With the fitzgerald family in hand, he has had the power to "strongly encourage" moderate Republicans to do what he tells them to. Unions did concede. Walker's recent choice to bend the rules so that he could achieve his radical agenda just revealed him for what he is. Thus, the unions have won what they could while dealing with a governor who does not care that 2/3 of WI asked him to stop. They have revealed him for what he is.

    • Lee Poteet

      Nexus, everything that you have written is a lie. The emails alone indicate a williness to negotiate and compromise, but that was not the way the Democrats and their bosses the unions chose to play it. They did it wrong and they lost.

      • JosephWiess

        I agree Lee. The Republicans were willing to negotiate, but it was the Democrats that went and hid, rather than do their jobs. Is this how 5 year old liberals deal with things they don't like? Run and hide, while poking their fingers in their ears?

    • voted against carter




      I HATE YOU!!!! SO THERE!!!!!

      Said the five year old UNION members AND WI teachers.

      Frigin libratards. NEVER learn. But it's ok to teach?

      And as for revealing, you have it bas ackwords.

      And YES you DID make an impression.

      Just NOT the one you were trying for.

      Micky Moore????? Are you kidding?? And you THINK he HELPS your case??

      • guest

        There is no way I would let these public school teachers influence (much lass teach – if they are capable) my kids. What does Wisconsin get for its money? Seems like all their students are mass failures.

    • intrcptr2

      Just curious which part of representative democracy you are ignorant of…

      The voters threw the bums out in Nov, Walker came up with a plan to help WI get its financial house in order, the union members voiced their opposition and their Democrat representatives went AWOL.
      The legislature voted.

      You want to return that extortionary power to the unions, win the next election.

    • http://logistory.blogspot.com/ noway2no

      "radical agenda", this from a leftist. Kids say the darndest things!

    • GOONKA

      I am in Wisconsin – we elected him. Union did NOT concede. (D) senators cut and ran – they REFUSED to come to the table – don't even try to tell a different story. The facts are there for all to see.

      Collective bargaining is NOT a right. Because some union – left leaning legislature made it a law HOW many years ago, does NOT make it a right. They did so because the union said: we'll keep you guys in office IF you make sure we get union dues.

      And for all that which the unions keep touting as facts – it's garbage. Wisconsin laws are FAR better than most in regards to employees (except that we are NOT a right to work state, and we should be – the only one that opposes that is the union. WHY is that ..) so quit your whining. The majority spoke. Stop listening to what they tell you to believe. Stand up, thinkk for yourself. Just because we aren't in the street screaming and making up signs that degrade ourselves as rational thinking human beings, doesnt mean we don't stand behind our governor. Because we do.

    • darraugh

      The Republicans lost in 2008, because of bush, bush, bush. They are going to loose in 20l2, because of Walker, Walker, Walker. That and they don't have any good ones running for president in 20l2, which all of them are for amnesty and I could say why not good period for each of them.

      You won some Republicans offices in IL in 20l0, but I can tell you they won't be reelected that is their first and last term in IL. The 47 Republican politicians against SS and Medicare is going to be the final straw for the Americans. They even had a second chance and they still blew it.

  • Jimmy

    This ain't over yet cocksucker.

    • ydroustan

      Agree with Jimmy. That nexus is…

    • sllib12

      your mama's the cock sucker

      • USMCSniper

        Real class, both of you. As far as Unions go, the only thing more than public employees allowed to have unions is the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA players who make millions of dollars per year under individual contracts negotiated by their own individual agents, and demanding a 60% share of the gate,

        • coyote3

          Oh, come on, USMCSniper he only sucked one.

    • Gary from Jersey

      Just the kind of thinking and language we've come to expect from the left: Childish, pointless and vapid. It's the garbagemouth way to avoid the subject and to try to intimidate opponents into silence. It doesn't work anymore, kids.

    • intrcptr2

      I suppose we should be impressed you spelled it right, right?

    • sodizzy

      That is language usually used by those who lack vocabulary or language skills.

    • Jeter

      You're right Jimmy, the rest of the government parasites are next… >:)

    • Antonio Singh

      Are you telling your boyfriend it's time for him to bottom for you again?

    • unionsrlame

      Mr. President! Does Rosalyn know you're on the internet without supervision?

  • http://www.fx-exchange.com/ Bowmanave

    Liberals didn’t mind rushing health care, then they turn around and get mad because Republicans in WI rushed the union bill, they got a little taste of their own medicine, they only want to compromise when they dont have power

  • http://www.hotexchangerates.com/ exchangerates

    Bbecause they have not been able to appease the extremists, terrorists types within their own Party!
    Republican Extreme Right look like milk-toast compared to the Dems Savages that have not been held accountable to anyone.
    The Democratic Party is being destroyed from within. Rise of a Third Party would probably cause the eventual demise of the Democratic Party which has lost all the fine points they used to stand for.

    • Satori_In_TO


      That's "milquetoast", btw.

  • Steve Chavez

    PELOSI'S PUPPIES and REID'S RATS passed anything and everything without any meaningful Republican input and THEY DIDN'T CARE! Pelosi had a glow in her eyes like her legislation would be remembered for all time like the Ten Commandments! After the 2010 election, the Dems acted like Katrina/New Orleans LOOTERS stealing everything they could before the new cops came in! The Dems conspiracy ruined the economy so they could win the White House and Congress, "It's the Economy Stupid!" They had endless real WITCHHUNTS on any Republican, Bush/Cheney, and spitting on our General Betray Us! They screamed "WARMONGER" at Bush/Republicans and now they want to aid in a violent overthrow of Libya for "humanitarian reasons" while hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by Saddam and THEY NEVER SHED A TEAR!!! IN WISCONSIN, and all over the U.S., the Dems stranglehold on every state is over and now these SORE LOSERS seek to OVERTHROW LEGITIMATELY ELECTED GOVERNORS, LEGISLATORS, POLICE CHIEFS, AND WILL CAUSE ANARCHY TO TRY TO GET THEIR WAY!!! If the Tea Party used the same tactics, OBAMA would have already called out the National Guard to "protect the Democratic process!"

  • StephenD

    What gets me is they cry that if you are for these revisions or increases in the member contributions to their own benefits you are necessarily against "The Working People." Those spewing this don't consider the very many "Working People" who pay for this or the many of their own membership that will have NO BENEFITS if the State runs out of money by the time they're ready to retire. As Margaret Thatcher has so eloquently said "The only problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples’ money."

  • tanstaafl

    Why is the instrumentality of the government being used to collect mandatory union dues? Do we need a national "Right-to-Work" law?

  • preacherbilly

    This is the endgame that the WI voters wanted – across the board money saving NOT another sell-out political compromise. Public unions have served their own interests for ages, Scott Walker and the new (R) majority in WI is showing the rest of America what backbone looks like!

    If WI's public unions really want to be rid of their governor, they should start raising money to send him to Washington in 2012!

  • JRR

    The Unions began to negotiate and began to make concessions only AFTER Gov. Walker proposed this legislation. Before he proposed the Budget Repair Bill, the Unions and Democrats refused to bargain. Hence, the nuclear option.

    In the private sector, when a Union refuses to budge, management has the option of closing its doors. In the public sector, when a Union refuses to budge, management has the option of changing the law. Its too bad that all the hard-working, well-intentioned, public sector employees didn't have leaders that understood this simple concept.

  • BS77

    Read Ann Coulter's powerful column about the tax payer exploiting public service unions….and the insidious relationship that goes on between the Democrats and the Unions, for money, for elections and for making states go bankrupt. When bus drivers and office workers are making $150K a year and their "dues" finance Democrat campaigns, you have to pause….and ask what's wrong with this picture? Why do office drones and "program" employees make more than twice any workers in the private sector, get incredible bonus, medical, retirement and vacation packages?

  • Ron Borowski

    First of all, keep the foul language out of these posts. We are much better than that.
    I find the left totally disingenuous. During the Doylie years, the Democrats, union and liberals had no trouble at all passing legislation in the wee hours of the morning and many without input from the minority party. And more recently, these same poor, persecuted and entitled, were all in favor of ramming through the union teachers contracts (that they had for 18 months and did nothing) before Christmas with little or no discussion. Because of their total lack of integrity, they choase to get one of their own Democrat brethren out of jail to vote on this miscarriage of justice. Only the courage of a single Democrat saved the day.
    We now have shown the light of day on these lefties, their lack of character and integrity and their values of self-interest and greed. The unions have reverted to the tactics of old and are closely following the Saul Alinsky, Rules for Revolution, script.
    The sun will come out tomorrow and we will be a better state and citizenry. However, out battle for real liberty and freedom in Wisconsin has just begun.
    God bless!

  • voted against carter




    I HATE YOU!!!! SO THERE!!!!!

    Said the five year old UNION members AND WI teachers.

    Frigin libratards. NEVER learn. But it's ok to teach?

    And as for revealing, you have it bas ackwords.

    And YES you DID make an impression.

    Just NOT the one you were trying for.

    Micky Moore????? Are you kidding?? And you THINK he HELPS your case??

    • BS77

      Yeah, it is very odd…these screaming, venting, hysterical leftists union mobs….with their gold plated retirement, medical insurance, paid sick leaves, paid holidays, double over time, their job protection plans…..and some of them are basically pencil pushers, mediocre teachers and janitors…some making over $100,000 a year because of their flipping contracts. They won't change and demand we drag them kicking and screaming into some form of reasonable adjustments before the State goes totally bankrupt. What a selfish, arrogant, implacable bunch of cry babies. They are basically paid shills for the Dem Party…their Union dues finance the campaigns of the Dems who pass the legislation guaranteeing these shocking contracts….and the Unions keep marching to the polls voting for their enablers. ……but let's not say anything about "collective bargaining rights"….their sacred cow.

  • sue805

    I read somewhere Gov. Walker wants to shop around for better medical insurance for state employees, possibly at lower rates; however, because of previous collective bargaining they are unable to change the current insurance provider. And, somehow, the union makes millions from this state-provided benefit. I have seen nothing in recent news articles regarding this situation and am wondering if it is true. It might explain why the union leaders are so irate about losing collective bargaining for these particular benefits.

  • BLJ

    I love the fact that an elected official finally stood up to these corrupt unions. The free lunch is over. These people need to grow up and take on some responsibility in their lives.

    The fact that the Left and Democratic Party support public unions is no shock. When you perch at the altar of Lenin and Marx what else can you expect? Birds of a feather flock together.

    The cowardly state senators that fled to Illinois should all be tar and feathered. They are weasels to the 100th degree.

  • Terry

    I am not from Wisconsin but from the way I have been reading all the stories Governor Walker came into office telling the people of Wisconsin up front what he wanted and planned to do. He had no secrets. He won a majority of the vote along with Republicans taking over both houses of Congress. The people are awake in Wisconsin. They knew going into the polling booths who they were voting for and why. It's the public unions that have their head in the sand. Judging from how many protestors showed up at the capital, up to 80,000, I could see the Democrats getting 15,000 signatures on recall notices for the Republican Senators but then it comes to a vote of the people and that's when the other shoe will fall and the Democrats will fall on their face. In fact I see this recall effort as not only confirming the people's will of voting in a Conservative Republican but it could actually get Democrats recalled and even more Republicans in Congress. All they need is one more Republican in the Senate to have a full forum and the Democrats will be irrevelant

    • pyeatte

      I agree, and if the public union folks want to go out on strike – so be it. Make it a one-way door like Reagan did with PATCO – fired. There are pleanty of unemployeed people who will be willing to take their jobs.

  • Wesley69

    And Republicans are called the party of OBSTRUCTION.

    The unions got what they had coming because of their totally unacceptable conduct and attempt to BULLY the Republican Governor and Legislature.

    If Wisconsin becomes a RIGHT TO WORK state, it is the union's fault.

  • jaythehistorian

    The Democrat party should change their symbol to the parasite. They are clearly the party of penalizing those who work hard ,robbing their hard earned money through taxes and other forms of robbery , and buying votes . Rush Limbaugh had a great point about how unions such the teachers' unions are part of the democrat machine. The true value of teachers is how much private schools pay teachers. Teachers in private schools earn much less in salary and much , much less in benefits.

    • pyeatte

      A parasite would be fine…or a termite.

  • http://logistory.blogspot.com/ noway2no

    Stimulus money to WI: $710,000

    Stimulus money to shovel-ready-jobs: $30,000

    Stimulus money to WI public employee costs: $680,000

    Stimulus money to laundered back to Demorat Scumbags: $???,???

    That is the way it goes, they steal generations of earning power to perpetuate their incestuous dealings. No honor and no shame.

  • Sandra

    The union was started by communists and the union is still controlled by communists. The leaders of the union use their members as mass demonstrators and have their "heavy-weight" thugs do the enforcing and leading their willing sheeple into the fray.
    They use the "mob" theory (Alinsky) to create pandemonioum and havoc. The destruction to the state capital building is in the millions. Does Richard Trunka care?
    Hell no! He considers it a job "well done." He brought in the SEIU enforcers with their loudpeakers and "muscle" for all to see. Time to eliminate the public service unions. What a misnomer. Nothing "service" about that mob.

    • pyeatte

      Trunka's biggest problem each day is finding his next meal.

  • Yetwave

    Unions derived their exalted status in this country when they were formed to resist robber baron capitlaists. By standing up to beatings from Pinkerton agents, fatal shootings at CF&I, and deaths by fire in the garment factories, the union organizers of the late 19th century and the early 20th century acieved important things-the abolition of child labor and the establishment of the minimum wage, among them.

    Continued in next post

  • Yetwave

    As the American manufacturing base began to erode in the 1960's, organized labor looked to the service industries to replenish their legions of dues paying 'members'. The main difference in labor's manufacturing membership and the membership of service emplyees is twofold.

    Manufacturing is largely private, profit motivated enterprise and creates wealth by actually making something. Labor employed in manufacturing is usually highly skilled.

    Service industries are largely publici.e., funded by the taxpayer. In instances where service industries are private, they tend to be unskilled workers whose jobs don't demand much in the way of vocational or formal education. Rather than being creators of wealth, service industry workers are consumers of wealth, however necessary their poisitions are to our health, education and welfare.

    Continued in next post

  • Yetwave

    Unions still use their storied place in the history of US economic evolution in telling their story and justifying their existence to their members and their fellow travelers in sympathy. Unfortunately, unions have not reckoned with their changed reality. Their demands, initially conceived when they represented privately employed workers who created welath, cannot be supported by workers on public payrolls who do not create wealth.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      What you say makes excellent sense, and is largely true. I quibble, however, with two things you mentioned. The abolition of child labour was not automatically a good thing since many of those children lived on the naked edge of starvation, and a job in a sweatshop was a huge plus. The question remains debatable.

      As for American manufacturing, it has NOT eroded. Lower-end jobs, jobs inordinately subjected to OSHA, EPA, etc., etc., as well as agressive trade unions, have migrated offshore. And at the same time, US manufacturing shifted out of the factories and into the laboratories. Today the American manufacturing sector generates more production of wealth than all but two COUNTRIES in the world. American manufacturing is vibrant today, IN SPITE of labouring under one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Imagine what we could do if some geniass in DC lowered the corporate tax rates.

  • Pierce

    All of us had better remember come November 2012 that we have some one in the White House now that we the people want out. Barack Obama is no different than those Democratic Senators from Wisconsin, they and he want to stick it to us where the sun doesn't shine, and don't ever forget it. This country is going to hell in a hand basket if we don't turn it around, and even then maybe it's too late, but lets give it a try.

  • Amused

    Who you trying to kid Trzupek ? There was never any room for compromise with Walker . He was out to bust the Unions by removing their collectivre bargaining rights , a usual Republican policy . The Unions were not only ready to comprmise but did in fact agree to pay more for their pension and medical benefits . This way Walker could give his big TAX CUT REWARDS to big buisiness who financed his campaign .So walker wins in gthe short term , but when it comes time to "count the jobs " his big breaks for big buisiness allegedly will bring about , he's gonna come up empty . In the meantime , watch as the Koch brothers muzzle their way into buyiong Wisconsin's power companies , and dont hold your breath waiting gto see how many jobs THEY create .
    Walker in the end run will bhe seen for what he truly is , a union busting sycophant for big buisiness . Instead of a second term , he'll be looking for a job , that is if his handlers dont make him so rich in office that he wont have to work .[like all the peoiple he will screw in the process ]

    • Jeter

      The only way to keep the parasites from stealing it back by colluding with future politicians is to eliminate their ability to blackmail the taxpayer altogether. Time for the government parasites to get a taste of life in the real world for a change, instead of the fantasy land where they can strong arm whatever they want from their neighbors. If you're so underpaid and under appreciated, feel free to take your skills to the private sector. LMAO

    • Eraina

      Face it, Amused, the union stranglehold is coming to an end. Wisconsin is just the beginning. Every state is watching and planning their own union-busting measures. You can threaten, bully and gripe but the unions are still gonna go bye bye. It has to do with money (the states are broke) and individual rights (each person has the right to choose if they want to belong to a union). People want to hold on to their money instead of handing it over to corrupt union bosses. Go on, scream and yell some more — it won't do any good. The party is over. The Koch brothers aren't responsible for this outcome, the unions and the Democratic senators are. Their arrogance and stupidity backfired on them. Yipppeee!

  • Amused

    An article like this is no surprise coming from you REich , for you yourself claim to have been " a chemical engineer " whose job it was to facilitate companies in skirting environmenta regulations . Another true freind , like Walker , of big buisiness , of course totally biassed in their favor . But working people will not forget this fight . So let Walker vent his revenge in the way of layoffs , however people who actually investigate the Governors "projected budget shortfall " will see quite clearly , that what has been asked , demanded and forced upon the state employees , had as its agenda, and cause for this alleged shortfall , nothing more than the large tax cuts Walker wants to give big buisiness .

    • coyote3

      Guess what they don't care either. If you notice these types of bills are now "breaking out" all over the country. The unions didn't have the clout or muscle to fight one of them, much less several at one time. Oh, there will always be unions. It is just that most of the public sector unions won't have collective bargaining. More states will become "right to work", and there will be a continued decline. Even the demographics don't support unions. While some service industries are educationally concentrated, most require minmum skills, and thereby don't have the same leverage as manufacturing unions.

  • JoJoJams

    AMused — do you have a good psychiatrist lined up for when your bubble is burst even more in 2012?? You won't be amused…. lmao

  • Amused

    Truth hurts don't it .Especially obvious ,when your only semblance of an intelligent response is an ad hominem attack . Thanks for displaying your …er…intellect .

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond

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    1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.
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    6. You can't think of anyone you HAVEN'T declared Jihad against.
    7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.
    8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.
    9. You've ever uttered the phrase, "I love what you've done with your cave."
    10. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least one.
    11. You bathe at least monthly whether necessary or not.
    12. You've ever had a crush on your neighbor's goat.

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond

    Mohammed heard one of his wives was leaving him, so he rushed home where he found her on the carpet in front of the tent with her belongings; he sat beside her and said, “I heard you were planning to leave me?”

    She replied, “Yes, I heard your other wives saying you were a pedophile!”

    Mohammed thinks for a minute or so and then responds, “that's a mighty big word for a 6 year old."

  • http://www.chick.com Raymond

    There were 3 men waiting for a bus ride in Montana, a cowboy, an indian and a Muslim.
    The cowboy trying to make small talk asked the other two how life was treating them. The indian not really wanting a conversation says "Once before you cowboys came we were many and now we are few."
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    The cowboy looks up at the Muslim and says. "We ain't played cowboys and Muslims yet."

  • bgnjoe

    Democrats had their chance and they lost. We don't mind the Democrats joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.

  • Amused

    Nice mix of scripture and foolishness Raymond ……and IRRELEVANCE .

  • http://SecureTheRepublicWithSarah.com Tamara

    Unions do not belong in public service what so ever ANYWAY, period…..they have been using public service as a way to garner taxpayer funds , funnel them to union bosses, then funnel them to democrats, where democrats would ensure that those hired would have no choice but to join the union and have those dues deducted by the state payroll..THEN THE UNION EMPLOYEE COULD SLEEP ON THE JOB….cry "it is not my job, when asked to do something……and throw a complete bitch fit when they are laid off and then go to the state house as an anarchist and defecate in the floor…..well…GRAVY TRAIN DISRUPTED BY THE TAX PAYER……….LIFE IS A BITCH …..were all in the private sector now! DEAL WITH IT! cause that is how it will stay for the next 100 years. Communist find they are totally unwelcome in the USA- STILL!! and may it be so for another 500 years!

  • Quarkonntn

    While a union member I do understand that a union is a business like any other. The primary business of a union is to protect the membership from arbitrary treatment from employers, like an insurance company, making union dues analogous to insurance premiums. That is how it adds value to union members. Any employee, like any business, must add value to the employer, or customer, otherwise employment, or custom, will be terminated. Perhaps the decline of unionization of the private sector is that unions have been seduced by "progressive" ideas like employment equity, affirmative action and nebulous concepts like "social justice" which do not add value to potential members of unions.

  • Amused

    ..or "perhaps " ….since worker productivity has not declined but steadily risen over the years , employers ,in spite of that ,view employees not as assets , but as liabilities . BTW if you truly are a union member , as you allege , then you would know that employment equyity is not a progressive idea or notion . As for affirmative action ? Now try to think for a moment ….it is not the same thing as employment equity , nor is it anything thought up by , or approved by any union I know . If anything they have been made to comply to whatever the state or national standards regarding affirmative action . Lawsuits both for and against affirmative action have been determined Supreme Court rulings , and not by any Union position. Oh and please define " Social Justice " , NOT in the vein you are attempting to make fit your argument , but by it's true definition . As for your aspersion or misconception that unions are or should be run as a buisiness , you are totally incorrect , and not a very informed union member .

  • Amused

    Now it is true , that over the decades since their inception in this country , union leadership has been found to be corrupt is several instances , just as much as any other aspect in American society as you should well know . However that is no reason for broadbrushing such organizations . Unions are not run as buisinesses , for they are non-profit , and their resources the sole result of it's dues paying members , and are commensurate with a unions operating expenses , and benefits it provides to it's members …in this aspect only , are unions run like buisinesses .

  • Amused

    lol….I see the irrelevant disconnected thought process , that Raymond so proudly displays ….meets with the approval of several of the "likeminded " …[or mindless .]
    tsk, tsk , tsk . Brilliant !

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