Time’s ‘Person of the Year': Dishonest and Delusional

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What will Mr. Anderson write when the jails in Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere in the Arab world where Islamists are set to dominate start filling up with those “secular liberals” or those who oppose the Islamists’ radical agenda? Perhaps he could also list the secular liberals that Republicans have arrested and thrown in jail.

To compare evangelical Christians to radical, violent, genocidal fundamentalist Muslims is not only dishonest, but a base smear — a knowing, deliberate falsification, carefully thought out and written to equate barbarism with civilization, fanaticism with piety, and genocide with political disagreement in a democratic context.

That one paragraph represents everything that is wrong with the writer, with Time, and with the whole cockamamie notion that the “Arab Spring” has been anything but an unmitigated disaster — a slide toward an oppression darker, meaner, and more deadly to human liberty than anything dreamed by Mubarak, Gadaffi, Saleh, or their henchmen. For in the Islamists’ wildest dreams, they never imagined that those seeking democratic freedoms would become their unwitting allies and hand them the keys to the castle. To believe that their bloodthirsty rhetoric these past decades — not only against the Jews but also those “secular liberals” who are far too western for their tastes — is “just talk” is to practice a profound and catastrophic self-delusion.

We have heard this “moderate” Islamist tune before in Iran when the Ayatollah Khomeini seized power in 1979. Then it was the Carter administration who assured us that once the revolution settled down, Iran would be a model democratic state.

How’s that working out?

But the author, who bragged in the article that he put up in his house one of the demonstrators for a couple of weeks, saves his most hagiographic musings for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In the U.S., three acute and overlapping money crises – tanked economy, systemic financial recklessness, gigantic public debt – along with ongoing revelations of double dealing by banks, new state laws making certain public-employee-union demands illegal and the refusal of Congress to consider even slightly higher taxes on the very highest incomes mobilized Occupy Wall Street and its millions of supporters.

“Millions of supporters?” One would think that a “mass movement” would have, well, mass. This week saw the most ambitious planned Occupy protest to date; an attempt to shut down every port on the West Coast between San Diego and Alaska.

How did they do? Actually, they came up fantastically short. Protestors managed to once again, shut down the Port of Oakland — again by threatening violence that scared workers away.  But the Guardian reports:

Attempts to shut down other west coast ports, however, were less successful. The Port of Seattle said there had been “minimum impact to cargo movement”, although seattlepi.com said around 100 protesters had prevented traffic from entering during the afternoon.

Similarly, in Vancouver about 100 protesters delayed between 40 and 50 trucks, but the port did not close.

The Wall Street Journal reported that in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Portland, a hundred to three hundred protestors slowed activity at some of the terminals but the ports were largely unaffected.

So where are the “millions of supporters”? This kind of exaggeration by the press has been par for the course throughout the lifespan of the Occupy movement. No one is arguing that the OWS criticisms aren’t resonating with millions of Americans on some level. But millions of Americans also reject the attempts by the Occupy movement to ignite envy and hatred of those who are successful and drive the economy with their innovation and entrepreneurship. Historically, Americans have rejected class warfare as a means to gain political power or affect change. Why should anyone believe we will start now?

But beyond the Marxist rhetoric, and like the real drivers of the revolutions in the Arab world, there are other forces at work in the Occupy movement that seek an overthrow of the existing order beyond punishing a few bankers and soaking the rich for more tax money. The revolutionaries who see nothing wrong with costing working people paychecks or destroying jobs are hell bent on using the misdirected idealism and anger of the Occupy protestors to achieve other, more radical ends. And like the “Arab Spring,” the Occupy idealists will realize too late that their movement has been co-opted by those who do not share their vision of the future.

“The Protestor” as Time’s Person of the Year may be the feel-good choice for the mainstream press. But the reality of what these protestors have accomplished may end up causing most of us to rue the day the press fell in love with the idea that meaningful change can be accomplished with a cell phone and a Facebook account when coming face to face with evil men with evil designs.

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  • Anamah

    Been in the bed of the W.H. is not surprising they bow the unrest they have been provoking the last year. They made statements too clearly for us to ignore who started and organize the so called protesters Times advertise in this magazine edition. Well of course they are dishonest, they hope, organize lie and make the same thing to transform America into a failure. Time is only part of all this MSM deeply involved in the progressive socialist scam to bankrupt us. So no surprise here.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    The protestors all around the world are to my mind naive young people incited by
    interested parties to fight for some cause opposed to that in the mind of the protestors.
    Look at the protests in Islamic countries which have led to the ascension of religious
    regimes which are going to impose even more restrictive laws than during the deposed

    • Larry

      The Occupy Movement in the West are nothing but a bunch of over schooled, under educated over age spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum because they haven't had what they have been told all their lives are their "entitlements" handed to them on a platter.

      The young, moderately educated secularists in the Arab world are the ones I feel sorry for. This time next year the vast majority of those who organised the Arab Spring protests are going to be dead, in some squalid jail, or in exile in the West. Exactly the same as their counteparts in Iran 30 odd years ago.

  • il gallo

    the protester is very much an apt recognition. the silly "islamo-fascist" fear mongering here serves no one. as an american blessed to be living in cairo during this period i have seen amazing displays of courage and perseverance. protesters in general are still making dictators tremble and run, corrupt western politicians resign, and americans understand that corporate money rule the country not the people. the neo-imperialist view here that arabs or muslims in general sound like the nativists and kkk who said similar things about jews and catholics. conservative islamic parties are just as inevitable as conservative christian and jewish movements in any democracy.

    expect protests to grow in the west and everywhere else as countries like israel and the us become increasingly undemocratic and paranoid. i'm an optimist for the future (because i am youthful?) and i can't wait to demonstrate upon my arrival in the us!!!!

    • mlcblog

      the trouble is they are lumping people together in error

    • StephenD

      “as an american blessed to be living in cairo during this period i have seen amazing displays of courage and perseverance.”

      You must be talking about the Coptic Christians right? Because going by your “eye witness” account democracy is the base of all these protests. The fact is, democracy alone only means the majority rules which would allow it to run roughshod over the minority. We celebrate living in a Democratic Republic based on Equality under the law. Tell me how this can come about with Egypt already saying there shall be no law higher than Sharia which CANNOT allow Equality to women, gays, Christian, Hindi, Buddhist or Jew?

      As the author has pointed out, this is simply “wishful thinking” and the evidence, notwithstanding your account, is that darkness rather than Liberty is descending.

    • tagalog

      Personally, I don't care if the demonstrators are nativists or not; my only concern is that they don't clearly seem to be devoted to things like liberty and democracy. If they vote shar'ia law in, they aren't advancing the cause of liberty and equality.

      You can say that's imposing American values on another culture. Yes, I suppose that's true, assuming that people don't value liberty and equality, which I guess some folks don't, but I don't care. They're the proper values and are superior to systems that operate on religion-based standards.

  • Ben

    Wow. Christian evangelicals fervently supported the invasion of Iraq that killed a million people. Now who's genocidal?

    • tarleton

      Killed a ''million people ''.????? ..another useful idiot who has been spoon fed Leftist propaganda

      • Amused

        Actually 115,000 Iraqis killed , 4000 Americans killed and32000 American wounded ,

        • Chezwick_Mac

          And literally tens of thousands of those Iraqi deaths were caused by terrorist bombings.

          • tagalog

            And untold thousands of those Iraqi dead were terrorists themselves, in battle against the coalition.

        • tagalog

          Not quite 115,000 Iraqis killed; Iraq Body Count, which claims to have the biggest data base of information on the war's dead, says the low estimate of Iraqi civilians (who could still be terrorists who died at war with the coalition) is 104,190, and the high estimate of Iraqi civilian dead is 113,838.

          Americans have suffered over 4,000 killed and over 30,000 wounded. A casualty count of 34,000 – plus for Americans (unknown how many other coalition members have been killed or wounded) with over 100,000 casualties among our enemies and purported friends, is a casualty rate on the order of Okinawa, a battle that lasted from April 1, 1945 to June 13, 1945.

    • tagalog

      The murder of millions of people: that's a jihadist goal that we fight them over.

  • autoreply

    This is a really poorly written article. This journalist has no journalistic integrity, nor respect for objectivis.

    • davarino

      Time will tell. What will you say when the islamists take over and become the totalitarian regime they desire?

    • hajid

      This is a really well written article. This journalist has journalistic integrity and the courage to tell the truth. And unlike the left media and journalists, he cares for the future of this country and the ordinary people and not for some idiology.

  • John_Kelly

    Adolf Hitler used the master propagandist Josef Goebbels to mold the thinking of Germans in the 1930's.

    Today Obama & the Liberals are using CNN, MSNBC, Time Magazine etc in the same manner.

    These "media prostitutes" would betray their own mother for 30 pieces of silver.

    What rabid & blatant HYPOCRISY……. "For 2011, Time has designated “The Protestor” as the Person of the Year", while these cowardly hypocrites heaped scorn & contempt on the "Tea Party Protestors."

    BTW does Saudi Price Al Waleed Bin Talal own a large slice of Time – Warner?

    • Fletch

      Just Like Fox News, Glen Beck, Man Cow and Limbaugh are the propagandists for the right.

      It is hardly the same thing because in Germany at that time the public received only one message which was from Josef Goebbels. In North America we are free to listen and watch what we want and make decisions. Comparing the news reports today to that of Josef Goebbels is not only ignorant but uninformed.

      If you want to form an unbiased opinion about the News of the World you have to watch the news from all the stations.

      • John_Kelly

        Is that you Barack ?

        • StephenD

          Good one John.

  • agag

    The Tea Party was a fake movement bankrolled by the Koch Brothers and Fox News. It was a bunch of fat, racist people sitting in lawn chairs because they couldn't get up and it ended up falling fittingly flat on its ass.

    • jacob

      I don't see anywhere the Tea Party falling flat on its ass as you claim.
      The fact that the people it sent to Congress are siding with the Republicans and therefore little action from them per se is seen but coming the next election you
      will see whether the Tea Baggers carry weight or else, fed up as we all are from
      the rotten traditional parties….

      I was never aware of the Koch Brothers and Fox News having such a tremendous
      influence and I thank you for it, wondering at the same time whether it is due to
      envy or pity from your side but if this is so I sure as hell prefer to be follow them
      than OBAMA, GESTAPOWITZ SOROS, their whore of an abject media and the DEMOCRAPS any time of the day…..
      And as to TIME, it used to be a good magazine. But this is ancient history….

    • tagalog

      No, it was a genuine groundswell movement on the grass roots level, and I don't know what impact the Koch brothers and Fox News had on creating/maintaining the Tea Party. It was pretty broadbased and leaderless, something you wouldn't expect if it was organized by someone.

    • pagegl

      agag, you've been drinking the Kool-Aid I see.

    • hajid

      The Agag and all the leftiests are a fake movement bankrolled by the Soros and Democrates. It was a bunch of fat, racist people sitting in lawn chairs because they couldn't get up and it ended up falling fittingly flat on its ass.

    • Fred Dawes

      The big muslims and jews and one guy bitchs don't want to hear bad words about the tae party people, listen to Alex Jones AND SAVAGE. who both will be removed soon by the power monkeys who want you inside the one world Slave market.

  • mlcblog

    You know, I really need you to write this and point it all out and help me. I get caught up in old rhetoric of my past, old feelings, as if they are right, we deserve bad things to happen.

    Thank you. FPM helps me snap out of it.

  • Amused

    the teab aggers A) were not risking their lives B) were not protesting the actions of a btutal repressive regime or dictator C) obverblown and exaggerated ltes were at the heart of their rallies D) their obvious Goal was to defame one man -their democratically elected President .E) they had no counter plan , except to express hatred and insult [ in many cases on a childish level ] for the Pres.and/or his wife .F } they had a centrally organized plan to disrup town meetings , depriving those they criticized of their free speech rights .

    • Wideband

      A) irrelevant B) a matter of degree C) an outright self-serving falsehood D) so stupid it doesn't merit discussion E) simply wrong, a conclusion based on a lack of knowledge and research F) a paranoid delusion

    • sod

      the tea party A) was not risking theirs or others lives B) were not protesting the actions of a btutal repressive regime or dictator by handing a whole regime to a more evil one C) honestly and courageously proclaim their moral and values that sustain this country D) their obvious Goal was to rescue this country from self-destruction E) they are not afraid to proclaim the truth. F } they had a centrally organized plan to stop any thing that will cause destruction of this country. They respect the Constitution and the true freedom of speech and they would not tolerate conspiracy and lies disguised as free speech.

  • John_Kelly

    Time Magazine Man of The Year in 1938 was none other than the Good Ol’ Boy from Germany …..Herr Adolf Hitler.

    In 1993 Time Magazine excelled once again in choosing Terrorist and Baby Killer,Yasser Arafat, as it’s stellar choice for “Man of the Year.”

    The latest choice of “The Protestor” as “Person of the Year” in 2011 is in line with their previously demonstrated treasonous behavior.

    Hmmmmm lets see if we can connect some dots here.

    Good Ol' Boy Fareed Zakaria the soft spoken, slippery smooth, snake oil salesman who has been "Time Magazine Editor at Large" and "Time Magazine Contributing Editor" etc., just happens to be a Muslim…….shock ….horror…..and I thought he was a Southern Baptist or Tennessee Redneck with a name like Fareed …..which is perhaps the Arabic equivalent of Bubba or Billy-Bob.

    This guy is a MAJOR INFLUENCE in CNN and Time Magazine !

    Let's connect some more "dots" starting with Dougie Ibrahim Hooper one of the founders of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations ) and presently a spokesman and “Director of Strategic Communications” for that organization.

    Good Ol’ Patriotic All American-Muslim Dougie (PBUH……lol) holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in journalism & mass communication so he knows a few tricks of the trade regarding media manipulation to further advance the cause of Islam

    During a 1993 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune Dougie blurted out “"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future, …….But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through EDUCATION."

    Ten years later, in 2003, Hooper stated that if Muslims were ever to become a numerical majority in the U.S., they would likely seek to replace the Constitution with Islamic law (Sharia), which they view as divinely inspired and thus superior to all other legal systems.

    WOW….. in 2011 Time Magazine is now trying to “EDUCATE US” into believing that a bunch of rabid, jihad espousing, foaming at the mouth, Muslim Brotherhood backed anarchists, screaming for the destruction of Israel qualify as “Person of the Year.”

    America the enemy is not just at the gates, the Camel’s nose is inside the tent!

    Thanks to the Saudi petro-dollars, the malignant Islamic EDUCATION of America is progressing rapidly and the only thing that destroys Islam is THE TRUTH.

    There was a time when George Washington, Patrick Henry and the like had to make a stand for the truth and justice. They served their generation. WILL YOU SERVE YOUR GENERATION?

  • Amused

    ……and of course , one of them [Wilson ] did what had NEVER been done on the floor of Congress by anyone of either Party [s] shoutinh out and calling POTIUS a liar. And thos who were eventually elected on the wave of Obama hate syndrome , proved themselves intractable nearly forcing a government shutdown , and of course proving their ultimate hypocrisy , in that many had already accepted "benfits " for their particular states and districts [including "queen Bachman " ] legislation by the Obama Admin .

    • sod

      Check the record, the house pass the budget last year the the senate sit on it so they can review it after the election.

      Pitty to those who are suicidal and force others to follow.

    • a guest

      Just a visitor here, but after reading Amused's rants I can't help but notice all the spelling errors in them.

      • Amused

        Those are simple typos schmuck , I have rather large hands and fingers unaccustomed to keyboards [as I have 50 years of hard physical HONEST labor under my belt .] Besides how petty of you , as I'm sure I have properly communicated my positions anbd rather than a refute , you resort to chicken-sheet hairsplitting. Maybe I should use spell check so I can put up perfectly spellked bullsheeeet like most of your other fellow sycophants eh ?

  • Amused

    If OWS were usefull idiots for the "evil Soros " then teabaggers were the same for the GREEDY Kock Bros .

    • fisher_king

      We didn't need no butthurt media propping us up though.

      • trickyblain

        Really? Glen Beck isn't part of the media? FOX News? FPM? NewsMax?

        • fisherKing

          "According to MediaBistro.com, on Sept 20 the NBC Nightly News had 8.2 million viewers, and CBS and ABC each had 7.5 million viewers (for a total of 23.2 million). On the cable side the largest audience was for The O'Reilly Factor with 2 million (or 3.1 million if you include his rebroadcast) viewers."

          Considering Fox News is one third of cable news, yeah, I will say again we didn't need no butthurt media propping us up.

          the number of dirtbags in the park were overblown
          thousands of countries
          Van Jones orchestrating this with his ACORN slaves
          lies about spitting on Lewis
          lies about police brutality
          cover up Lewis getting heckled by the dirtbags
          cover up of anti semitism
          cover up of being a bunch of addicts raping each other

          • Jim_C

            "Considering Fox News is one third of cable news, yeah, I will say again we didn't need no butthurt media propping us up."

            Oh yes you do. Without it, how ever would you feed your appetite for being perpetually aggrieved crybabies?

    • sod

      It's like comparing Iran to the US so they are the same. if the US is so bad in your eyes, why don't you protest Iran as well? Woun'd dare? Becasue the US protects your 'freedon' of speech, no matterh how bad it is.

  • fisher_king

    Just one elderly confused driver and BAM! this fad's over.

    • wsk

      HA!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

      • wsk

        Just hang an "Old Country Buffet" over the protestors and you might get your wish!!

  • tagalog

    It is by no means clear that the youth who are doing the demonstrating for Arab Spring or, for that matter, for Occupy Wall Street, are interested in democracy or liberty. With the Muslim demonstrators it remains to be seen what they are after, but it may well be (as we all know) the imposition of shar'ia law on the state; for the Occupy Wall Street folks, it may well be, and apparently is, the spread of federal government intrusion into what have been private affairs up to this point.

  • BS77

    How many people read that useless rag, Time magazine? 142? 59?

    • trickyblain

      3, 376, 226 in 2011.

  • Beth

    "Perhaps he could also list the secular liberals that Republicans have arrested and thrown in jail"

    I believe that statement needs great emphasis. It is bewildering to see the 'liberals' nit-pick apart any transgressions (even the supposed ones))…while willfully ignoring the more pressing facts of 'darkness' (actual teachings – pure violations of not only American national laws…but International also – of their koran).

    It is a comfort Rick Moran, to see others coming forth to speak things that need to be spoken….an honor that none will be seeing the present three 'networks' performing.

    (that statement of yours Rick Moran caught my eye….I hope it catches the eyes of many)

  • michaelle

    The occupiers are a bunch of poopers.

    What muslim brotherhood wants;

    ***********jihad in numbers http://dttj.blogspot.com/2010/07/why-stop-muslim-http://godfatherpolitics.com/1731/beware-of-islam

    Terrorist dogma in Mohammads own words http://prophetofdoom.net/

    Reviving the Caliphate http://www.ldolphin.org/caliphate.html

  • AgentRose

    Don't get to specific about the Muslim Brotherhood and Israel. THIS IS AGAINST ALL AMERICANS. The occupiers were anti-American, anti-capitalist. Why then should we be surprise when in 1940 TIME named STALIN, the great friend of liberty, as Person of the year? http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19400101,…
    I guess they wanted to wait until the famine was over.

  • Fred Dawes

    This is total madness this nation and its people are doomed to live in a world of monkeys.

  • Fred Dawes

    If people do not act against evil doers we will see Shar"ia Law here and we will see beheadings in our once great nation.

  • mrbean

    Oh get a life, you and ilk that think like you are too stupid to even suspect you are stupid. I am sick of professional “liberals,” “humanitarians,” “uplifters” and “idealists” and their useful idiots like you and your ilk who would do you good as they see fit, even if it kills you, whose idea of world benevolence is altruism, the sacrifice of the succesful for those who are either incapable or unwilling to be responsible for themselves.

  • rulierose

    some really silly comments on here!

    look: the "Arab uprising" or spring or whatever you want to call it was one thing. people did put their lives on the line, and sometimes they died. (they thought they were fighting for freedom, but what they're getting instead is the Sharia. but that's another story.)

    as for OWS, they were NOT putting their lives on the line. they were mostly a rabble of unemployed leftists who were against pretty much everything and felt that the world owes them a job, a house, free healthcare, whatever they want. spoiled brats, I'd say.

    the fact that Time ignored the much larger Tea Party movement shows us, if we needed more proof, that Time is a lefty rag that only gets read in the doctor's waiting room.

  • mrbean

    Imagine that Times "person of the year" is some guy who urinates and defecates on police cars and on people's doorsteps.

    • ARay

      You don't need to imagine, just google or youtube it. As the Obamaville/Occupoopers camps are dismantled across the country the most common, disgusting item to show up were jars of feces and bottles urine. These will be the enduring symbols of that 'movement'. Some say that we can be thankful that many in those camps had left their brains there.

  • BS77

    Occupy Wall Street…..infantile losers waiting for a gravy train that will never arrive.

  • Fred Dawes

    BS77 Is right," its hopeless", we have a nation that will soon disappear inside some monkey copy of mexico, people make a nation; many have come here in the last 50 years and all had the old hand out to take; and all want a third world idea.
    the ideals of monkeys are now the ideals of government and after all most monkeys love trees and our government is like a great tree; to eat and this monkey tree is the idea of the money tree and its about to disappear.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Time Magazine is as out of touch with reality in regards to American citizens that
    believe in America and support a patriotoc front devoid of leftist and Islamist
    subversion. Time Magazine has subscribers and or readers that have very little
    to do with any kind of reality that is zeitgeist and aprapo to veritas in toto……..
    Lunacy seems to be the order of the day for their writing staff and I am thinking
    that the LSD of the "60's is still around and very at home at Time……..William

  • Hetty Vorlin

    Time? a legacy of the time you could only get news via the 3 networks or pick up Time or Newsweek at the supermarket. You'd have to make a special trip to certain bookstores to get "The National Review". Those times are gone (thankfully) and Time is now an irrelevant, unread dinosaur.

  • Jim

    Occupy Wall Street…..infantile losers waiting for a gravy train that will never arrive.

    So you think the future is hopeless.Thankfully the occupiers are willing to fight to restore democracy and drive influence peddlers from the temple of congress.

    The occupiers fight against legalized bribery.

    The public is ready . Slandering pro democracy movement is futile effort to stop the inevitable .

    • BS77

      THe OWS losers have little to do with creating our future…..more to destroy our present. I do not think the future is hopeless at all, especially if you consider the genius of the American workers, creators and entrepreneurs……..OWS does not restore democracy, prosperity, jobs, manufacturing, banking or wealth….OWS keeps mobs of mentally unbalanced people busy with their absurd little tent villages, marching and beating bongos because they have little else to do.

  • Guy Faux

    Rick Moron: "It is dishonest because the reasoning given by the magazine for the selection is fraught with omissions, exaggerations, and an obfuscation of the facts that makes it clear where the magazine’s sympathies lie."

    Et tu, Brute? Across the world, the oligarchs are exercising increasing dictatorial control over the general populace. And what our forefathers asked of Parliament, the protestors can ask with equal indignance:

    "If it was possible for men, who exercise their reason, to believe, that the Divine Author of our existence intended a part of the human race to hold an absolute property in, and an unbounded power over others, marked out by his infinite goodness and wisdom, as the objects of a legal domination never rightfully resistible, however severe and oppressive, the Inhabitants of these Colonies might at least require from the Parliament of Great Britain some evidence, that this dreadful authority over them, has been granted to that body. … .We are reduced to the alternative of chusing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated ministers, or resistance by force.–The latter is our choice.–We have counted the cost of this contest, and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery."

    Frederick Douglass penned the societal equation: "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose." Those limits have been reached, and the people are standing in unison. And in the words of JFK, those "who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." Remember, remember, the fifth of November….

  • Flowerknife_us

    TIMEs-up.The World is upside down and Time is on the bottom.

  • Durin

    Big Business corrupted the Government? So the government was uncorrupt and pure until business came along? Really? Maybe living around Chicago w/ Pay to Play has affected how I view politicains with their demands for $$$, but I suspect that greed was already in politics before Big Business did anything…

  • Amused

    lolol…no , of course not …it always has been corrupted .Or are you willing to state that the Great Tycoons of the pat two centuries didn't pay for favorable legislation .And to Mr.Beans mindkless comments , it is more a matter of the "successfull " getting there at the expense and sacrifice of the 99% , who BTW are the ones complaining , regardless of any small groups of morons drifting in . So by statements by you two TOOLS , I would have to conclude , that demanding a fair and level playing field is " un-American " ?? And after seeing this behavior [sucking up to the big bucks of lobbyists for big buisiness ] nearly wreck the economy, any complaints about that are aslso considered by your ilk as "un-American "?
    How skewed is the conservative ideology ? lol…about as skewed as it can get .
    And lof cvourse LET'S JUST THROW OUT THE BILL OF RIGHTS ,when it applies to the average citizen . What a bunch of BLOODY HYPOCRITES !