The Misguided Tenure of Susan Rice

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President Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has long been an advocate for weakening American sovereignty in order to benefit the UN and its anti-American agenda. It is a policy known as “engagement,” where the United States subsumes its own vital interests, abandons its traditional role of leadership in the world community, and, as Anne Bayefsky writes, pushes the process of “subcontracting American national security” to the UN.

Time Magazine refers to this policy — without a hint of irony — as “leading from the back.” And while Washington was busy this past week exchanging blows over the budget deficit, Rice was testifying on Capitol Hill, imparting her vision of what the US’s role in the world should be and her belief in the vital importance of the United Nations to our national security. This includes an open hostility to the state of Israel, a dangerous reliance on the UN to keep Iran from going nuclear, as well as the world body’s inexplicable granting Tehran membership on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.

Rice’s past tells us all we need to know about why she embraces these views. Rice got her start in politics as a foreign policy advisor to the campaign of Michael Dukakis in 1988. She worked for several years in the Clinton administration on the National Security Council in various capacities, including senior director for African Affairs. After a short stint in the private sector as a consultant, she gravitated to the Brookings Institution where the issues of global poverty and transnational threats to American security occupied her time. Given this background, it’s not surprising that she is considered Afro-centrist and a fierce proponent of African nationalism.

While one expects a UN ambassador to be an advocate for internationalism, Rice slipped the bounds of reason and waxed poetic in her testimony about the importance of the United Nations to our national security. Lobbying members to appropriate monies that we owe to the world body, Rice claimed that “when we meet our financial obligations to the U.N., we make Americans safer,”  and “the U.N. promotes universal values Americans hold dear.”

One doesn’t need to be a Brookings Institute Fellow to know that statement is nonsense. It is beyond rhetorical excess and enters the sublime milieu of self-delusion. Unless she believes that America “holds dear” values like racism, anti-Semitism, corruption, sexism, child rape, and a host of other execrable hallmarks of United Nations actions and policies, then she is either naive or willfully blind to the true nature of the UN.

Ann Bayefsky wrote of Rice’s testimony that it “offers the most detailed defense yet of the central foreign-policy plank of the Obama administration, known as ‘engagement.'” Basically, the Obama doctrine has “outfitted American interests with U.N.-made cement shoes.”

This is especially true regarding US policy toward Israel at the UN. In one of the most extraordinary statements ever made by an American official about Israel, Rice bitterly complained last February about having to veto a Security Council resolution condemning Israel and its settlement policy. She deliberately undercut the impact of the veto by saying, “For more than four decades, [Israeli settlement activity] has undermined security … corroded hopes for peace and security … it violates international commitments and threatens prospects for peace.” During her testimony last week, Rice reiterated that sentiment, adding “Israeli settlement activity is illegitimate.”

What angered Rice was that the Security Council vote was 14-1, with countries like Great Britain, France, and Russia co-sponsoring the Palestinian-inspired condemnation. To Rice’s and the administration’s way of thinking, going against international “consensus” — even if inimical to US interests — was a blow to their strategy of “engagement.”

Rice’s statements before the committee on the UN’s massively hypocritical selections for the Human Rights Council can only be termed bizarre. The HRC features such stellar advocates for human rights as Angola, China, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia — a rogue’s gallery of thuggish states. After acknowledging that it is difficult to find nations that have good human rights records to serve on the council, Rice seemed proud of the fact that US opposition had kept Iran off the HRC. She chalked that “success” up to the fact that the United States had agreed to join the HRC rather than refuse to participate in such a farce.

What Rice didn’t mention was that in order to get Iran to withdraw its application for membership on the HRC, Washington agreed not to raise a stink when the fundamentalist Islamic Republic that mandates stoning women for adultery wanted to join the Commission on the Status of Women. With no objection from the US, Iran was duly elected to the commission.

Instead of Iran joining the HRC, Libya got the slot. How this can be termed a “success” takes pretzel-like logic — something Rice appears to excel at.

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  • Canadian

    Instead of passing your days smearing everyone with higher moral standards than yourselves, why don't you zionists explain your vision of justice and how we could go about in achieving this; and also when you discuss, how about addressing the issues at hand and explain the rationnale behind your positions in detail so that people who think differently can understand what you are trying to achieve and how this can benefit the world.

    • Iman Earthling

      Oh my! Who pissed in your Wheaties this morning? Or is this the usual Democrat hissy fit we've all become so accustomed to witnessing whenever a Dem hears anything beyond the politically correct psychobabble that Dems spew at the drop of a hat?

      Just wondering…

      • Guest

        Since WHEN has the UN been a FRIEND of the USA? We are total fools to be part of it. We have one vote, but supply them with the most funds. The vast majority hate the USA and Israel. Read my lips, it will only be a matter of time til you will see bill clinton wanting to head the UN….probably in the nex election when his wife (during campaign season wife) runs against the sitting President.

    • claspur

      What's your point Canuckland?

    • Morris Sharpton

      I am so sick and tired of antSemitic morons like "Canadian" spewing their idiocy anonymously on the Internet–anyone bashing Israel (like Rice), no matter how idiotic (which she is) is just great with them
      Canadian, time to look at yourself, your motivations, and get a life. And I'm not even Jewish, but I certainly support the democratic, courageous and progressive little state of Israel, a beacon of human right in a sea of brutal Islamic theocracies who abuse women, gays, and other minorities.
      You are a moron.

    • Andres de Alamaya

      Canadian sounds like an employee of the CBC.

    • PhillipGaley

      Dear Mr. "Canadian",

      While I do support the Israelis in every way possible to me, and I would be disposed to respond to your questions: "why don't you Zionists . . . .", and "how about . . . .", I can see no way for your remarks to be taken as meaningful to anything. And by way of clarity, how does what you've posted there, have anything to do with the difference between the price of oolong and daylee in Berlin and Cairo? And further, in perusing others of the replies, I notice that, some of those writers also, find a challenging obscureness.
      I suppose, you're a Canadian, . . . I do kind wonder as to whether being "Canadian" has somewhat to do with how some one thinks, . . .
      Please get back to me when you can, . . .
      G0D Bless, . . .

    • mhk

      I've learned long ago that attempting a reasonable discussion with someone who leads with "you zionists" is non-starter.

    • umustbkidding

      Boy would I like to leave the security of your country to the UN. Could you just be a conforming dear and pick up your country and move it east please.

    • Bob

      lick the muslim anus loser.

    • ajnn

      "explain your vision of justice and how we could go about in achieving this"

      Gibberish !!!

      1. The primary sources of injustice in the world are: human nature and government corruption.

      We must push for countries to reform their governments and economies to create a marginally more level playing field for everyone. That is the ONLY path to any kind of 'economic justice'. The others are fools gold; proven bankrupt both morally and materially.

      Many people who are conservatives DO articulate thier philosophies and programs and do so in tremendous detail. However, this web site offer only short essays. This is just not the venue for that debate.

      "smearing everyone with higher moral standards". These half-baked adventures sponsored by the Left uniformly cause death, destruction, oppression, and universal suffering wherever they appear. High moral standards mandates denouncing, ridiculing, and opposing them whenever and wherever they appear.

  • Rifleman

    If the democrats weren't flat out anti-American, probability would dictate they err on the side of US interests a significant percentage of the time. If they were honestly wrong, they wouldn't fall for every 'peaceful agrarian reformer' that comes down the pike. The dp might as well wear mao suits and wave little red stars.

  • Iman Earthling

    Wow! Susan Rice sports quite the MUSTACHE, doesn't she? It's nice to see the Groucho Marx influence carry on passed his death, although I am somewhat surprised that Ms. Rice favors the mustache in tribute to Groucho instead if a cigar.

    • claspur

      Too bad she's The Enemy… she's pretty hot looking. (mustache aside)

  • Morris Sharpton

    It is amazing no matter how horrible the performance of this career Leftist idiot Rice, somehow it brings the antiSems out of the woodwork to support her stupidity, mainly because they can't get enough of Israel-bashing

    The hypocrisy of these Leftists, in supporting jihad-loving entities like the Palestinians etc., who love nothing better than stoning women to death, murdering any non-Muslim, executing gays, etc., etc., is nothing short of the most incredible hypocrisies of the centtury! tofshorfer

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Send her to Gaza. They'll give her Arrigoni treatment.

  • John

    “the U.N. promotes universal values Americans hold dear.”

    Well, maybe some people who might have at one time been considered "American" until hatred and comtempt of all things "American" got into their misguided political agenda. Ms Rice: There is virtually nothing that I "value" that the UN does. It is the most prejudiced and especially anti-Semetic organization on the face of the planet. The vast majority of "Americans" do not believe in what you are doing and you do not have my permission to speak for me because you obviously do not share my values.

  • BS77

    The UN human rights commission : it would be funny if it wasn't such a sick joke

  • rick geiger

    Saying Jews building homes in Israel is illegitimate is a step toward justifying genocide of the Jews because it is exactly saying the same thing as saying that Jews are not legitimate as human beings. How on earth any Jew or any decent person can support Obama, Rice, Clinton et al is just stunning. Who are these people voting for these racists?

  • Questions

    Say, how come the lightest-skinned blacks tend to be the most Afrocentric? We've seen this syndrome in Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Susan Rice, Lani Guinier, Halle Berry, Randall Robinson, etc. Is this a form of compensation? Perhaps a psychiatrist here can explain.

  • JR C

    UN out of US

  • USAdecline

    Bring back Bolton. She is a shill for the UN and her claims are so transparently falacious she must be delusional. Are all the Obama dems sharing the same gene pool? Utter zombies for the left.



  • HCarman

    Under Carter Andrew Young was forced to resign because he tried to talk with the Palistiniens, how things have changed!

  • su winn

    MOST AMERICANS ARE ""TOO BUSY""" TO READ ABOUT HOW WE ARE LOSING USA. SO VERY SAD…. if you fail to agree, look up each appointment & their background.

  • steven l

    Anything that will reduce the white domination in the world seems to be good for Rice.
    For some, "the elite of elites" are the Jews. Anything to weakened Israel (meaning Jews) is "good" for everybody else.
    Jews should feel guilty for being conferred, by nature, with some beneficial attributes.
    Whether this is true or not, they pay a very dear prize.
    The prize is primal and visceral antisemitism.
    Black Africa, India and China are not yet infected.

    • ajnn

      Yes, Asia is very infected with jew-hatred.

  • 080

    We are not being represented properly at the U.N. We pay 25% of the bills but how many Americans are employed there? The Secretariat alone has 6,000 people working there. There are almost no Americans employed. At 25% it would mean l,500 jobs that are badly needed. Rice should brifng up the issue.

  • Raymond in DC

    Missing the days when the US had strong, smart, defiantly pro-American ambassadors in the UN – Moynihan, Kilpatrick, Bolton. Now we've got … Rice? It's frightening to have someone so clueless in such a position of influence.

  • michiganruth

    the other party in Rice's "responsibility to protect" schemes would be the poor noble Palestinians. presumably, she would use the RTP doctrine to defend the Pals from the evil Israelis.

    this woman is a disgrace, but as the ambassador for this administration, she's a perfect fit,

  • su winn

    So sad that O & group hate the USA SO MUCH. Our Country cannot survive long with these angry leftist running the show. So very sad to hate the very place that gave you all of the benefits. They all seem to be shouting and never thinking where their thinking with take us. So much hate and no reason for it.

  • The Real World

    Keep going boys and girls – the US is going down the toilet, and the rest of us in the real world are loving it.
    The sooner you drown in your debt the better. Then you can take your 'diplomats' home (aka USAF) and the real inhabitants of the earth can live long in peace without waiting for you jerks to bomb us.
    So keep trashing your politicians, and keep the in-breeding and in-fighting going.

    Not long now!

  • Tom Kinney

    Where does Obamageddon find these dopes?

    Is there like a Craigslist for those who are the most incompetent in their fields?

  • jerry

    Do we fail to appreciate the fact that most African-Americans are imbued with the Socialist gene. Scratch one, rich or poor, and they want government to take care of them. Rich or poor, they will tell you that America has exploited them and is really anti-black. Never mind that we elected a black president.
    As to Obama's choices for sensitive positions in his administartions, need I mention Holder, Jones, Rice, Garrett, etal. Each of them exhibit socialist tendencies.
    After all, Obama grew up on welfare, got his education, ,like his wife, on the taxpayer's back. His father was a communist as was his mother. He grew up in a socialist environment that is displayed every time he asks us to give a bit more to those that don't have. Who are those that don't have? Nedd I say more?

  • ekofo

    As black person from Congo, witnessing the disaster caused in my country By the Clinton administration, the failure to protect civilian by the so-called UN forces (MONUC) in DR Congo and their evil implication in ivory Cost. It's a just despicable to hear this deceptive Obama administration pushing american to trust the corrupt international body.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Reading all of the comments I am wondering why the salient point of
    Rice's appointment is overlooked, she is Obamas payoff to all of the
    foolish American Jews who voted the leftist anti-American into our
    highest Office. With his direction and her complicity, Israel and what
    is left of freedom in the World will remain in danger, if Obama had
    his way the World would be his private Communist slave state……….William

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Cackle cackle….snort….tee hee.

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  • marie

    I think Rice should step down from her UN position, give up government position ASAP! If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. I am sure the White House was behind your deviation from the truth, but big girls in a mans world should be able to defend themselves, BHO defense was an embarrassment and petty!