Obama Throws Israel to the Dogs

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Whatever Obama meant about Israel’s borders, the establishment of a Palestinian state will come at the expense of Israel’s security. It will not make for peace any more than the withdrawal from Gaza did. In those days the learned analysts were predicting that a withdrawal from Gaza would pacify the Palestinians and normalize their sick society. I said, in contrast, that it would just be another jihad base for more attacks on Israel. That’s what it became. And that’s what a Palestinian state would be also.

The Kuwaiti MP Jama’an Al-Harbash summed it up on Al-Jazeera on March 29, 2010. First he quoted the notorious genocidal hadith in which Muhammad predicts a Muslim genocide of Jews: “Allah willing, a war will be waged between us and them – the war foretold by the Prophet Muhammad: ‘Judgment Day will not come before you fight the Jews – with them on the west bank of the river, and you on the east bank – and the trees and the stones will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.’ This war is drawing near, Allah willing.”

With eerie prescience, al-Harbash then declared of the now-toppled regimes in the Middle East that “the countries of surrender and appeasement, and those who have forsaken the holy places and the land, in their efforts to cling to their seats and pass them on [to their sons] – they will be trampled underfoot by the mujahideen.”

Finally al-Harbash explained the nature of the conflict: “This is a war of religion, not just a war between Arabs and Israelis, or a war between liberators and occupiers. This is an ideological war, an Islamic war, which will end in victory only under the banner of Jihad.”

Those who believe that will not be pacified by the creation of a Palestinian state. They will not lay down their arms and accept Israel’s existence, even its truncated, bisected existence, because the Palestinians have statehood. Not only will they not be pacified; they will be emboldened – emboldened to fight on against their bloodied and weakened adversary. Emboldened to move in for the kill.

Obama’s Thursday address thus amounted to a betrayal of Israel, and an attempt to sign its death warrant. Binyamin Netanyahu immediately issued a statement saying that he was going to seek “a reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both Houses of Congress,” including commitments about Israel “not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines which are both indefensible and which would leave major Israeli population centers in Judea and Samaria beyond those lines.”

Will Obama honor this request? Unlikely. But it is good that it is going to be made. Netanyahu has made clear that Israel will not acquiesce to Obama’s betrayal and go gently into the night.

And so now more than ever, all free people must stand with Israel.

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  • http://www.boycottscotland.com Eddie

    Don't blame me. I dind't vote for Obama. I voted for McCain/Palin.

    Why? I didn't believe Obama when he said that after spending 20 years in Rev. Wrights "church", Obama said he never heard an anti-American speech from Rev. Wright, never heard about it from his wife, never heard about it from a fellow parishoner, never read about it in the church newsletter.

    Lying to the people BEFORE the election should have brought his campaign to an end.

    But some people are willing to believe ANYTHING their "messiah" tells them.

    • Fred Dawes

      McCain would be doing the same old BS.

      • Stephen_Brady

        No, actually, he wouldn't. He would have pushed for the 2-state "solution" (which I reject), but he would not have said that they "MUST" return to the pre-1967 borders.

        It wouldn't have been too much of an improvement over Obama, but we now know that anyone would have been better.

        Conservatives … not RINOs … are needed for real change.

        • Jim_C

          Why wouldn't he have? Bush and Clinton called for the same thing.

      • Ram

        I agree. Bush said the same.

        • nina

          Not exactly. All these presidents may have spken of exchange of territories but just as something which should be decided between the parties. What Obama did, is saying that these ideas have the imprimatur, that means the backing of the US, which is entirely different. Instead of leaving it to them to decide on what to agree, the US is not only taking part in the decision, but preconditioning the result of the talks. Of course we know that a. the Palestinians have no intention to talk peace with Israel as shown in countless instances, and especially now they are showing their hand by making an agreement with Hamas.

    • Jim Darlington

      Barack Insane Ubama tipped his hand, and openly incited and encouraged the Arab Jew-haters in their newest attacks on Israel.

      Everyone knew it was within the question of the Jew Problem that Ubama's true colors showed most clearly. There that his frothing ideologies most plainly obscured any hint of reason. There that his pretense to giving a flip about the appropriate comportment of a Head of State grew thinnest. And there, instead, where there most readily appeared the Arrogant Punk, that we've all come to know and loathe, so fondly.

    • Jim Darlington

      It was for Bibi's benefit that this madness was rushed into the Public Square, as an evident pre-emption to Netanyahu's planned speech before our Congress. All the posturing, as if to pretend that this administration were actually in alignment with historical elements of support for our ally, did nothing to hide the most unsurprising shock of all.

    • Jim Darlington

      Not two full days after the Facebook Intifada lead to simultaneous mob attacks on three of Israel's borders (precisely like the one that our gang of leftists helped engineer in Egypt, to take down Israel's one begrudging friend in the region), at a time when Israel is confronted with a series of events on the international stage that most plainly threaten her existence, when Islamists are on the march across the Middle East, while Ubama stands at their side hoisting the false flag of a rising "Democratic Movement", just now, this Punk searches out the perfect moment to offer up Israel on a platter to the frenzied hordes of Death Worshippers that he desperately hopes might come to adore him.

  • crackerjack

    If the legitimate borders were indefensible, the state of Israel should never have been created. Obviously, Israel was created with the firm intention of expanding its borders as soon as possible.
    Obviously, Arab apprehension and misstrust of Zionism was well found.

    • Leon

      You must be a troll … nobody could honestly be as stupid as you pretend to be .

      • SpiritOf1683

        Naziboy can be as stupid as Crackpot er I mean Crackerjack. After all, they're both Jew-hating fascists who should never have been given their Jewish-invented vaccines.

    • Harry

      You've obviously have not read much on the history of the creation of the state of Isreal. The Jews were bringing in money and health to a mostly unpopulated and pretty impoverished area of the world. There were Jews already in the area before the 1800's and even earlier than that. The land they bought was from rich Arabs who, in most cases, didn't even live in the area. It was because of a Jew who in WW1 contributed greatly to Englands defence that England promised to help establish the Jews back in their original homeland.

      • Harry

        It was the Jews in the area who helped the Allies and fought against Germany in the 2nd World War while the most of the arabs stood by rooting for the Germans. It was the businesses set up by the Jews that drew 100's of thousands of Arabs to the area because of work and who became Palestinians. It was the 500,000 Palestinian arabs that choose to get out of the way of the invading Muslim countries that swore to wipe Isreal off the map that created the refugee problem. It was the Muslim backlash against the Jews in Muslim countries that drove out 800,000 jews from Muslim countries into the protection that Isreal provided for them and the immigration of what was left of the European Jews that increased the population of the nation of Isreal. It was the 2nd invasion of the surrounding Arab nations that allowed Isreal to expand it borders.

        • Harry

          In none of these events was Isreal the perpetrator of hostilities. The arabs that stayed in Isreal have more freedoms and rights than the ones who left. The ones who stayed where assimalated into Isreal. The ones who left were denied any opportunity by every other Arab/Muslim nation.

          Arab apprehension and mistrust of Jews, christians and every other person was established by Muhammand and perpetuated by many other leading Muslim leaders since.

          Perhaps reading through Tarek Fatah's book "Chasing a Mirage" would give you a better idea of the annomosity inherent in the history of Islam.

    • Chezwick_mac

      CRACKERBOX: "Obviously, Israel was created with the firm intention of expanding its borders as soon as possible."

      Funny. Israel was created in 1948. It wasn't until 19 years later, when the Arab world was preparing for an aggression of annihilation, that Israel captured the West Bank, Sinai, and the Golan. One hell of a wait if you ask me…for a country with a birth-agenda of expansion.

      • scum

        When Israel started the War of 67?

        • MixMChess

          Scum is displayed his gross ignorance as usual. The leaders of every invading Arab army boasted that they started the War with Israel and that their goal was the "annihilation" of the Jewish state. The claim that Israel started the War is a PATENT LIE:

          On May 16, 1967, Egyptian President Gamel Abdul Nasser ordered the UN Emergency Force stationed between Israel and Egypt to evacuate the Sinai. Two days later the Voice of the Arabs proclaimed, "As of today, there no longer exists an international emergency force to protect Israel… The sole method we shall apply against Israel is total war, which will result in the extermination of Zionist existence."

          On May 22, 1967, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran, blocking Israeli supply lines. Every single legal scholar and international law expert has stated that this was a clear ACT OF WAR according to international law (violating the 1958 Geneva Convention guaranteeing the international status of straits that gave access to the high seas).

          In fact, Nasser stated, "We knew that the closing of the Gulf of Aqaba meant war with Israel… the only objective will be Israel's destruction."

          On June 4, 1967, Iraq joined the military alliance with Jordan, Egypt, and Syria, and approximately 250,000 Arab troops, more than 2,000 tanks and 700 aircraft ringed Israel poised for attack.

    • John

      And if Israel wanted to expand, all they'd have to do is take it. They haven't though have they, unless they're snuck upon and have all the cretans and reprobates in the Arab world attack them then scream like a bunch of 2nd graders when they get beaten and cry to the UN and any other sissy left winged liberal that they are mistreated. The Arab world and especially the Palestinians create and continue to create their own problems., The could live in peace with Israel, but they DO NOT want to. They get back what they send out. No sympathy here.

    • Viktoria

      hey cracker ever read a book? Study history? Geez get a clue already…

    • ziontruth

      "Obviously, Arab apprehension and misstrust of Zionism was well found."

      Any apprehension from a nation that possesses over 20 states spanning a great mass of the globe (while Israel's name has to be written on the Mediterranean sea on a globe), most of them well beyond its indigenous mandate (the Arabian Peninsula) is nothing but greed. Greed, covetousness, stinginess and an imperialist mindset reminiscent of a miser sitting on a sack of gold coins in fear of having a single coin go missing.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Essentially Obama is saying that Israel should expose it's neck to the radical Muslim scimitar and calls that a bold step for peace.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Except in reality the presence of a radical Islam and radical Muslims is a politically correct myth to hide the fact that the mainstream orthodox Islamic world is waging permanent and perpetual jihad against all unbelievers and not just Jewish unbelievers in Israel.

    • Bennya1

      Do you believe that history repeats its self?

      Only little difference this time is that Israel, will re-arrange the world map on that side of planet…….

      • SpiritOf1683

        It does, and we're seeing a re-run of the 1930s.

  • Jim Golden

    Anyone who thinks that by going back to 1967 borders will bring peace needs to have their heads examined! Are you blind, deaf and dumb? Who is the main backer of Hamas? Who wants Isreal blown off the map? Change the borders all you want, the rockets and attacks will never cease raining on Isreal! The Isrealis unfortunately are losing their only real ally in the world, all because of one man, elected by a self loathing nation of mis-led gooders, who felt the need to elect a half black black man, who knew nothing about this guy, who is placing our "ONLY" ally in the middle east's head on the guillotine. It saddens me to no end at what this nation has become!

  • Jim Golden

    Notice how I do not mention the faux president's name? I despise him! I refuse to speak, type or write his name!

    • vivikaja

      The ½ black man, the mulatto with the bad manners = president of The United State……bowing to the floor for the arab-king, nod his head to the British Queen.

      How could You place him in the W.H.?

      • ziontruth

        Who cares about his skin color? Better ask, how could you place a MARXIST in the White House? Less than two decades after the end of the Cold War, how could it be happening that the Reds are in power in the victor state and destroying it policy by policy?

  • fleedo

    Obamas "vision" is very selective. There can be a Palestinian state but the question is where? Jordan is 70% Palestinian. A Palestinian state that does not cover parts of Jordan is a lie. lts time to place all the options on the table instead of beating up on just the Israelis.
    lf Israel is to make sacrifices then others should also make sacrifices. lf Jordan wont also sit at the table there can be no Palestinian state. This is not negotiable.

    • scum

      Get your ideology straight: According to Master Horowitz, there are no Palestinians (which is almost another way of saying that anyone claiming to be one can be exterminated, because they aren't people). Dehumanization on a grand scale.

      • MixMChess

        Huh? There was never a "Sovereign" and "Independent" country called "Palestine." How is it dehumanizing when Mr. Horowitz merely restates what the Arabs have been saying for years: "The Palestinian people does not exist." Way back in the day, Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein set the record clear:

        "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism.

      • ziontruth

        "According to Master Horowitz, there are no Palestinians (which is almost another way of saying that anyone claiming to be one can be exterminated, because they aren't people)."

        Are you a college administrator? People who make leaps of logic like you just did are the ones most sought after by the Left-dominated colleges today.

        I deny they are a nation in its own right. I hold them to be part of the Arab nation. I consider them human beings, but human beings serving an evil agenda (Arab imperialism a.k.a. Islam). I do not call for their extermination, but only for their expulsion from the indigenous territory of the Jewish nation, which is Palestine. And I believe Mr. Horowitz is even less severe than me in political opinion. The only ones who dehumanize and wish to exterminate other people (God forbid) are those same Arabs, and their object of dehumanization is none other than the Jews (and non-Muslims in general if you consider Islam; ask a Copt for details).

  • http://americansforpetraeus2012.org/johnwilliamcollignon johnnyangel10

    This is no surprise,at least to me.What to think?Well,you are either for good or evil and this what I think this "WORDY" battle between jews and arabs has become.It delineates what people stand for,who's side they take.This is a non-issue as anyone who is smarter than a 5th grader knows where most[almost all] of the trouble in the world comes from,which would VERY obviously is Islamism! This is a death dealing blow for the state of Israel and can be seen as no other way.Unfortunately,the will of the USA at this time is Obama[why is another question],but I am sure of this God will not abandon Israel and those who know the difference between good and evil,won't either.A greater cause there never was,in my opinion,than to STAND WITH ISRAEL and do not rationalize evil away!In our time,there have been small men with big"ideas" and we all know how they turned out.Chamberlain,is one.Will Obama be this generation's Neville because by selling out the Jews in Israel,he also SELLS OUT the USA,

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Bemusing and irrelevant are states well defining the present individual in the White House. Not that he is not dangerous to both the US and Israel, he conclusevily is, but I got the feeling we can deal with his constant attempts to advance islamic goals.
    And pleeeasee… Do not tell me how come anyone can accusse him of being at least pro islamic jihad if not a Moslem, when he just claimed to have led the termination of Bin Laden. It is quite normal for islamics to do that. They murder each other with almost as much gusto as they murder us, infidels.
    As to the nearby islamic mobs. Much as the murderous islamic mobs tried many times before, they will do the border fence rush thing again. And in all probability they will be smashed.
    As to the purported "rights" of the islamic mobs to the ancestral and JEWISH Jerusalem and in particular Temple Mount… No rights exist. Usurpers do not have rights.

  • geez

    What else could you expect from our Muslim Brotherhood leader? He is what he is and I can't stands no more. 2012 we put him on the book tour or Obama and Carter together at last can go build shacks in Kenya for some really good photo ops, and take Lurch with you Obama.

    • scum

      Let's put a Republican in power, so your money will get sucked up by the super-rich. Yea team!!! Go Go Go!!!

    • Alfonz Shmedlap

      F., 05/20/11 common era

      President Husein has finally shown his true colors. His proposed 2-State Solution would inevitably become the 2-State Final Solution 2– and Obama knows that. Still and all, liberal American Jews will defend him. After all, they agree with him about abortion on demand, gun control, diversity, and transvestite rights.

  • Pierre

    Why forgetting the french Edouard Daladier ?
    Chamberlain wasn't alone !

  • Rayczar

    Oh, the art of mendacity! He's for and against.
    Golly gee, what next? Does he ever listen to what he is saying or even
    think about it? Of course he does. He always comes down on the side
    of the anti-America crowd, the terriorists, the gays, the hate Bush crowd,
    the Muslim brotherhood, fill in the blank.

    President of the world. Our fearless leader siding with terriorists. Of
    course we all know where his sympathies beez by his words and actions.

    What a shameful disgrace for our controversial President!

    • http://www.boycottscotland.com Eddie

      Don't forget the UNBELIEVEABLE awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize, just a few months after being sworn in – with ZERO accomplishments to his name.

      Obama is "the messiah" of imbecils.

  • Fred Dawes

    Did you think he would do ANYING THING But toss Israel out the door, and just wait until he becomes your next president he will toss the USA Out the door. And understand one fact if a people do nothing but talk and write about this nation and the place its going to and do nothing but BS Each other you have hell on earth coming.

  • dr_mike

    If I were Bibi Netanyahu, I would refuse to meet with Obama. The president's speech was made yesterday, not later, as originally planned, to put Bibi on the defensive, since he will be speaking to Congress next week. It was not only a bad speech, yesterday, but a humiliation for the prime minister of our only true ally in the Middle East.

    • Dispozovdaburka

      See the article in International Herald Tribune by Thomas L. Friedman
      "Bibi and Barack" For US and Israel It's Time to Take Risks." Thurs May 19th 2011

      Quote: " The only way for Netanyahu to be taken seriously again is if he risks some political capital and actually surprises people. Bibi keeps hinting that he is ready for painful territorial comprimises involving settlements. Fine, put a map on the table. Lets see what you are talking about. Or how about removing the illegal West Bank settlements built by renegade settler groups against the will of Israel's government. Either move would force Israel's adversaries to take Bibi seriously and would pressure Palestinians to be equally serious.
      Absent that, its just silly for us to have Netanyahu addressing the US Congress when he needs to be addressing the Palestinians down the street."

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Barack Hussein Obama should be contained in Guantanamo bay.

    • scum

      And undergo the usual right-wing torture apparatus, I suppose? "Long Time Standing", perhaps? Maybe a good dose of "Waterboarding"? We could go old school and draw/quarter him.

    • DrWacyfGhali

      No need to do that. After all we are the stupid ones for having elected him as President. Most people believed in his lies about change. We got what we deserve. Hopefully we'll have learnt from our mistakes and will not repeat it.__

  • crackerjack

    Obama calls out Likuds lies one after the other.

    Settlements? Now the world knows that "Settlements" play a central role in israel's expansion policy and are indisuptable.

    Borders? Israel rejects its international borders and lays claim to occupied territories.

    In September, Israel will be forced to rely on Obama vetoing a pali State initiative.

    May the games begin ! ;-)

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      To much crack???

    • rockman

      It's no game you fool. It's deadly serious. Israel rejects it's destruction at the hands of genocidal mobs. They can't afford to lose a battle, let alone a war. Obama's misguided policies hasten the day a terrible war begins.

      • scum

        Do they have nukes, or not? Inquiring minds want to know. Put your cards on the table, bro.

        • MixMChess

          Why would it matter? Israel has never tested, used or threatened the use of nuclear weapons. In fact, Israel has called for the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East and has stated multiple times that it will never use a nuclear weapon first.

          Who in their right mind could be worried about a nuclear Israel when rogue states like Pakistan and N. Korea are nuclear and the mullahs in Iran are desperately trying to get their hands on nukes to cause genocide.

        • ziontruth

          Only as a last resort. Everybody knows that, so stop playing dumb.

    • potb

      "May the games begin"

      Are you nuts? This is not a game. This is about the survival of Israel. The Palestinians will never recognize Israel, simply because Islam doesn't allow them to. So no: the settlements, or "occupied" terrotories are NOT the problem. Arabs have always rejected the plans to divide the land and they will always do that. You forgot about that? Remember Gaza, Israel pulled back and what happened? More rocket attacks.

      But to you this is just a game. You are one sick person

      • ziontruth

        The little commie calling himself Crackerjack fancies himself safe in his armchair in Germany or Austria. All while denying the crumbling of his safe world around him in his own home country, thanks to the multiculturalist policies implemented by his leaders.

        There is nobody safe in the world. The non-Muslim world was given about three decades of respite from the Muslim world thanks to the Muslims being occupied by the issue of Israel. Instead of taking advantage of that period, the Crackerjacks of the world now blame the lightning rod for no longer drawing the lightning away from their houses.

        • SpiritOf1683

          Now we know why Jews weren't safe in Germany and Austria and why the Nazis came to power there. There were too many Crackerjacks around.

  • claspur

    Soetoro is a walking-talking, anti-semetic treasonous hate crime.

    "Obama's legacy will be measured by the crater that He leaves." _Edword
    BB Tv blogger

    • scum

      No wonder blogs are stupid. Case in point.

      • claspur

        What's your case in saying that, crapbox?
        1. He's anti-semetic just by his speech, and attempting to thrust Israel into an indefensible position with their borders.
        2. He's treasonous on so many issues, but will say in this instance he is commiting to action through words to betray this nation's best interests once again with another alley.
        Ask yourself, if president Soetoro is so engaged in ushering-in democracy in countries like Egypt and Libya, why is he attempting to destroy one that's already been established?
        You give me an answer to that one, douchbag.

        • Jim_C

          Impeach him, then. Why not? Oh that's right–you lack brains and guts.

          Or, go check a dictionary. You're using words you obviously don't understand in the slightest.

          • claspur

            I understand enough that this country,along with Israel and more than a few of our staunchest allies are under attack from enemies within our government buster.
            You understand that?

      • SpiritOf1683

        And you do nothing to raise the average I.Q of a blog. Indeed, your presence wouldn't do anything to raise the average I.Q of a sheep pen.

  • Larry

    The games started 70 years ago with a man names Hitler. Obama is trying to finish what Hitler couldn't.

    • Dispozovdaburka

      He is going to make Hitler look like Side Show Bob,

      • Jim_C

        You guys are a little too dumb for the room.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Yep, aided and abetted by scum like Scum.

  • kafir4life

    611 days, 4 and a half hours and we should be putting this national nighmare behind us. This is assuming the obamanation in the whitehouse allows us to have another general election. I suspect that should it look to him that it's going poorly, we'll have some sort of martial law, and the elections will be "delayed"…..just until we're thinking more "clearly". After his second inauguration (sometime AFTER the historical date), the move to remove the Constitutional ammendment that would otherwise prevent him from seeking a third, forth, fifth terms of office.

    • ziontruth

      "611 days, 4 and a half hours and we should be putting this national nighmare behind us. This is assuming the obamanation in the whitehouse allows us to have another general election."

      Unfortunately, even the best case won't be good enough. This isn't about elections–hasn't been about them for over forty years. Election results are residual. Even a government conservative in name can today be found to be nothing but a bunch of r(h)inoceros hides.

      The real issue is you have a media and education system nearly totally under Marxist control. This control enables the Far Leftist agenda to maintain virtual power even under a conservative government. There is no solution but this: To finish the job Senator Joseph McCarthy started.

  • Steve Chavez

    Aren't a majority of American Jews, DEMOCRATS? Even after a year of warnings from FPM and their not researching the best of sites like Discover The Networks to see how many HATE ISRAEL FRONT groups are members of CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS, WHOSE RANKS ARE FILLED WITH FAKE JEWS AND JEW SUPPORTERS!!!

    WILL AIPAC SUPPORT OBAMA AGAIN? If he even attends, the audience will be filled with FAKE JEWS!!! You can bet too that the FAKE JEWS will be out in force supporting Obama's latest move never taking into consideration of JEWS IN ISRAEL!!!


    • Jim_C

      STEVE! I told you! The only reason so many American Jews support Obama is because they are educated, extremely intelligent, reasonable, compassionate, and good-looking.

    • muchiboy


      I can think of 6 million reasons why Jews choose to be small L" liberal.muchiboy

  • Patriotwork

    One more step in the same wrong obvious direction.

    Real Friends
    Obama for the Brits and Israelis,
    Our allies, has some deep enmities.
    He doesn't follow yule,
    Half of the golden rule,
    And that half is he loves our enemies.

    So he talks to the Brits perforce,
    To China and Brazil till he hoarse.
    With Mid-East he confabs
    And to Russia he blabs;
    With Israel he has intercourse.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHAT'S FUNNY is that the THREE STOOGES, the Community Organizer, the Hag, and Gaffy Duck, will be sitting across the table from Netanyahu!!!

    Obama's and Hillary's ZERO-EXPERIENCE in everything is the reason the United States and the World are in big trouble! These two have sided with the wrong side of history since their college days when they LOVED the Soviet Union more than their own country!!!

    Notice too that when our helicopter tail was left in Pakistan, they, the media, and Congress, were saying we needed it back because of "China!" WHY NOT RUSSIA AND KGB PUTIN? They are the real threat but have you seen how the media is treating KGB PUTIN? They show him as a COOL GUY, JUST LIKE OBAMA, riding horseback, shirtless, throwing men twice his size to the ground, singing, playing the piano, and dancing. PUTIN was also on Larry King, a man who has never met a Communist he didn't like, and King never asked one question that would challenge Putin. TWO DAYS AGO, Putin was showing off a new Russian car, AND THE CAR WOULDN'T START!!!


  • StephenD

    Why is it Israel has to show the world it is serious when you have opposing forces bent on Israel's destruction? No one tells them to abandon this goal as a preemptive move to peace. Instead, Israel is told to give up something or other (Land ~ Settlements) as a precondition or motivator toward peace. If your neighbor said he wants to kill you and will not stop until you are dead because he thinks your fence is on his land and even if you agree to move your fence and he insists he wants you to die no matter that you give him the land, would you listen when someone else says to you "OK, now make peace"? You would be a fool if you did. This is exactly what the world is telling Israel to do. May G-d protect and keep Israel!

  • duh_swami

    Obama continually supports the wrong side in nearly everything and calls it American Values…He can take his values and deposit them where the sun don't shine…
    By the time this usurper upstart gets done America will be broke and have no allies, of even friends…That is what hope and change looks like…Palestinian state or not, the jihad will continue…

    • Jim_C

      "By the time this usurper upstart gets done America will be broke and have no allies, of even friends" Many dingbats have made such predictions…none of them have come true. Will you come back and apologize when this fails to come true?

      Or do you secretly wish it would?

    • hannibal

      Jihad are nothing but cowers who had behind children and inocent people. the u.s is so tolerant in keeping ungrateful people. go back to your country and be happy. I am sick of your whinnings stop crying and make armies of real fighters not a bunch of cowerds.

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    If Osama bin Laden were still alive Barack Obama wouldn't have had the effrontary to give this treacherous, backstabbing speech on Middle East peace yesterday. The killing of bin Laden has gone to Obama's head and warped an already poor and deficient judgement on world and regional affairs. He thinks that God and history are now on his side for a comprehensive Mideast peace where Israel will fall on its sword for him because he slew bin Laden. And he is dead wrong……..


  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    In less than a month Obama has gone from the sublime of killing bin Laden to the absurd of requiring Israel to return to its indefensible 67 borders against a prior US agreement. And for what? For peace? With whom? An implacable, bitter, Jew hating enemy-driven by injustice, imperialism and intolerance-who wickedly defines peace in triumphalist terms as Israel's destruction-and won't settle for less "We must persue the world as it should be.": said Obama. Which is exactly what Palestinians, Iranians and Islamists believe; for such a world means Islamic conquest with Israel destoyed and the US and Europe defeated. What incredible naivity!


  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    !Coming just five days after George Mitchell resigned in frustration as the US Envoy to Mideast Peace (frustrated because of the ominous reunion of Fatah and terrorist Hamas making peace impossible) Obama's speech was an act of political desperation to make it appear that he's relevant to regional events and back in the game as a peacemaker.


  • EdwinS

    I read it somewhere – "Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst president in American history"…

    • http://www.boycottscotland.com Eddie

      It will be a tie.

      1) jimmy the dhimmi carter
      2) barack insane hussein obama

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    Unfortunately, Obama blew his chance two years ago to make his mark on Mideast history as a shaper of events when he ignored the democratic uprising in Iran-to avoid offending Ahmadenijad who he imagined would be a partner in a grand deal to moderate and denuclearize Iran. Now he's reduced to fighting Kaddafy in Lybia and imposing sanctions on Syria and making absurd, self-serving, tiresome speeches (aimed at his improbable reelection) about an impossible peace between peaceloving Jews and Palestinian murderers. History is passing Obama by, his moment for greatness long past as he loses what little prestige he gained from killing bin Laden.

  • LindaRivera

    New York City EMERGENCY Demonstration for Israel Today Friday at Noon
    Outside Israeli Consulate, 800 2nd Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City.

    Jews are NOT going back to Auschwitz!

    • Steve Chavez

      Thanks, I will go to GOOGLE MAPS and enter this area and stand with you. I'll be the Little Green Man.

  • William_Z

    Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming?

  • http://www.freedomradiorocks.com Pat

    Bibi should walk out of Obama's office and say as an aside, "Oh, and btw, before I forget, while we were speaking, Israel took back Gaza. Have a nice day".

  • Lady_Dr

    Jim, Before you voice an opinion you need to learn something about the Middle East and about Islam. Can you name 3 famous leaders of the Palestinians before Arafat (can you name even one)? What is the origin and history of the Palestinians? What are the boundaries of Palestine?

  • Patricia


  • Yetwave

    The sole precondition to any serious and lasting discussion about peace must be the recognition by Fatah and Hamas of realpolitik-the incontrovertible existence of the nation of Israel and the renounciation of their desire to destroy it. Then we can maybe talk, nu?
    For any American Jew to advocate or support the notion that Israel contract to the indefensible 1967 border is itself indefensible.

    • Steve Chavez

      American Jews are mostly Democrats and they followed Obama even as we were screaming about his true intentions! Many American Jews I have met are FAKE JEWS and in name only sorta like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are Reverands!

      • Yetwave

        There is a pervasive concern for the downtrodden and that courses through the Jewish ethos. Unchecked, that tendency becomes nothing but secular liberalism exhibited beneath a veneer of pseudo Judaism.

  • Eliyahu

    Some say that George Soros pulls Obama's strings. This meddling, outrageous, backstabbing speech of Obama's certainly fits in with that theory. Why Netanyahu will meet with Obama after such a speech makes me wonder.
    Were I in Netanyahu's place, I would cancel out the meeting. His showing up at the White House makes him look bad, obsequious, in my opinion.

  • BS77

    The idea that any agreement with Hamas or Fatah will bring "peace" is a total delusion. NO sooner than the ink was dry, rockets, terror attacks and riots resumed. There have been countless summits, road maps, accords, negotiations….this "two state solution" is a fraud…it means Israel must submit , give up land, security and sovereignty for some flimsy promise of "peace". It's a lie, but liberals live in a land of lies.

  • Ben Shruga

    any Jewish Yanks who voted for this person should be ashamed. It`s like a turkey voting for Thanks Giving, Mind you us brits are not much better

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Our President has betrayed Israel and he has betrayed the United States. If the Dems don't get on line and stand against this so-called "return to pre-1967 borders" they should be voted out of office. Same goes for the Rep party as well. It would be suicide for Israel to do so. They never, never, never, return East Jerusalem to the Arabs. If you have forgotten what they did to the church in Bethlehem, shame on you. If you have forgotten their use of Bibles as toilet paper, shame on you. Its time for us to quit playing around and impeach Obama. I'm tired of listening to to Moslems whine about the pastor in Florida who burnt one copy of the Koran when they have done much worse. We need to label them as those who "don't play well with others" and stop the flow of US dollars to all Arab countries that don't stop exporting terrorism. Contact your congressmen, write a editorial to the newspaper. Some of you think and write very well indeed, put it to good use. Mr. Spencer, more power to you and those who feel the same you. May the true and living God keep you safe.

  • BLJ

    Obama is a lowlife scumbag. He is pure evil and wants to destroy both Israel and the United States.

    I hold all the idiots who voted for this piece of feces responsible. I hope they get the same judgement when they meet their maker as Dear Leader Obama will.

  • John

    About a year or so ago, our Congress, after another faux pas by the person occupying our White House, signed a petition in support of Israel. Call your Congressmen and women and remind them of it and to do it again. If we scream loud enough maybe they will reverse and not support this evil behavior of one who claims to be in charge.

  • CabotAR

    Finally!! Obama is no longer dividing Americans against each other. His 1967 border speech is now uniting all Americans.

  • Fred Dawes

    God help us all the murderous muslims is on the move helped by Obama and his gang of killers. people should think of acting against evil now or be eaten alive in 4 years by our enemies here and inside Israel its coming people and you are the next feast for evil doers like obama and his tribal.

  • thereligionofpeace

    F.ck Obama, traitor….

    • Jim_C

      …and two-term president.

      • SpiritOf1683

        He probably will be a two term President. It seems the Israelis have to batten down the hatches until 2017.

  • NYC Parent

    There is no such thing as "land for peace."
    You can only trade land for a PROMISE of peace.
    And a promise is only as good as the intentions of promisor, and the ability of future generations of that promisor.
    How long did "Peace with Egypt for Gaza" last?
    We'll see shortly, but the signs are not good.
    How long did "Peace with Gaza for Israeli withdrawal from Gaza" last?
    10,000+ rockets later we know the answer to that one.

  • NYC Parent

    In my haste I mis-typed, and should have written:
    "How long did "Peace with Egypt for Sinai" last?
    For such a "professorial" administration, there seems to be a complete lack of understanding of history, at best.
    Or, the more elegant explanation: a simple, great hostility to the Jewish State.

  • voted against carter

    By MO:

    “So while the core issues of the conflict must be negotiated, the basis of those negotiations is clear: a stable Mexico and a secure United States, whose sovereignty and laws are respected. Israel believes that negotiations should result in two stable and secure states, with permanent borders and bi-national support upholding the laws controlling crossings and immigration. The borders of the United States and Mexico should be based on the 1848 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognised borders are established for both states. The Mexican people must have the right to rid their country of the plaque of drug cabals and government corruption themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign, stable state.

    As for security, every state has the right to self-defence, and the United States must be able to defend itself – by itself – against any threat, including unlawful immigration, drug trafficking, terrorism, and gang violence . Provisions must also be robust enough to prevent a resurgence of border lawlessness; to stop the infiltration of drugs and illegal immigrants; and to provide effective border security. The full and phased in border control and joint task forces to police and patrol the region to protect lawful residents and property owners should be coordinated with the assumption that border security and human dignity are shared responsibilities.

    These principles provide a foundation for negotiations. Mexicans should know the territorial outlines of their new, enlarged state; Americans should know that their basic security concerns will be met. I know that these steps alone will not resolve this conflict. Two wrenching and emotional issues remain: the future of San Francisco and the fate of illegal aliens and their children. But moving forward now on the basis of territory and security provides a foundation to resolve those two issues in a way that is just and fair, and that respects the rights and aspirations of Americans and Mexicans.

    That is the choice that must be made – not simply in this conflict, but across the entire region – a choice between hate and hope; between the shackles of the past, and the promise of the future. It's a choice that must be made by leaders and by people, and it's a choice that will define the future of a region."

    – Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
    Address to a Joint Session of Congress
    23 May 2011

  • AL__
  • Roy Berkowitz

    The best approach is for the U.S. to remove itself for this whole absurd peace process and let the Israelis and Arabs settle it for themselves. Israel is not part of the U.S. and neither is Palestine – there is absolutely nothing the U.S. gains be being involved especially since there isn't any oil or any other worthwhile natural resources to exploit in that area.

    Both Israel and the Arab world would get real honest with each other about establishing peace if the U.S. weren't involved in this mess. This whole thing is a total waste of my tax dollars.

    • trickyblain

      I agree. I support Israel, and respect and admire the strength, intellegence and determination of her people. But reading many of these comments is sickening. Israel owes the US a tremendous debt of gratitude for her very existence and for ensuring her surivial (through arms and $$) for decades. A;as, any suggestion of negotiation gets folks here raving about "Hitler" and how the President is a traitor for not 100-percent equating Israeli interests with those of the US.

      • ziontruth

        "Israel owes the US a tremendous debt of gratitude for her very existence and for ensuring her surivial (through arms and $$) for decades."

        This piece of blasphemy is the reason why God is steering history such that the relationship between Israel and the American government is headed to its end.

        To God alone be all glory (and no criticism)!

    • Yetwave

      You guys just don't get it.
      Israel is the bulwark against the flood of islam that has sworn to dominate the world. If you liked 9-11 and think that Al-Quaeda is just an isolated branch of exteme practitioners of some whack offshoot of islam, you'll love it when you become subject to sharia and get to live in dhimmitude in your own country.

      • Roy Berkowitz

        Oh please..who indoctrinated you to this view – Glenn Beck? You can be a parrot if you want to or you can think for yourself.

        If I were an Islamic extremist bent on the destruction of the western world, I guarantee you that Israel would be insignficant to me.

      • Jim_C

        Pffft…yeah right Yetwave. How nuts do you have to be to actually claim Israel is holding off the threat of jihad for all of us?

        • ziontruth

          "How nuts do you have to be to actually claim Israel is holding off the threat of jihad for all of us?"

          The Muslims having gotten better at multitasking, Israel now really isn't capable of holding the threat of worldwide jihad any longer. However, let it be clear that appeasing the Muslims on Israel's expense is contrary to all non-Muslims' interests. Why? Because nothing would more embolden the worldwide jihad than the elimination (God forbid) of this most stubborn and humiliating of their enemies. Were that to happen, the Muslims would believe that anything is possible. The Arabic version of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" (Cabaret reference FYI) would be sung over the globe entire.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Exactly. Israel is pitched right at the very front of the front line. Benjamin Disraeli told us Islam has bloody borders, and we damned well know. There is a multitude of Islamic terrorist outfits and lone wolves out there ready to harm us in the name of their God Satan.

    • ziontruth

      True isolationism, in the sense of turning a blind eye when Israel finally gets to the job of booting all the Arab settlers off its soil, is fine.

  • Chisholm

    Let Obamma give all the speeches he wants. He will never thwart the promises of God. Isreal is his chosen people and He will defend them. Is actually exciting to watch all of these events unfold

    • sharksbreath

      You do know the Jews don't agree with you.




      What is the Messiah supposed to accomplish? The Bible says that he will:

      A. Build the Third Temple (Ezekiel 37:26-28).

      B. Gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 43:5-6).

      C. Usher in an era of world peace, and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease. As it says: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war anymore." (Isaiah 2:4)

      D. Spread universal knowledge of the God of Israel, which will unite humanity as one. As it says: "God will be King over all the world—on that day, God will be One and His Name will be One" (Zechariah 14:9).

      The historical fact is that Jesus fulfilled none of these messianic prophecies.

      Christians counter that Jesus will fulfill these in the Second Coming, but Jewish sources show that the Messiah will fulfill the prophecies outright, and no concept of a second coming exists.

      Go read the list. It will break your stupid little heart. http://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/jewsan

      Both religions are nothing more than a myth.

      Grow up people.

  • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ Always_On_Watch

    I'm still reeling from the news of yesterday, meaning Obama's speech, of course.

    What evil game is this megalomaniac playing?

    That would leave a truncated, reduced Israeli rump state, reminiscent of the reduced and defenseless Czechoslovakia that remained after Neville Chamberlain fed the Nazi beast at Munich.

    Exactly, although I didn't myself come up with that spot-on analogy.

    Has the West so quickly forgotten that being a Neville Chamberlain results only in the growth of the evil beast and the blood of innocents?

    I am in despair!

    • Roy Berkowitz

      The Neville Chamberlain analogy is totally missplace and utterly irrelevant. The situation between Israel and Palestine is much more akin to the d eKlerk apartheid polices in South Africa from the late 1940 to 1990s.

      If you really want to get religous about it – the Palestinians are just as much children of God as are you, me and the Israeli people. The fastest way to end the prospects of terrorisim in Israel is to treat Palestinian's with human dignity allow them to pursue freedom and economic prosperity. Just because the U.S.successfully did this same thing the Native Americans doesn't make it acceptable for Israel to do the same to Palestinians.

      • MixMChess

        "The fastest way to end the prospects of terrorisim in Israel is to treat Palestinian's with human dignity allow them to pursue freedom and economic prosperity."

        I support a PEACEFUL Palestinian state, but Israel has been treating the Palestinians with dignity and giving them freedom and economic prosperity to no avail.

        As soon as Israel pulled out of Gaza, rockets started raining on Southern Israel. Despite this huge terrorist threat, Israel provided the Gazans with the equivalent of one million tons of humanitarian aid annually. How are they thanked? More rockets?

        When the Palestinians were given democracy in Gaza they voted in Hamas, a violent terrorist organization whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel and worldwide Jewry.

        In the W. Bank, Israel has provided the necessary financial support to allow the Palestinians to experience unprecedented 8% economic growth. Despite the emerging affluence antisemitism is still rampant and the Palestinian Authority calls for Israel's destruction daily.

        We need a new generation of Palestinians that haven't been brainwashed in hatred and aren't steeped in Xenophobia. Palestinians that will accept their Jewish neighbor's right to exist and live.

      • MixMChess

        "Just because the U.S.successfully did this same thing the Native Americans doesn't make it acceptable for Israel to do the same to Palestinians."

        This is a false comparison. First of all, Jews have always been indigenous to the region and have had a continuous presence in Israel going back over 3,000 years. Jews had been migrating to Israel for two millenia (since the sack of Jerusalem by the Romans), the Zionists of the 19th century were merely continuing this age-old pattern.

        Second, the Zionists of the 19th century legally purchased land from Arabs and did not displace any native Arab populations by establishing and growing Jewish communities in Israel. The few Arab communities that were displaced in the early 20th century, were displaced based on economic factors that had nothing to do with the arriving Jews.

        I won't bother to contrast this with the plight of the Native Americans because its obvious the two have nothing in common. There is no doubt Native Americans were victims of Europeans. Palestinians on the other hand were victims of themselves (refusal to compromise), other Arab/Islamic states/Powers, but never victims of Israel or Zionists.

      • ziontruth

        "The Neville Chamberlain analogy is totally missplace and utterly irrelevant."

        Wanna bet your life on it, Leftist ignoramus? Or are you lecturing the Jewish State from the comfort of your armchair in America?

        "The situation between Israel and Palestine is much more akin to the d eKlerk apartheid polices in South Africa…"

        Because we all know the ANC had the extermination of South African whites in its platform. /sarc

        "…the Palestinians are…"

        The Jews. Every Jew is a Palestinian. Only a Jew is a Palestinian. No Arab is a Palestinian, even if he illicitly claims that name for himself for deceiving the world.

        "The fastest way to end the prospects of terrorisim in Israel is…"

        Is to expel all the potential terrorists. Which is: All the Arab settlers currently residing in Israel (both pre- and post-1967).

        "…allow them to pursue freedom and economic prosperity."

        Yeah, give them greenhouses so they can turn them into sand lots. That event in August 2005, as well as the barrage of Kassam rockets from that time on, has incurred a massive shift to the Right among Israeli Jews. American Jews with their irrational support for Hussein Obama need to get their heads out of the sand.

  • Roy Berkowitz

    The Neville Chamberlain analogy is totally missplace and utterly irrelevant. The situation between Israel and Palestine is much more akin to the d eKlerk apartheid polices in South Africa from the late 1940 to 1990s.

    If you really want to get religous about it – the Palestinians are just as much children of God as are you, me and the Israeli people. The fastest way to end the prospects of terrorisim in Israel is to treat Palestinian's with human dignity allow them to pursue freedom and economic prosperity. Just because the U.S.successfully did this same thing the Native Americans doesn't make it acceptable for Israel to do the same to Palestinians.

  • Roy Berkowitz

    Intoning Winston Churchhill as some beacon of Christianity and freedom is as misguided as the small demographic of Muslims that acutally believe in you misplaced 'literal' definition of Islam.

    The truth is Muslim extremism is just as dangerous to America democratic ideals as the views of the Christian right wing (from which most of the uneducated inane comments on the board are originating from) Throughout history, both Christans and Muslim are ability to claim credit for the murder and pillage of thousands of innocencts who are only trying to provide a better life for the family – today is no different.

    The only threat to America and Christianity are the type of perverse views about how evil solely exist with Arabs that many are writing about on this board.

    • trickyblain

      "The only threat to America and Christianity are the type of perverse views about how evil solely exist with Arabs that many are writing about on this board."

      Close, "THE LEFT" is the only other source of evil. Eliminate the Left and Islam and we'd have right-wing Utopia.

    • SpiritOf1683

      As you think the Christian Right is so bad, then why don't you take off to Saudi Arabia with a kippot superglued to your head?

  • Roy Berkowitz

    Sorry, but frankly this argument is incredibly inane to say it politely.

    • ziontruth

      How can anyone argue with such systematic logical argumentation? /sarc

  • morriswise

    UN peacemakers who are forcing Israel to return to its Pre-67 borders have only a short term solution. Eventually Israeli`s will have to face charging Muslim armies who are shouting: GOD IS GREAT. But after that bloody battle is over, God will be cursed, and Atheists will bring peace to a secular Middle-East.

  • phillyfanatic

    The 19th, Bama dissed Israel and kow towed to the Islamofascists. Today, the 20th, BIBI put the Man-Child on notice as an adult. No way was Israel going to give up her borders to negotiate with terrorists just because America wants it to. Good for BIBI. The only friend we have in the ME and Bama tells it to make it a 9 mile wide state! Yikes. BIBI should run for the Pub Prez nominee. Then we would know American security would be a priority. Why would any Jewish American voter vote for this socialist naif in the WH??? Yikes again.

  • Jim_C

    How much do you want to bet the title of this article was written before Obama even gave his speech?

  • Mark

    If Israel does not want the 1967 lines, what do they want? Is there a major centrist concensus in Israel about these non-1967 lines?

    • MixMChess

      The government has been consistent about bringing some of the settlements into Israel proper and handing over Arab towns and territories to a future Palestinian state. The fiasco that is Gaza has proven that without an appropriate buffer, Palestinians will have a much easier time to launch attacks against Israel. That is why the 1967 borders are essentially unworkable and unacceptable – the Palestinians would be in a proximity to attack all of Israel's major cities with rockets (like they do currently in Gaza to S. Israel).


    Obama MAY say he is a Christian and MAY have spent 20 years in Wright"s church but he certainly doesn't read the Bible or he would know that GOD will have the last word re Israel NOT Obama. God punished the JEWS 2520 years, the punishment ended in 1948 with their return to their homeland WHICH they will NEVER leave. Secondly they gained control of Jerusalem in 1968 as the result of the 6 days war in l967…….again GOD's WORD says they will be there until Jesus returns.

    God is not a man that HE should lie, The Age of the End (or End Times) began with the return of the Jews to their homeland, May 15, 1948. HE is in control and it is His Word that will prevail. Obama can try to throw Israel under the bus but The LORD will have HIS Way, His Last Word and His last laugh.

    • Jim_C

      In other words, it just doesn't matter what happens–it is written. So why comment? Why not just sit back and let things unfold, la de da…?


    What Obama appears not to know……..about the Bible and these End Times is over whelmingly shocking for a so called Christian.

    Daniel's Seventieth Week ended with the return of the Jews in 1948. Check Daniel 9: 24-27. ( Reading these verses requires knowledge of how God uses the various meanings of seven or sevens, and an understanding of the Jubilee year and the abominations.)……..The Dome of the ROck and the al-Aqsa Mosque both built on the COURT of the GENTILES on the Temple Mount but NOT on the site of the Temple. God has protected the actual site with an invisible wall. Obama simply is showing his ignorance on things Christian and his true feelings for all things Muslim. GOD will not be mocked. Some one should remind Obma that there is no ice water in hell.

    • trickyblain

      Exactly! How could Obama not know about that invisble wall??? It's right there for everyone to see!

  • Roy Berkowitz

    So what happens on May 21st?


    Another very important consideration from God's Word. Israel, the USA and Britain will always be untied (check out the three sticks in Hosea). The USA represents the tribe of Ephraim…………

    Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

    The USA and Christianity per se are both in for a 'helluva" ride but we know how it turns out in the end…………we have read the Book.

    SIde bar: Guests in Arab homes are not welcomed with a red carpet but 70 white raisins on a silver plate. The word for raisins and virgins is very similiar………Some one mistranslated many years ago……… and the idea of 70 virgins was born. There will be lots of disappointed Muslim when they get raisins……………if they get anything at all except a fast trip to what will certainly NOT be Paradise.

  • Wake UP

    The only one good thing this president has  done. Israel should stop being the bully in the school yard considering it does so with our tax dollars. I'm ashamed that my dollars go to a country that should have embargos placed against it.  How can you just make up a country to place people in it that have been kicked out of every other country(documented here: wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_antisemitism) and then let them act as parasites and abusers to the indigenous people? Check out the site If America Knew.

    • MixMChess

      "Israel should stop being the bully in the school yard considering it does so with our tax dollars."

      How is Israel the bully when Arab/Islamic countries have initiated every single war in the region? Did you forget that Hamas lobs rockets daily at Israeli kindergartens?

      "I'm ashamed that my dollars go to a country that should have embargos placed against it."

      I am more ashamed that my tax dollars go to terrorist states like Pakistan and go to support the terrorist Palestinians in their goal to implement another Holocaust of the Jews. Israel has only had embargo's placed against it from totalitarian Arab/Islamic states like Iran. Of course, I am sure you think Iran and its ilk are paragons of human rights, huh?

      "How can you just make up a country to place people in it that have been kicked out of every other country(documented here: wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_antisemitism) and then let them act as parasites and abusers to the indigenous people?"

      That actually best describes the Palestinians, considering the Jews are indigenous to Israel and have maintained a continuous presence their from time immemorial.

      Want to know the truth?:

    • ziontruth

      "…and then let them act as parasites…"

      Nice foray into Nazi territory here.

      "…and abusers to the indigenous people?"

      The Jews are the indigenous of Palestine. Arabs in Palestine are settler-colonists, and it is they who are abusers to the indigenous people of Palestine, the Jews.



  • morriswise

    UN peacemakers who are forcing Israel to return to its Pre-67 borders have only a short term solution. Eventually Israeli`s will have to face charging Muslim armies who are shouting: GOD IS GREAT. But after that bloody battle is over

  • Jim_C

    Guess who else is angry with the President? The Palestinians.

    Here is a good article, "Speech Was a Rebuke to J Street and Arab Hardliners," which NewsReal Blog seems to have taken down (because it dared mention something positive about president Obama)?

    • ziontruth

      "Guess who else is angry with the President? The [Arab settlers]."

      Naturally they would be. They were hoping for an announcement from him calling not just for an Arab settler state in the post-1967 borders, but for the flooding of pre-1967 Israel by descendants of the refugees of the War of 1947-9.

  • John

    If the settlements you are referring to are the ones that are on property contained on land Israel has controlled since 1967 when the Arab world attempted to destroy Israel and that the Israelis have instead turned into self-sustaining farming and agricultural meccas as opposed to Arabs who are still asking for handouts, throwing rocks and sitting all day long complaining of how the Israelis are doing something with the land while they do nothing to help themselves, the land or their people except birth and raise children to hate and kill Israelis, then yes, I have heard of them.

    • vivikaja

      You are right !__Palarabs are doing nothing but asking for handouts – ask EU !!____Every year we pays a hell of lots of euro to this scumbags – and we are tirred of this people !____We pay to them in the ME and we pay to them who live in Europe because they too are not willing to work.____Vivi Andersen, Denmark____

  • MixMChess

    You obviously haven't heard of settlements either Scum. Or did you forget that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and dismantled 3 settlements in the W. Bank. Israel has also stated its clear intentions of dismantling settlements to make peace. Seriously, you're an idiot.

  • 13Sisters76

    Obama is a traitor to our country and to our allies. We can see the damage he has done already- I shudder to imagine the damage he will do if he is re-elected. He is willing to put Israel's security on the chopping block for the sake of a phony group, the "palestinians"? I thank God that Israel is a strong and courageous nation totally without our help.
    The Naziis are on the march again…only now we call them "progressives".

    • trickyblain

      "We can see the damage he has done already"

      Such as…???

  • LindaRivera

    There never was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible, not once in the Koran.

    In Islam, a peace agreement is A TEMPORARY ceasefire. And in Islam, peace is achieved when a hated infidel nation is attacked and conquered.

    Demanding little Israel surrender half her highly cherished BIBLICAL homeland and capital to barbaric enemies bent on Jewish genocide is the greatest betrayal in all of history. It is despicable and profoundly evil.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Obama is using the ews to help re-create what the the Young Turks had the wisdom to get rid of.

    May God forgive us the sins others commit in our name.

  • Eli Rossberg

    Look gang, the only way to redraw national borders is through war. If Israel is at all serious they would move in tanks and annex the West Bank and Gaza by force…Of course there are minor side effects like utter nuclear devastation from Iran and Jihad from Hezbollah, fatah, hamas and the rest of the middle eastern world – but if you're not going to treat the Palestinians as subhuman you might as well be a man about it and use force and go out with guns blazing.

    • ziontruth

      "Of course there are minor side effects like utter nuclear devastation from Iran and Jihad from Hezbollah, fatah, hamas and the rest of the middle eastern world…"

      Because staying put and making concessions of Jewish land have been of such great efficacy in preventing those things. Not.

      "but if you're not going to treat the Palestinians as subhuman…"

      The only ones with an agenda of treating the other side as subhuman are your precious so-called "Palestinians"… really the Arab settlers, who raise their own children to be suicide-murderers.

  • sharksbreath

    If you were Israel why would you want American Christians supporting you. Don't you know why they support you.

    They support you because they believe having Jews in Israel is a step to having Jesus come back as their savior. Not the Jews. Who don't believe Jesus is their savior.

    So why do you want their support. Either you believe Jews being in Israel will bring back the so called lord and savior or this is the biggest con job in human history.

    I'm going with the latter.

  • Tpartymom

    I am an educated Christian. I would argue that most are very educated.The so called Christian people responsible for massacres in the past,had no idea of real Christianity and therefore were not real Christians. As far as Islam,the muslims have always been about murdering those who refuse to believe the way they do and still carry out those murderous acts today.Christians are being murdered And persecuted everyday and yet I have yet to see where there is retaliation by the Christians. Furthermore, I haven’t heard of one true Christian killing becauseof Bibles being burnt in Iran. As for the Prophecies that Yeshua fulfilled there were 109. Read Is.53 please,also the Messiah had to come BEFORE the destruction of the 2nd Temple.In Psalms it speaks of His crucifixion long before crucifixion ever existed.And His appearing to 500 after His resurrection can’t be explained away psychologists won’t even try to say mass hysteria or hallucinations. Why is it so easy for people to hate someone who never sinned,only loved us so much that He willingly died as because without the shedding of His blood there is no forgiveness of sin or eternity in Heaven.I am right now praying for all of us and for our leaders and for Jerusalem, for He will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee Jerusalem. I love you,the people of Israel may the Lord G-d Almighty bring peace and prosperity to you and cause your enemies to turn from their wicked ways. Forget 1967 borders Obama lets go back to the Covenant made with Abraham and make sure the borders are where G-d intended. Cause if you try and split the land Mr.Obama,you might as well give Mexico back what was theirs and the Indians will want back what was taken and that would make all Americans not enrolled in an Indian tribe refugees. So what your doing to Israel really doesn’t make sense.

  • bob maram

    President Obama's "Peace at any Price" policy will produce neither peace nor a viable Israel. Where is a Chruchill or a Reagan now that we need them again. Bob Maram

  • Amused

    "Obama throws Israel under the bus " !! Funny , THAT bus has been running around since 2008 and George Bush' statement regarding Israel !

    Oh , that memory hole !! How convenient …GW said reverting TO THE 1949 PRE-ARMISTICE BORDERS / A CONTIGUOUS PALESTINE -would be necessarry for peace .
    I disagree with BOTH ,[ Obama and Bush ] but at the same time expose the HYPOCRISY found in all of handwringers and whiners .ESPECIALLY FOuND ON THE RIGHT >lol….everything you accuse Obama of , has forst benn suggested by Bush and other republican Presidents .
    ALL however , including Obama , Bush [both SR.& Jr. ] Reagan , Clinton , Nixon , Carter , all have or WILL learn , that the final word on ANY of their " peace proposals " will be that of Israel itself ………PERIOD . Israel will not "bare its neck " , nor cut it's own throat , for the sake of American Politics and it's typical partisan B.S. There will NEVER be any "contiguous Palestine " which cuts Israel in half , nor will Israel's security be compromiused geographically for any purpose let alone a Palestinian State .

  • Devonshire

    I am an Irish Catholic -just so you know – and I have never been to the US in my long life. For the life of me I couldn't understand how anyone Jewish could vote for him.
    He showed his colours at the time of the election process, it was clear even to me.
    Can anyone assist me? I mean, even I saw this Munich coming.
    And surely they won't vote again will they?

  • muchiboy

    "America is on the verge of abandoning its most reliable ally in the Middle East, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama."

    With "friends" like the rogue Israeli state America can't afford any more enemies in the region.muchiboy

    • SpiritOf1683

      And with Jew-hating psycopaths like yourself around, we can see why six million Jews were herded into the gas chambers with nary a voice raised in protest. Your biggest disappointment in life is that you couldn't have been a member of the Einsatzgruppen.

  • Amused

    Unfotunately many of the screamers here , don't read , and a simply too lazy , to bdo anything but repeat the screeds and rhetoric , like little parrots , stroking each other with uninformed talking points .With little or no knowledge of what's going on , oblivious to facts on the ground , but more than willing to pick up the gauntelet that their demagogues place under their uniformed noses .Led like sheep from issue to issue , to chirp your expected pavlovian responses .I wonder , can any of you actually THINK for yourselves ? Instead of being led by the nose to reach "your conclusions " ?

  • muchiboy

    "“For the Palestinians, efforts to delegitimize Israel will end in failure."

    Israel doesn't need any help from the Palestinians here.Israel has shown it is capable to the extreme in its efforts to legitimatize itself in the eyes of the world.With a history of occupation,colonization,ethnic cleansing ,expansionism and a plethora of human rights violations,crimes against humanity and war crimes vis a vis the Palestinian people Israel has failed the moral test of a legitimate modern state.She is in good (im)moral company in the region but is being surpassed by other neighbors in the Arab Spring.Like every other human rights violating,undemocratic country Israel cannot see the forest for the trees.If Israelis and Jews cannot recognize their crimes against the Palestinians,the immigrants with their desendants should return to their own countries and maybe in another two thousand years will have learned the lessons needed to participate in a tolerant ,multicultural nation without violating the rights of its own war refugees. Israelis and Jews generally should be ashamed of them selves for how they have treated the indigenous Palestinian Arabs to settle the Diaspora.muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "…the indigenous Palestinian Arabs…"

      You just contradicted yourself.

      If you say "Arab," then "indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula" follows from that.

      If you say "indigenous Palestinian," then "Jew" follows from that.

      "Indigenous Palestinian Arabs" is like saying "indigenous Hellenic Japanese."

  • muchiboy

    "For the territory of Palestine to be contiguous, that of Israel will have to be substantially reduced."


    • ziontruth

      For Israel to be secure, anti-Zionism will have to be cracked down on.

  • muchiboy

    "Palestine’s contiguous territory would come at the expense of Israel’s."

    Given the actual way in which Zionists re-created Israel,(i.e.de facto occupation,de facto colonization,de facto ethnic cleansing),at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs,it is not unfair to partially correct such historical wrongs at the "expense" of the very same"recreated" Zionist entity.Your arguments are vein, petty and greedily shameful and unworthy of your stellar and unblemished history.Give back some or much of what you stole so that all can live in peace and prosperity.The onus in on the Israelis and Diaspora,by default.Failing this,the onus is on America and the world to force change.muchiboy

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Now come on Muchiboy, there are no historical wrongs, as your fanatical and unhinged obsession with hating Jews leads you to believe anything against Jews as long as it is derogatory, and if it is not derogatory towards Jews, then you automatically dismiss it. In other words, you reject all truth with respect to Jews by default. Hence, your reality is not really reality. In other words, Israel didn’t steal anything, but you nevertheless believe they did because your fanatical and unhinged obsession with hating Jews has inverted your reality in your extremely perverted and twisted mind, which leads you to believe your insane delusions.

      In any event, the real reality is the Islamic world, mainly through its proxies the so-called Palestinians, is waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, just like the Islamic world is also waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir and Jammu in India, just like the Islamic world is also waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, just like the Islamic world is also waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, just like the Islamic world is also waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the atheist and Christian Orthodox unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, just like the Islamic world is also waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the Christian and animist unbelievers in the Ivory Coast, just like the Islamic world is also waging a permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest against the Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Kosovo, etc., etc., etc., and any and all unbelievers around the world including you and me.

      You see the Islamic world divides the world between believers and unbelievers and applies one set of rules and ethics for believers and a completely different set of rules and ethics for unbelievers. Thus, all non-Muhammadan unbelievers living in every Muhammadan majority country in the world are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether without exception, which you totally ignore deliberately to feed your unhinged obsessions and delusions.

      Anyway, seek mental help for your severe problems with hating Jews and your insane delusions, as it is very unhealthy and frustrating for you to continue incessantly inciting hatred and violence against Israel to facilitate another genocidal holocaust of Jews.

      The onus in on the Israelis and Diaspora,by default.Failing this,the onus is on America and the world to force change.Muchiboy

      Really? Why must the world subordinate the pursuit of its own interests to pacify the so-called Palestinians according to you? Why should the interests of the so-called Palestinians, which were created out of whole cloth and are the proxies of the Islamic world, supersede the collective interests of the world? What makes pacifying them a higher priority than giving the Kurds a homeland? Why do you hate Jews so much? Are you a Nazi?

      • SpiritOf1683

        He certainly is a Nazi, and he thinks the murder of six million Jews wasn't enough, and believes it was nine million short of trhe mark.

    • ziontruth

      "…at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs,…"

      Arabs must stay content with their indigenous territory, the Arabian Peninsula; or, if they can't help appropriating territories outside their indigenous mandate, let them keep their hands off a land whose indigenous people is still extant: Palestine, indigenous land of the Jews.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Obama should have announced that we are going to have a new peace process, one that not only includes the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but also includes the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir, Jammu, Mumbai, and India, the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, the atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russian, the Christian and animist unbelievers in the Ivory Coast, the Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Kosovo, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum, as the Islamic world is not just waging permanent and perpetual jihad against Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but it is also waging permanent and perpetual jihad against all unbelievers in the world. Hence, lets lump them all together and seek peace with the Islamic world in one fell swoop.

    Here’s how I envision such a new peace process: We would say to the Islamic world to either cease waging permanent and perpetual jihad against all unbelievers around the world immediately, or otherwise the collective unbeliever world united together will annihilate the Islamic world by ousting all of its leaders, destroying all of its nuclear weapons programs and nuclear arsenals, and finally by seizing all of its oilfields and oil wealth to make it impossible for the Islamic world to continue waging permanent and perpetual jihad against unbelievers.

    • muchiboy

      "collective unbeliever world united together will annihilate the Islamic world by ousting all of its leaders, destroying all of its nuclear weapons programs and nuclear arsenals, and finally by seizing all of its oilfields and oil wealth to make it impossible for the Islamic world to continue waging permanent and perpetual jihad against unbelievers."

      Yea,then Israel could order her human rights abusing IDF goons into the Palestinian refugee camps and annihilate the innocent refugees like your proxy Phalangist militia did at Shatilla and Sabra.Or bomb Arab cities back into the biblical ages irregardless of civilian deaths.My God,you think the Jewish people would empathize with these people,knowing the horrors of concentration and death camps.muchiboy

  • tanarg

    How many years will it take to erase the marks this ultra-creepy man Obama has left on my country? And the stench? When will that dissipate?

    • Eli Rossberg

      That's like complaining about a garlic smell when your living next to a sewage treatment camp built by that idiot George Bush… still amazed that your people where dumb enough to vote for him twice.

      • tanarg

        Certainly not ideal, but FAR better than the dolt(s) running against him.

    • ziontruth

      Obama is but a symptom. He was elected on the wings of disinformation by the left-dominated media, and by the ignorant youth the left-dominated education system churns out.


      Finish. McCarthy's. Job.

      • tanarg


  • Robert Laity

    I would say that Obama IS a "Dog" but WHY INSULT DOGS?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    What Obama did was announce to the world that he would subordinate America’s interest to the goal of making the Islamic world like us. In other words, he said that ensuring the Islamic world liked us is more important than even pursuing America’s interests, and as his first step to the achievement of this new foreign policy initiative, he threw Israel under the bus and threw the Islamic world a bone in the hopes that it would help make the Islamic world like us.

    Apparently, Obama didn’t get the memo that says no matter what we do or do not do, it doesn’t really matter because Muhammadans will hate our kafir infidel unbelieving guts regardless and no matter what because they are obligated to hate our kafir infidel unbelieving guts no matter what. Hence it doesn’t really matter what we do or do not do, as the Muhammadans will turn it around and use it to incite hatred and violence against us no matter what because that is a manifestation of Islam.

    Indeed, take a look at the history of Israel, the Islamic world has completely twisted and inverted reality and thus now uses that inverted reality to constantly incite hatred and violence against Jewish unbelievers. It’s a manifestation of Islam and there is nothing Israel can do short of capitulating to the Muhammadans, whereby another genocidal holocaust of Jews would inevitably ensue.

    We [believers] disown you [non-believers, including family] and what you worship besides Allah. We renounce you. Enmity and hate shall forever reign between us—until you believe in Allah alone (Koran 60:4).

  • Amused

    Muchi-boy ….at the end of the day , Israel will do what it needs to do in order to survive amongst the barbarians that surround her . Neither Obama nor anyone else will persuade israel to put down its guard and make the security of oit's people a secondary consideration . Obama will learn this , just as Had Both Bush's Clinton , Reagan , right down the line . The Israelis understand arabic , or did you think they only spoke and understood Hebrew . Do you think the palestinians are fooling anyone ? They dont want peace ort a second state , they want ONE Palestinian State ,and DEAD JEWS . There is no difference between Hamas and Fatah regarding this desire , only the time frame in which to do it . Yes , Israel IS the BEST ALLIE ther US has , not only in the M.E. but in the World .And the sooner the US presidents realize that the Palestinians are Filthy Bloodthirsty Liars , the better . And that will happen , as the palestinians cannot , even for their own benefit , restrain themselves from committing heinous murders, and running their filthy mouths .

  • muchiboy

    "Why must the world subordinate the pursuit of its own interests to pacify the so-called Palestinians according to you?"
    Well,I think moving to satisfy the legitimate,historical grievances of the Palestinians is in the world's and even Israel's longer term interests.

    "Why should the interests of the so-called Palestinians, which were created out of whole cloth and are the proxies of the Islamic world, supersede the collective interests of the world?"

    One could have said just that about the Zionists and Diaspora.And to repeat myself,Peace in that very volatile neighborhood is very much in the collective interests of the world.

    " What makes pacifying them a higher priority than giving the Kurds a homeland?"
    I don't know if a Palestinian state is a higher priority then a Kurdish state.It may be more difficult and complex,because a Kurdish homeland would involve several independent states contributing territory e.g.Iraq,Iran,Turkey.But while the Kurds lack an independent Kurdish homeland,they are not "homeless" in the sense the Palestinians are homeless,they occupy their traditional territory (as far as I know,because I am not familiar with Kurdish history).While one of my grandfathers is Palestinian,the other is Scots.Now the Scots are not politically independent,but they occupy their own homeland.Thus I believe there are reasons why Palestine may be more a priority then either the Kurds or Scots.

    " Why do you hate Jews so much?"
    How much?And I don't beat my wife,dog or children,either.

    "Are you a Nazi?"
    Nazi symbolism is powerful and awful,thus making it an effective and useful means of accusation.Yet,over or inappropriate use might diminish the symbolism and meaning,as has been pointed out here before.One doesn't have to be a Nazi or anti Semitic to criticize either Israel or the Diaspora when the roots or motives of these criticisms are based on the crimes committed by the above against the Palestinian people i.e.the occupation and ethnic cleansing ending in the denial of the Palestinian homeland and birth right. muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "Peace in that very volatile neighborhood is very much in the collective interests of the world."

      Appeasing Islamic imperialism on Israel's expense will only embolden the former and bring more war, therefore very much contrary to the collective interests of the world.

  • sydchaden

    Obama's "new approach" to the Muslim World could be better termed, "Preparing the groundwork for another Holocaust". The incredible thing is not that Obama is doing what he is, since he began to broadcast his intentions during his campaign for the presidency. The incredible thing is that so many American Jews continue to support him. What ever happened to "Never Again"? It is a much simpler matter to anguish over a holocaust that has already occurred, than it is to face up to one that has not yet happened. If American Jews don't want to face up to it, then they best ready themselves for the anguish.

  • ziontruth

    The Arab settlements on indigenous Jewish territory (=Palestine) are indeed a problem and will have to be taken care of for the sake of a just and viable peace.

  • Amused

    That's interesting , since it's a page out of George Bush's Administration .Bush suggested pre 49 armistace . The Israelis ignored Bush , as they will Obama , and rightly so . Funny , I don't recall hearing any warnings about 'holocaust " then ? BTW , that last sentence was a pretty nasty thing to say .

  • USMCSniper

    All of you like ignorant imbeciles like crackerjack and jim who have their lips pressed firmly to the incompetent mullato Obama's hemmoroids need to realize the sooner this subpar idiot is out of the Whitehouse the better for America. But you won't because you are all too stupid to even suspect you are stupid!

  • SpiritOf1683

    There should be far more settlements and the Paleonazis should be sent packing to Egypt and Jordan where they belong.

  • chadi

    You dumb unprofessional idiot, did you live on a farm or maybe an animal control shelter which would explain your animal behavior. By the way do your parents bark too?
    woof woooooof

  • Amused

    That's allright chadi USMCSniper , walks around with his head planted firmly up his arse wondering why everything stinks .

  • Amused

    And look at the ignoramus' that give him a thumbs up .The mentality around here is reaal special .

  • http://www.wastewatchersinc.otg richard ahern

    President Obama has mae a big mistake with Isrel-He will pay the price

    • Amused

      The World has made a big mistake with Israel ….and the WORLD will pay the price .

      • Amused


  • muchiboy

    Woof! Woof! muchiboy

    • MixMChess

      Comparing muchiboy to a dog is an insult to dogs everywhere. Now if it were to dog excrement the comparison might be closer, although still a bit insulting to the excrement.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Its grossly insulting to the excrement.

  • muchiboy

    "And with Jew-hating psycopaths like yourself around,."

    The problem with throwing sh!t,Spirit of…,is that you have to pick it up to throw it.Now wash your hands,please!
    There are good,decent,wise and compelling reasons for your American President to take your Israeli Prime Minister by the scruff of his Zionist neck and tell him just exactly how it is and how it will be.The world is changing at an ever faster rate then we may have thought or even like,and those who don't change risk being left behind.Most of the world came to see years ago what the President stated so clearly,forcefully and bravely this week.It can only be land greed or paranoia that prevents Israeli's and American Jews from coming to the same conclusion.It is obvious to all but the Israeli and Jewish minority.That selfishness on the part of Israelis and Jews most certainly contributed to 9/11. It was obvious,and still is, that Israel ,a so called friend and allie,cared little about America's image or position in the world.Some friend.Again,with friends like Israel,America doesn't need any enemies.So,America had little choice but to tell Israel just exactly how it is and how it will be.Like it or lump it.Go your own way if you like,but without America to hold your hand,you will perish among the wolves.There are certain useful analogies here to Rhodesia,but hopefully the Jews will fare better then the Europeans in Rhodesia did.For the most part,your people are a righteous people.God Bless Israel.God Bless America. muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "It can only be land greed or paranoia that prevents Israeli's and American Jews from coming to the same conclusion."

      Let the Arabs with their over 20 states and the Muslims with nearly 60 states, in both cases covering a huge mass of land on the globe, ponder the true meaning of "land greed" (and paranoia as well–every children's doll from the West is a "Zionist conspiracy" with those guys) before they accuse anyone else of that.

      "That selfishness on the part of Israelis and Jews most certainly contributed to 9/11."

      No, it was the selfishness on the part of the origami hobbyists that most certainly contributed to 9/11. Why the origami hobbyists you ask? Um, why the Jews?

      I try to be sparing with Nazi analogies, but when people blame the Jews and the state for 9/11, such analogies are inescapable.

      "…but without America to hold your hand,you will perish among the wolves."

      So, you invoke God's name twice at the end of this post, yet you just now write a sentiment that denies His existence by attributing the continued survival of Israel to human beings rather than to Him. As I said to another poster, this blasphemy is the one reason why the governments of Israel and America are further drawing apart. Because HaShem doesn't like false attributions.

      "There are certain useful analogies here to Rhodesia,but hopefully the Jews will fare better then the Europeans in Rhodesia did."

      You could open a burka factory with all those veiled threats.

  • Amused

    The only thing that contributed to 9/11 muchboy , is the twisted islamic cult which produces suicide serial killers .
    The palestinians should be gratefull to fate , that the Israelis are not like them , lest there would not be one palestinian left alive .
    As for the U.S. , we will be their ally ….period .We will stand on the position that Israel has a right to exist , noi peace plan will be forced upon Israel , and the US will share it's advanced weaponry with Israel in order that it may defend against the enemies that surround her .The U S will ensure , that the State of Israel shall survive .And THAT is a matter of US National Policy , it has and will remain unchanged.
    Go get your head screwed on straight muchiboy , you got things mixed up , perhaps it's that arab/muslim mmindset eh ? Get in touch with REALITY , muchiboy , and the way it WILL BE .

  • Jim_C

    I agree with Amused. US policy and support for Israel has not and will not substantially change. If there are existential threats to Israel, we will face them together. You would literally have to be suicidally mad to truly attack Israel–and unfortunately that is the culture of the Palestinians.

    That said, America's interest is in regional stability. If it were not, then we would not contribute all that foreign aid to Israel and her rivals and enemies. We would simply let Israel do what Israel will do. And even Bibi knows that that is not an optimal state of affairs. So we continue this game. yes, I hate it. yes, I hate the double standard for Israel–but that double standard is the price of being a forward-looking democracy: one is held to a higher standard than the shambling, pathological chaos of the other side.

  • muchiboy

    "You could open a burka factory with all those veiled threats."
    You take offense where none is meant,ziontruth.Another sign that maybe you are a tad bit too suspicious or maybe even paranoid.Of course,given your and our history to your people,maybe that's understandable.Still,it remains problematic if not a barrier to understanding,intentions and trust.You know of course I lived and fought in Rhodesia.Even so,I was observant enough to know that change was necessary and imminent.Indeed,all Zimbabweans were let down by the ruling black elite lead by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe.Not the outcome that Israeli's and Jews want to hear.But then Palestine was largely occupied and colonized by the Diaspora,followed by de facto ethnic cleansing.We can of course argue these points,but I stand by my accusations,more or less,and with important qualifications.i.e.the continuous Jewish Palestinian presence since Roman times.

    " survival of Israel to human beings rather than to Him."
    Your religious beliefs are of interest and relevant only in my understanding your motives and actions.Otherwise,like the Muslims and their beliefs,I mostly respect them
    where they do not conflict with my core human beliefs,but otherwise they are irrelevant to my opinions.

    "Let the Arabs with their over 20 states and the Muslims with nearly 60 states, in both cases covering a huge mass of land on the globe, ponder the true meaning of "land greed" (and paranoia as well–every children's doll from the West is a "Zionist conspiracy" with those guys) before they accuse anyone else of that."
    One could say that about any one people in say,Africa,Asia or Latin America.The truth is that we are talking about the Palestinian Arabs,not the Egyptians,Libyans,Saudis,etc.Your argument may be sincere but serves merely as a red herring and does not address the Palestinian issues.To be fair,we would have to make the same argument for the Jews,where they were citizens of numerous countries.The idea of a homeland for Jews (as for Palestinians,by the way) is not unreasonable,but when it came to the practical aspects of implementing that idea or dream,maybe it was unreasonable,given the impact on the Palestinians and the neighborhood and region.Unless,of course,you claim a God given right,but that argument will fall on deaf ears with me,ziontruth.muchiboy

    • ziontruth

      "Of course,given your and our history to your people,maybe that's understandable."

      You keep claiming empathy with the Jews, yet you still exhort them to concede land to a society of savages. Yours are empty words.

      "The truth is that we are talking about the Palestinian Arabs,not the Egyptians,Libyans,Saudis,etc."

      All are Arabs. All are part of one nation, and one nation deserves only one state. This one nation has more than one state, meaning more than it deserve. Therefore, all grievances on the part of this nation are by nature illegitimate.

      "Your argument may be sincere but serves merely as a red herring…"

      My argument is the only one the anti-Zionists deserve. It is unjust and illegitimate to propose taking away portions of the little land the Jewish nation has.

      "The idea of a homeland for Jews (as for Palestinians,by the way) is not unreasonable,…"

      The Jews are the Palestinians, the only true Palestinians. Your so-called "Palestinians" are Arabs, part of the Arab nation, indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, settler-colonist land-grabbing invaders everywhere else.

  • muchiboy

    "My argument is the only one the anti-Zionists deserve. It is unjust and illegitimate to propose taking away portions of the little land the Jewish nation has."

    Oh. muchiboy

  • Fred Dawes

    its not courage its money obama get over $500,000,000 From the muslims. he has been well paid off.

  • Larry

    You have to be kidding. Obama claims to be A Christian but acts more like a Muslim. He will stand by or help in the destruction of Israel. He is the very worst American President Israel has to contend with. I can only pray that he will be a one term President.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    you are right ….. Obama is speaking what is the best interest of all middle eastern countries and helping them to make their dream of an islamic world come true. I thought he was the president of the US and looking for the best interest of the US and so far the islamic way of life and the Sharia are totally opposed to the US constitution

  • Stephen_Brady

    Courage? Did Hitler need courage to kill the Jews?

  • sodizzy

    how can it bring peace when israel always keeps its part and the arab world goes back on its word every time?

  • Jeff

    Are your crazy? Israel has restored the land and it is now productive. It was a waste land nobody called home before they returned. Besides, there is already a Palestine state, it's called Jordan. That land was given for peace with the Arabs in 1925 and how well has that worked?


    Hey Jim….your no too bright are you?

  • Viktoria

    how misguided car you be? there can never be peace with a group of people who want to wipe you out. It's their faith tradition that has them all blinded to actual truth.
    these poor fools have been brainwashed to hate almost from birth. they will never, ever give in. Wake up before its too late cuz they're coming here next! Do you even know what Islam is? What they believe? Get equipped for the big battle buddy cuz no one's gonna get left out of this one.

  • generalissimo

    Are you refering to that peace process that has been thwarted many times before in history? I know you don't care about it, but the state of "palestine" has been offered many times to the arabs and always rejected. They don't want a 2 state solution; they don't want Israel to have a state. All they do is bellyache about phoney grievances of apartheid and genocide from the Israelis, when it's their arab and muslim "brethren" who never even grant them citizenship on their countries and constantly remind them that palestinians are a "minority" even in other muslim countries.
    muslims never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The only thing that will ever pacify the middle East is the destruction of islam as a political construct, that denies alliances between muslims and non-muslims. Until those people shake off those ideas and become properly educated human beings, civically responsible and culturally responsible, then no peace will ever exist. Islam is a cancer that must be irradiated before it metastisizes to the rest of the world.

  • nocal

    Uh, no its not!

  • mhojai

    You should clarify that as "all MUSLIM countries"… don't expect Israel to expedite a "peace process" (read suicide pact) with anyone who openly advocates their ultimate extinction …
    How stupid do you have to be to think Obama has anyone's interest in mind but his own?!

  • Larry

    Just wondering if you happen to be an Arab or just a run of the mill anti-semite?

  • scum

    your'e so funny

  • MixMChess

    The truth hurts, huh?

  • wri7913

    Obama spent 1.3 Trillion in the first month of office. That's more than Bush spent in 8 years with two wars running. The fact that the 1.3 Trillion is still being spent on many things that have nothing to do with rejuvenating the economy leads me to believe that the 1.3 Trillion dollar bailout was a fraud and waste of money for the US Taxpayers.

    Now Geithner is scaring Americans again into believing that not raising the debt ceiling will cause of greivous harm. Meanwhile Obama is telling taxpayers we need to turn over our hard earned money to the people of Egypt so they can take their viva la revolucion and shove Islamic theocracy in our faces. The obama-trons just jump in line for more hope and change. Can it get any better than this?

    Now who's the idiot?

  • ziontruth

    "I’ll sign off on the Palestinian state (something that’s taken me a while to come around to) and I’ll sign off on the ’67 borders…"

    Appeasement of the Arab imperialist aggressor, in short. Why not? If it worked with the Sudeten-Germans, surely it's going to work with the Sudeten-Arabs.

    "…not for large settlements of right-wing extremists…"

    There are no settlements in Palestine except Arab settlements (Tulkarm, Bil'in, Umm el Fahm etc.). "Jewish settlement in Palestine" is a contradiction in terms, because the Jews are indigenous Palestinians. It'd be like saying "Dutch settlements in the Netherlands."