Peter King: Doomed to Failure

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Congressman Peter King (R-NY) told Politico Tuesday that “he’s not planning to call as witnesses such Muslim community critics as the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s Steve Emerson and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer, who have large followings among conservatives but are viewed as antagonists by many Muslims.” Instead, King plans to call people with “the real life experience of coming from the Muslim community,” including Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), as well as ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Muslim reformer M. Zuhdi Jasser.

In “King Abdicates” in The American Thinker Thursday, Pamela Geller declared that all this indicated that King’s hearings would be a “show trial.” Emerson, she pointed out, “knows who all the players are and what groups and cells they are affiliated with. He knows who everyone is and what he’s doing. For King to acquiesce in his marginalization is almost criminal.” And as for Ellison, Geller noted that he is “infamous for his pro-Hamas rallies and his pilgrimage to the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Nor are King’s other witnesses much better. Geller further noted:

Jasser’s Islam does not exist. He does not have a theological leg to stand on. His mosque threw him out. Whatever he is practicing, it’s not Islam, and he speaks for no one but himself. Also, Jasser has done some strange things: in May 2009, he made a last-minute effort to quash Geert Wilders’ appearance on Capitol Hill under the aegis of Senator Kyl, calling Kyl’s office the morning of the day Wilders was supposed to appear and stating that while Jasser had been in the Netherlands, Wilders refused to meet with Jasser because Wilders “doesn’t meet with Muslims.” That never happened, according to Wilders.

And when I interviewed Jasser back in 2007, he referred to Israel as occupied territory in the last five minutes of the interview. He blew his cover.

Read it all. Geller is absolutely right that these hearings are shaping up to be a waste, and worse than a waste. King is apparently rattled by the full-court press of Islamic victimhood rhetoric from Islamic supremacist spokesmen and pressure groups, and is allowing them to set his agenda, acquiescing in their Alinskyite marginalization of Steven Emerson, a peerless antijihad researcher, and other antijihadists who have nothing to apologize for or be embarrassed about in their work to expose and resist the advance of the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, but who are targeted in ongoing Islamic supremacist defamation campaigns designed to discredit and sideline them (including myself). He is at the same time calling fox-in-the-henhouse witnesses like Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman Keith Ellison.

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  • Linda

    You all MUST read the 2 books by Brigitte Gabriel….they are full of facts and figures….
    Because They Hate
    They Must Be Stopped

    Hurry people, we all need to make sure that everyone in the USA is on the same page….ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and RADICALS have already infiltrated the most important areas of our society and culture. They are intent on islamizing the USA….IF it takes 10 years or 100 years, so be it….it WILL be done!

    • WildJew

      I've got both of her books. She has an exceptional personal story. Unfortunately, she has had some mis-steps; her silence at the time Fox News host / commentator Glenn Beck called Dutch politician Geert Wilders a fascist; her public condemnation of the proposed Qur'an burning in Gainesville, Fla., regardless of the propriety of the proposed burning. In that instance, maybe silence would have been the better part of valor?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Excuse me but ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and RADICALS are a myth. In Islam the jihad ideology, which is the holy obligation for Muhammadans to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam, is not only taught and advocated by all sects within Islam, but is also taught and advocated by all schools of Islamic jurisprudence in Sunni and Shi’a Islam, whereas all Christians, on the other hand, are taught not only to be non-violent but to pray for their enemies. Thus, these people that you mislabel ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and RADICALS are not ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and RADICALS, but instead mainstream devout Muhammadans.

      Indeed, when you mislabel mainstream devout Muhammadans ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and RADICALS, you abet, foster, and reinforced the false political correct paradigm whereby ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS and RADICALS are at war with non-Muhammadans, while so-called moderate Islam and so-called moderate Muhammadans are at peace, which is utterly absurd, because the existence of a moderate Islam and moderate Muhammadans is impossible since the texts and tenets of Islam are immutable. Hence, please stop shooting yourself and the rest of us in the foot at the same time you are trying to sound the alarm.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    King's retreat is unfortunate indeed…but I submit that SOMETHING may come of the hearings because, if nothing else, a witness like Hirsi Ali testifying to congress about Islam is bound to ruffle some feathers and shake things up.

    • WildJew

      Maybe. But she is not a scholar on Islam or on the domestic jihad threat like Spencer and Emerson who have devoted their lives and careers to the cause. Someone or some people spooked Congressman King. I wonder who?

      • ObamaYoMoma

        I was thinking more like someone paid him off.

  • Amused

    of course it will be a failure , King IS in retreat ,and/or denial . makes no difference , he's gonna have a hard time getting honest answers , and the muslims already ghave rehearsed their response quite well . they already know what will tickle western dhimmi ears . anyone one with even HALF-A-BRAIN can see islam for what it is , WITHOUT any "special conference " by back-peddling vote -hungry politicians .There ain't a one of them , who'll risk their lucrative career , to speak trhe truth about barbarians .
    This is a farce .

    • Michael Elmore

      Rep. Allen West will. He won't let us down. He's the only one with the balls and knowledge of what's destroying America when it comes to Islam. Give him a few years in congress and I believe he'll continue the fight even more. He got elected on those principle and he won't foget them in the future..elmore

      • WildJew

        I've not heard anything from West yet on this. Have you? The Capital Switchboard number is 1-202-225-3121. Thus far West has not said anything about the hearing. Has he? The day before yesterday, he condemned the raising of the PLO flag over Washington.

        • Michael Elmore

          I have heard West speak and he kicks ass when it comes to Islaml. He truly gets it. Check out some of his you tub videos. If West changes his mind set because he becomes a political insider after a few years than we can all kiss out asses good by. I'll bet the ranch on it that he won't..elmore

          • Amused

            West ? We'll see what West is willing to say in PUBLIC . Forget you-tube or the like. So far I'v e seen nothing of West any different than the rest of the lot .Let him get up and say Saudis are funding schools right in DC ,teaching hatred of jews, let him expose the muslim brotherhood and it's agenda , and more so WHO amongst muslims in this country support it. See if he speaks the truth about who's behing the mosque at ground zero , lets see if he'll call THAT what it is …a bloody muslim trophy of supremacy , spitting in the eye of America …

  • Amused

    p.s. at this late date in time , anyone in the U.S. who doesn't know about Hirsi Ali or Brigette Gabriel , is just too damn dumb , apathetic or ignorant [or all of the above ] to waste time on .
    Lets all just play pretend . There's no one here who can name one single politician , on ANY side of the isle , who'll come out and publicly call this thing WHAT IT IS .

  • Steve Chavez

    Sometimes all it takes is TURNING ON THE LIGHTS!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Whoever heard of a so-called radicalization process or a self-radicalization process? This is pure utter nonsense, there is no such so-called radicalization process, as all Muhammadans from cradle to grave are obligated to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam. Indeed, it is the stealth sixth pillar of Islam and it is regarded as the most sacred pillar of all because those that wage jihad in the cause of Allah will be the most exalted and receive the greatest rewards in Allah’s version of carnal paradise.

    The problem is Islam masquerades as being a religion, so people see violent jihadists as being “misunderstanders” of Islam and indeed extremists, which does not reflect on the Islamic community as a whole. Sort of like when a Christian blows up an abortion clinic, that perpetrator is seen as a “misunderstander” of Christianity and the perpetrator is not seen as being representative of the entire Christian community as a whole, but as an extremist.

    However, the jihad ideology in Islam, which obligates all Muhammadans to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam, is not only taught and advocated by all sects within Islam, but is also taught and advocated by all schools of Islamic jurisprudence in both Sunni and Shi’a Islam, whereas the Christian bible, the New Testament, on the other hand, teaches non-violence only. Hence, in stark contrast to Islam all Christians are taught to be non-violent and to even pray for their enemies, while Muhammadans, on the other hand, are obligated and urged to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam in the cause of Allah.

    Furthermore, the vast overwhelming amount of jihad that takes place in the world today takes place via stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad, and this stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad virtually goes completely ignored, unrecognized, and unacknowledged by non-Muhammadans who are its targets. As a matter of fact, the violent variety of jihad is used primarily to distract and deflect attention away from the stealth and deceptive non-violent forms of jihad taking place right under our collective noses. However, it is far more detrimental to our continued freedom in the long run than the other violent varieties of jihad.

    The harsh reality is Islam is not a religion. It is instead a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology and like other totalitarian ideologies such as Communism, it intends to dominate the world, as the main purpose of Islam is to subjugate the world into Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia. Hence, the net result of both Communism and Islam is totalitarianism.

    In fact, the most prevalent form of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad being employed today is demographic conquest, which is taking place throughout Europe, North and South America, India, Australia, New Zealand, and many other places around the world as well. It’s objective is to exploit our democracies by eventually taking control via mass immigration and out-breeding the non-Muhammadan populations. Then once they gain demographic control they will simply impose Sharia, which effectively will subjugate into Dhimmitude all non-Muhammadans.

    Therefore, Islam should be viewed the same way we viewed Communism and the non-Muhammadan world should combat Islam the same way the world combated Communism, in that Islam should be acknowledged for what it really is, and the non-Muhammadan world should form a united front against it.

    Hence, Congressman Peter King’s hearing on radicalization will be a farce, because there is no such radicalization process, as the radicalization process like the existence of so-called moderate Muhammadans is also a fiction and completely non-existent. Thus, Congressman King will inevitably be used as a useful idiot to abet, foster, and reinforce the political correct myth that we are at war with radical Islam and radical Muhammadans. Moreover, Congressman Ellison and Dr. Jasser will be held up by the so-called MSM as the arbiters of moderate Islam and moderate Muhammadans.

    • vladdy


  • ApolloSpeaks

    Crown this KIng with two dunce hats: one for Bob the other for Steve.

  • Raymond

    The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision that serves to allow judges to void the Constitution in their courtrooms. The decision was issued on January 18, 2011, and the Court did not even explain the decision (Docket No. 10-632, 10-633, and 10-690).

    • USMCSniper

      Dat dun beez watcha expect fum "32-year federal Judge Orinda D. Evans" Hmmm… how does a 32 year old black woman get to be a judge? Dat beez caws she dun beez a sista. Yassah!

  • USMCSniper

    Remember Senator Fred Thompson's hearings on the Clinton's well documented felony level offenses that included Chinese Communist monies dropped off at the whitehouse by Chinese Communist agents, 900 FBI files illegally held by Hillary Clinton's aids, etc. etc, were stonewalled by no less than John Glenn and the Attorney General Janet Reno. John Glenn's reward for this was he got to fly on a Shuttle Mission as human baggage.

    • Amused

      hey USMCSniper , maybe you can break out of your Obama/ Democrat derangement syndrome , long enough to focus on the real enemy .That is the enemy that will actually take away your rights , in reality , not your obsessive paranoid delusions . You;'re like a broken record . I'm surprised the institution you are housed in allows you n the internet at all ….but hey we know who put you there right ? had to be Clinton or Obama ….you're pathetic man .

      • USMCSniper

        Hmmm… Tell me, when you were a kid, did you ride to the special school for retarded children (intellectually challenged today in PC lingo) on the little yellow bus, or on the big yellow bus to the public school with the rest of we normal kids? I see your hero Keith Olberman got canned as requested by Comcast. I guess the sneering hag Rachetitup Madcow may be next.

  • dan

    Islam began by hate and terror .It is was and is about control and demanding belief.__Be not fooled or lied to this Islamic movement is about just that control of the whole world and make everyone believe in Allah.In islam a muslim can lie and steal and cheat .the ends justify the means.__Sure their are Muslims who do not follow the terrorist views .This is because they really are not 100% into the Islamic faitrh.Look at countries where Islam rules and those where they have taken footholds.They demand Islamic law over whatever countries laws.__They demand with force and then shout hate aginst anyone who speaks against Islam.They kill those who speak against them without mercy.

  • arnie

    way too modest, Mr. Spencer. you yourself should be testifying before the committee

  • drwatsons

    You express loathing and hatred for persons who are of a particular religion or ethnic background, in this case Muslims (Islamophobia) .I suspect you have been "innoculated" from bigotry and prejudice.

    You need to form an "open ended paradigm".Fighting this is going to take personal courage, and unless you draw forth the courage to fight your pre-conceptions,laziness,fear and hate both inside and out,things will not improve for you. Seek out an Islamic scholar to teach you Islam.

    • Atlas_Collins

      I'm quite familiar with Islam, drwatsons.

      As a non-muslim, Islam offers me three choices: Submit and become a muslim, pay the jizyat and "feel myself subdued to the muslims", or death.

      They name me "enemy", drwatsons, and say I dwell in Dar al Harb, the "Camp of War".

      Tell me, how does one form an "open ended paradigm" with such a stark and brutal and inflexible ideology that offers me only those three choices? I will not "submit" because, unlike you, I am not a p_ssy. I will not pay the jizyat and be subdued because, again unlike you, I am not a p_ssy. Therefore Islam leaves me only one choice: death.

      "Bigotry and prejudice" has nothing to do with it. Ethnicity had nothing to do with it. "Islamophobia" is a made-up nothing word that doesn't mean anything and is used only as a cudgel word to stifle any criticism of the hate-ideology that is Islam.

      You can make a case for hatred, however. It is right and good to hate those who want to kill you.

      Islam Delenda Est.

    • vladdy

      Hmm…How about Robert Spencer?

      Also, the gobbledygook psych talk does not go over well here. People who read this page do know well about the myth Of "islamaphobia." Most readers could point to countless links showing quotes from the koran, hadith, mo's bio, etc. (not to mention current events) that explain about jihad and how it must be fought.

      It is not a "phobia" if the person is right to fear something. A phobis is an irrational fear.

      It will take personal courage for you to fight your laziness and fear in order for your to overcome your denial about islam. Pray and/and or study for the truth.

  • drwatsons

    Hanan Tudor goes by the name of Bridgette Gabriel (her porn name) is a publicity whore, she is self-absorbed, obsessed with her tarty image and makes regular genocidal bayings against Muslims and Palestinians.

    She is just a fraud, a complete ignoramus, and a liar. She's not even a good fraud, she occasionally slips up, talking out of both sides of her mouth.

    • WildJew

      Until now, I had not seen this name, Hanan Tudor. I Googled it. There are a few articles. One by Debbie Schlussel. This piece (below) is about Dr. Jasser. Schlussel mentions Brigitte Gabriel in passing. Can't independently confirm it. I haven't heard Gabriel "make regular genocidal bayings against Muslims and Palestinians." Can you provide examples of this " genocidal baying?"

      Schlussel wrote: "(Zuhdi) Jasser, Hanan Tudor a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel,” Walid Shoebat, and other frauds have all made a mint after they opened up shop post-9/11 (and lying about what and who they are). Before then, they were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, the underside of the rock was quite cozy ’til then, but afterward the outside suddenly became far “greener.”

    • Amused

      It's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about, who you shilling for chump ?

    • WildJew

      I Googled your statement, she "makes regular genocidal bayings against Muslims and Palestinians." I notice it is pulled directly off a site called "" Do you manage or contribute to this web site?

    • vladdy

      Ad hominem is not debate.

    • Sylvie7

      Do you suffer from ED? You do sound like an impotent wimp. How dare you attack the opinions of any woman by using words like porn, whore,or tarty? What exactly are "genocidal bayings"? Do "bayings" kill a select group of people? Ms Gavriel is one of a very brave group of Middle Eastern women who have the courage to speak up, despite the usual Muslim death threats.

  • Nick Shaw

    First, I don't have too much respect for King's mental agility after his sputtering "debate" with the Weiner a few months back. Be that as it may, seeing as he will not acknowledge Robert or Steve, two of the best minds regarding Muslim ideology one could find, I nominate ObamaYoMoma and Sniper to attend in their place. I know, ain't gonna happen but, gee whiz, someone has to be there to counter the apologists, sycophants and just plain Islamists that are sure to fill the hearing room. Mark my words, the first time someone says something "unkind" regarding Islam the peanut gallery will erupt.

  • Michael Elmore

    don't be sorry, there will come a time when because of the cowards and p ssies you speak of, that the unintended consequence are going to be hell to pay. You are spot on..elmore

  • Amused

    King has already exressed his uselessness regarding the exposing of islam . All he's doing is providing lip service and building political capital for his own end . Someone with balls would risk all to get the message out .
    Dont look to any of your politicians for that , no , not even recently elected Teabaggers .

    • Nick Shaw

      Odd, a person who seems to recognize a problem with Islam yet, uses "teabaggers". What is one to make of this?

    • vladdy

      You are correct. And it was written so succinctly that one wonders why decided to end with a slur?

  • Domenick

    To exclude Emerson, Spencer and Gaffney is a blatant witholding of relevant testimony, vital to the intent of the hearings.King's decision is disapointing and a sigh of relief for Muslim extremists.

  • ben van lunteren

    I doubt the western populace can absorb the truth!

  • tanstaafl

    Since all Muslims may practice taquiyya (lying to protect themselves or further the cause of Islam) any testimony from a Muslim is suspect.

    • vladdy

      That's why they always say you cannot go to just any scholar to learn about islam: You must talk to a muslim. Looks like King, although he seems to know better, has decided to sidestep any inconvenient testimony and instead, stick to the easier, but shadier (and more dangerous) path. It does look like a pay-off of some sort, doesn';t it? It would be better not to hold this farce at all, rather than pretend he is doing something about the poblem.

    • Nick Shaw

      Exactly right Tanstaafl and Vladdy is correct too. They DO always say you cannot get the correct information unless you speak to a Muslim. That's something like not trusting the gazelle's story when talking about cheetahs. Frankly, I might find the gazelle testimony more believable than anything the cheetah would say! BTW Vladdy, what makes you think King knows better? And did Ike really say that?

  • vladdy

    60-(odd) years ago:

    McCarthy: It's vital, Mr. President, that we investigate the communists.
    Ike: I agree. To begin, here is a list of my communist party friends for you to call in and question.

    Oh, that we had an Eisenhower in office about now.