Syria’s Killing Fields

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President Bashar Assad’s bloody crackdown on protesters who are now openly seeking regime change took an ominous turn over the weekend. In the city of Hama, an armored attack on thousands of protesters killed at least 150 civilians on Sunday. There were also reports of attacks by the army in at least four other cities with dozens more killed. The severity of this latest confrontation has been attributed to the onset of the holy month of Ramadan, during which time protests are expected to greatly intensify. Some observers are questioning whether anti-regime protesters will actually be able to deal a serious blow to the Assad government during this volatile month — or whether the regime’s brutality will be too much to withstand.

The escalation appears to be part of an emerging strategy by Assad to increase the brutality in hot spots across the country in an attempt to intimidate and cow regime opponents. The government is particularly concerned that the month of August will see massive protests daily, as worshipers attend prayers at their local mosques and, as has been the custom, pour into the streets afterward. The prospect of huge demonstrations breaking out all over the country at once has the government worried about the stability of the regime and the loyalty of the conscript army.

Those demonstrations will be carefully documented by a small, courageous group of amateurs whose dramatic footage posted to YouTube and other media sharing sites are the only real evidence we have of the barbarity of Assad’s crackdown. Without the images they record at risk to life and limb, it is doubtful the extent of the regime’s bloodletting would be known.

Those videos have had a huge impact. Worldwide reaction to the massacres has been one of shock and anger. President Obama called the attack in Hama “horrifying” and “appalling,” and vowed the US would increase pressure on the Assad regime. The European Union also strongly condemned the attacks and had already agreed to increase sanctions against the regime. Both Italy and Germany called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss Assad’s escalation of violence.

In Hama, site of the 1982 massacre of at least 10,000 civilians by Assad’s father, Hafez, eyewitnesses reported tanks rumbling into the city at dawn, firing shells into crowds of protesters while heavy machine gun fire could be heard all over the city. It was also reported that rooftop snipers fired wantonly at fleeing civilians.

The death toll in Hama is impossible to confirm, and is likely much higher than the 150 reported dead. One doctor told Reuters, as machine gun fire could clearly be heard in the background, “Tanks are attacking from four directions. They are firing their heavy machine guns randomly and overrunning makeshift road blocks erected by the inhabitants.” The doctor also noted that the blood bank is nearly dry and that medicines are in short supply. The UK Telegraph reported that “bodies littered the streets” of Hama.

The death toll in the Euphrates River provincial capital of Dair Alzour, where the people have been in open revolt for weeks, was at least 19. Reports from the town say that the military opened fire with several truck-mounted machine guns directly into a crowd of protesters chanting anti-government slogans while snipers gunned down others. One resident reported by phone that there were snipers on buildings in the center of the city. “They are on the rooftops of government buildings. People started chanting for the army’s support but they opened fire in a merciless manner,” he said.

There were also reports of crackdowns in the southern city of Dara, some of the same neighborhoods in Homs that have seen clashes between Sunnis and Alawites previously, and Idleb in the country’s northwest, as well as the suburbs of Damascus.

The bloodletting was coldly deliberative — planned and coordinated for maximum psychological effect on the eve of Ramadan. The dawn to dusk fasting by the faithful is followed by prayers after the fast is broken. Activists hope that Ramadan will be a tipping point, that the daily visits to the local mosque will energize millions, and they are encouraging clerics to urge their followers into the streets. The protesters are even hoping to galvanize support in Damascus with a sit-in planned for Monday in conjunction with the start of Ramadan. Few large protests have been held in the capital due to the stifling presence of security forces.

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  • nano

    Total gun control always works it does simply because it can.

  • Amused

    people of Lebanon ….take note .

  • 12_Pellet_O-Buck

    Muslims killing Muslims…it does not get any better then this.

    • allbleedred

      What an awful thing to say. Innocent people were brutally murdered by a fanatical regime. Who cares what religion they were?

      • HDThoreau

        If they were people that worshiped a child raping jew beheading warlord, would you call them innocent?

      • Exasperated Kaffir

        I see your point, but 12 pellets is true in a way he didn't intend. That probably is as best it will get for Muslims as left to their own devices without unbeievers to slay they will just throw words like "infidel" and "apostate" at each other and start killing again without substantiating the accusation, less proving it if there was ever a "crime" in the first place. I just hope the Islamists don't make a coup from all this.

  • esperantominoria

    Since Syria is a Muslim counry even if they get democracy there will be disrimination against non-Muslims.Christians are 10% of the population there.It is easy to tell what Muslim is really moderate.If a Muslim agrees one can speak negatively about Muhammad without being punished,then he is for human-rights,a real moderate:

    The Koran is a human book,it has a scientific error about Embryology,repeating the emryology of Greek physician Galen,who wrote 450 years before the Koran

  • StephenD

    How long before we're "recognizing" the rebels as the legitimate authority in Syria and funneling money to them? I'm betting Obama will find a way to make short work of it.

    On another note, have you noticed the "Arab Spring" that happened in Egypt? Yeah, they're still blowing up pipelines into Israel!
    I believe our President when he says "They seek a democracy…." SURE…I believe him.

  • Bert

    Obama and his gang remain logically consistent in their immorality. Immense pressure to get rid of Mubarak of Egypt. 'Lead from behind' to get rid of Gadaffi who was far from the worst. And then betray the Iranian people in 2009 and the Syrian people this year. Obama wants to get rid of the less bad regimes while quietly supporting the most evil with his meaningless faint criticism for public consumption. Too bad we do not have Americans demonstrating against Obama for his betrayals and against the leftist organizations for their silence in the face of mass murder.

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