Qaddafi and Ortega: Brotherhood of Blood

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The bloody horror being visited on his own country by Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi keeps getting more and more surreal as the days pass and the body count mounts. The dictator’s actions in so brutally cracking down on challenges to his 41-year rule have drawn the condemnation of almost the entire planet. Even President Obama finally bestirred himself to criticize the massacre of protesters. But there are those who just can’t bring themselves to side with unarmed demonstrators being mowed down by helicopter gunships and bombed into oblivion by modern jet fighters. While the rest of the civilized world are  gagging at Qaddafi’s bloodlust, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega telephoned the Libyan leader to “express his solidarity” as this Washington Post article states.

The reason for the calls? Ortega says that Qadaffi, ‘”is again waging a great battle’ to defend the unity of his nation” and that ‘”it’s at difficult times that loyalty and resolve are put to the test.”‘ Ortega shouldn’t really worry about Qaddafi’s “resolve.” The despot’s  thugs and mercenaries are demonstrating that quality every day when they break into homes armed with swords and hammers, hacking and bludgeoning people to death. And how much of a “battle” can it be if Qaddafi’s air force is bombing civilians in the streets? Ortega is unconcerned; he blames the Libyan people getting shot down in cold blood for their own predicament, saying “There is looting of businesses now, there is destruction. That is terrible.”

One can only marvel at Ortega’s train of logic that shows concern for looted businesses and destruction — caused at least partly by Libya’s own air force — but not for women and children jumping off of bridges to avoid African mercenaries who are massacring everyone in sight.

Ortega is not the only leftist Latin leader who has expressed, if not solidarity, then at least understanding of Qaddafi’s actions. The mummified Fidel Castro is taking a “wait and see” attitude toward events in Libya. In a column published Tuesday, Castro wrote, “You can agree or not with Gadhafi. The world has been invaded by all sorts of news … We have to wait the necessary time to know with rigor how much is fact or lie.”

Good advice from the master of  propaganda and deceit. It appears that Castro is perfectly willing to wait and see if reports of mercenaries from Chad and Nigeria roaming the streets of Benghazi shooting unarmed people in the head are true or not. Evidently, video evidence is just not good enough.

Castro also warned of an imminent invasion of Libya by US-led NATO forces. The dictator’s conspiracy-addled brain was working overtime when he wrote, “The government of the United States is not concerned at all about peace in Libya and it will not hesitate to give NATO the order to invade that rich country, perhaps in a question of hours or very short days.”

Castro’s problem is that while he sympathizes with Qaddafi’s world revolutionary rhetoric and hatred for anything and everything from the United States, the Cuban people would probably not accept an outright declaration of support like Ortega’s from their leader. He might have his own Tahrir Square on his hands if he gave in to his inclinations and expressed his own solidarity with the Crazy Colonel in Libya. That’s why he stopped just short of outright support when he wrote, “An honest person will always be against any injustice committed against any people in the world. And the worst of those at this instant would be to keep silent before the crime that NATO is preparing to commit against the Libyan people.”

Note that Castro believes a NATO invasion to stop the slaughter of innocents would be worse than the pogrom itself.

Only one of Qaddafi’s leftist allies in Latin America even made an effort to criticize his brutality. President Eva Morales of Bolivia issued a statement mildly remonstrating against the Libyan crackdown, bemoaning “the regrettable loss of many lives” and urging a negotiated solution.

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  • Steve Chavez

    I can't wait to hear Obama and Hillary CHOKING on their own words when the people fo CUBA rise up against their hero, FIDEL CASTRO, who has been a dictator for FIFTY YEARS, almost caused World War III, aided Revolutions all over the Americas, and who is the hero of the Left! The Congressional Black Caucus visited Fidel just last year and they were "in awe!"

    My former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, also visited Cuba last year on a "trade mission" and I have yet to see any trade. The only negative thing he said about Castro, was "that he had bad dandruff." I guess he didn't smell Fidel's colonostomy bag dripping with poop! Why do you think he wears baggy outfits?

    Those American's who support the protesters, and are denouncing the dictators for violent action, will eat their words when their hero, FIDEL, orders the mowing down of his "counter-revolutionaries!"

    Protests are brewing in Cuba. Go to then to Americas then to Cuba links.


  • lessiboy

    The first time that the Sandanistas were in power, they had a punishment for political prisoners called “chiquitas”. These were dark cubicles with a surface area of less than one square meter. These cubicles were too small to sit up in, were completely dark, and had no sanitation and almost no ventilation.
    So are you surprised that Ortega doesn't care about Qaddafi's inhumane methods of holding on to power?

  • Steve Chavez

    Most Democrats in those days supported the COMMUNIST Sandinistas. "No Contra Aid!" At the same time, they support the COMMUNIST FMLN Contras/Rebels in El Salvador!

    Last year, the FMLN won the El Salvador presidency and HILLARY was the high ranking official at the inauguration! Remember too that they supported Zelaya in Honduras!

    These events play just perfectly with the Return of Communism and makes me wonder if we won the Cold War after all when the goal of American Communists, like Obama and Hillary, and the Soviet KGB goal was to take over the White House!

  • Stephen_Brady

    Of course, Ortega admires TheDaffy. Ortega's wanted to kill all of his political enemies for decades.

  • Ghostwriter

    I wonder what will happen when the sane people of Latin America decide that they've had enough of people like Chavez,Castro,and those like them?

    • nightspore

      Good point. This thing could spread.

  • morristhewise

    It is against the rules of the game for Gadhafi to step down leaving his supporters vulnerable to a bloodbath. He surely will step down but his supporters will remain in power. The leaders of the protest movement will be paid billions to send their followers home for a long rest. That is the way the game is played and the rules never change.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What in the World will benefit America in all of this insanity.
    We are not players in their infighting and revenge seeking
    tribes, we have a Communits regime in Washington with
    democracy as windowdressing for tax and grab confiscation
    of wealth. We are being stripped of our National wealth and
    the price tag of everything is skyrocketing up with the value of
    the dollar dropping down like a lead baloon. We have our own
    revolution underway, Americans are in a state of revulsion at
    how far leftists have gained control and the destruction to our
    society which must rebuild or perish. Overloading the plate with
    problems is the new communist approach to subversion and
    anti-American action…………………………………………………..William