Anders Breivik Stole the Counterjihad Movement from Freedom Fighters

Charles Manson thought he heard instructions to kill in the Beatles song “Helter Skelter,” and committed mass murder. There were no instructions to kill in the song. In the video below, Bono says, “This song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles. We’re stealing it back.”

The Breivik murders are being used to discredit all resistance to the global jihad and Islamic supremacism. But we’re stealing it back.

Yesterday morning I received this email:

Dear Robert Spencer I am a staff writer at the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. You have probably heard about the tragic terrorist attack in Norway this Friday. Just before the attack took place, the perpetrator published a manifest he has called “A European Declaration of Independence”. In the manifest he uses text from your work and also lists you as one of the leading intellectuals he has been inspired by.Have you ever been in contact with Anders Behring Breivik?

What do you think about being listed as an inspiration for his work?

Best regards
Gunnar Thorenfeldt

I responded:

I have never been in contact with Anders Behring Breivik.If I was indeed an inspiration for his work, I feel the way the Beatles must have felt when they learned that Charles Manson had committed murder after being inspired by messages he thought he heard in their song lyrics. There were no such messages. Nor is there, for any sane person, any inspiration for harming anyone in my work, which has been consistently dedicated to defending human rights for all people.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, renowned poet Reza Aslan graced us with another masterpiece. He wrote this to me on Twitter:

According to logic used by Robert Spencer and @jihadwatchRS to blame muslims for all terror he is personally responsibility for #Oslo

Yes, it’s incoherent, but give the man a break: he’s a poet. Here, try it this way:

According to
used by Robert Spencer
and @jihadwatchRS
to blame muslims for
all terror
he is personally
for #Oslo


In any case, seriously, I know what he means. But he is wrong, of course. The difference is this: Islamic texts and teachings, and frequently imams, directly exhort their followers to commit acts of violence. I do not. Nor does anyone else in the counterjihad. There is nothing Breivik could conceivably have read at or in any of my work anywhere as a justification for killing anyone. There is plenty in the Qur’an and Sunnah that jihadists can and do use as justification for murder.

  • Ofelia Roromas

    The slug has emerged from under his rock

    • zsqpwxxeh

      …and he is named–Ofelia?

  • StephenD

    Hang in there Robert. The truth is ALWAYS stronger than lies. These folks that listen with itching ears to what they want to hear aren't seekers of truth to begin with. You do not have to justify your writings or who you are or what you stand for. Your work precedes this tragedy and is light years in the opposite direction. I happen to have some of your books and "loan" them proudly to as many that are willing to read them. I have had no conversation with anyone that wants to kill children at a camp or blow up a government building. Was there something we missed in your books??

  • Michael

    The guy also played World of Warcraft. In the game, there is a zone filled with characters called "Sand Pygmies" and there is a dungeon where one has to kill the Grand Vizier and the Caliph. Maybe Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for his anger.

  • LindaRivera

    “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties,” Breivik wrote. “We both share one common goal.”

    Breivik dreamed of obtaining WMDs from jihadi terrorist groups for use against European targets. And emphasized that, “Knights Templar do not intend to persecute devout Muslims or enslave them under puppet leaders in their own Islamic countries like today’s EU/US leaders are doing.” End.

    The above is what the media should have zeroed in on: Breivik's overwhelming desire for an alliance with Muslim terrorist groups and using WMDs against European targets. A terrible threat to Europe if monster Breivik has people working with him.

    But the elites chose to ignore all this. Ruthless media and elites IMMEDIATELY and eagerly exploited the murders of innocent children for political propaganda by attacking hero Robert Spencer and other heroes who write and speak to warn of the great dangers of Islam. It is incredibly evil.

    The elites seek to silence all those who warn – they seek to put to sleep an unsuspecting public. The elites brought in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants into Europe, UK and other countries. Exactly why would they do that when the Koran teaches that jihad is an obligation for every Muslim?

  • LindaRivera

    When I read about this tragedy I was stunned and deeply shocked that this monster attacked and murdered the children for a FULL NINETY MINUTES. How could such a length of time take place before the authorities arrived? This is a first world country with a modern police force and modern military. The nation's children were under attack. If the police were experiencing any kind of problem to carry out a rescue and stop the dreadful carnage, why were the military not called in immediately?

    Why were their neighbors, close European countries not contacted immediately asking for help?

    The world has a long tradition where in emergencies such as fire, floods and earthquakes, etc. other countries immediately send teams to help the country suffering an emergency.

    If I were the parents of the slain children, I would spend the rest of my life seeking an answer as to why this monster was able to murder the children for a FULL NINETY MINUTES.

  • john

    Its amazing all these people attacking Spencer without actually analyzing what Spencer says.

    • zsqpwxxeh

      Not all that amazing, John.

  • Steeloak

    They are not paid to read his work, only to spew the propaganda they are given to disseminate.

  • UCSPanther

    Not you again, VNN vermin.

  • ObamaYoMoma


    As I’ve said in other threads on this site, people are conflating jihad with terrorism. Nevertheless, jihad and terrorism are really two entirely different things altogether.

    Terrorism always involves extreme violence only, is usually directed against civilian non-combatants for any number of political causes, and is always perpetrated by political extremists.

    However, in stark contrast to terrorism, jihad can be both violent and non-violent, is always directed against unbelievers, either civilian non-combatants or military combatants, is always committed in the cause of Allah and only by MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS as opposed to extremists, as is in the case of terrorism.

    Indeed, the sixth and most important pillar of which Islam stands makes it an obligatory duty in Islam for each and every Muslim to fight jihad in the cause of Allah.

    The sixth and most important pillar of Islam doesn’t make it an obligatory duty only for extremists to fight jihad in the cause of Allah or an obligatory duty only for radicals to fight jihad in the cause of Allah. Instead, the sixth and most important pillar of Islam makes it an obligatory duty for ALL MUSLIMS to fight jihad in the cause of Allah, no exceptions.

    Therefore, in stark contrast to terrorism and per the sixth and most important pillar of Islam, only MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS fight jihad in the cause of Allah, as terrorism and jihad are two entirely different things altogether that more often than not are conflated together as being the same thing.

    In addition, the most important difference between jihad and terrorism is that jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, can also take place via non-violent means. In fact, the non-violent varieties of jihad relative to the violent varieties of jihad take place exponentially far more prevalently. Indeed, it’s not even close.

    However, because jihad and terrorism are conflated together as being the same thing, especially the violent varieties of jihad, the non-violent varieties of jihad, on the other hand, take place completely undetected and unopposed, and this manifestation is analogous to the West being oblivious to Soviet espionage during the Cold War. Had the West been oblivious to Soviet espionage during the Cold War the same way it is to the non-violent varieties of jihad, today the West would be a slave to the Communist State and most people would be worked to death in Soviet gulags.

    A few examples of non-violent jihad that takes place completely undetected and unopposed would be mass Muslim immigration to the West for the purpose of demographic conquest, the bribing of thousands of college and university Middle East Studies Departments throughout Europe and the USA via large financial donations in order to whitewash Islam and to keep the truth hidden, the invention of Islamophobia as a new kind of political correctness to silence and marginalize anyone and everyone trying to expose the truth about Islam, raising millions of dollars in the West via Islamic charities under false pretenses for the purpose of financing violent jihad, and fomenting hatred and violence via lies, libels, slanders, and innuendos against Israel, America, the West, and all unbelievers.

    Meanwhile, there are no examples of non-violent terrorism since terrorism as opposed to jihad doesn’t employ non-violent means.

    Finally, for every terrorist attack that takes place somewhere in the world, roughly 15,000 violent jihad attacks take place. Meanwhile, our DHS is blowing hundreds of billions of dollars focusing 100 percent only on preventing terrorism while eschewing racial profiling like the plague, as it conflates terrorism with violent jihad, at the same time the non-violent varieties of jihad in the USA takes place completely undetected and unopposed.

    • Anamah

      Extraordinary! Thank you ObamaYoMoma, accurate and very well said. I would like to copy it if you do not mind…

      • ObamaYoMoma

        By all means, please do.

    • Jhon of Indonesia

      A very thorough analysis indeed! Non-violent/Stealth Jihad is the most dangerous type of Jihad, if nothing be done to prevent stealth jihad, you might wake up one day to find yourself become a slave of a muslim.

      As much as muslims hate minority like us(chinese, indian, sikh), they loath jews and the west most!. One day when they become master of the west, the fate of the whites(specially the 'Great Satan' USA) will be under their beheading swords. Wake up before too late!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I wish one of you bigots would explain to me how the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 can be construed as a Jewish terrorist attack, especially since the King David Hotel was the British military headquarters and the various Jewish militias were legitimately rebelling against the Brits because the Brits had been betraying their mandate and the Jews since the very beginning. Not to mention also that the Brits were also warned before hand of the impending attack.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Sorta like what the Palestinians are doing with the jews, right?

      No, not quite. Sort of like Americans rebelled against the Brits during the American Revolutionary War.

  • guest

    I've heard Spencer and Geller use the Bealtes analogy a few times now since Oslo, which means they have the same handler. Big surprise. The analogy doesn't work though, if you think about it (I know, a big "if")

    First, Manson based on actions based on what he imagined was in the song lyrics, and on allegedly secret messages. The Beatles were largely apolitical except for vague pro-"peace" positions. Spencer and his cabal are not cryptic, there is no need to decipher their "lyrics". The only apparent difference btw. them and the killer is a difference of tactics, not analysis or even strategy. And Islamophobia and xenophobia continue to spread across the "civilized" world these differences will shrink. I would bet that at this stage most of the cabal, for example, favor preventative detention and internment camps, but are not quite ready to come out and say it. They will soon enough unless we chase them back under their rocks,

    Second, the Beatles had talent.

    The reality is ideology is directly linked to action. It is not true that the cabal is responsible for the killer's actions in any legal sense. They can't and shouldn't be arrested, for example, for what they've said and written. But they are intimately and directly tied into the movement to which the killer also belongs. They are in fact leaders in that movement, and there is well established precedent to address leaders who don't themselves carry out, or even explicitly give orders for, actions.While we cannot yet tie words to actions in a legal sense, at least in this case (there are others where we can), we can certainly treat the cabal as the leaders of a movement with violent tendencies that is likely to grow to be a bigger more destructive problem if we don't act. The gatherings in Oslo post attack are a great example of our numbers and power. The cabal has nothing to match that even at their strongest.

    • zsqpwxxeh

      And what's your opinion of the jihad?

      Practically everything you wrote is nonsense. Analogies don't have to embody perfect correspondence. Manson misinterpreted Beatles lyrics; Breivik misinterprets Spencer's columns. Both Manson and Breivik are 100% responsible for their actions. Breivik called for killing Muslims (although he killed non-Muslims, go figure); Spencer has not. Spencer is not tied into the movement (if any) that the killer represents. And so on.

      But the Beatles did have talent. We agree on that.

      • guest

        You have to be in seriously deep denial to write that the killer and Spencer aren't part of the same movement. Their analysis of "the problem" is identical, hence the killer's many references to Spencer. Where they appear to differ is in action, one openly advocates (and carried out) butchery, the other one does not. But their diagnosis is the same. The killer did not misinterpret Spencer, he chose to act on Spencer in ways Spencer and his kind is not willing to condone. Ditto the English Defense League and all of the other hate groups now busy backpedaling. if you really want to pursue this I ask that you point to any key differences in how the two differ in analysis.

        • zsqpwxxeh

          Seriously Deep Denial–that sounds worse than Denial.

          If you agree with someone's views, and you do something bad that someone does not advocate, how is that someone in any way responsible? If I agree with the Democrats and then I slaughter a bunch of Republicans criticized by Democrats, the Democrats are culpable, right? Because you see, I don't differ at all from the Dems' analysis…

          You do realize that you are committing a logical fallacy here, don't you?

          • zsqpwxxeh

            And what do you think of the ol' jihad, by the way?

    • Jhon of Indonesia

      Did you mean when one day a left wing extremist massacred right wing youths I can tied his action to your post here also?.

      Btw, Robert Spencer warn us about the danger of Islam, not one word about violence toward muslims and absolutely not about leftist like you at all. If Breivik really hate muslims he whould be murdered muslims not fellow Caucasian Norwegians, and would a muslim hater considered to ally with Al-Qaeda to conquer Europe? you need to explain to me or I won't be convince by words.

  • mcrobbins

    Most of the cultural elite assume that religiosity, particularly Christianity and Judaism, are a form of nihilism following Nietzsche. This proposal is an inversion of how conservatives define the term. Yet what has the secular utopia brought but the apotheosis of power, libido, and despair? What is filling the rarified air of the moral vacuum and the ennui of Western Europe, but the rise of anarchic extremism on both sides of the political spectrum. The hard left has worked overtime scrubbing the public square of any influence of Christianity and Judaism.

    However, isn't Christianity and Judaism, when truly believed and practiced, an antidote that prevents political thought from morphing into fascism, virulent nationalism, and communism? Each religion teaches boundaries of human behavior and the sacredness of human life.

  • mcrobbins

    I have read books by Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, and Brigitte Gabriel. None of these writers advocate violence. All three advocate human freedom. Yet all three have been smeared in the last few weeks even before the Norway attacks. Has the journalistic standards of the mainstream media descended to the standards of the screeds and conspiracy theories circulating in the Middle East? It doesn't have to be true or logical, just a verbal Molotov cocktail tossed into the camp of one's opponents. What is the motive? To discredit.

    • guest

      The killer advocated "freedom" too, and acted in defense of what he (and Spencer, Pipes, etc.) see as a mortal threat to that freedom. The difference is one of tactics, not ideology. If you want to be very generous you could say it's a difference of morality as well, the killer believing anything is legitimate given the nature of the threat, Spencer and crew believing the response must be constrained based on a set of humanist values. Given their vigorous support for military action and friendly dictators in Muslim countries, that kills countless civilians, involves torture, etc., i don't buy that argument, but it can be made.

      • mcrobbins

        Breivik's screed reminds me of a cheap imitation of Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium. Yockey was the post-war fascist "philosopher" who was influential among the European far right. Yockey sympathized with the people who he despised like the communists of the Eastern Block. (I guess totalitarian birds of a feather flock together.) What Yockey despised more were the liberal democracies of Western Europe and the United States. Breivik is reported to have been sympathetic to the tactics of the Islamists. I would say he was inspired by them. He only advocated "freedom" for his own group with his particular political persuasion.

  • Ghostwriter

    Thank you Mr. Spenser for your denunciation of that slimeball Breivik. This man deserves whatever happens to him and whatever condemnation is appropriate. Breivik is a beast and deserves to be treated like one.

  • Anamah

    We owe so much to Robert Spencer. He show the reality as it is, you can take it or not but is a very important tool to understand the situation we are in.

  • Amused

    I have read Spencers Blog since it's inception . And NEVER ONCE , has he advocated violence of any sort against any one.I challenge anyone to read through the archives of Jihad Watch and find even a subltle incitation to violence .Spencers estimations of islam, it's tactics and ultimate goals , are dead on target .His expertise in Q'uranic verse exceeds that of most muslims .Spencer exposes an ideology through scholarship in several diciplines .Muslims hate him because he puts their noses down in their dogma , which in many [ or all ] cases they are reluctant , even adamant to admit , for to disagree with Spencer is to deny the words of their own book .Spencer is indeed BLAMELESS if some maniac decides to kill .

  • Amused

    oh …and DUHSHAWN , Spencers not a Jew . And if he was , you'd have MORE to worry about .

  • sharpsrifle

    Take your mouth off the crack pipe. This was the act of a psychopath, not a "Mossad false-flag operation."

  • Jhon of Indonesia

    Robert, I am your constant reader, sometime I post at JihadWatch as Mobasher. Not many people have the gut to confront Islam like you did and still do, live as a minority in an Islamic nation is difficult and full of wariness and it is rare voice like who give us(minority) some comfort. The apathy and ignorance and bias of the western medias are one of the source of despair to the minority in islamic countries.

    We only hope the western media will report the suffers we have to bear under the persecution by muslim majority, but what we found in the headline news of media like CNN and BBC and other liberal medias are only about muslims as if they have suffered numerously under the west, while reports about the oppression of minorities in islamic nations are minuscule and reported as if the minority are at fault.

    Meanwhile muslims in the west often held conversations in online forums with their native country's coreligionist, I often read their comments in many forums, when they talk about the islamization of the west, like in britain, the native muslims talk encouragingly, the western muslims talk grinningly and gleefully. And I read it sorrowfully, because if Europe and USA were to fall into the hands of muslims there won't be a place for minority like me to run to in perilous times, I have two daudhters, the fate of women (both muslim and non-muslim) in the hand of Islam are bleak and gloomy, I have to prepare an escape route for them one day, but where to escape if Europe and USA have become an islamic country too?, riots and pogrom are destined to occur again in my daughter's time, it had happened in my father's time and it happened in mine, and even now many Chinese afraid it will happen again soon, there are signs of it now, muslims commenter in forum and news do not hesitate to threaten us with another May'98, they blame us chinese for the corrupt government(where 100% of them are pribumi/native) and corruption issues are worsened in daily basis.

  • zack

    spencer, you called yourself scholar? But you are jerk

  • Flipside

    In order to steal something it would first have to be desirable. This is like saying Breivik stole herpes. He contracted neoconservatism and racism. He didn’t steal it. It’s an intellectual social disease. He rubbed his head on Spencer’s brain magnet until his head got magnetized. He dumbed himself down until at last he could commit butchery. He ate lotus here and smoked assassination weed until he was high enough on hatred to shoot children. He laundered his brain money in Spencer’s bodega.