Pakistan: The Ally That Isn’t

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How did this “lack of trust” arise? Why did it grow so serious that the Americans carried out this important raid on Pakistani soil without notifying the Pakistani government beforehand? This is directly attributable to that government’s track record. The Telegraph reported Tuesday that the Pakistani government had sheltered bin Laden for ten years, and that “American diplomats were told that one of the key reasons why they had failed to find bin Laden was that Pakistan’s security services tipped him off whenever US troops approached.” Indian journalist Chidanand Rajghatta noted that “the finger of suspicion is now pointing squarely at the Pakistani military and intelligence for sheltering and protecting Osama bin Laden before US forces hunted him down and put a bullet in his head in the wee hours of Sunday. The coordinates of the action and sequence of events indicate that the al-Qaida fugitive may have been killed in an ISI safehouse.”

Rajghatta also reported that bin Laden was killed where he had been living: in “a large mansion in a massive compound with 12 feet to 18 feet tall walls topped with barbed wire.” This compound was “not in a cave in some frontier mountain redoubt, but in a suburban neighborhood in a million-strong city just an hour’s drive from Islamabad, right under the eyes of the Pakistani military.”

Who put him up there? Who knew that he was there? How long was he there? The Pakistani government needs to come clean. It strains credulity to the breaking point to imagine that they didn’t know that he was there, and indeed, that they weren’t actively protecting him there. The death of Osama bin Laden in this fortress in a Pakistani military town suggests that the Pakistani government’s involvement with al-Qaeda is far deeper and more extensive than a few rogue elements of the ISI. Indeed, if Pakistan was sheltering bin Laden for ten years, whether in this particular safe house or in others, then this protection stretches back into Musharraf’s tenure as Pakistani President. Musharraf himself almost certainly knows about it, and has for quite some time – and yet is posturing in the international media today about a deplorable “lack of trust” that the Americans have demonstrated by declining to involve the Pakistanis in the operation against bin Laden.

It is long past time to end the fantasy-based policymaking that has counted Pakistan as a U.S. ally for so many years. Imagine the boost to the U.S. economy that could be occasioned by cutting off all aid to Pakistan today, thereby saving billions annually. In that event, the United States would no longer be in the position of being played for a fool by a Pakistani government that is more obviously than ever in league with our enemies, and of funding our own demise.

Cutting off Pakistan at this point, after the death of Osama bin Laden, is simply a matter of common sense and a healthy instinct for self-preservation. Unfortunately, both continue to be in short supply in Washington.

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  • logdon

    Musharraf asserted, …..' there has to be trust and confidence in each other.'

    So why, if 'trust and confidence' is so neccessary, is this two faced joker living in London?

  • ImaFreeAmerican

    It should be a mandate to get all Americans and allies out of Pakistan and then drop several Neutron bombs on the whole dang place. These inbred sub-humans should get nothing in aid of any kind. I only wish that we had strong leaders that says if you do anything against us we'll show you why we're a super power. We have technology and intelligent human beings and the strongest military in the world and we should start acting like it. To hell with ALL muslims. Send them to hell to be with their mohammed and bin laden. The world does not need defective humans as them. The inbreeding and a satanic religion has made them truly defective and broken and a danger to the whole world.

    • claspur

      Not sure which president got rid of our neutrons… maybe Carter with one of our nuke treaties with the Ruskies?

      • ImaFreeAmerican

        That's a mistake. We DO have the Neutron but an agreement was signed between nations who have the bomb not use it. This was signed before Pakistan got it. Carter is still trying to be a President. Dementia I guess. He should just stay home and count peanuts from the fields one by one.

        • claspur

          Here's just what I found on a quick search just after reading your post in my box…. I know, I know… it's a Wiki site, but…

          • ImaFreeAmerican

            So what's your point? It says he terminated the program but it's a known fact in miltary circles that we have them plus during those days with Iran, just like today there's alot of double speak. You hear them say one thing but the inner circle knows what they're really saying. The miltary gets that information. The TRUE information. Also, he could have actually told the truth to the Ameican people but, change the names here and there and continue on with the program. You get it. Well enough going back and forth. I'm done.

        • claspur

          Here's another site I just found…. need to scroll-down….

          Neutron Bomb
          A fusion bomb designed to produce great numbers of neutrons, but little blast, thus destroying human life but preserving structures and terrain. It has very small fission primary (if any) and no U-238 shell. The bomb, originally designed by the US, was to be used if Russia invaded West Germany. It would kill the invaders without destroying the country it was intended to save. When President Jimmy Carter made the neutron bomb public, he was criticized for developing a bomb that would target people, not buildings. The US neutron bomb program was eventually terminated.

    • Tok Janggut

      How would the Americans be any better than Osama bin Laden or any terrorist organizations if they were to kill all innocent civilians without a just reason?

  • Chezwick_mac

    It's a travesty that Pakistan continues to receive $billions in US aid. But one thing is certain: For as long as we're in Afghanistan in a big way, we need the supply lines that run through Pakistan.

    It's time to wind down our involvement in Afghanistan…perhaps Bin Laden's killing will give us the psychological impetus to do so. The continued squandering of American blood and treasure in the vain hopes of civilizing Islamic hell-holes is increasingly untenable. The Afghans themselves are sick of our presence. Time to declare victory and go home.

    • tanstaafl

      Agreed. However, we should remember that from time to time it will be necessary for us to launch operations into Islam-o-land to help jihadis achieve jannat. (paradise)

      • Chezwick_mac

        No question. Outfitting an aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea with dozens of drones is one way of keeping our finger in the pie. And if this means violating Pakistani airspace on our way to Afghanistan and occasionally striking targets inside Pakistan, then so be it. Those bastards can't have it both ways; if they are going to give sanctuary to terrorists, they should pay the price.

        Corollary to our departure from Afghanistan should be a clear, unambiguous tilt towards India in the sub-Continent, geo-political power game. We won't need Pakistan anymore, so why indulge them at all?

        • macdaddy31

          Not that I disagree with the sentiments expressed in this posting and replies, but I haven't seen anybody mention the big problem associated with distancing ourselves from Pakistan … they are a nuclear power and our aid assumably gives us some access to knowledge and perhaps a little pull as to their policies and handling in that regard. If we divest ourselves completely from Pakistan, we blind ourselves further (other than natural intelligence gathering) as to the inner workings of that regime.

          • alex

            Why don't you say it strait- we are vulnerable! Sooner or later Pakistan will transfer a nuclear devise(s) to a "unaffiliated" gang of muslims and it will arrive to our shores. This is the real problem. On top of it, our corrupt self-serving government keeps growing muslim population in the US, providing fertile ground for everything imaginable and unimaginable via fifth column action.

          • Chezwick_mac

            You've made a very valid, cogent point macdaddy. My best response would be…

            1) we've had adversarial relations with nuclear powers in the past and survived (though the Soviets and China weren't proliferators)

            2) we could orchestrate crippling sanctions and even a blockade if the Pakistanis engage in proliferation policies (though we all know the marginal effectuality of sanctions)

            3) continuing to send them aid for fear of repercussion is blackmail, particularly in the absence of bi-lateral reciprocity; morally and piratically, confrontation may be the better policy

            In the final analysis, I could very-well be wrong and indulging the Pakistanis could be the lessor of all evils. Anyway, thanks for some interesting input.

          • Chezwick_mac

            Should read: "morally and PRACTICALLY"

  • Frank Meyer

    It seems that the Obama administration ciotinues to lie about the alleged cooperation between US Forces and Pakistan's spy service, ISI, who continually r demostrates they are totally incompent or they are lying about not knowing bin Laden's location. I know they are lying.

    How we can continue to suggest Muslim are peaceful when the whole Ilsmaic structure is not but a "sex club for men?." The Islamic movemnet, and i am stressing that Islam is not a religion,, was started by a pedohile who married a six year old girl and bedded her at nine years old.

    Do you really belive that the Angel they cliam imoparted the knowledge to Mohammad which would ever condone such a sick policy of taking child brides and expect us to think it is normal? Wake up people. The sick bastards are running a sex club for men with their emphasis on 72 virgins when a Jidahist likks any non-Mulsim. The obession to treat their women worst than dogs and genital mutlation is just sick.

    • Questions

      Islam is a religion. It just isn't a very convincing one.

      • Chezwick_mac

        The understatement of the century.

  • Amused

    This country has NEVER been our ally .Nor have they EVER been a civilized nation .Both East and West Pakistan were once part of India , the British seperated them from India , to stop them from killing each other and from killing Hindus . When West Pakistan invaded East Pakistan , their "military directive " was to kill as many Hindus and Shia as possible …and they DID ….1.2 million or more , men women and children .Had India not intervened , the number would have been much higher .And THAT was under Bhuttos rule , nothing has changed .Pakistan's national intelligence agency tipped off Bin Laden when Clinton sent cruise missle to take out Bin Laden after the '93 attack on the WTC . THIS latest treachery – bin Laden living in the Pakistani equivelant of Palm Springs , amongst the retired military elite should be THE LAST STRAW .Stop all monies going there , get out of Afghanistan , let them all have at it , and leave them with the warning , if someone we dont like gets too near their nukes , we turn them into sand and glass without warning . Enough of this foolishness .We SHOULD be strong allies with India .They dont agree with us on everything , but India has never shoved a knife in our back .

    • StephenD

      I often disagree with AMUSED. But not today. He is absolutely SPOT ON!! We ought to get the hell out of there…NOW. Who are we kidding? We will never win over hearts and minds to become a constitutional, civilized society modeled after us. Let them continue to live out of caves and barter off their daughters. Leave them with the knowledge that the very next incident of Islamic terrorism will mean Mecca is turned into glass. Fair warn the world. No more Mr. Nice Guy. We can do business but will not tolerate one more act of terror, period.

      • tanstaafl

        I concur. There is no need to try to win "hearts and minds" in Islam-o-land. The teachings of Islam eliminate compassion and intelligence in the Muslim psyche.

        Stranger things have happened, but yes, for once Amused makes sense. Something in the coffee this AM?

  • Richard_FL

    Stephen D……………….couldn't agree more. It is time for the US to tell the world we are not going to be played any longer. The flow of our monies is stopping until these countries like Pakistan decide whose side they are on. Then we support ONLY those countries that prove their loyalty. You can't buy friendship and allegence.

    And let's not wind down in Afghanistan…………….let's just pick up and leave. That armpit of the world is not worth another drop of US blood nor one red cent of our treasury.

    Give the Islamic world a year or two to clean up their own mess from within the supposed non-radical Islamic camp…………..afterwards all bets are off and the political correctness BS is finished. The next terrorist attack on any of our peoples or properties will then be met with the full force and might of our armed forces…………a force re-built and ready to tackle these barbarians. Lose the Rules for Engangement that handcuff our brave men and women and let them do their jobs how they are trained.

    Then and only then will we see things change………………end of story!!

  • iloveIslam,right…

    We need to revert to our wild west philosophy, "The only good one is a dead one".

  • jtbaumgart

    Pakistan is riddled with Salafists and it infantile to think that Pakistan would bother at all to help us. Pakistan is more committed to China than the US as far as its strategic interests goes. I am rather surprised that Robert Spenser did not mention the book "Unrestricted Warfare" by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. These former PLA colonels cite that China would use Salafists to attack America to weaken us until our economy collapses.

    As Paul Harvey used to say; "Now you know the Rest of the Story"

  • BS77

    When I learned the US gives Pakistan 3 BILLION dollars a year….I was gasping in disbelief….Pakistan harbors the very Taliban/Al Queda terror vermin that are killing innocent people and our troops every week.

    • Dispozovdaburka

      We gave Pakistan 6 Billion "with no strings attached." last year.

  • Wesley69

    No doubt about it. It is time for payback. We need to realize you don't play games with those supposed to be your allies.

    First, we must be withdrawing from Afghanistan. The mission was to get Bin Laden and punish the Taliban. We did that. As we do this we must approach India and give them our support for their becoming the regional power. Meanwhile, the CIA needs to be locating the nuclear weapons of the Pakistani regime.

    We, first, issue an ultimatum to the Pakistani government, join the war against al-Qaeda or risk a total cuttoff of aid from the US. That means cleaning out the al-Qaeda & Taliban santuaries and training camps along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

    If they refuse, then we carry out our threats. We cut ties with these Pakistani bastards. No more US dollars in aid. Right as we do this, we must carpet bomb the frontier between Afghanistan & Pakistan to wipe out all terrorist training camps. We may need to destroy their jet fighters to control their skies. Then we must secure their nuclear weapons and remove them in strategic strikes.

    Then let India finish them off. The question in all this is how China will respond.

    • lio

      stupide si vous essayez de détruire leurs armes nucléaires, ils n'attendent pas les bras croisés. s'ils pensent que leurs armes seront confisquées et la patrie en danger, alors ils lancent leur missils et une guerre nucléaire commence! et cette guerre aura une incidence sur les États-Unis aussi!

  • BLJ

    IMHO the Evil Axis is:

    Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. They are all enemies of America and the rest of the civilized world.

  • alex

    Pakistan is a cesspool with no real economy and army. It is being propped up by Club Internantional members like Clinton, Obama, Powell, Bush and so on. They will collapse under their own weight of mutual hate, corruption, islam and general asiatic beckwardnes without constant financial and technological infusions from the West. The same goes for most of these countries, and, like in the past with Western Europe, US taxpayers are bearing the brunt of this cost.

    Our real enemies are Russia and China who are waging a proxi war against the West and US in particular.

    Morons voting for Clintons and Obamas are to blame for continues PC BS in our international relationship and collapsing US freedom and economy.

    Down with Green Communists. Nuclear Power generation is a way to go – let our enemies eat sand.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Obama used actionable intell about a courier to track down Bin Laden that was illegally extracted from tortured Al Qaida victims. In other words, he shared in the war crimes of the Bush and Cheney administration. How can he do such a thing and talk about "upholding American ideals and values?" Where is the ACLU? Where's Amnesty International? Where are the Leftist bloggers of conscience who want to bring Bush and Cheney to justice? Why aren't they condemning Obama? Where are their cries? (sarcasm)

    • Eddie

      Hey Apollo,

      How about worrying about how you will react when Jihad hits these shores…when an IED will go off on your street…when you find your gay neighbor on his back in the gutter with his throat slashed.

      Evil is EVIL.

      Get over yourself and your delusional thinking about the ACLU.

      SOBER UP, my friend.

      • Eddie

        Sorry, Apollo. Just noticed the sarcasm (hee haw…hee haw)

        But still…Evil is EVIL

  • Vermont Yid

    Q: What did Osama bin Laden have for breakfast this morning?

    A: Nothing, he's f—in' dead.

  • steven l

    The US (BHO/Patreus) gave an ultimatum to Pakistan and Pakistan did what it had to do.


    This could have been done a bit earlier.

    • Leon

      Pakistan didnt even know about it when it happened

  • HowThe?

    Where do they get all the US flags to burn?

  • steven l

    The next target is? IRAN

    • cliford

      not the next target is the house: Americans do not care about Iran, what matters is not the Iranian nuclear issues, Pakistani or Korean, but the economi and jobs! not the war again and again and again!

  • Fred Dawes

    many of us have known that pakistan has always been our enemies after it is part of Islam and hates the ideals of real freedom and laws.

  • Questions

    I can think of no justification for financially propping up Pakistan. That Muslim hellhole can get all the aid it wants from the Chinese anyway. Foreign aid policy has to be based on some level on national interest.

    My two-point strategy for dealing with Pakistan: 1) declare victory; and 2) get the hell out.

  • Questions

    It is inconceivable that we shovel $3 billion a year in aid to the Pakistani regime. Let that country go to the Chinese to pay its bills; they've been doing it for some 40 years anyway. Our strategy should be to declare victory and get the hell out. Foreign aid must be based on national interest.

  • flyingtiger

    The truth may be even worse, Pakistan is incompetent! It is time to pull out of Afganistan and Pakistan. Both countries are worthless.

  • MMA

    I must say it is amazing to me that Mr. Spencer can barely pause for a moment to acknowledge that Osama bin Laden has been killed in an impressive strike by the US military. Instead, it is business as usual as he rants against Obama and Islam. It is a shame because his imbalanced commentary obscures the valuable points that he has made over the years.

  • Kevin Stroup

    EVeryone knows that the vast majority of Islamic terrorism comes from 3 countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. Nuke these 3 and you have much less Jihad.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Knowing what I know about Islam and Pakistan, I have been assuming that it was Pakistan that spirited OBL out of Afghanistan in 2001 and that has been providing him safe harbor ever since. The fact that Pakistan has been harboring OBL since 2001 has never been a doubt in my mind. Hence, I don’t really care that much what the Pakistanis are going to say now that they have been caught with their pants down and with their hands in the till, because I know that as Muhammadans they will lie to unbelievers no matter what. Instead, what I really want to know is what our incompetent useful idiot State Department and inept federal officials have to say about their ineptitude. Indeed, I’ll bet that not a single one of those useful idiots will ever be asked to explain their gullibility and not a single one of them will ever lose their jobs, exactly like what happened in the aftermath of 9/11, and the political correctness, the blunders, and the ineptitude will again be institutionalized.

  • John J.

    The question about whether Pakistan knew of the existence of this massive fortress "anywhere" in that failed-state, god-forsaken, country is ridiculous to even think about. Few of us have ever stood outside an 18' wall, which dwarfs human sizes of proportion. This was clearly a military-style fortress built by the highest engineering standards available. Possibly without outside help, as was Saddam Hussein's underground tunnel system and is Iran's underground hidden nuclear facilities.

    This was about a 4-acre fortress surrounded by residential areas. A woman driving a car or in public without her burqa would be jailed by their secret police within minutes. So not only was this monstrosity well-known to everyone in Pakistan's government and police, they were playing the U.S. for fools, and rightly so, it appears. We should demolish that fortress and analyze its engineering and protective systems for clues as to who built it. This was a military-grade fortress, as we now know, and not a "compound," and should do it before its too late.

    Under international law, since they were clearly sheltering him, they are now able to join the list of other state sponsors of terrorism.

  • Amused

    Robert Spencer is CORRECT in not putting too much weight on bin Ladens death . Yes , it is a great victory for the USA , it is a testimony to American Resolve and to the courage of our soldiers and indeed a symbolic and strategic victory . But Spencer , perhaps more than most , knows full well , that islam is what it is , with or without bin Laden , islam was barbaric before bin Laden , and will remain so without him . One need not journey back to ancient history or mid-evil history , to take not of these barbarians .The Armenian Genocide , Assad Sr. killed 10,000 of his fellow Syrians years ago , Kurds have been slaughtered by Turkey , Iraq , and Iran constantly . No Al Queda didn't start the slaughter , but accentuated it .It's not bin Laden , it's islam .I just wish Spencer would disassociate himself with Pam Geller who hates Obama more than she hated bin Laden , and her idiotic , illogical slanders and innuendos, DIMMINISHES Spencer and his important message .

  • Amused

    BTW , ObamaYoMamma , is dead on target as usual . All anyone has to do is simply do a little earnerst research on Pakistan and as it was formerl known as , West Pakistan , to see that this country is comprised of savages and fanatics , human rights are unknown there , all Hindus , anbd non-muslims are hated by Pakistan , christians are now being persecuted more than ever , new "blasphemy laws " have been put in place , and are used routinely against christians there , and also against anyone who even disagrees with those laws , as was explicitly shown with the assasination of a governor who dared question them . The recent slaughter in Mumbai was traced back to the Pakistani intelligence ISS . DUMP these duplicitous , treacherous ENEMIES …ASAP .

  • Amrit

    Pakistan is only following what Quran preaches: tell lies, deceive, do whatever you can to kill or subjugate or convert unbelievers (kafirs). Islam has been following this taqiya ever since it was fabricated.

    War on terror cannot be won by defeating or abandoning Pakistan, but by eliminating Islam.
    Islam is not a religion of peace that violent Muslims have hijacked.

    Islam is a religion of violence that some peace-loving Muslims are attempting to hijack.

    Islam considers all non-Islamic people infidels, worthy to be killed or subjugated or converted to Islam by hook or by crook.
    It is now time to expose the real character of Islam. Then only will we be able to save our values of freedom and humanism.

    • uma

      and the earth is flat, and the aliens arrived, the sky is pink?

      never seen a so stupid man

  • Stan

    A recent history lesson: does anyone remember another misogynist, suicidal, militaristic people bent on war and world conquest who were taught that it was better to die rather than surrender? A little hint, they eventually did surrender and ended up becoming a civilised nation and great economic power. Does anyone remember how they were defeated?