The Peaceful Palestinian ‘Fly-In’ Lie

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Despite all precautions, around 100 fly-in protestors managed to evade security and filtered into the West Bank this weekend. The demonstrators promptly went to the separation fence and tried to cut through the wire while others threw rocks at soldiers. Three protestors were arrested.

Following the arrests at Ben Gurion airport, authorities began the process of deporting, or “repatriating” the activists, as the Israeli government calls it. So far, 36 of the protestors have been sent home, according to the Israeli Interior Ministry. The rest will depart in the next 2 or 3 days depending on airline schedules and availability. Some of the activists claim that the Israeli government has banned them from entering the country for 10 years — a common punishment for those who enter Israel with the expressed purpose of joining Palestinian protests that often turn violent. The government recently threatened journalists with a 10 year ban if they traveled with the now-canceled Gaza Flotilla.

While Western airlines cooperated with the Israeli government in denying travel to the more than 300 activists on the blacklist, several companies protested what they felt was an attempt to tie them to Israel’s political position on the fly-in. Some executives complained that simply because they followed standard procedure in not allowing flyers to board foreign flights if they were not going to be allowed entrance to the country of destination, that Israel was making it appear that it was their diplomacy that stopped the activists.

A Lufthansa representative said that they had received information from Israel that certain passengers would not be allowed to enter the country and that they were only following the “immigration rules and regulations of the countries we fly to.”

But another European carrier was less understanding. “The fact that we prevented the activists from boarding the planes is no evidence of our supporting the State of Israel against the activists, or the opposite,” said a spokesman for one Israeli-based European carrier. He added, “It’s a shame that there are government officials that are exploiting this incident for political points on the backs of the airlines.”

The left-wing press in Israel has universally condemned the security operation at the airport, with Haaretz calling it a “hysterical and disproportionate response” to the activists. Haaretz writer Amos Harel complains that while the government is usually ill-prepared to deal with these Palestinian guerrilla theatrics, this time they were overly prepared. “The fly-in, despite the mountains of words written about it over the past week, does not really pose a security threat to Israel,” writes Harel. In this, he is probably correct. What Harel fails to mention is the critical principle involved in denying the activists the opportunity to join their deadly enemies in trying to garner international support for their cause by violently provoking the security forces into a reaction that would give the anti-Israel press more grist for the mill.

There is also the universal right of any nation to deny entrance to anyone for any reason. In the case of the fly-in activists, that would include the reasonable assumption that they were entering the country with the purpose of breaking the law. It is not illegal to protest in Israel. It is illegal to go to checkpoints and try and cut through fences and throw rocks at soldiers.

The campaign to delegitimize the state of Israel through these kinds of provocative tactics will only intensify the closer we get to the UN vote on Palestinian statehood. More flotillas and flytillas will be forthcoming, as anti-Israeli groups worldwide have been heartened by what they see as a friend in the White House. Barack Obama giving Israel the back of his hand, while ceaselessly pressuring the Israeli government to grant ever more dangerous concessions to the Palestinians, has emboldened activists to think there is a chance they can succeed.

Israel’s response to the fly-in should disabuse them of any such notion.

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  • stern

    Please tell us which airline complained. I'll bet they fly to other countries – Saudi Arabia, for example – and follow those countries' immigration laws without complaint. Why is it that so many people have a problem granting Israel the sovereignty every other nation in the world enjoys as a matter of right? Why is it that every other country in the world has the right to decide who they let in, but when Israel exercises that right, these idiots bitch. (Don't worry, rhetorical questions. I know the answers.)

  • mcrobbins

    Is the international community wising up? This is great news! The Greeks stopped boats of the Flotilla. Most of the Fly-in protestors were prevented from boarding their planes. (Sounds like they are as welcome in Israel as Norman Finkelstein.) Is Israeli diplomacy finally working behind the scenes? Maybe people are finally ignoring the "We Con the World" spin of the PA.

    Concerning the coinciding of the protest with the Hague decision: many Israelis who were victims of terrorism protested at the International Court of Justice during the case about the fence. Their protest in favor of the fence fell on deaf ears. You would have thought that the events of the second intifada hadn't occurred by the attitude of the judges and press.

  • Asher

    Even Greece did not want the Flotilla, so they had no other option but to fly in…These activists are trying to provoke a war in the Middle East to bring chaos to the whole region! I am contributing to the IDF!

    • Yellow Rosebuds

      Me too!! I love the IDF. A finer group of soldiers does not exist on this planet.

  • Adam

    Anyone reading this, PLEASE BOYCOTT ALL ISRAELI GOODS until they end the illegal OCCUPATION of Palestine or offer Palestinians EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS throughout Israel/Palestine. #BDS is the message to far right Israel that our bent politicians have failed to send them, namely WE WILL NOT SUPPORT RACISM & APARTHEID & ETHNIC CLEANSING of PALESTINE.

    • MixMChess

      Adam you're an idiot. Israel doesn't occupy any so-called Palestinian land. Israel completely withdrew from Gaza and over 98% of the W. Bank is governed autonomously by the P.A.

      The Arabs in Israel have full guaranteed equal rights and enjoy more civil and human rights in Israel than they do in every Arab/Islamic country and even most Western countries (see France).

      There is no such thing as apartheid in Israel. In apartheid S. Africa, blacks couldn't vote and "were not citizens of the country in which they formed the overwhelming majority of the population. Laws dictated where they could live, work and travel." In S. Africa, the government killed blacks who protested against its policies, whereas Israel allows freedom of movement, assembly and speech by all citizens including Arabs. The Israeli Arabs are full citizens who enjoy equal rights under the law, are represented in the Knesset, serve in high-level government positions and on the Supreme Court. Some of the Israel's harshest critics are Israeli Arabs and Israeli Arab groups formed inside Israel.

      There is no ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The Palestinian population has actually increased under Israeli rule, over 84% from 1993-2004 ALONE!

      Anyone reading this already knows to buy Israeli goods and support democracy and not your terrorism.