Internment and Terror for Black Libyans

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Chaotic conditions in post-Gaddafi Libya have led to a breakdown in security that threatens hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan black African migrant workers. Reports from Tripoli indicate that the rebels who took control of the city last week have been rounding up people described as “mercenaries,” but who appear to be innocent residents caught up in a racial dragnet, with the soldiers and their neighborhood council adjuncts arresting and detaining almost all males with a black face.

There is no firm number of blacks being held in Tripoli, but one rebel commander said that about 5,000 prisoners were being detained in several locations around the city. Human rights groups believe the number is much higher and have raised the alarm about the conditions in which prisoners are being held, as well as concern over the safety of all blacks in Libya. The African Union has withheld recognition of the National Transitional Council, taking them to task for what they view as a racist detention policy. And the NTC has rejected a UN offer of peacekeeping troops to “monitor” the situation.

The NTC has called on its soldiers not to abuse the prisoners, saying those charged with crimes will be given a fair trial. But there are many young men with guns roaming the streets, some of them robbing and beating innocents, with many reports of summary executions. Amnesty International has documented one gruesome atrocity outside of a hospital where 30 bodies, all of them black, were found to have been massacred.

And the rebels’ racism is not confined to black Africans. PJ Media’s John Rosenthal documented dozens of examples of anti-Semetic graffiti in Benghazi after that city fell into rebel hands, as well as many examples of black Africans being singled out for brutal treatment.

“Libyan people don’t like people with dark skins,” one militiaman said in reference to the arrests of blacks. That is certainly one reason for the indiscriminate nature of the round ups. But the rumors — apparently overblown, or downright false — that Gaddafi had hired black African mercenaries from Chad and elsewhere to act as executioners of Libyan civilians, gunning them down in cold blood during protests, has particularly poisoned the minds of many Libyans and has contributed to the racial tensions in the post-Gaddafi era. Representatives from both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch say they have investigated the claims by rebels of African mercenaries committing atrocities and have been unable to verify any of the rumors about them. This may be a case of rebel propaganda blowing back and putting thousands of innocents in danger.

There is also an historical context to be considered when talking about racism in Libya. As Stephen Brown pointed out in FPM last April, since the 7th century, 14 million blacks have been sold into slavery in Arab countries. This has resulted in a kind of racism not seen in America for decades, where blacks are considered sub-human and not fit for any task except those that an Arab considers beneath him. One African columnist writes, “In Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Mauritania and the rest of the Arab world, Africans are treated like scum.” In marketplaces, Arabs throw stones at blacks, while preventing them from achieving any positions of authority in Arab countries. “There are hardly any Africans in high government positions in Arab governed countries…It is simply a way of life that’s all. Blacks do not really exist or at best are not human.”

With history — both recent and ancient — working against the black African workers that Gaddafi exploited and discriminated against, the mass arrests have angered the African Union to the point that they are refusing to recognize the NTC until they are assured that their citizens are protected by the new government. “NTC seems to confuse black people with mercenaries,” AU chairman Jean Ping said.”All blacks are mercenaries. If you do that, it means [that the] one-third of the population of Libya, which is black, is also mercenaries. They are killing people, normal workers, mistreating them,” he said.

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  • Flowerknife_us

    The "obligation to protect" is alot like" hate speech" It all depends upon what side your on as to when it applies.

  • Brujo Blanco

    This thing with Blacks in Muslim culture has been going on for a very long time. It should also be pointed out that enslavement of black people in certain Muslim countries is not legal but it is tolerated.

  • StephenD

    We've got it all wrong!
    This is the year of the "Arab Spring!!" All any of these "rebels" want is democracy…just like us!
    Now then, where do you want to send your money?

    Unlike the lemmings in the media and the government talking heads, there are some folks that are practical thinkers and see this for what it is. This is no more (and no less) than Islam taking over. In its history, for Arabs, blacks are subhuman in Islam. That is the fact. In its practice, they are treated as such in EVERY Arab Islamic State.

    But not to worry, Obama says these folks just want "freedom." Now how could you not want to support that?

    • Fred Dawes

      yes its the arab spring ok but with a real evil swing, head off next!

    • larryg1

      I got this from a list of videos on a post at Blazing Cat Fur:

      This the action of freedom fighters. Caution-graphic.

  • tanstaafl

    "everyone is equal save that some people are more equal than others". – George Orwell.

  • Mike

    And why is it we never hear about this in the news??? Hmmm…..

  • informed Jewess

    My suggestion is that we send Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton,Andre Carson,Keith Ellison, Emanual Cleaver et al over to Libya right now!
    They will know exactly what to do to fix that racism you betcha!

    • effemall

      Right on, my dear. Let's take up a collection for the air fares.

      • Guest

        I would so donate to that cause. How about adding "o" to that fare. I am sure he wants to help out his brothers. He would, wouldn't he??

    • Asher

      I second that emotion, to send them to Libya. Maxine Waters says she wants to send the Teaparty straight to hell, and she’ll help them get there. Andre Carson says, “They want to hang us from a tree. (Lynching) Rep. Frederica Wilson says: They want to make Obama a One term President, and in the past this Shabozz character from the Black Panthers says that they should kill all White Cracker Babies. This rhetoric is dispicable, and these people like the re-distribution of wealth that Obama has given them, they don’t want to go back to working for a Living, they want to live off the rest of us who are busting our buts to make a living.

  • effemall

    Take note, Mr. President: Your great friends who have done so much for America and who practice the faith of peace are chopping up your cousins. What do you say now?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      "Obamie say, Chop'Ol-Day"…………….American taxpayers know they paid for
      the bombs that helped destroy Libya and the aftermath is Obama and Clinton's
      doing. Once the oil is flowing to Europe, the blacks will again be needed for
      labor but until then they will suffer terribly and it is so nice this is happening
      to save the people from a rotten regime,………………..really!……….William

  • sononthe_beach

    Our western journalists and politicos love to paint militant confrontations as evil vs good. However, in this case as in so many others, the evil is a two-way street. To hoist aloft the militant citizenry of Libya as virtuous freedom fighters is ridiculous. Libyan culture has as much rot in it as does any other backward country, and gets a double whammy because Islam is the prevailing religion.

  • Guest

    How's that freedom thingy working for you, pres? This is what you were so supportive of. Oh gee, guess the darker people are just collateral damage. Oh well, stuff happens.

  • UCSPanther

    Yep. The Arab version of the Ku Klux Klan now walks the streets of cities in Libya.

    The more things change, the more they remain the same…

  • UCSPanther

    I want to see Flipside and DeShawn try to defend these atrocities now…

  • Martel64

    It's all right, it's only Blacks that aren't muslim that are being enslaved and slaughtered – they're the "bad" Blacks….

    • Norabee

      Naw, that ain't right. remember how those black muslims called Junjaweeds killed off all the back Christains and Anamists in Sudan and then the Arab Muslims killed off all the black Muslum junjaweeds? Muslims invented slavery. Islam commands believers to make slaves of non believers. What i don't understand is how black people can embrace a religion that designates them as subhuman and has historically advocated enslaving all of them. You would think it's because they are dumb if it were not for the fact that almost 100% of Jews , who are purported to have the highest IQs, vote for and support the Democrats when Democrat Presidents Carter, Clinton, and now Obama have done more to build up, arm and support financially radical Islamic Regimes who have sworn to, and are in the process of, destroying Israel. It's like these people have death wishes. Or is that they enjoy their positions as defiled and persecuted victims?

      • Joe

        It's because the Jews endorse socialism. Israel is a completely Socialist State, complete with Kabootzs (communal farms) , government owned housing etc. . Ever hear of an Israeli building housing project? No, it's the Israeli government who is building them. The Jews invented fabian socialism and Communism. Why do you think all of those rich Jews who voted absentee for Algore in the 2000 election, live in Israel? It's because they get complete cradle to grave everything thanks to the subsidizies US taxpayers pay in the form of foreign aid to Israel. Almost 100% of Jews are Democrats because the Democratic party is the socialist party. Socialsim must be part of their religion just like jihad is an integral tenet of Islam.

  • Fred Dawes

    So is this the UN Ideals of freedom and justice? looks like the muslims only want a black free world? what do you think will happen when you are under the muslim foot?

  • Diamond Mair

    Wasn't B. H. Øbama, Sr.'s tribe {the Luo, I believe} known for slave-trading? Maybe 'Teh Won' just views it as carrying on the family tradition?

    Semper Fi'


    Islam is the only 'Mythological tale at moon light' that it is a crime to laugh during or after the tale.

    The MUSLIM is not encouraged to read THE Quran and come to HIS OR HER own conclusion…This is brain washing, pure and simple.


    It's either nuclear weapons or islam. We have to choose. Without nuclear weapons islam will never be wiped out …and by wiped out i mean WIPED OUT !!! Only AFTER islam is WIPED OUT can we even think of a nuclear weapon free world. Look around you at these monkeys … can't you see where they are taking us as a species ? islam is leading the planet to a non- stop blood bath …slowly and surely …and without nuclear weapons islam's march will never be stopped.


    Someone has to start bombing the monkeys sometime …. i have a feeling that China will be the first to bite back on islam's arse. …. then free for all….. we live in interesting times…. our generation will see the death of islam….but how it will happen will be worth watching. Intelligence has a way of waking up and crushing the moronic , however vicious and barbaric. The thing to actually wonder is how Mecca and Medina will be pulverised. How will we do it ? And which year? That will be the exact beginning of a new era of peace.


    i have a feeling somewhere around some table some people in high and right places are looking at this solution. And i have a feeling they compromise a lot of different people from all over the globe. Intelligence is Good. Intelligence is Cool. islam is neither. Hence islam will literally dissolve. Without mecca and medina there is no islam. Period.
    After islam is Irradicated we can think about nuclear disarmamment and all things peacefull and noble. Till then we have to wait . We have to. There is no option. They want us all dead and we want to live…. got any brighter ideas?
    Cheers !!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    This article is ridiculous. It assumes that Muslims respect human rights the same way Westerners respect human rights. Yeah right…we all know that Muslims always strictly abide by the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, right? Oh wait…Muslims fight jihad via total warfare tactics only, always refused to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and instead came up with their own competing document, the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.

    The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam basically says Sharia is the final arbiter on human rights. Hence, all sorts of extremely draconian, brutal, and inhumane tortures and punishments is the rule rather than the exception.

    Meanwhile, under the Islam is a Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists mantra, the writer acts like he and others are dumfounded that blacks are mercilessly being tortured and brutally murdered in Libya by peaceful and moderate Muslims. Should anyone really be surprised? When has it not ever happened in a Muslim country? Indeed, how long are we going to continue to tolerate these writers incessantly trying to brainwash us into believing that Islam is a so-called Religion of Peace™ and that the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful and moderate people just like us?

  • xlent

    All Huassinane Obwama cares about is the destruction of America. … and the assendance of islam. I guess he is ignorant of the part in the koran about blacks being equivilant to animals. YU THINK??

  • Guest

    This shows how important it is for our Christian fundamentalists not to get hold of our government and start inflicting their ideas of Christianity on us, especially "muscular" version.
    There is Arab contempt for blacks, and black in west Africa do not like the Arabs or Tauregs, except for those whose heads are colonised by Islam, then they think that the Arabs are Gods messengers. However, anyone who reads French and the African newspapers of the countries concerned will know that many Africans were recruited by Gaddafi. If he had put into his own people the money he is paying them, maybe he would not have had a problem. But his own people want freedom from his secret service, etc. Many of those African mercenaries are now coming back home with stacks of advanced weapons, as G had been buying good weapons for decades. These weapons can now be sold or find their way to the Sahara Al Qaeda people. If G had just stepped down this would not be happening. G has interfered with the sovereignty of his neighbouring states for decades, arming internal rebels. etc. Many of the snipers were African mercenaries.
    The Taureg that Gaddafi has groomed for his Kingdom of North Africa are often mistaken for subSaharan Africans. They are disliked by the black Africans, it is mutual. They are also discriminated against in places like Mali where they don't get the same services etc as the other citizens. At the same time, the Taureg are playing with the Islamists, and smuggling guns also. They have been G's darlings for along times, while G was persecuting the indigenous Berbers in Libya. While many of the Libyan G soldiers gave up, the mercenaries kept fighting. There are many reasons for Libyans not to like the mercenaries. Some of them are claiming to be just workers, but even their own comrades say they are lying. For genuine immigrants it is terrible, and especially the women. The issue of racism between Africans and Arabs does need to be addressed. In the meantime, some of those fatcat AU dictators could perhaps end some of their private planes, or some milliions of their stashed billion, to rescue some of their citizens?

    • socal

      Yeah, Dude! Those dangerous Christians. They will be showing up at your door to smite you up along side your head with a cross if you don,t toe the line. Following Christs two commandments to LOVE GOD and LOVE your fellow man is dangerous stuff! All the ten commandments are fulfilled by the previous two. The world has a sin problem. That sin separates from God. You are witnessing the fruits of mans rebellion from Gods Law worldwide. God sent his son as an attoning sacrifice to rescue mankind from the penalty of that rebellion.Christians aren't going to hunt you down and kill you if you choose not to take God up on his offer of forgiveness and restoration. God will deal with you Himself!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The painful view of the African Blacks who are in Libya for work are the one's who_suffer the most and who are the easiest victims of murderous Islamists. These_people send money home to impoverished families and are in desperate straits._If the original reason for attacking Libya had any veracity the move to save the_Blacks in Libya would be enough to send in EU or UN peacekeepers but it was_all falsehood and Gaddafi had to go to make way for the Muslim Brotherhood and_the Mullah's Caliphate. The plight of Black Africans is evidence of EU and UN_self indulgence and in this case it's really all about the oil…………….Why can't a brother catch a break anywhere?………No one doing anything for the good, just_for the greed and villainous depravity………..William

  • Felsen Stark

    In February I saw one plea posted on a Somalian blog asking for help. Christians that took refuge in Libya from Somalia were already being accused of being mercenaries. Black and Christian in Libya now? What chance did they have of surviving the Arab 'spring'?

  • Ben

    Western interference in Ivory Coast on Muslim`s side have cost two thousand killed and a million of the refuges. Lybia`s events dewelopes toward more violence too.The contradictions between Lybians remain deep.

  • Amused

    No surprise here , people who speak truth , get the THUMBS down – / or get their post "disappeared " ….why ?
    The "constitution-loving " , alleged pro-democracy "patriots runnong this blog , are INTOLERANT of criticism and free speech . REEEEAAL Americans huh !
    I'd bet evrything I have in the Bank , if it were a Republican President ….these "blacks " would be getting what they deserved for being mercenaries for Ghaddafi , and being recruited for his now defunct security forces .

    • coyote3

      Yeah, but the fact is it is not a Republican president, and it is not just the mercenaries, but even if it was, this was supposed to be the freedom loving and rule of law crowd. Fact is, Libyans, and most Caucasians in the middle east have never really been crazy about their Negro populations.

  • Gunner57

    Who scores a higher PC rating? An Arab Muslim jihhadist or a black person. Maybe the gang at Berkley could tackle such a perplexing question.

  • Richard N

    Will Alice Walker sail to their rescue?

  • dnlchisholm

    This blog post is super juicy. It looks like they are going to start fighting back. It's about time somebody took on these counter-productive ignoramuses!

    If FreedomWorks gets their way, President Obama is going to get re-elected… Can't we all just allow the candidates speak and let people decide for themselves!

  • LindaRivera

    Ruthless genocide of blacks in Libya by the US/NATO backed Al-Qaeda linked rebels has been going on for months. US/NATO who waged war for months for the Al-Qaeda linked rebels-who murder our troops in Iraq-are RESPONSIBLE for stopping the genocide.

    US/NATO are also responsible for
    rescuing the many blacks kidnapped by the rebels, including the
    kidnapped black children who have been horrendously abused by the
    black-hater Muslim rebels.


  • PhillipGaley

    Don't tell anyone else about this blog, or it'll get too crowded—who was that governor whose famous line was of his state, saying: "This is a great place to visit; but, for heaven's sake, please don't stay!"? Or, I could say, Welcome aboard!

  • Indigo Red

    Hate to bbreak this to you, Phil, but the Canada Goose comment is spam. First, nothing specific is said about the article so it could apply to any blog post or article; second, Canada Goose is a Canadian cold weather clothing company.