A “Momentous Achievement”

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Osama bin Laden, the terrorist scourge who created the organization that murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11, has been killed by American special forces in Pakistan.

The head of al-Qaeda was shot to death by US troops in a mansion outside of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Initial reports are sketchy, but the attack was carried out by Joint Special Operations Command forces working with the CIA. Confirmed reports say that the United States has the body of bin Laden and that DNA tests have confirmed that the remains were of the terrorist.

Full credit is due to the hardworking, patriotic professionals in American intelligence. Their singularly focused determination to track the terrorist and bring him to justice — a story just beginning to be told — is a testament to their hard work and dedication in the face of what appeared to be impossible odds. Finding one man in a country the size of Pakistan is an immense achievement in the history of American intelligence.

In remarks addressed to the American people, President Obama offered few details of the operation except to say that it was a small US force that moved into Pakistan, actuated by solid intelligence going back to August. In the past week, a high degree of certainty that Osama had been located was achieved, and the operation was launched on Sunday, according to the president. Officers killed bin Laden and took custody of the body.

CNN is reporting that Navy SEALs took part in the operation that President Obama says was sanctioned by the government of Pakistan. The network also reports that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI participated in the operation, and that Pakistan gave vital assistance in processing the intelligence that led to bin Laden’s death. But anonymous administration officials say that they did not share the fact that the attack was going forward with anyone outside of the US government. This makes more sense than any reports of Pakistani assistance, since the ISI has always had close ties to al-Qaeda. It is believed the ISI tipped off bin Laden in 2002, allowing him to escape from Tora Bora.

No doubt President Zardari of Pakistan is trying to put the best face on the embarrassing fact that Americans can move without his knowledge and with impunity inside Pakistan, engage in a firefight on Pakistani soil, and remove the body of the world’s number one terrorist. If he were to admit that, it is likely he wouldn’t last a week. As it is, even with the fig leaf of “cooperation” supplied by the White House, demonstrators will be out in force on Monday protesting against the US and Zardari’s complicity in the death of bin Laden.

The helicopter raid originated in Afghanistan and the SEAL team tapped to carry out the attack was able to practice the assault several times before the operation went live. The entire operation took about 40 minutes to execute, according to the Pentagon.

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  • Anthony

    Thank you US Special Forces, the intelligence community, and President Obama. I hope our assassins told him before they put him down that this was payback for 9-11-2001.

  • freeourpows

    A mere 40 minutes! Heh heh heh. Our warriors are the absolute best in the world.

    • Fred Dawes

      yes you are right it is funny to think it was only 40 guys who got that pig bin laden.

  • Aussie fan of FP


  • geez

    Leave it to the US military to take out the garbage. Osama bin Laden will burn for all eternity. Was it worth it Osama? I think not.

  • steven l

    Did Pakistan finally get the ultimatum they deserved?

  • http://www.patriotsymposiums.com Greg Badger

    Where the Fraud-in-chief is involved verify then verify then verify.

    I'm not convinced.

    • Dennis X

      Do u want 2 c the death cert.

    • Jim_C

      Nothing would convince you, so what's the point of playing to crazies like yourself?

    • Amused


  • tagalog

    Hurray for the SEALs!

  • tullamore

    watch out who says "No fair! We should have tried him."

    • Jim_C

      You will be watching and waiting a long time.

      (OK, maybe a chump like Chomsky would say that…)

  • William_Z

    Thank you, President Bush for keeping the military strong and actively pursuing intelligence and creating Gitmo. And it's good that President Obama learned Bush was right.

    • Jim_C

      That is a fair assessment! Obama's anti-war idealism was leavened by reality once he was briefed as C-in-C.

  • fleedo

    Bin Laden isnt Jesus – l dont have to believe this without seeing the body – and Obamabi the manchild has been too quick to claim this glory. lf it is Bin Laden its obvious the Pakistanis have known of his whereabouts for a long long time and its equally obvious these muslim Pakistanis are not our allies. Get the billions of dollars we have given the muslim Pakistanis back and let them cosy up to China.

    • Amused

      Jest figured that out ? Eh CHUMP ?

  • Steeloak

    Kudos to our hard working military & CIA, it took them 10 years, but they got the job done!

  • Just Me

    Buried at sea? Let the sharks have him!

  • tagalog

    It's probably classified, but I'd love to know how the actual mission was carried out. We know who went down what rope in Mogadishu and I'd love for a Black Hawk Down type of writer (what was his name? Peter Bowden? Something like that) to tell us how it went down at the boots-on-the-ground level.

    What decorations do you think the SEALs will receive? Navy Cross? I doubt MOH.

    • bob maram

      thank you presidents bush and obama. bob maram

  • Jim_C

    Everyone's saying "What about Pakistan? Stop giving them money." I totally understand the frustration. The thing is, our money essentially worked in Egypt–it allowed for conditions of relative stability; people could grow businesses and get an education. Yes, it has been less obviously helpful in the even-more-tribal Pakistan. But it's actually the reason we're able to find him there, at all.

    Now maybe we should get rid of our foreign aid. But that would mean a complete foreign policy overhaul, and years of instability and war. Perhaps that would be more "realistic." Our military could indeed fight an actual country and submit it to our will, for once. I'm not sure it would do our economy any favors, though.

  • Dennis X

    Thank you Mr. President for getting the job done. One that lil bush couldn't do .

  • BLJ

    Bin Laden finally gets his dirt nap. I wonder if he is with those 72 virgins? Kudos to the Seals for a job well done!

  • nina

    Has everyone lost their critical faculties in this country? The jingoistic pronouncements and slapping themselves on the back seem misplaced and pitiful. So Osama ben Laden is dead. Who says so? Obama. Firstly, didn't we want him alive in order to have him face our justice so the whole world coud see what a monster he was? So why was he not taken alive? Even from the sketchy news about the event we have learned that there were not many people who guarded him. Then why wasn't he taken alive? He was asked to surrender, but didn't. So? He wasn't armed. This was a surprise attack. Couldn't a few browny seals taken him? So the question arrises why he was not taken alive.

    • Amused

      GO POUND SALT nina !!

  • nina

    Then, an even more surprising, and frankly, underhanded deed. He was shot in the FACE. His DNA was taken and his body was thrown into the sea! Why so hasty? Wouldn't it have been more honest to take the body to the US, and invite representatives from other democracies to witness the taking of the DNA so that the whole world could be sure that this indeed was Osama? This would have also been a much better closure dor the American people. Compare this with the Israeli behavior in bringing Aichman to justice.

    • Jim_C

      We already know what a monster he was. Taking him down and dumping the body at sea keeps his "martyrdom" to a bare minimum. No trial to watch. No site to make pilgrimage to. It was the right thing to do.

    • Amused

      Let me say it again nina …GO POUND SALT .. you foolish little girl .Don't you bother to think before you utter such absurdities ? ….oh , and BTW , that was EICHMANN.

      • nina

        We are not amused, and it is not for the first time, at this person's his/her? uncouth remarks. Someone who doesn't have a rational answer must stoop to personal abouse.

        • Amused

          "Rational Answer " ???? Are you serious ? Do you think your statement was rational ? American People are not like youi , nor are the weirdos here representative of vthe majority bof NORMAL American people . Our Navy Seals have killed Bin laden , our sons and daughters ….who or what do they need to prove , WHO do they need to convince ?So far every single family member of 9/11 victims interviewed , has not even thought or considered what you said . No further evidence is required . No doubt there are pictures , dna has been taken and verified , so what in heck are you talking about "better closure " ??? And you call what has been done UNDERHANDED ! You are a FOOL .

          • Amused

            And you see nina , prtoof ! some fools here have given your ridiculous statement a thumbs up , not because they agree with it , and believe me there are some here who didn't even understand it , you got the thunmbs up for criticizing me . lol…otherwise they are agreeing with one of the dumbest statements made on this thread . What a mentality !!

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    Click my name to read my piece on the signs that prefigured bin Laden's death under Obama.

  • Amused

    And Since Most of the people on this blog will CHOKE on the words , I'll say it for ya …Thank You CIA , Navy Seals and Thank You PRESIDENT Obama -Commander-in-Chief .
    Now l,ets see all them thumb downs

    • BLJ

      If Bush was still POTUS you will be whistling a different tune. You are as phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

      • Amused

        Like the rest of your pathetic ilk , you're dead wrong , and you ASSSSume too much.But that goes on all the time here , you know nothings purport to know what those you hate are thinking , then build your phony aspersions and innuendo , repeat enoug btimes uuntil you start believing your own lie ….. When Bush was President , I afforded him the same RESPECT as MY President of MY country as I did with ALL previous Presidents . I was not nor ever will be disrespectfull , insulting ,and hatefull towards the one who the MAJORITY elected . Unless of course somehow you arseholes manage to elect Trump or Palin , but thaty is highly unlikely ….but you fools will try . So in closing , you're wrong and you can go pound salt CHUMP .

  • nondhimmicrat

    All Dhimmicrats/Useful Idiots and pre quislings,illiberal professors,and public school teachers who indoctrinate instead of teach must be gritting their teeth to the gums. After 4
    decades of drilling hate for their country into america's children then see this spontaneous
    of unbridled patriotism coming from young americans has to be more demoralizing than the
    fall of the Berlin Wall. Columbia and Berkley should have to refund all tuitions paid since

    • Amused

      And you're another jerk just like BLJ , assuming what others are thinking . When you yourself can't think straight , with all that hate you haved stuffed i n your head and shoved up your arse . Well watch the accolades given to the man and the party you hate , choke on it , and kick yourself to sleep tonight .ARSEHOLE .

  • nina

    How amusing! Oh, may oh may. Who here is full of hatred?

    • Amused

      nina , that's my ,oh , my ……but you dont recognize hard sarcasm or criticism ,.and beside you've already provenn yourself a moron , did you come back for more ?
      And it's also obvious that the posts and statements I criticize, are based in a blind for a man that these racists here simply cannot accept vas their president , so they embark on a fools journey , make up lies , get exposed , and simply repeat the same lies or move to another . I hate no one , but I wont stand silent in the face of a lie , and I will always be a vocal critic of slander and racism . Now if you lack the intelligence to recognize or detect the game that is being played here , well , that kind of ignorance will eventually be to your own detriment . If anything I m chagrined by the mentality that exists here , and I have a great deal of fun exposing it . It is also a learnig experience , for I never knew how many really dumb people there are in this country , how gullable ,so easily lead !So many that can't think for themselves and are actually incapable of critical thinking . AMAZING !

    • tagalog

      I have hatred for the enemies of my country and my country's culture, and for those who want to kill me and my countrymen.

  • geez

    They should have taken this POS and put him in a giant tank filled with pig blood in the Smithsonian for all to see… no charge.

  • coyote3

    I am certainly not sorry to see Bin Laden dead. I congratulate, the Navy, any others involved, President Obama, and President Bush. However, I am not to keen on this celebratory mood I see in a lot of people, both left and right. I am not real keen on being "happy" to see someone dead. Treat it as a matter of fact, yes, but not happy, bad karma. I am not advocating hiring Mexican, or Irish "viejas" to cry and moan for him. He got what he deseved, belatedly. The people who are "happy" about the fact that we bumped this guy have likely never been put in a position of killing someone or being killed themselves. While I admit the adrenaline rush is like no other in the world, it is not something to celebrate in my opinion, any more than we should celebrate an execution. Y

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I read a joke today about Donald Trump. The writer said that now Trump will demand a death certificate for bin Laden.

    Instead of laughing, I suddenly felt the Missourian in me surface. I have a lot of questions to ask while you all celebrate. Most reports stated there were two two dozen of our braves in two Black Hawks. One of the helicopters did a hard landing because of mechanical failure. It was left behind when the Seals flew off with Osama's body.

    The Black Hawks carry 11 men with full pack. Two dozen is 24 so how did the extra two men get there. More curious, since we lost no men and they had only one helicopter for their escape how did the extra 13 men get away? Oh, plus the body positively identified by face and DNA. How bright of the Seals to bring along DNA from Osama's sister a thousand miles away.

    And did anyone take any pictures of the body? Perhaps that wasn't necessary because Obama watched the whole thing in real time and he can vouch for the identification.
    One report stated that four helicopters started out from an air base in Northern Pakistan. Another states two started in Afghanistan. I know we're not supposed to ask too many questions because the Seals work in secret. The helicopters flew low to avoid Paki radar but helicopters are incredibly noisy and flying low their noise could wake the dead. Was all of Pakistan asleep – and a West Point type academy a stone's throw from the site plus a military camp nearby. Huh?

    Why did they need to bury him so fast? Because he is Muslim and when we kill Muslims we bury them immediately. Is that what General Schwarzkopf did during the first war with Iraq? Or have our men in Iraq and Afghanistan also been doing that? And what about the various authorities who told us that bin Laden died in 2002?

    Has the world been celebrating one of the biggest fictional, theatrical productions since Avatar? And getting back to the Donald and the birth certificate. Why did our theatrical leader wait to produce it so many months after it became an issue with half of America? Couldn't he find a faster forger? Trump is starting to look less and less like a fool. We may be the fools after all.

  • Amused

    I'm glad he's dead ……and more so that we were the ones that did , and I will raise a glass to those Navy Seals and presidents Bush and Obama . Bad Karma ? LOLOLOL>….that's EXACTLY what Obama got …his karma caught up with him today .And I fully expect him to return as a cochroach .

  • jacob

    OBAMA's ascent to the Presidency can be typefied by what I will narrate :

    Before the presidential election, I asked an elder New York Jewish lady with a
    mind as a whip, who was she going to vote for and she answered me :


    I asked her what did she know about him to make her be that definite and she
    answered me :


    I asked her then if her party would have chosen a monkey for President, would
    she have voted for him ???
    And her answer was :
    YES. ! ! !

    And I told her I rested my case….

    And there is the answer for BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA to be our President and
    needless to say, now bin Laden's liquidation will be made by his sycophanatic
    abject media nthe biggest feather in OBAMA's cap in his run for reelection…! ! ! !

    • Jim_C

      I think the lady has a point. It might be better to choose a monkey to run Washington than to let the guys who steered the economy into a ditch have the reins again.