Fox News Serves Up Taqiyya

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Saima Sheikh is media communications leader for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Ahmadiyya, of course, are considered heretics by mainstream Muslims for their belief in “the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani” – the 19th century religious leader whom the Ahmadis consider a prophet, in defiance of the Koran’s claim that Muhammad is the “seal of the prophets” (33:40). Saima Sheikh doesn’t mention this all-important fact in her Thursday op-ed for, “A Muslim-American Woman Reacts to Obama’s Ground Zero Visit and Bin Laden’s Death.” Instead, she gives the impression to unwary and uninformed non-Muslims that some eminent Muslim authority has declared violent jihad un-Islamic. In reality, it is in part for that declaration that Ahmadis are being ferociously persecuted today in Pakistan and Indonesia, and the governing authorities do not even consider them to be true Muslims.

Sheikh begins: “It has been four days since we learned that the infamous Usama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda and the most wanted man in the world has been killed. I would like to thank the brave United States Navy SEALS. As an American-Muslim woman, I am happy that justice has finally been served.”

So in the headline Saima Sheikh is a “Muslim-American,” and in her first paragraph she is an “American-Muslim.” Have you ever seen anyone refer to a “Christian-American” or a “Jewish-American”? Of course not. There are Americans who are Jews and Americans who are Christians, but neither group uses such terms, because there is nothing about either faith that precludes or qualifies one’s allegiance to the United States. These hyphenated terms, all of which are corrosive to national unity, as Theodore Roosevelt pointed out long ago, are usually combinations of some other nationality with “American,” not a religion with “American.” By using these terms, Saima Sheikh, as well as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, imply that Islam is a kind of nationality, calling for a type of national allegiance, and so one may be a hybrid of Muslim and American, but one cannot be a Muslim and simply an “American.”

“I applauded President Bush’s remarks after 9/11,” Sheikh informs us, “and President Obama’s remarks Sunday night that ‘America will never be at war with Islam. Our war is not with Islam. Osama was never a Muslim leader. He was a mass murderer.’” She goes on to claim that “the word ‘Islam’ means peace and obedience.”

Actually, no. It means “submission.” And that is by no means the end of her deceptions. Sheikh continues:

As Muslims we are taught not to create disorder and to respect each other regardless of our faith. No true Muslim can do what Osama Bin Laden had done. There is no place for extremism of any kind in Islam. The Holy Quran clearly states “Whosoever killed a person…It shall be as if he had killed all mankind.” (5:33) and “when he is in authority, he runs about in the land to create disorder in it and destroy the crops and the progeny of man; and Allah loves not disorder.” (2:206)

Actually, Qur’an 5:32 (not 5:33, at least in most versions) doesn’t say that “whosoever killed a person…It shall be as if he had killed all mankind.” It says: “We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind.” “Corruption in the earth,” or the “disorder” that Saima Sheikh decries by invoking Qur’an 2:206, is punishable, according to the Qur’an, by crucifixion or amputation of the hands and feet on opposite sides (5:33). Osama made his case among Muslims by charging that the United States was spreading corruption in the earth, and thus was fair game. The jihadist movement rejects the charge that it is creating disorder by pointing out that warfare against unbelievers is mandated in the Qur’an (cf. 9:5, 9:29, 2:190-193; etc.), and thus to pursue that war is not to create disorder.

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  • Renee Rogers-Perry

    What really get me at Fox News is the attitude of not stirring up emotions with the radical Muslims but instead letting them have their way in order to keep the Muslims from rioting or hurting their sensibilities! This only allows them to think they have control over us! The Leftists already think we are the reason that the Muslims hate us because we incite their hatred! Hogwash! Thei religion is a religion of hatred!

    • Cregg

      "Not stirring up emotions with the radical Muslims…" is hitting the nail on the head. Did you see O'Really's segment on the Christian killings as a result of a Qu'ran burning in Florida? O'Really blamed the Qu'ran burner because he is neither a Patriot or a Pinhead; he is a Pussy!

    • squirrely

      I agree with you that we have to pacify these people so they won’t kill us bull, they’re already doing that behind our backs in this country living among us. I also want to say that Whites in this country (which I am) have to pacify Blacks so they don’t riot, steal ,plunder, commit arsen and all the other good stuff that comes along with anything that doesn’t go your way. In Florida they just arrested Zimmerman only after all mostly Blacks held their protests and got idiots like JJ and Sharpton to help incite more racial violence not to mention our illegal Mulim Prez-he just had to get his mug on tv once again and add his two no sense cents! The first prosecutors in the case didn’t feel there was cause to charge Zim but, now in fear of riots the White authorites scared to death bring charges. I wonder why the Whites didn’t riot after OJ got away with murder-maybe being more civilized has somethinf to do with it . I hope Zim gets aquitted-then you wait and see “there will be riots in Sanford, Fl because, the blacks will not have gotton their way.

  • Akber Choudhry

    I didn't think I'd live to see this day – media Islamophobes castigating the Ahmadiyya Islamophobes. I know I'll get some abusive comments below, but the Ahmadiyya drivel does more to hurt the Muslim cause, and they are to Muslims what Mormons are to Christians. They've tried very hard to get on the King committee but to no avail, now they've got a home at Fox and HuffPost.

    After the death of Osama, I give Islamophobes another 5 years before their propaganda will die out and become irrelevant. The world has seen Muslims societies rise up against injustice and unjust rulers propped up by the West, the same unjust rulers that Osama railed against. His strategy of weakening the West to get rid of these proxy rulers may have been wrong, but at least he, and his critics, brought the issue to the forefront.

    So, some advice to Mr. Spencer, find another career, as Islam-bashing hey-days are over. And please keep criticizing the Ahmadiyya — made my day :)

    • ahmed johnson

      As an Apostate of Islam, I can tell you Islam is a lie! Liars created those Satanic Verses, and Muslim liars deceive the uninformed – like con-artist or dishonest used-car dealers. Political correctness keeps us in the dark; which is where Islam seeks to push all the world,

      This war has no end as long as Islam breathes. You haven't seen anything yet.

      • aspacia

        Yes, I periodically I peruse Faith and Freedom, a very insightful site.

    • ahmed johnson

      Furthermore…there is NO such thing as Islamophobia. This too is a crafty lie of the Muslim. Given the truth of history – that Islam has swept the world with a sword and bathed all the lands in blood; that Muslim scholars et al have always called Rome their enemy, and how Islamic hordes have invaded, pliaged Western lands: Islam stole Judea, Stole Egypt, stole Turkey – all Christian/Jewish lands. Now they are colonizing the West…so it is as absurd to say that a Christian or jew can be an "Islamophobe", any more than a Jewish person can be a "naziphobe". Our reactions to the assualt by Islam is true and just. I pray that you burn on Doomsday, Muslim.

    • aspacia

      LOL, most of the West and Israel are watching and waiting like the the Cheshire Cat, while Muslim power-hungry groups massacre each other. In five years, the seams will fray and shred, in another five, millions of Muslims will be dead. As you weaken each other, we will grow stronger. History supports my claim, look at Israel and its technological advances. Now look at the rest of the also artificially carved Middle-East. It is totalitarian and intolerant. Israel allows all faiths to vote, it allows gays into its military, women have equal rights.

      Spencer speaks facts, you practice taqiyya and do not refute one of his claims. Instead, you practice fallacious ad hom attacks.

    • davarino

      The unjust rulers propped up by the West were put there to keep you backwoods retreads from killing the rest of us as mandated by your "prophet".

      No, you guys have been spinning your wheels trying to kill everyone else in the world and not modernizing. Once your oil profits dry up you will just be a bunch of back water nomads with nothing to show for it.


    • annem040359

      Hate to burst your bubble but the Arab/Muslim "spring" is a "passing phase", it will not last.

    • bdouglasaf1980


      I think I will bash is-shame, is-lame, islam today.

    • umustbkidding

      What the world sees is that most every where there is violence in the world Muslims have their hand in it.

    • kafir4life

      I have a serious question for you akber, about your pedophilic "prophet", the madman you call mohamat. When he shat the contents of the koran, your terror guide during a bout of intestinal distress following sex with and a meal of a pig (much like his daddy did to create "the perfect man"), did he use little rocks to wipe his butt? And when those rocks grew up, use them to kill a half buried women, and when those rocks grew up, stuck them in a big black box that is in the land of the muslims?

      Is that the guy?

  • Alexander Gofen

    "American-Muslim" is simply an oxymoron! The propaganda goes out of its skin for decades to legitimize this grotesque and to make us believe as though islam was what the Founders envisioned in the 1st Amendment for America!

    It is just craziness pushed as normalcy. Before the leftist had overtaken the West, everybody understood that every nation of the world and of the West has its unique national identity expressed first of all as the national religion, which for America has been Christianity and Judaism.

    We are doomed if we do not return to that starting point: to sanity. "Muslim" means "un-American" because of at least three reasons:

    1) Islam is un-American as a religion and politic.
    2) Islam is foreign to our identity;
    3) Any Moslem ought to be aware that America is a Christian nation, therefore he/she has no business even coming here with the goal to stay Moslem.

    Wake up America! Rid of Islam until it is not too late!  

    • Danny

      Oops, you said America is a Christian nation. Get with the new right-wingnut program, man. The old bigotry was to say that America was for Christians only (and before that, for white Christians only, and before that for white Protestants only) but now the bigots have finally welcomed us Jews into their fold, at least for now. That is, until we're no longer useful to them and they can safely return to their roots.

      • Mustafa Ba'ath

        Societies evolve, schmuk. People learn from past mistakes. Maybe you should try it one day.

        • Danny

          Maybe you should too.

        • Eddie

          Societies do. Islam doesn't. People make mistakes. Islam does not accept that muslims make mistakes. Check you house before pointing at others.

      • davarino

        Last I checked Jews werent trying to kill the rest of us for not joining up.

      • bdouglasaf1980

        Unfortunately, Jews are bending over backwards to align themselves with their enemies resulting in their demise. There are a few out there with their heads out of their behinds. Hopefully, more will come around before they doom themselves.

      • Alexander Gofen
    • Alexander Gofen

      This (Danny) is an example of some American Jewish craziness: to defend islam in America in order just to be not a single religious minority in a predominantly Christian nation. As though another religious minority here (islamic!) makes the position of Jews more "secure". These Jews are blind to see what happens when this islamic minority overpowers the Jewish minority…


  • Gunner57

    We have to stop using the term "radical" when speaking of Muslims or Islam. Muslims, those who believe in the Islamic texts namely the Koran, the Hadiths and Sira do not belong here – no exceptions. If you are a Muslim then you must believe that the evil, murderer, rapist Muhammad is someone to be emulated.

    We must eradicate Islam from our country or we will perish.

  • Amused

    Rupert Murdoch is a "tool " for islam , as he seeks to expand his media empire in the middle -east .But as long as he supplies "the pablum " of Obama Hate Syndrome " ,America's morons will conveniently ignore this . After all , WHAT is more important ? Recognizing and dealing with the very real existential threat of islam ? …….or hating and denigrating Obama ?

  • jacob

    I proudly tag myself as an Islamophobe.

    I consider,same as we tag Communism and similar fascist creeds as enemies of
    the country, because they advocate the destruction of its form of govmt. by force and
    violence and ISLAM might have variations but it is the same thing with the same

    It might be "Politically Incorrect" but it is better if we understand each other and cut
    out the finesses that only confirm our positions.

    I admire Mr SPENCER because he calls it the way it is and I don't believe there is a
    single Muslim, either a Phd or Ayatollah, capable of debating with him anhything on
    the subject, unless he/her takes shelter, the way ALL Muslims do when realizing they
    lost the discussion, in repeating their "ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE" mantra


  • jacob

    As to the reference of FOX NEWS giving platform to one Muslim tendency, it reminds
    me that Mr. O'REILLY's opinion of OBAMA changed almost radically after he
    interviewed him…

    OBAMA seems to exert some power on people akin to snake charmers, as proven
    not only by this but by political adversaries turning 180 degrees affer a ride on Air
    Force One.

    Perhaps a phrase would suit these people like ring to finger :

    There was a writter who fiercely adversed certain politician but after getting from him certain gift, when asked why did he change his position, he stated that before he saw
    only his profile whereas now he sees him full face …

    It matches that it is not that the horse is so thin you can play harp on his ribs…
    It is that the fat inside pushes the ribs outwards….

  • merlco

    Amen, Jacob. Seems like the person who dominates the 8pm slot has the 'spinless view'. People on other slots are defended, in a 'trashy' way. Actually Bill's slot is popular on because it is made out to be enertainment, not news… but views.

  • OLJingoist

    Bill O'Reiley has become the village idiot.
    It is not entertaining to watch him walk the fence and be insulting if he disagrees, nor is he entertaining.
    I have moved away from Fox and have to work real hard to stay informed, but found more of the truth about the news happening around the world. Don't rely on showmanship for news.

    • bdouglasaf1980

      Agree totally

    • Dan

      Correctamente! I first started watching ole Bill in the mid/late 1990s and he was quite the novelty. But then after about 10 years or so he began to go native (as in New York based media native). His mantra was to be "an objective (professional) journalist". Now he is to the point that he is afraid not to be accepted (and get the big interviews to remain "relevant"). Thus, he is enjoying the downward bend of the law of diminishing marginal utility. He is of simply no use.

    • tagalog

      Bill O'Reilly is a COMMENTATOR, not a journalist. He was once a journalist, but isn't any more. Somehow people just get all wet-brained when it comes to the Fox News Channel. There are several news shows anchored by the likes of Shepard Smith, Megan Kelly, and Gretchen Carlson, that report the news, and several shows of commentary like Hannity, O'Reilly, and what's his name, the guy with the blackboard.

      If you don't like Fox News, don't watch it, but don't confuse commentators with newscasters. They aren't the same, although the mainstream media have commentators who claim to be reporting the news without the distinction being made that Fox News makes by giving commentators different shows than the journalists. Dan Rather, George Stephanopoulos, and Katie Couric spring immediately to mind. Not to mention the "moderators" like Christine Amanpour and Bob Schiefer.

  • bdouglasaf1980

    I long since gave up watching the Factor. You also have to recognize the fact that the Saudis have bought into the Fox News network and have a vast holding there.

  • tagalog

    The Arabic word "salaam" means "peace." The word "Islam" means "submission,"
    from "aslama," to surrender, resign oneself. So the only sense in which "Islam" would mean "peace" is in the sense of "surrender."

    I think it's the Bible that recognizes that form of "peace." Doesn't the Bible say, "They have made a desert and called it peace"? Oops, I guess not; it seems to have been the Roman Tacitus who said that.

  • steven l

    It is not peace and obedience but peace as the result of blind, imposed or self-imposed obedience.
    No freedom of thought!
    Islam will deal with non-believers either by means of physical or "intellectual" violence.
    The modus operandi for Islam is violence.
    Tks Saima Sheikh for clarifying this point.

  • Alexander Gofen

    TG Browning just exemplifies how far brain washing has succeeded in this country:

    • Fluff

      I will fight against Christian Sharia as hard as I will fight against Islam. This country was based on freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion. Our forefathers specifically did NOT name one religion. They did name God and they wanted us all to pursue our religions of choice. The distinction that this is not a Christian nation was expressed in the Treaty of Tripoli, our first overseas battle and the beginning of our war with Islam.
      This is a Christian nation only in as much as the majority of people in it are Christian. What is most sacred about this nation is the separation of church and state. If we lose that, we are doomed.

      • TG Browning

        Agree totally.


    • Alexander Gofen

      This (Fluff) too exemplifies how far brain washing has succeeded in this country

      The expression "separation of church and state" was introduced by Marx and Bolsheviks.

      Even if "This is a Christian nation only in as much as the majority of people in it are Christian", isn't it our duty to preserve it as such?In your distorted world view too it is obvious that Moslems do not belong here…

      • TG Browning

        Are you still on your meds? [ADHO: I know. sorry. but sometimes you just have to … ]

        1: expression of "separation of church and state" did not come from Marx or the Bolsheviks. It was first used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to someone, I don't recall who right now. Check Bartlett's Quotations if you don't believe me and after that, do some serious thinking about the possibility that some of what you apparently believe is an out-right lie.

        2: …. isn't it our duty to preserve it as such? In your distorted world view it is obvious that [Moslems] do not belong here…

        What in bloody blue blazes does the above mean? How can you possibly know anything about Fluff's world view since it's not come up.

        Alexander, look at what you've been writing. The bulk of it is a personal attack which is about as weak an argument as you can get. You know as well as I do that when a person has been reduced to name calling or threats, that person has pretty much conceded the discussion.

        Calm down a bit and come up with something that actually has some point on topic.


    • TG Browning

      Read your link. A whole bunch of speeches. Did not see even one quote from either the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution. No quote(s) from written essays by either John Quincy Adams or James Madison, both of whom were primary sources for much of the individual state constitutions.

      Until you can point out ANY constitutional law enacted, you have no basis for your argument.


      • Alexander Gofen

        You (Mr. Browning) will find a lot of quotes for example in the two specialized issues of Whistleblower magazine, Vol. 12, 2003, ##7 and 11: #11 appropriately titled "The Myth of Church-State separation".

        You are confused: not "Separation of church and state", but the expression "The wall of separation" originates in a letter of Washington, yet it meant not what you wish it to mean (as though America must have no particular religious identity!) No sane person then ever doubted that America's religious identity is Christian! Washington meant only that America does not belong to only one particular brand of Christianity.

        And yes, the expression (and practices) of "Church-State separation" did come from Bolsheviks! I had read and learned those sources then back in USSR!

        And yes, what Fluff had expressed did reveal part of his views which are distorted: moreover insane. For only insane and deeply brainwashed people may claim as though their own country has no religious identity and welcomes islamic "identity".

        • Danny

          letter from Jefferson actually (, not Washington, oh great scholar of American history.

          Count me as insane and/or deeply brainwashed since I take pride in my country's identity as a bastion of freedom and republican democracy, not one of Christianity or any other religion for that matter. And as long as one's religious practices don't conflict with that identity, they're welcome here. And if that excludes Moslems who believe in honor killings and other barbaric practices, so be it.

          Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

          • Alexander Gofen

            I am sorry for misquotation the name of Jefferson. The complete reasoning "How Courts Invented Church-State "Wall of Separation"" is found in an article David Barton

            Yes, and this expression "Wall of Separation" had nothing to do with the leftist dream as though Christianity (and Judaism) do not comprise the American national identity.

            And the idea of "separation of church and state" does originate in Marx/Lenin/Bolsheviks. Although not being a scholar of American history, I am a scholar of the Soviet history. That helps me very well to recognize the fellow travelers of that Soviet doctrine in America.

            This "country's identity as a bastion of freedom and republican democracy" is a consequence of the Judeo-Christian – not any other in the world – identity. Everyone whom Judeo-Christian identity of America makes uncomfortable does not belong here.

          • TG Browning

            Where to start.

            >> And the idea of "separation of church and state" does originate in Marx/Lenin/Bolsheviks. Although not being a scholar of American history, I am a scholar of the Soviet history.

            Okay. This is nonsense.

            How can you possibly state that something is true, that it "originated" with some particular movement, and, at the same time, blithely state you're not up on American history — when we're talking about American history? Last time I checked, Karl Marx was born AFTER the establishment of the United States.

            Doesn't such reasoning make you uncomfortable? It certainly would me.

            Implicit in the above is the assumption that Fluff, Danny or I have no firm knowledge of Soviet history which is kind of a leap. You have no indication one way or the other on any off us. It happens that I've done quite a lot of reading on Soviet history, if one counts all of Solzhenitsyn with a dollop of Marchenko, Ginzberg, Mandelstam, Akhmatova, Gorky, and a lot of mainstream Soviet writers. (Cripes, I deserve a bloody medal for wading through Fydor Gladkov and his aptly named novel "Cement")

            Will you at least concede that someone can love this country and not be a Christian? It happens a lot. Your seeming hatred for anybody who isn't a "rah-rah-rah" Christian kind of limits any discussion. You're arguing emotions — which has a valid place is such discussions, but you're blowing smoke when you try to make any sort of logical argument. It's pointless to try.

            For your information, before you start looking for other things to sling my way, I have no love for communism, not much use for most socialism, own guns and thought Ted Kennedy was flaming idiot.

            I despise everything about Islam and count it as one of the biggest dangers to individual freedom that has ever existed.

            If you find you've got to label me with something you hate, search elsewhere.


  • Daniel

    Better a Fox than a trojan horse:

    "Al Jazeera Broadcasts From D.C."

  • alan g

    Normally, I agree with Mr. Spencer. I think he is mistaken about Fox. After all, Bridget Gabriel is consistently on Fox, whether it’s with O’reilly or Hannity. I don’t think she would be invited on as much if they didn’t want a fair and balanced approach.

  • tagalog

    Yes, Judaism and Christianity have been violent. Judaism has even been imperialistic just as Christianity has.

    The difference between Judaism and Islam is that the Jews to my knowledge have never been known to enslave other peoples and nations or to engage in forced conversion upon threat of death. Christians have engaged in forced conversions -although not as much as its enemies and those who enjoy membership in the herd of non-conformists claim – and have been imperialistic from time to time and place to place, depending on the nation involved.

    Islam differs from both Judaism and Christianity in a couple of fundamental ways. First, Muslims are enjoined to conquer the world for Islam and to put all those who will not bend before Islam to the sword. Neither Christianity (for centuries) nor Judaism (ever) does that. The forcing of conversions can be argued to be the responsibility of the political leaders, not the church.

    Neither Christianity nor Judaism preaches the goal of rule of the priests, as Islam does.

    The spread of Christianity is preached to be accomplished by persuasion. Judaism is to be preserved by preservation of the Chosen People. Islam is to kill all the unbelievers and then find peace among its own.

  • astra

    I'll cut your heads off first, pigs! I don't care what Mohamed worship cult branch you belong to. You want me to submit. To hell with you. I'll get you first. Already have!

  • Steve Chavez

    Let's stop beating around the bush! When it comes down to it, Muslims will be Muslims first and only first meaning that if we are attacked, or they are aware of an attack, by Muslims, they will support them before defending this country that gives them the freedoms they would never receive in Middle East countries! RELIGION FIRST OR COUNTRY FIRST?

    Do they say the Pledge at school, stand for the Star SB with both requiring their hand over their heart, before soccer games? I never thought of this but does anyone know the answer with proof like a photo? They can't complain like others about the Pledge that says "God" since they do believe in God! "Love it or leave it!" Would they defend it?

    Where are the screaming masses of "Muslim Americans" standing up for America? Are they fearful to stand up and speak up and shouldn't they just stand up to those who make them fearful? When I see them protesting on the Mall waving the U.S. Flag and thanking America for its freedoms and their freedoms, that we spread with our blood around the world and for Muslims, then I will hold their hand! Till then, I hold up my hands ready to fight for my country!

  • Amused

    As I said , Fox /Murdoch panders to arabs and islamists for the sake of securing markets in the M.E. Saudis do own a share in Murdoch's enterprises . You can write him off all you want , the addiction has already taken hold . Fox news is the Bible to Teabaggers and a good number of Repo-cons , Murdoch knows it , therefore feeds them a steady diet of what they want most to hear– Anti-Obama Rhetoric and Vitriol . Expect more sympathy for the devil from Fox Network .

    • betsp

      Obama is the devil's mouthpiece. Violent Muslims are a flea on the back of the bigger issue of Marxism in the USA. Once the liberal mushy thinking is exposed, all the rest will be easily dealt with. Did you realize the term 'teabagger' is a sexual slur and taints the rest of your post?

      • Amused

        Go back to your tv set and SWALLOW some more Fox Rhetoric . TEABAGGER -a sexual slur ??? In your warped and twisted mind maybe . Your brain is "tainted " with teabagger stains .

        • betsp

          Feel better now? I do watch TV. I saw Obama get an intellectual smackdown today….on Fox!

  • topperj

    I would hope that educated people could distinguish between the "news" on FoxNews and the commentary. Unfortunately, reading some of these comments makes me believe such is not the case. O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Greta, etc. are commentators presenting their views and interviewing news makers. The actual newscasts contain no such opinion, unless you hate Fox and believe it is the evil in the world.

    • Amused

      Oh my , you have to be the epitomy of naievity ! And no , thus far the "educated " can not distinguish between the "news " and commentary , there's more than enough proof of that here and elsewhere , unless of course the Fox audience is made up of the uneducated .
      BTW , you left out the "morning diet of propaganda and rhetoric with Ducey and his crew , and Napolitano , and the list goes on ….man you gotta be kidding yourself !

  • 77patriot

    Like many people, I find that more and more I am getting my news from the internet, not television. I watch Fox now and then, but not like I used to when the 2008 election was going on. __

  • Devon

    I would like to say one thing in defense of the Ahmadiyya community…they are truly a peaceful group of Muslims….they are not like the mainstream Sunnis and Shias who commit all sort of violence…beleive you me, I know about Islam…I have 2 friends that are apostates from Sunni Islam…but we musn't tar every muslim with a broad brush…the Ahmadiyyas, Ismailies, and Sufis amongst others are peaceful in their interpretation of Islam…..they do not take literally many of the harsher aspects of Orthodox Islam and that is too their credit.


    • Christopher

      The so called reformers of Islam are misguided at best and deceptive at worst. Their efforts should not be welcomed. Whatever their intention, whether genuine or malicious, they are pulling wool over the eyes of non-Muslims and as the result giving legitimacy to a very dangerous creed.
      Reforming Islam is impossible. It is either a dilution or a ruse. Jiahd is based on two pillars, war and deception. I don’t want anyone to be fooled by the soothing promises of Muslim reformers. Moderate Islam does not exist. It’s a myth.

  • patel

    The religion of peace in action again setting fire to a church in egypt and killing 12 people. Way to go islam !!!!!!!

    • betsp

      I'm going to assume sarcasm here, but if not the intent, then you must realize you are the problem.

  • afaoadmin

    Actually, yes, I have heard of people referring to Jews as "Jewish Americans" or "American Jews." This was a huge discussion in our youth group when I was growing up. Unfortunately it seemed that Jews were the the only people with such a dilema. I was taught this question was asked over and over by our "host" countries as our loyalty to those countries were questioned over and over again while at the same time "they" were kicking us out of one European country after another. I think it is ironic and a good question of Muslims whose only loyalty is really to Allah and the ummah.

    • Alan

      An "American-Jew" (or American-Muslim, American-Christian, etc.) is one who sees himself as a Jew first, and an American second — or more precisely, a Jew who happens to be an American. A Jewish-American is the reverse.

  • alexander

    "ALLAH AKBAR" shouting was omitted by all MSM, when reporting on Yemeni muslim banging on the cockpit door….Just heard on GlennBeck

    • Amused

      Oh , that's a reliable source !

  • Christopher

    Democracy means the government of people by the people. In Democracy men make the law. In Islam the law comes from God. Man must obey even if those laws appear contrary to reason and are oppressive.

    This is the reason why “moderate” Muslims cannot oppose stoning adulterers, killing the apostates or other abuses of their fellow practicing Muslims, and their protests do not go beyond a lip service, and that too is only for the consumption of the western media.

    Both Christianity and Islam underwent through reformation. They took similar paths, but they ended up in two opposite poles. While Christian reformation brought freedom, Enlightenment and democracy, Islamic reformation bore terrorism.

    Reforming Islam is impossible, but to transform it you need divine authority. Only God can change his words. Where is that divine authority? If you are allowed to pick and choose from the Quran, why Osama Bin Laden should not have the same right? Which Islam is the right Islam? Wouldn’t this lead to more division and fight among Muslims?

  • Philip

    Islam is a crime syndicate that practices criminal activity such as: murdering apostates who no longer wish to practice criminal activity of Islam like that mentioned above and below. Stonining women to death for adultery; hanging or cutting off the heads of homosexuals and lesbians; Honor Killing; Female Genital Mutiliation especially on little girls by sadistic Muslims; chopping off hands, feet and gouging out eyes of petty thieves, both male and female; lashing old women for flimsy reasons; raping underage little girls after a forced marriage; lashing underage little girls that try to run away from forced marriages with depraved, sinful Muslim male sex perverts; male sex perverts "marrying" several women, sometimes dozens. Polygamy is actually legalized adultery. Only Muslim males are allowed to commit legaized adultery when they "marry" several women and have sex with them. If women had sex with several men, they would be stoned to death for commiting adultery. Islam is the only religion that allows hypocrisy.

  • michiganruth

    tell you what: why don't you you give us some examples of Catholic suicide bombers or Jewish hijackers? show me where Presbyterians have slaughtered babies as they slept, or where Jews rioted and burned buildings because they were offended by a cartoon? or maybe a time where Baptists put a schoolteacher in jail because she offended their religious sensibilities by naming a teddy bear the wrong thing.

    sorry. Islam is the problem. and our problem is we're too PC to admit it.

  • Chris

    Humanity: "13 years of severe persecution in Mecca" really? While he may have been cursed and abused, understandable when he insulted and mocked the Meccans and their tradition of tolerance for those of any faith that would worship at the temple, and threatened them with slaughter and attempted to stop all except muslims from worshipping there. Even your own hadith confirms he was not physically harmed. And yet when the Meccans had finally had enough and forced him out, his followers were unaffected, were free to come and go and even allowed to settle his affairs and remove his property. The same can not be said for the Meccans that came into contact with him when he and his muslims were attacking and plundering meccan caravans or when he returned to Mecca with an army to sack it. Very religious behaviour.

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