Obama Throws Israel to the Dogs

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America is on the verge of abandoning its most reliable ally in the Middle East, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.

He began his betrayal with lip service to Israel’s concerns about defending itself from the relentless jihad that has been waged against it throughout the sixty-three years of its lifetime as a sovereign state: “For the Palestinians, efforts to delegitimize Israel will end in failure. Symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations in September won’t create an independent state. Palestinian leaders will not achieve peace or prosperity if Hamas insists on a path of terror and rejection. And Palestinians will never realize their independence by denying the right of Israel to exist.”

Yet after saying that “Palestinians will never realize their independence by denying the right of Israel to exist,” Obama called for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Yet neither Hamas nor Fatah have acknowledged Israel’s right to exist, and Obama did not make that acknowledgment a condition of the establishment of a Palestinian state. He was merely making an observation, akin to something like: “You’ll never get a good job by sleeping in the sun all day” – more on the order of a polite request, a mild nag, rather than a firm condition.

Obama also called for “two states,” explaining that “the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”

It was widely reported Thursday evening that Obama was calling for a return to the 1967 borders, but this is not the case. He actually called for the creation of a “sovereign and contiguous state” for the Palestinian Arabs, and said that “the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines.” Thus he wasn’t calling for a return to the 1967 lines, but new borders “based on the 1967 lines.”

There were, however, no 1967 lines in which Palestinian Arab territory was contiguous. For the territory of Palestine to be contiguous, that of Israel will have to be substantially reduced. Israel’s 1967 borders were indefensible, and Obama is calling for Israel to be reduced even further so that a contiguous Palestinian state can be established.

What’s more, Obama specified that the new Palestinian state should have “borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt,” while Israel should have “borders with Palestine.” The implication was that Israel, in Obama’s vision, will border on neither Jordan nor Egypt — only on “Palestine.” Yet currently Israel has substantial borders with both Jordan and Egypt. Obama was implying that his contiguous Palestine would comprise not just Gaza and Judea and Samaria, but large expanses of Israeli territory bordering on those two states.

That would leave a truncated, reduced Israeli rump state, reminiscent of the reduced and defenseless Czechoslovakia that remained after Neville Chamberlain fed the Nazi beast at Munich. And if Obama did not mean that the diminished Israel he envisioned would have no territory bordering on Jordan or Egypt, the establishment of a contiguous Palestinian state including Gaza and the West Bank would cut Israel in two: Palestine’s contiguous territory would come at the expense of Israel’s.

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  • muchiboy

    "You could open a burka factory with all those veiled threats."
    You take offense where none is meant,ziontruth.Another sign that maybe you are a tad bit too suspicious or maybe even paranoid.Of course,given your and our history to your people,maybe that's understandable.Still,it remains problematic if not a barrier to understanding,intentions and trust.You know of course I lived and fought in Rhodesia.Even so,I was observant enough to know that change was necessary and imminent.Indeed,all Zimbabweans were let down by the ruling black elite lead by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe.Not the outcome that Israeli's and Jews want to hear.But then Palestine was largely occupied and colonized by the Diaspora,followed by de facto ethnic cleansing.We can of course argue these points,but I stand by my accusations,more or less,and with important qualifications.i.e.the continuous Jewish Palestinian presence since Roman times.

    " survival of Israel to human beings rather than to Him."
    Your religious beliefs are of interest and relevant only in my understanding your motives and actions.Otherwise,like the Muslims and their beliefs,I mostly respect them
    where they do not conflict with my core human beliefs,but otherwise they are irrelevant to my opinions.

    "Let the Arabs with their over 20 states and the Muslims with nearly 60 states, in both cases covering a huge mass of land on the globe, ponder the true meaning of "land greed" (and paranoia as well–every children's doll from the West is a "Zionist conspiracy" with those guys) before they accuse anyone else of that."
    One could say that about any one people in say,Africa,Asia or Latin America.The truth is that we are talking about the Palestinian Arabs,not the Egyptians,Libyans,Saudis,etc.Your argument may be sincere but serves merely as a red herring and does not address the Palestinian issues.To be fair,we would have to make the same argument for the Jews,where they were citizens of numerous countries.The idea of a homeland for Jews (as for Palestinians,by the way) is not unreasonable,but when it came to the practical aspects of implementing that idea or dream,maybe it was unreasonable,given the impact on the Palestinians and the neighborhood and region.Unless,of course,you claim a God given right,but that argument will fall on deaf ears with me,ziontruth.muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "Of course,given your and our history to your people,maybe that's understandable."

      You keep claiming empathy with the Jews, yet you still exhort them to concede land to a society of savages. Yours are empty words.

      "The truth is that we are talking about the Palestinian Arabs,not the Egyptians,Libyans,Saudis,etc."

      All are Arabs. All are part of one nation, and one nation deserves only one state. This one nation has more than one state, meaning more than it deserve. Therefore, all grievances on the part of this nation are by nature illegitimate.

      "Your argument may be sincere but serves merely as a red herring…"

      My argument is the only one the anti-Zionists deserve. It is unjust and illegitimate to propose taking away portions of the little land the Jewish nation has.

      "The idea of a homeland for Jews (as for Palestinians,by the way) is not unreasonable,…"

      The Jews are the Palestinians, the only true Palestinians. Your so-called "Palestinians" are Arabs, part of the Arab nation, indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, settler-colonist land-grabbing invaders everywhere else.

  • muchiboy

    "My argument is the only one the anti-Zionists deserve. It is unjust and illegitimate to propose taking away portions of the little land the Jewish nation has."

    Oh. muchiboy

  • Fred Dawes

    its not courage its money obama get over $500,000,000 From the muslims. he has been well paid off.

  • Larry

    You have to be kidding. Obama claims to be A Christian but acts more like a Muslim. He will stand by or help in the destruction of Israel. He is the very worst American President Israel has to contend with. I can only pray that he will be a one term President.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    you are right ….. Obama is speaking what is the best interest of all middle eastern countries and helping them to make their dream of an islamic world come true. I thought he was the president of the US and looking for the best interest of the US and so far the islamic way of life and the Sharia are totally opposed to the US constitution

  • Stephen_Brady

    Courage? Did Hitler need courage to kill the Jews?

  • sodizzy

    how can it bring peace when israel always keeps its part and the arab world goes back on its word every time?

  • Jeff

    Are your crazy? Israel has restored the land and it is now productive. It was a waste land nobody called home before they returned. Besides, there is already a Palestine state, it's called Jordan. That land was given for peace with the Arabs in 1925 and how well has that worked?


    Hey Jim….your no too bright are you?

  • Viktoria

    how misguided car you be? there can never be peace with a group of people who want to wipe you out. It's their faith tradition that has them all blinded to actual truth.
    these poor fools have been brainwashed to hate almost from birth. they will never, ever give in. Wake up before its too late cuz they're coming here next! Do you even know what Islam is? What they believe? Get equipped for the big battle buddy cuz no one's gonna get left out of this one.

  • generalissimo

    Are you refering to that peace process that has been thwarted many times before in history? I know you don't care about it, but the state of "palestine" has been offered many times to the arabs and always rejected. They don't want a 2 state solution; they don't want Israel to have a state. All they do is bellyache about phoney grievances of apartheid and genocide from the Israelis, when it's their arab and muslim "brethren" who never even grant them citizenship on their countries and constantly remind them that palestinians are a "minority" even in other muslim countries.
    muslims never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The only thing that will ever pacify the middle East is the destruction of islam as a political construct, that denies alliances between muslims and non-muslims. Until those people shake off those ideas and become properly educated human beings, civically responsible and culturally responsible, then no peace will ever exist. Islam is a cancer that must be irradiated before it metastisizes to the rest of the world.

  • nocal

    Uh, no its not!

  • mhojai

    You should clarify that as "all MUSLIM countries"… don't expect Israel to expedite a "peace process" (read suicide pact) with anyone who openly advocates their ultimate extinction …
    How stupid do you have to be to think Obama has anyone's interest in mind but his own?!

  • Larry

    Just wondering if you happen to be an Arab or just a run of the mill anti-semite?

  • scum

    your'e so funny

  • MixMChess

    The truth hurts, huh?

  • wri7913

    Obama spent 1.3 Trillion in the first month of office. That's more than Bush spent in 8 years with two wars running. The fact that the 1.3 Trillion is still being spent on many things that have nothing to do with rejuvenating the economy leads me to believe that the 1.3 Trillion dollar bailout was a fraud and waste of money for the US Taxpayers.

    Now Geithner is scaring Americans again into believing that not raising the debt ceiling will cause of greivous harm. Meanwhile Obama is telling taxpayers we need to turn over our hard earned money to the people of Egypt so they can take their viva la revolucion and shove Islamic theocracy in our faces. The obama-trons just jump in line for more hope and change. Can it get any better than this?

    Now who's the idiot?

  • ziontruth

    "I’ll sign off on the Palestinian state (something that’s taken me a while to come around to) and I’ll sign off on the ’67 borders…"

    Appeasement of the Arab imperialist aggressor, in short. Why not? If it worked with the Sudeten-Germans, surely it's going to work with the Sudeten-Arabs.

    "…not for large settlements of right-wing extremists…"

    There are no settlements in Palestine except Arab settlements (Tulkarm, Bil'in, Umm el Fahm etc.). "Jewish settlement in Palestine" is a contradiction in terms, because the Jews are indigenous Palestinians. It'd be like saying "Dutch settlements in the Netherlands."