Surrendering to Anti-Israelism

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That the organized Jewish community has come to such a state of incoherence brings to mind the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s article from 1993 about “defining deviancy down,” which analyzed how communities react to increases in deviant criminal behavior.

Moynihan argued that as the amount of deviant behavior increases, the community becomes incapable of recognizing all of it, and adjusts to the new reality by lowering its standards. So, behavior once thought deviant (but not the most deviant of all criminal behavior), is no longer considered so.

Could a better description be offered for Raffel’s recent comment?  The evidence abounds: Hillel chapters, in large part funded by Jewish Federations, are wrestling with whether to accept bad boycotters, who oppose the Jewish state of Israel (e.g. Jewish Voices for Peace). Jewish Federations in New York and Washington, D.C. are being challenged for funding theatres or other groups whose purpose seems to be to undermine the Jewish State.

J-Street, an organization which repeatedly and falsely proclaims that it is pro-Israel, pro-peace, has become part of the Jewish mainstream, with its conferences addressed by Israeli leaders, members of Congress, and Obama administration officials. Its leader is a frequent visitor to the White House and an invited guest to the president’s briefings to Jewish leaders. The organized Jewish community sees the enemy, and by and large, seems to be ready to surrender and call the enemy a friend — all in an ill-advised effort to expand or maintain the semblance of a broad communal tent.

The problem for the organized Jewish community world is, unfortunately, far bigger than figuring out how to deal with boycotts. The sharp rise in intermarriage and the triumph of secular humanism among recent generations of increasingly prosperous and comfortable suburban Jewish Americans, have weakened ties between Jews and Israel, between Jews and synagogues, and between Jews and the organized Jewish community.  Unlike prior generations, the new generation of Jews have not experienced the Holocaust, and do not understand the fear for Israel’s survival felt among older Jews.

The Jewish community is comfortably at home on the left. Young Jews remain politically active, but for many, Israel is no longer a core concern.  Saving the planet, protecting abortion rights, saving Darfur, all draw a stronger response than supporting Israel. Until 1967, many of those on the left supported Israel as the weaker party, facing a vast Arab world bent on Israel’s destruction.  The 1967 war changed the moral valence for the left — Israel became the occupier, the colonialist power. The Palestinians replaced the broader Arab world as the second party to the conflict, and were seen as the weaker party, deserving of the left’s sympathy and concern.  The common causes shared between the far- and soft left on every other issue have made it easier for the former to join with those who oppose Israel. Furthermore, the large Jewish presence in the anti-Israel cause provides cover for the hard left, allowing it to appear, not anti-Semitic, but just anti-Israel or anti-Zionist.

The Jewish communal world seems to have chosen a fake consensus on Israel in lieu of unity among those who actually care about the country’s fate. Making nuanced arguments for good boycotters as opposed to bad ones is an absurdly weak posture for a pro-Israel community facing passionate opposition.  It will inevitably serve to weaken the battle against the BDS movement, rather than expand the ranks of those fighting it.   This is nothing less than defining anti-Israel deviancy down.


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  • waterwillows

    Once the Lord has made a decision, it does not matter about the 'good' or the 'bad' boycotts from anyone. The decision has been made and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Things will proceed EXACTLY as the Lord intends.
    There is much puffed up self importance that always brings its own downfall with it. A couple of companion travellers, those two.

  • sydchaden

    Jews are principally located in two parts of the world; the USA and Israel. The location is not accidental. The USA and Israel are the two places in the world where Jews may live in relative safety. However, while the Israeli Jews live under the threat of destruction by Muslim countries, such as Iran, Jews in the USA are not subjected to such threats. Liberal American Jews generally favor one-worldism, assuming that they could live in comfort and be accepted as world citizens. But, the one-world that they wish to live in is a world in which Israel is not welcome, and which is hostile toward Israel. This is why liberal American Jews are not outright Israel supporters, and join anti-Israel movements.

    • Barb

      Very insightful and 100% correct. I am a gay Jew, who is politically conservative (Yes, that’s what I said). I do not hide my support of Israel when discussing political issues with people. Coincidence? I think not. I have nothing to be ashamed of, regarding any part of my being, and that goes for my support of Israel. Liberal Jews are an enigma to me. I am ever puzzled how they can see the world as one that would welcome them. I know liberals tend to see the world as they wished it to be, but liberal Jews take it to a level that is beyond denial – it's full-blown delusion. As a result, they have sold their souls, and won’t realize it until they’re being herded onto a train to nowhere.

  • amos

    The leftist Jews for a Second Holocaust are the backbone of the BDS Klan

  • Jim

    For those Jews who of the "We can all get along ideology" they should all be honored with fine homes on Palastinian nearby lands. They would be with out IDF or police protection should the exact their friendly charms on the Palestinians
    At no time could they call on Israeli protections. Then they could prove their point and we could all agree. If not then they are wrong. No one would want to make their mistake.

  • Jim

    Better to boycott Chinese good.s It would help with unemployment. Boycotting Israel would be no help to lowering unemployment

    • nina

      An Israeli company which opened in Boston, brought in 6000 jobs.

  • Ariely

    Part 2
    Ops- i didnt said- oil!

    * Why they don’t: demonstrate,sign petitions,vote resolutions,demand boycode,burn flags,block embassy,conduct anti oppression weeks in universities.
    *They don’t demand to outlaw the hate preaching organizations.

    They are busy in a mission: Building the false myth of Israel.
    How should be called the human rights organizations claiming to :
    *Protect 21 century democracy and human right values
    *That are totally ignoring the above list?
    *Joining foreces with the ones that stand against everything they pretend to demand?

    Hippocrates of all world!
    Wake up!
    Protect people to get the rights you claim to stand for!
    Stop being marionettes manipulated by lying propaganda

  • Ariely

    Part 1
    Ops- i didnt said –oil
    The human rights organization are silent for decades when:
    *Bombs killed Christian's prayers from Cairo to Bagdad
    *Non Muslims have been decapitated from Algeria up the Philippines
    *Slavery is still practice in Sudan and Golf states
    *Arabs kill Israeli civilians,later requiring to get immunity for their crimes when the defending Israel responses.
    *Women raped?the women is punished while the men are free
    *Non Muslim praying shrines destroyed,
    *Amputations and stoning punishment
    *Hate preaching,teaching worldwide funded by Arab countries(Refer to BBC program Panorama)
    *Hate TV shows dedicated to children garden,
    *The speech of the Muslim brotherhood leader in Cairo delivered in Arabic, before 1 million people saying is:
    !!!!! Hitler didn’t finish the job against the Jews.
    !!!!!! Now the Muslims brotherhood will finish the job.
    Watch BBC program Third eye Egypt
    *Dictators and Theocats are tourcharing and killing their own civilians

    • encausticus


  • Kim

    Watched the BBC program "Third Eye – Egypt" …thanks!
    Interesting…the Zaballeens are really struggling there.
    I hope they get what they wish for and that it isn't a Muslim Brotherhood formed government.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    The Jewish-American divide on Israel mirrors the divide of the larger population. Like most liberals, liberal Jews retain fantasies of Arab willingness to accept Israel and live in peace (AFTER Israeli territorial concessions, of course). Like most conservatives, conservative Jews know better.

    • Barb

      I just posted this in response to an earlier post, but it fits here, too, I think.

      Very insightful and 100% correct. I am a gay Jew, who is politically conservative (Yes, that's what I said). I do not hide my support of Israel when discussing political issues with people. Coincidence? I think not. I have nothing to be ashamed of, regarding any part of my being, and that goes for my support of Israel. Liberal Jews are an enigma to me. I am ever puzzled how they can see the world as one that would welcome them. I know liberals tend to see the world as they wished it to be, but liberal Jews take it to a level that is beyond denial – it's full-blown delusion. As a result, they have sold their souls, and won't realize it until they're being herded onto a train to nowhere.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Great post, Barb. Keep trying to frame the argument to your liberal co-religionists…and to your fellow gays. Both groups seem to miss the boat entirely when it comes to the malevolence of Islam.

        • Barb

          I wish I knew why??? A sort of warped Stockholm Syndrome???

  • Waskow

    Hey everyone – let's all go to the home of Mikey Pseudo-Rabbi Lerner on Cragmont Street in Berkeley and hang anti-Hamas and anti-BDS posters there!

    He really likes it when people do that!

  • kafir4life

    I wouldn't do any business with anybody that dresses in full muslim garb or can otherwise be identified as a muslim. It works out really well, and is fully supported by the grand muffin, crabnutter micky from texas, the islamist that used to post at FPM. He indicated that we can do business with whoever we wish, for whatever reasons we wish. My reasons are just safety. Nobody would ever say that all muslims are terrorists (or terrorist supporters), but how can you tell? You can't! Even muslims themselves would never attempt to separate the ones that would kill with the ones that are ok with other muslims killing. Bottom line. Don't support terrorism by purchasing any muslim goods or services. It just makes sense. I wouldn't hire one either.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    As with the article on the murder of the innocents a week or so ago, we have to accept with difficulty that we have more anti-Israel/Semites within our own ranks the majority of whom are in the diaspora and can sleep well at night, i hope, without the fear of having their family's throats cut by some fanatic who thinks, not very differently i'm afraid from the so called/soft/left/hard liners within our midst. It appears that we not only have to fight the Jihadists but the so called/soft/left/hard liners in our own ranks. Now that is creating "legitimate" anti Semites for the world. If we have no sense of unity in thought and deed in these hectic anti Israel/Semite times, our very existence is threatened in a manner that is pathetically simple: we are doing to ourselves what the Jihadists/anti Semites have been trying to do all along and continue to do, BUT with the help of some of our own so called/soft/left/hard liners making it so much easier for the enemy"WITHOUT"-because they are being assisted extremely well by the "enemy "WITHIN"! The Israelis themselves have a similar problem both within the Knesset and outside of it ,in the public domain.
    We need some extraordinary help from people in the "without" and from people"within" if we are to win this fight for unified thinking and our own survival. Is this possible?

  • zsqpwxxeh

    The source of this rottenness lies in the unmistakeable Jewish attachment to socialism since the time of Karl Marx. Most American Jews today don't even bother to give lip service to the Torah and the commandments that are supposed to guide their lives. For all Reform and most Conservatives, tikkunning (fixing) the world via leftist policy is the central theme, not the Mosaic Law.

    A rabbi once told me that most American Jews are socialists first and Jews second. I didn't believe him at the time but evidence has borne out his point. They vote in overwhelming percentages for Democrats who would throw the state of Israel to the wolves…as long as the candidates are liberal they get the Jewish vote. Obama's stalwart supporters, complete with their National Palestinian Radio tote bags. Pathetic.

    • Chiggles

      I like to think that Yahweh sent Ayn Rand as an act of contrition for this.

  • DrNona3

    If the so-called 'good boycotters of Israel' are in that tent- then I cannot be. As I am Jewish and totally in touch with reality – that means the tent is thus revealed as invalid as any kind of Jewish gathering.
    So, I hope others who are similarly sane (not besotted with hatred for themselves and their own people) will exit the tent as I have done. I have not walked away from my heritage, Jewish faith or Israel. And my heart is open to all who walk away from that tent of delusions.

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    M., 03/21/11 common era

    The anti-Israel Jews are simply "useful idiots" for the proposed "2-State Solution." Such a geographical arrangement would soon become a "2-State Final Solution 2."

    I now know that only 20% of the Jews left from Egypt with Moishe. Funny, I had never
    been taught that in Reform "Sunday school."

    • worried

      The 2 state solution are indeed the final solution 2.

      Very well stated!

  • damon

    Now the IDF will be monitoring and perhaps abducting peacefull economic resistance. Sickening little racist country. Cowards in Jetfighters and tanks killing oppmuressed kids weilding sling shots. You will not defeat spiritual warriors. I am afraid that soon the only world justice will be a Red Sea full of Yamukas (ugly hats), and soon the USA majority will hate Zionists as much as Hamas- truth is coming out and we haven't even told em Israel is behind high credit cared interest rates. lol____

    • MixMChess

      Looks like someone wandered over from stormfront. How is it cowardly to target Hamas terrorists? What about the "brave" Palestinians that slit the throats of children?

      • nina

        I am quite surprised that posters here bother to answer other posters who are clearly antisemites, and are spewing a pre digested anti Israeli defamation. There
        is no use refuting their bilge full of hatred, as they will not listen, and repeat again the same stories which have been disseminated by Islamists and their friends their popularity is based on antisemitism and a lot of petro-dollars.

    • Herb

      Those `oppmuressed' kids long ago graduated from slingshots (ever been hit by a steel ball bearing from one?) to rockets made in Iran. Palis are the most murderous people on Earth, not even their fellow Arab Muslims want them. And on that subject, there are currently about 350 million Jew-hating Arab Muslims in 22 Arab League nations, . There are around five million Jews in Israel, which is now in its 63rd year of survival in a hostile Middle East. Would somebody please do the math for me?

  • Monty Lasovsky

    To end the debate and request a few minutes silence on the internet and elsewhere, just log on to the latest issue of Cutting Edge News which i would dearly love to download here but for obvious reasons, this is not possible. The headlines content and pictures of the Fogel family massacre are so horrific that all the debate on this issue of Frontpage pales into insignificance and endorses the argument that the Jewish political divisions must end if the Jews and Israel are to survive.

  • Indioviejo

    Marxism is a religion, and so being socialist trumps being Jewish. Does Marx beat Jehovah? Apparently, it does for some people.

  • Rochelle Owens,Poet