The Islamic Supremacist Propaganda Machine Cranks Out Another “Islamophobia” Report

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Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” from the Center for American Progress is just the latest in an ever-lengthening string of markedly similar “exposés” of so-called “Islamphobes.” Each purports to show that the anti-Sharia movement in America is a sinister cabal of well-funded, dishonest hacks stirring up hate against innocent Muslims in order to profit from it. Each has been highly distorted and markedly unfair, twisting the facts and cooking the data in order not to enlighten but to manipulate, not to educate but to propagandize.

Just in recent months there have been two other reports, both almost identical in substance to “Fear, Inc.”: the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Jihad Against Islam” and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations’ “Same Hate, New Target: Islamophobia and Its Impact in the United States.” Each of these is lavishly produced, printed on glossy paper and full of colorful illustrations. With the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the midst of a full-scale, years-long campaign at the United Nations to compel the West to criminalize any honest discussion of how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to recruit and motivate terrorists, it would be useful to know who is funding these slickly produced reports; but, true to form, the mainstream media instead glosses over the radical and genuinely sinister ties of the organizations that produced them, and repeats their agitprop as if it were fact.

But it isn’t. In what follows I must, for reasons of time, limit myself largely to responding to the report’s attacks on me; however, the “Fear, Inc.” attacks on my colleagues and others doing similar work are no more substantive or less manipulative and propagandistic.

The misinformation starts on the first page, when the “Fear, Inc.” authors call me “one of the anti-Muslim misinformation scholars we profile in this report.” The term “anti-Muslim” is immediate evidence of the manipulative, propagandistic nature of this report: my work, and the work of the other scholars and activists demonized in “Fear, Inc.,” has never been against Muslims in the aggregate or any people as such, but rather against an ideology that denies the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people. In fact, years ago at Jihad Watch I had an exchange with an English convert to Islam. I said: “I would like nothing better than a flowering, a renaissance, in the Muslim world, including full equality of rights for women and non-Muslims in Islamic societies: freedom of conscience, equality in laws regarding legal testimony, equal employment opportunities, etc.” Is all that “anti-Muslim”? My correspondent thought so. He responded: “So, you would like to see us ditch much of our religion and, thereby, become non-Muslims.”

In other words, he saw a call for equality of rights for women and non-Muslims in Islamic societies, including freedom of conscience, equality in laws regarding legal testimony, and equal employment opportunities, as a challenge to his religion. To the extent that they are, these facts have to be confronted by both Muslims and non-Muslims. But it is not “anti-Muslim” to wish freedom of conscience and equality of rights on the Islamic world — quite the contrary.

The report also contains a – by now obligatory – lengthy excursus on Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik: “While these bloggers and pundits were not responsible for Breivik’s deadly attacks, their writings on Islam and multiculturalism appear to have helped create a world view, held by this lone Norwegian gunman, that sees Islam as at war with the West and the West needing to be defended.” While granting that we are not responsible for Breivik’s acts, the report also takes pains to point out that “Robert Spencer and his blog were cited 162 times in the nearly 1,500-page manifesto of Anders Breivik, the confessed Norway terrorist who claimed responsibility for killing 76 people, mostly youths.” Not surprisingly, it doesn’t mention that I have never sanctioned or justified violence, or that Breivik was plotting violence in the 1990s, before I had published anything about Islam, or that he complained that I was not recommending violence, or that he recommended making common cause with jihadists, which I would never do – indicating that his “manifesto” is actually ideologically incoherent, and not a legitimate counter-jihad document at all. These facts are not mentioned in “Fear, Inc.,” because they would interfere with its propagandistic agenda.

As for the claim that Breivik committed his murders because of the worldview we had created that “sees Islam at war with the West,” “Fear, Inc.” is also silent about the many Muslims who have declared that they are indeed at war with the West, in the name of Islam. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said: “Have no doubt… Allah willing, Islam will conquer what? It will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.” CAIR cofounder and longtime Board chairman Omar Ahmad said in 1998: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” (He now denies saying this, but the original reporter sticks by her story.) The prominent American Muslim leader Siraj Wahhaj said in 2002: “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.” The most influential Islamic cleric in the world today, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has said: “Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor, after being expelled from it twice.”

True to form for these “Islamophobia” reports, “Fear, Inc.” ignores such statements and many others like them, attempting to create the impression that the only ones responsible for the idea that Islam is “at war with the West” are the “Islamophobes.”

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  • alexander

    Almost every word from them could be interpret as "Christianophobia"……
    Hear no protests….do you?

    • Alexander Gofen

      Alas, "Christianophobia" became a dominant paradigm and an open policy everywhere in the US from the military to every social structure – while the Christians are yawning or behave like a beaten wife – and this is still the greatest 90% majority of the nation!

      The war on Christianity is conducted by both the lefts and the rights: first by undermining the foundations. Incredibly, but now a lot of people already do not acknowledge that America (as any other nation for that matter) does have its unique national identity being an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation! Ron Paul's adepts as well as the lefts and obots deny the basics like this

      Every nation (until the last decades) was presumed to be exclusively what was its national identity! Then they had not yet invented "multi-culti" utopias. Before the traitor Ted Kennedy and his bill accepted in the 1960s, the incoming immigrants ought to match the then existing make up of America!

      American Christians actually willingly capitulated, allowing to let in millions of Moslems – their own enemies and enemies of America. Where and when the dominating Religion has ever allowed massive stream of foreigners, who at best would water down the existing faith, but in reality they are here to do away with the Christianity and Judaism.

      The Christians were sleeping all those decades. Wake up! It is a high time to establish numerous and very visible armed Christian militias to defend the foundation of out country. And if you think that it sounds too much, mind that islamic armed training camps ARE ALREADY HERE (Islamberg and others). Wake up America! We have an existential war on our hands…

      • Flipside

        This looks like a recruiting ad for Hutaree.

    • jasonz

      oh no remember this is not a search for truth from libs and mussies, but an agenda…1 person who went to church once in the last 20 yrs does something they are christian terroists. muslim heads of state, religious and political leaders as well as a majority in muslim dominated countries, wants islam to kill and destroy, is just either islamaphobia, or a small group no matter what evidence we have. i get in these debates with libs all the time. thats why i stopped. these fools are so convinced that nothing bad can happen they wont listen til its too late. same thing in europe in the 20's and 30's. and we know who did that and how that ended. point blank when socialists who hate jews and israel call other people NAZI…there is no hope for reasonable discourse

  • DeShawn

    Yeah, well how about the ADL that's always cranking out reports about so-called "anti-semitism"? That must make them jewish supremacists, right? You zionists can't have it both ways. Hatred of Muslims does exist…this crazy website is proof of that. Hatred of jews also exists, but nearly all the time it's because of jewish BEHAVIOR. I don't care that jews wear them funny caps and coats, but I don't care when they take over my government and media and bankrupt my country to fight wars for Israel, sending disportionate numbers of young blank men and women that they don't even consider human to die for a bunch of squatters that stole another people's home. If that's "anti-semitism" by you folks, well I guess the truth is anti-semitic. :)

    • heater

      deshawn, you would probably be much happier if you just duct taped yourself to some plumbing in a dark room and reinserted your head into your rectum so that you might find blissful ignorance.

      • aspacia

        He is already ignorant. He needs to insert a good 347 into his mouth and pull the trigger to end is miserable ignorance.

    • cindy

      Black men and women? Well, we know what is in your racist heart. What an ignorant thing to say. You are the reason racism still exists, DeShawn. YOU. Get over yourself, you ignorant little fool. Israeli's didn't steal someone else's home! Palestinians occupied Jewish settlements, not the other way around. Palestinians were made refugees by their own people. Arab's told them to get out of Israel because they planned on wiping Israel off the map. When that didn't happen, and Israel drove the Arab's back, the so called Palestinians, aka arab squatters, had no where to go. The same Arab's who told them to get out of Israel, didn't want them, wouldn't let them stay in their lands, And the Palestinians were afraid that if they went back to Israel, they would be shunned….. Now they lay claim to a land that isn't and never was theirs. Israel, trying to promote peace, gave the gaza strip to them, hoping for peace, and promised peace by the muslims. True to muslim behavior, they began bombing Israel, wanting more. Killing their own in the process. Just a few days ago, another peace treaty was reached, and again, within a day, Hamas broke the treaty, AGAIN, and started killing Israeli's in a bus, started shooting rockets again into Israel. You are an uneducated, anti-semetic, racist thug, and have no one to blame but yourself for your inferiority complex. You would think that instead of keeping yourself in the victim mentality, you would actually want to better yourself. But no, you would rather carry the victim/entitlement mentality that so many like you do. And you wonder, with that kind of stigma/stereotype, why people think of 'your people' the way that they do. You do it yourself.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Hatred of Muslims does exist…this crazy website is proof of that.

      It's not hatred. Instead, it's a healthy recognition of the reality through education that the Islamic world is waging violent and non-violent jihad perpetually against not only the Jewish unbelievers in Israel that you have been inculcated to hate and demonize like the unhinged Jew hating anti-Semitic bigot you are, but also all unbelievers around the world including you and me. Indeed, why like a loon would you choose to single out only the Jewish unbelievers in Israel exclusively for your unhinged incitements to hatred and violence like the useful idiot you are, since the Jewish unbelievers in Israel are by far not the only unbelievers in the world that are the victims of a permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against them by the Islamic world?

      In fact, the Islamic world, which is exploiting your ignorance's to the hilt via taqiyya, besides just the Jewish unbelievers in Israel is also waging permanent and perpetual jihads of conquest against the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir, Jammu, and India, the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, the atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, the animist and Christian unbelievers in Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda, the Orthodox Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Kosovo, and on and on. Including the stealth jihad being waged against the West mainly via mass Muslim immigration for the purpose of demographic conquest.

      Hence, why out of all the other permanent and perpetual jihads of conquest the Islamic world is also waging simultaneously around the world against many and varied unbelievers, do you like the unhinged anti-Semitic bigot you are only single out the one permanent and perpetual genocidal jihad of conquest being waged against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel? Do you also hate the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Christians, the atheists, the Orthodox Christians, and the animists also as much as you hate Jews, or do you only specialize in hating Jews? Indeed, it's a legitimate question given your actions.

      Tell us something, do you at the same time also support the violent oppression and systematic persecution of Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers that takes place everyday in every Muslim majority country in the world without exception? Do you also support the fact that all Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers living in Islamic countries are forbidden from building new houses of worship and from openly practicing their respective religions?

      How about this obvious one, do you also ignore the fact that in country after country where mass Muslim immigration has occurred, the vast overwhelming majority of the Muslim immigrants flat out refuse to assimilate and integrate and instead form segregated Muslim no-go zones ruled by sharia and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside?

      Now with respect to hatred, if you want to see real hatred, take a look at the constant and incessant incitement to hatred and violence against unbelievers that takes place everyday throughout the Islamic world, not because of Israel and not because of alleged US or Western exploitation, but because Muslims are obligated to maintain nothing but enmity in the hearts for unbelievers. Indeed, Muslims don't wage jihad against unbelievers because of alleged injustices, they wage jihad against unbelievers in the cause of Allah because it is an obligatory duty per the sixth and most important pillar of Islam.

      Finally please explain to us how it is you can be so totally oblivious of Islam that you would not only sympathize and apologize for Muslims by smearing those trying to expose the truth about Islam. but that you would also do their bidding for them like a useful idiot by inciting hatred and violence against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, when the same jihad being waged perpetually against those Jewish unbelievers in Israel also targets you and me and all non-Muslim unbelievers around the world. Indeed, if that isn't unhinged, then there is no such thing.

    • jacob

      DE SHAWN :
      You have no idea of how your stupid and biased slip is showing
      But I want to ask you and each ane everyone of your ilk, when in the hell has an
      American soldier shed a drop of SWEAT, let alone of BLOOD, for Israel or the
      Jews ???
      Or do you solidarize with General PETRAEUS braying, that US support for Israel
      is the cause for Muslims to kill American soldiers ????
      How about telling me which black soldiers, male and female as you state, ever
      died fighting for Israel ???

      If this would ever hold an ounce of truth, you would have "Jewels" like the
      "Reverends" AL SHARPTON and JESSE JACKSON inciting the sacking and
      burning of Jewish shops and business….

      And yes, I guess it is stupid for the armed services of the USA to have Muslim
      soldiers in their ranks.
      They have proven already to be a menace and if that makes me an Islamophobe
      I'm proud of being one…
      Now let the President explain what does American independence owes MUSLIMS
      as he once stated

      • aspacia

        Yes, Sharpton did incite the Crown Heights riots and many died. Now this sad sack of sh!t has a MSNBC anchor slot.

    • keoke888

      Deshawn, please tell me how Israel benefits from war and chaos in the Middle East. I can sort of understand when conspiracy-theory-types follow the money and deduce the oil and weapons industry/lobbyists have a role in war, but you are spouting racist garbage that doesn't even make a tiny bit of sense.

      You claim to "care" about black people, but conveniently don't mention the al Shabaab movement that is committing genocide on black Somalians, or the genocidal Omar al Bashir of Sudan, not to mention the millions of Africans that have historically been the victims of the Arab Muslim slave trade. Why let the truth get in the way of your fascist agenda?

    • chooch

      Oh, Shawn and it doesn't bother you that Obama sends OUR tax dollars to support AL QUAEDA in Lybia? …and btw, I don't know of any Jewish people flying ANY jets into our sky scrapers and killing 3000 Americans either.

    • Anamah

      Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities – but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome." [4]
      Winston Churchill 1899.

    • aspacia

      Far more attacks are made against Christians and Jews in the US and worldwide than against Muslims.

      The land was purchased.

      Oh, yes, more blacks were sold into slavery by Muslims than any Christian or Jew you fool.

    • DeShawn

      This is DeShawn again, but I have a confession to make this time: I'm a certifiable moron and hopeless Dhimmi who blames "the Jews" for everything that's gone wrong in my miserable little life. Although I claim to be black and anti-Nazi, I link to a notorious white supremacist website, and so large is my irrational Jew-hatred, that I completely ignore the fact that they would happily exterminate the Africans peoples of the earth if given the chance. Please don't feed me by responding to my posts in the future, because I'm a troll and simply don't warrant any reply. Thank you!

      • Ghostwriter

        Well,DeShawn,your appalling anti-semitism is there for everyone to see so why should we think that? You must be a member of the Nation of Islam which is as much a racist organization as the Ku Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazis ever were.

      • DeShawn

        Whoever posted this is an imposter and probably a sniveling rat faced yid. Too bad your tactic didn't work.

  • DeShawn

    And no I'm not Muslim and no, I'm not a Nazi…which is why I can't stand what you folks promote on this website. Zionists are the Nazis of today.

    • Infidel 4 Ever

      Socialists are the nazis of today.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      You know this bigoted moron is unhinged when you click on his name that is also a link and your computer has to warn you that the website it links to is an unsafe website and has a horrible reputation. I wondered why until I saw the first post: “Getting Up to Speed: The Best White Nationalist Writing.”

      • nina

        Ha, ha. How many times do you people intend to explain the truth to someone who made up his mind not to listen? He has eyes but he doesn't see. He has ears, but he doesn't listen. It's a waste of breath.

      • DeShawn

        Actually, I link to VNN because that's where I was first awoken to the jewish question. They may have morality issus and other strange and unwise views, but they tell the TRUTH when it comes to the threat of jewish supremacism. Whatever bad stuff Muslims may be up to, at the end of the day it's the JEW that's pulling all hte strings and setting it all in motion. You gotta know that.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Actually, I link to VNN because that's where I was first awoken to the jewish question

          Of course, and that is why that website has such a fine reputation that it makes my computer go ape shit.

          They may have morality issus and other strange and unwise views, but they tell the TRUTH when it comes to the threat of jewish supremacism.

          With all due respect bigot, they wouldn't know the truth if it stared them in the face and spit in their eyes.

          Whatever bad stuff Muslims may be up to, at the end of the day it's the JEW that's pulling all hte strings and setting it all in motion. You gotta know that.

          You are nothing but a Jew hating anti-Semitic bigot and the only thing you know about Jews is the garbage you swallowed like a useful idiot.

        • aspacia

          Dimwit Debrainless,

          Why not try reading actual Jewish sites regarding Jewish thought for enlightenment.
          Jewish Ideas, Honest Reporting, and the numerous Israeli sites: Right wing: Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post, Middle of the Road: Ynet, Israeli Insider Left wing Haaretz.

          These will provide valid insight regarding the various Jewish thoughts, and they are varies.

        • Toa

          DeShawn, I can suppose that you regularly log onto KKK websites to "learn" about the "Black question"?

        • Vermont Yid

          I find ignorant fools like you amusing.

    • jasonz

      no NAZI is socialist who hated jews, thats who they were and in fact your beloved muslims SUPPORTED HITLER AND THE NAZIs. you are so blind you cant even see the danger you are in from these. you have to come up with these idiotic conspiracy theories against jews to support your hatred. so deshawn you go ahead and keep your nazi tinfoil hat. you igonore the mountain of evidence that supports what we are saying against muslims. keep changing definitions of words to ssupport your claims. i and real americans stand proud with israel against nazis like you and mulim terrorist. you ARE a NAZI and no matter how much you wish to change the definitions and LIE the truth remains! GOD BLESS ISRAEL AND THE JEWS!

    • Anamah

      And I think Islam is not a religion; is a political system willing to suffocate every other system and to expand a conquer non Islamic countries suppressing pluralism and democracy. They need to be stopped.

    • aspacia

      For surviving and defending themselves? They have to hit back hard; their numbers are few and the world, sadly, again wants another Jewish genocide.

      You sicken me.

      Jews have made huge contributions to humanity, and still do. Muslims have done zilch in 500+ years.

    • Fred Dawes

      Most jews are not Zionists and most people have no real idea what a Nazis is so most people will never understand that all muslims are in fact follows of Hitler and islam means evil and death and murder and rape.

  • effemall

    Well, DeShawn, if you ain't no Muslim and ain't no Nazi but you got a big problem with dose Zionist mothers, den dere is only one thing dat you must be and they is often found in the woodpile.

    • DeShawn

      A jew? Sorry, I got the curly hair but my nose isn't hooked enough.

      • Cate

        No, you moron. An inbred hillbilly. In other words, an anti-semite who is content to remain ignorant. (Oops, sorry, not just "content", but also proud to remain so.)

  • tlwinslow

    The real problem with Islam is that the more one imbibes it, the more one turns into somebody that it's hard not to hate and fear: a new Muhammad. Don't ask me about the women, you usually don't hate them, just feel sorry for them :)

    After almost a century sans caliphate, Islam knows that its time is short and it has to make its move now or lose to a new generation of godless ex-Muslim youth into sex, drugs and rock & roll like in the West. Hence crap shot approaches like secretly financing the Islamophobia name-calling reports are desperation plays.

    Who cares if sellout leftists want to call us names, the truth is that we hate everything about the false lying evil ideology of Islam, as we should if we believe in the root values of the West, hence we are rightly highly suspicious of those who embrace it in any form. The bottom line is that once one acknowledges that they're a Muslim, they automatically join a Muslim world conspiracy against all "kafirs", and that's why we need to keep the West safe from Islamic infiltration. Of course, being born and raised Muslim doesn't mean you have bought the program, making it important for us never to descend below an intellectual plane or become a street thug. We need to work above all on changing the law to stop Muslim immigration and reverse it. Not that once they're here, we can't encourage them to lapse and try going injun :)

    In a way, it's too bad that the West is mainly post-Christian, because ironically the most powerful tool to reach backward Muslims and bleach the evil Islam virus out of them is the fundamentalist literalist Christian gospel, with all its original power, look at Jesus walk on water. If all 1.x billion Muslims could magically be transformed into backward fundamentalist Christians (I don't mean Catholics, I mean simple Bible-thumpers sans sophisticated doctrines), we would have won the war without firing a shot. Imagine a gigantic occupation followed by mass Christian tent meetings a la Jesus. Truly, most Muslims don't know anything about the gospel or its Christ, and if they did, they might chuck Muhammad like a stinky diaper. Alas, we may be a century or two too late for such a simplistic approach, because the rise of secularism short-circuits it legally, unless of course the laws are rolled back to say before 1917. Maybe that's the real reason that active Islam watchers like us scare the daylights out of atheistic Red, er, leftists.

    Speaking of watching Islam, why not take the time to master the current world Muslim situation including orgs. and leaders free with the Historyscoper:

  • claspur

    Mr. Spencer… Robert, you can't tell me you don't get headaches with idiots like this, that you mention in this article, right? *sigh…. *spit

  • BS77

    Do not respond to De Shawn.

    • MixMChess

      Exactly, try not to feed the troll… still not sure why the mods here feel the need to approve my posts but let him get away with his racist gibberish.

      • DeShawn
        • UCSPanther

          Actually, that's what you clowns were doing when the Germans exhumed Rudolf Hess and buried his ashes at sea, and destroyed his grave because they were tired of idiots like you making it into another "Mecca" for your pathetic pilgrimages.

          Ain't projection grand?

  • Alexander Gofen

    Fear Inc, South poverty center and similar now are the enemy's agents of islam just like innumerous American organizations and politicians had been the agents of USSR since 1920 (Skausen). Then they went out of their skin to deny any danger of communism, promoting the policies against America and in favor of the USSR, UN and similar.

    So do now numerous American islamic agents fed by money and influence of the Saudis and other fabulously enriched islamic sources. They have more resources and they have penetrated into all structures of America more than USSR or Nazi Germany could dream of then. Indeed, their main mission is to lull our vigilance as though no war threatens us, but the war is imminent:

    It is curious to observe that when it comes to islam, now the rhetoric of Ron Paul's adherents became indistinguishable from that of crazy lefts.

  • tommy

    Just don't die in Saudi Arabia
    The maximum amount of Death Compensation (Diyya) generally admissible
    in Saudi Arabia, in respect of road/traffic/fire accident, murder, etc. is as under:
    Death Compensation in respect of a male person:
    i. Muslim – SR. 100,000/-
    ii. Christian/Jew – SR.50,000/-
    iii. Other religions : such as Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, etc. – SR 6666.66
    In the case of death of a female, death compensation allowed is equal to
    half the amount as admissible to males professing the same religion.

  • wingwiper

    > At least 50 years ago the Left learned how easy it was to make false accusations about racial bigotry transform into public policy favoring everything and everyone from minnows to magistrates, and since then have been given no reason to doubt that incremental poisoning of our government and culture would eventually bring it down; with a smirk.

    At this late hour, blocking and dislodging them is a mighty necessity. We shall see if anyone in sufficient numbers cares enough to do so, in time.

  • myomy

    I guess I must be an Islamophobe now. I never hated muslims even after 9/11/01 happened because even Pres. Bush explained to us that Islam, the religion of peace had been hijacked by a bunch of radicals. He said on of the world's great religions had been hijacked and that "Islam is peace". I actually believed him when he told us that lie. But then I started studying islam and reading everything I coulc about Muhammed and the history of islam. That's when I found out about Sharia law and about how muslims started training little children to become jihadis and how islam is so guilty of horrible descrimination against everything and everyone who isn't muslim. How we "infidels" are no better than farm animals and it's ok to kill us, enslave us and force us to pay a tax to them… respect their authority over us and if we raise our hand against them in any way they have the right to cut off our hand. They seem to love cutting off body parts all the time, even heads. And then dance around yelling alluha ackbar as if their god is going to really be happy about them butchering non believers. See part 2

  • myomy

    Part 2. I watched many videos of muslims taking prisoners who are bound and holding them down and just cutting off their heads and again dancing around yelling "alahua ackbar" as if they've done something great. I've seen actual stonings of women, and all sorts of other inhumane acts carried out un the name of the religion of peace as per their system of Sharia law. Even honor killings of daughters and wives as if that's ok too. So I finally decided that I'd never again buy anything from any muslim… that I'd never trust any muslim again because they practice "taqiyaa" the (art of decieving an enemy), and that I'd never help any muslim to learn how to earn money, or do anything other than go back to the cesspools that spawned them. So I haven't spent one cent with any muslim since 9/11/01 and I don't plan to ever again. If we don't help them in any way maybe they'll go home and leave us alone. See part 3.

  • myomy

    part 3.__If we don't help them in any way maybe they'll go home and leave us alone. Oh, I guess I'm guilty of profiling muslims because I make it a point never to give them any money or help them in any way… And I wish our government would profile them at airports too instead of searching people like Rumsfeld and old white ladies in wheelchairs and cute white women and girls. The TSA will feel up and molest a good looking white girl and look at her naked in those scanners but they sure won't dare do that to a muslim woman.. Oh no, mustn't risk offending one of these 6th. century retards. So I guess I'm an islamophobe.. This is not a clash of civilizations, it's a clash of civilization with an evil, murdering cult posing as a legitimate religion. It's not. And when anyone tells the truth about the history of this filthy pack of murdering liars they now want the world court to arrest us. In other words they want to destroy our Constitution and our rights won by the blood of our founding fathers. That's right. It's just fine for them to train jihadis to kill us but we can't even criticize them at all.

  • dan

    First, I thought a "phobia" was an unreasonable fear. Seems there's plenty (shiploads?) of reason to fight or flight (preferring they stay where they are or 'fly' back — the Sharia practicing and promoting kind). Second, is not a "phobia" a psychological or psychiatric term? Islamophobia: Just more 'medicalization' of dissent that has a firm foundation and reasonable basis (once again from National Socialist, Communist and Totalitarian "scholarship").

  • Ming Bucibei

    I have no islamo-phobia (fear of islam )
    I have islamo-contemno
    islam hate or hate of islam


    Ming Bucibei

    • myomy

      me too…..

    • nina

      Our problem is that anone who comes to our country, loves it. Do you really think they will leave the US and go back to their hovels? No. They have it too good here. And then some of them, or most of them, think that by agitprop, which they learned from Russia, they will undermine our culture.

  • tclehner

    Tell me about Islamophbia, I used to write some columns on and last week I posted a column about UNISSA University ( a brand new Islam University) that is going to be built in Amarillo Texas without people knowing. And guess what ISLAMO Lobbyists managed to have me banned from Examiner. ISLAM CENSORISHIP:

  • Cory

    Mr. Spencer whines that he is not anti-Muslim, but he mocks, ridicules and denigrates their religion. He demands that they stop practicing many aspects of their religion, such as Sharia-based domestic arbitration, although similar practices are used by the Jewish community with Beth Din. He demands an end to halal foods in the U.S., but the similarly practiced Kosher is OK. Every crime ever committed by a Muslim is an act of jihad, according to Spencer, no matter how miniscule. Every act by a Muslim to defend his country on his home soil is an act of jihad, although Americans would be doing the same on their own soil. He claims to be a freedom fighter, including Muslim women's rights, but he has no record of ever accomplishing anything for women other to ridicule the way they dress. Yet he claims he is not anti-Muslim.

    And his biggest lie is that he does not sanction violence. Of course he does. He allows his readers to go off the rails and demand that Mecca be bombed or mosques be destroyed. He links to other websites with similar violent rhetoric.

    It's also interesting that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group with a long track record of tracking violence against Jews among other religions and ethnic groups, didn't become a "far left" organization until it released a critical report about Mr. Spencer. Just like Reza Aslan wasn't a "pseudo-intellectual" until Aslan embarrassed Mr. Spencer on national television. There is no debate with Mr. Spencer. Just the same old name-calling whenever he is criticized for his rhetoric. He can dish it out, but he can't take it. What a hypocrite. What a schoolyard bully.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Mr. Spencer whines that he is not anti-Muslim, but he mocks, ridicules and denigrates their religion. Mr. Spencer whines that he is not anti-Muslim, but he mocks, ridicules and denigrates their religion.

      With all due respect, Mr. Spencer's can only be considered to be mocking, ridiculing, and denigrating Islam, or otherwise engaging in illegitimate criticism if and only if what he says isn't true. Nevertheless, Mr. Spencer always goes way out of his way to provide impeccable documentation for everything he writes about. In fact, most of the time when Mr. Spencer isn't providing actual excerpts from the Koran or Hadith, he is using the actual words of several Muslim exegetes themselves. Thus, when you learn about Islam from Mr. Spencer's scholarship, you are reading the actual exegesis of Muslim scholars. In other words, it is the Muslim scholars own words. So if you have a problem with Mr. Spencer's scholarship, take it up with the Muslim scholars he quotes you loon!

      Hence, when you make the baseless accusation that Mr. Spencer mocks, ridicules, and denigrates their so-called religion, it couldn't be more obvious that like a useful idiot you are swallowing the taqiyya spewed by Muslims or otherwise you are swallowing uncritically the dubious propaganda of leftwing political hacks because you are a leftwing political hack yourself.

      As for as Islam being a religion goes, Islam is far closer to being a totalitarian ideology like Communism than it is to being a religion, as just like Communism, Islam seeks to conquer the world and the end result of Islam exactly like Communism is totalitarianism, poverty, despair, hopelessness, and lots and lots of misery. Open your eyes!

      He demands that they stop practicing many aspects of their religion, such as Sharia-based domestic arbitration, although similar practices are used by the Jewish community with Beth Din.

      You aren't mentally incompetent enough to equate Sharia courts with Beth Din courts are you? Uhm…Muslims intend to impose Sharia on all non-Muslims unbelievers in the world. In fact, that is the highest mandate, main goal, and sole purpose of Islam. Meanwhile, Jewish law is intended strictly for Jews only.

      Plus with regard to Sharia, husbands are urged to beat their wives, spousal rape is legal, a husband can instantly divorce his wife, a Muslim male can take up to four wives, a Muslim male can marry a non-Muslim female, however, a Muslim female can only marry a Muslim male, most Muslim females are also sold into child sexual slavery, a female's testimony is worth half that of a male's, a female's inheritance is worth have that of a male's, to prove the crime of rape, four male witnesses that witnessed the actual rape must testify on the behalf of the female. In other words, proving rape is impossible and usually ends up with the females being flogged or stoned to death for fornication. Yet to you it is just a simple matter of accommodating Sharia because well there are Beth Din courts. Give me a break you moron!

      He demands an end to halal foods in the U.S., but the similarly practiced Kosher is OK.

      First of all, Spencer never make any demands period. Meanwhile, Muslims demand non-Muslims conform to halal food. While Jews, on the other hand, never attempt to impose their dietary requirements on non-Jews. Moreover, most Jews today in any event are secular and as a result don't conform to Jewish dietary requirements themselves.

      Again, it is Islam's practice to make non-Muslim unbelievers assimilate and integrate to Islam, not the other way around. In fact, in country after country wherever mass Muslim immigration is occurring, the vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants just like clockwork flat out refuse to assimilate and integrate and instead form segregated Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. Hence, what you got against making Muslims assimilate?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      And his biggest lie is that he does not sanction violence. Of course he does. He allows his readers to go off the rails and demand that Mecca be bombed or mosques be destroyed. He links to other websites with similar violent rhetoric.

      He doesn't sanction violence. Instead he advocates for human rights, freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights. With respect to his readers demanding that Mecca be bombed or mosques be destroyed, this is America not Dar al Islam and none of them are perpetrating violence. Hence, Spencer isn't sanctioning anything. Indeed, if you have a problem with the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression, then I suggest you move to the Islamic world.

      Apparently, like a political correct leftwing Stalinist hack, if you could you would censure the freedom of speech and freedom of expression of Americans you disagree with. That way it would make it far easier for the Islamic world to subsume the West, since it would render the West defenseless. Indeed, courageous people like Spencer that is sounding the alarm about Islam, would in effect be silenced, which is the sole purpose behind the unhinged campaign being waged by those delusional leftwing useful idiots.

      It's also interesting that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group with a long track record of tracking violence against Jews among other religions and ethnic groups

      Give me a break, the SPLC is nothing but a bunch of political hacks. They have about as much credibility as the KKK or neo-Nazis!

      didn't become a "far left" organization until it released a critical report about Mr. Spencer.

      The SPLC was a far leftists hack organization since long even before Mr. Spencer started writing about Islam you loon!

      Just like Reza Aslan wasn't a "pseudo-intellectual" until Aslan embarrassed Mr. Spencer on national television.

      Reza Aslan is a taqiyya spewing stealth jihadists you useful idiot!

      There is no debate with Mr. Spencer

      He'd make mince meat out of you mentally handicapped loons in a debate, which is why you useful idiot leftwing wing political hacks are allying with those Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to attempt to silence Mr. Spencer.

      Just the same old name-calling whenever he is criticized for his rhetoric.

      Speaking of name-calling, Mr. Spencer backs up all of his scholarship with copious amounts of documentation. Where is your documentation? Indeed, this entire hate screed consist of nothing but false and unsubstantiated allegations and innuendos.

      He can dish it out, but he can't take it. What a hypocrite. What a schoolyard bully.

      And you are exactly what you falsely accuse Mr. Spencer of? Where is your documentation that proves your silly and asinine allegations and absurd charges are true? Is it not you and your unhinged ilk trying to silence Mr. Spencer? Is it not you and your fellow Stalinists like useful idiots trying to censure any and all Americans speaking the truth about Islam?

    • Flipside

      I think Cory’s comment is exactly on the money. I love the ten page rebuttal it elicits from the one of two apologetics experts. These line-item responses give the illusion of refutation, but the content shows that Hasbara is dead.

  • jacob

    It is a disgrace that congresspeople, law enforcement organizations, armed forces,
    believe, as BUSH had the chrome plated brass balls to say the very evening of the
    9/11 horror that "ISLAM IS ARELIGION OF PEACE" in this fantasy and allowing this
    scum to have their ear.
    Discounting for openers our biased and sold out media, how long has it been from
    the FORT HOOD massacre and why is it taking the best part of 2 years to bring this
    murderer to court, process and sentenced him to the rope or the firing wall, whether our "President" approves or not or even whether his Supreme Court gives it its nod
    or not ???

    If my memory serves me right, the sniper that terrorized New York and New Jersey
    was disposed of in less than one year and therefore, do we have to wait for OBAMA
    and his DJ (not disc jockey, by the way) to get kicked out of ofice ???

    It sure as hell looks like…….

  • Melissa

    Why do Muslims bother trying to “decieve the enemy”? They are not very good at it. Obviously, we on here already know. They suck at lying and have failed their god. My God is going to punish them with an enternity in hell with wicked beasts tearing apart their flesh for an eternity. My God is alive, their prophet is dead. My God heals, theirs kills. My God is true peace, theirs is war. My God is the one and only God who created the universe and everything in it. His name is Jesus the ONLY way to heaven and he’s gonna fry their butts in a lake of fire.I feel sorry for them. They are idiots.

    • nina

      Jesus created the universe and everything in it? I thought God did that/

  • Bosch_Fawstin

    I spell "Islamophobia" islamophoNia, and here's why…

  • xlent

    Islam is HELL on earth……

  • Dispozadaburka

    Keep writing Mr. Spencer.

    Your work is greatly appreciated and needed.

    Thank you.

  • Kal

    To All Muslims, terrorists, or just the "Left" bigots, and most college professors:

    " God created all men equal, Sam Colt made them even."

    Celebrating my new carry permit,

    B. Geotz

  • Mike

    why is it that most of the terrorism in the world is done by Muslims. Islam is for world domination, and if the infidels do not come peacefully, then violence is condoned. Just notice after an act of terrorism on innocent people how the peaceful Muslims remain strangely silent.

  • myomy

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    To get to the other side.
    No…. Why did the muslim cross the road?
    To have sex with the chicken.
    No… Why did the muslim cross the road?
    To beat one of his wives of course!
    No…. Why did the muslim cross the road?
    To plant a roadside bomb, right?
    No…. Why did the muslim cross the road?
    To behead an infidel.. right?
    No… Why did the muslim cross the road?
    His camel wouldn't stop on the other side?
    Nah…. Why did the muslim cross the road?
    To attend bomb making class?
    No… Why did the muslim cross the road?
    He needed to run over his daughter for dating an infidel.
    no… why did the muslim cross the road?
    To marry a 6 year old girl?
    No, why did the muslim cross the road?
    To have sex with a 12 year old boy?
    hmmmm…. Why did the muslim cross the road?
    Didn't want to miss another honor killing…
    Why did the muslim cross the road?

    • sherlock holmes

      I salute you for this post, I really, really salute you. you are brilliant, your are brilliant. kudos.

    • Salahuddin

      I am a muslim. My religion and my prophet (peace be upon him) never taught me to insult, making fun, hurt other people, offend anyone or any religion.

      • kafir4life

        Salahuddin, you may want to explain that not here, but you your fellow followers of islam, the ummah because they believe
        beating wives, killing non-believers, pretending to be superior…..that's you know….par for the course Charlie!!
        Salhuddin, I have learned everything I know about islam from muslims. I read what they write. I listen to what they say. I watch what they do. Perhaps if muslims behaved as humans………you have a lot of work to do.

        allahu snackbar!!

  • tekow

    Only measure of scholarship is original work. That is, whoever contests for the title scholar has to engage in original research and publish it in peer reviewed scholarly outlets. Of course, at the minimum a scholar has to first get training at a respectable university under the supervision of a senior scholar to get a PhD. Robert Spencer does not qualify in any of those criteria. He does not have a PhD. He has zero publication in any academic journal in any of the disciplines. Only peer review he gets for his islamophobic drivel is only from other muslim haters. I challenge Spencer to submit any of his expert article to any of citation indexed journals. Gaffney supports Spencer supports Pipes supports Horowitz supports EDL.. Just a long line of hate mongers

    • nina

      Really? Only someone with a PhD is allowed to do original work? And have training at a respectable university? So will you accept a scholar whose book was printed by
      Harward University? His name is: Efraim Karsh. The title of the book : Islamic Imperializm.

      • tekow

        just proves my point. Anybody can write a book, especially concerning history. It matters how it is received by other researchers in the same field. Karsh is NOT an historian. He writes about Ottoman history without speaking a word of Ottoman Turkish. You can not rely on secondary sources if you are to be considered as a serious historian. Otherwise you are just a propagandist and that is what Karsh is.

    • StephenD

      It should be easy then for you to show us where Robert Spencer is wrong, yes?
      Well…we're waiting.
      Oh, I see your point. Since he isn't a scholar by your definition it is impossible for him to be correct in his writings. Brilliant argument!
      What a Dolt!

      • tekow

        dolt to you!

        The publications of Spencer belong to the class of Islamophobic extremism that is promoted and supported by right-wing organizations, who are perpetuating a type of bigotry similar to anti-Semitism and racial prejudice. They are to be viewed with great suspicion by anyone who wishes to find reliable and scholarly information on the subject of Islam. I make these remarks because Spencer was invited to speak at UNC-Chapel Hill in the spring of 2004; I shared these observations with UNC students at the time to indicate that his views have no basis in scholarship (he has no academic training in Islamic studies whatever; his M.A. degree was in the field of early Christianity). For further information on Islamophobia, see my book Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World (UNC Press, 2003), and The New Crusades: Constructing the Muslim Enemy, ed. Emran Qureshi and Michael A. Sells (Columbia University Press, 2003). Note that both of the latter books are published by university presses on the basis of blind peer review by qualified scholars.….

        • StephenD

          I really don't know how to ask in more simple terms.
          SHOW US WHERE SPENCER IS WRONG…if you can.
          If you cannot, you should shut up.

          • tekow


          • Foolster41

            Ad honim is not a logical argument. You are attacking his credentials, and the validity of what he says,.

            Please try again.

          • Foolster41

            ..And NOT the validity of what he says. Sorry.

  • Susan

    After reading the entire "report", what strikes me is all the talk of misconceptions promoting islamophobia, but there is no refuting or response to their accusations. Their conclusion is that you and the rest they cite don't know what you are talking about and make up outragious statements that are not based on fact. What nonsense. I've read the Koran and Hadiths etc, I do not fear Islam because I know exactly what it is. Islamophobia is cultural terrorism meant to intimidate and make you fear. When you know the enemy you can better defeat them. They never offered anything truthful to refute what they were saying about you. Speak the truth boldly, the bigots on are the other side of this. Islam has been Christophobic and anti-sementic for 1400 years. " During times of international deceit, telling the truth becomes a revoluntionary act."

    • nina

      Still, they are dangerous, because they have the numbers, and what is most important, a huge amount of petrodollars. Yes, Islam is cultural, and real terrorism. But with the help of the left, for whatever reasons, they succeeded in poisoning the minds of many people. Of course, the left made these zombies susceptible to the blather of political correctness, which Islamists use to their advantage. So, let's not underestimate the enemy.

      • Susan

        Nobody is denying they have numbers, but not as many as you think. The key to all of this is to get educated about Islam. Go to the source, Islamic websites and see what is propagated in their own words. The Islamic ideology is fascist, totalitarian and utter slavery to a system that denies the individual as a is collective subjegation. What does that sound like? Communism, Nazism? That is why the far Left and all their like-minded groups align together…birds of a feather flock together. Again, know the enemy, get educated, get involved.

  • CisscoKidd

    The word islamophobia is a scam–just like the word racism is a scam. Obviously, the liberals and the muslims love to use the word islamophobia because they reap rewards from government and society when they do–just as the liberals and the minorities love to use the word racism (because they reap rewards from government and society when they do). Its all a joke. But, too bad this joke causes people to die. For the muslims, they blow up people. If anyone complains, they have a phobia and we have an OFFICIAL case of ISLAMOPHOBIA.. For the blacks, they gather in flash-mobs and attack whites. If anyone complains, they are being racist and we have an OFFICIAL case of RACISM. The GREAT RACISM SCAM has and probably always will be the biggest scam ever perpetrated in the United States in the history of the United States. But guess what–the ISLAMOPHOBIA SCAM is fast catching up to THE GREAT RACISM SCAM. I don't think it will–but the ISLAMOPHOBIA SCAM could very well overtake THE GREAT RACISM SCAM in the near future simply because the muslims hate anything and everything that isn't muslim. Houston, we don't have a problem in this case–Houston, we have an ENEMY.

  • myomy

    Back in WWII did the left harp abouit "naziphobia"????? These liberal jerks need to be dealt with.

    • Flipside

      Using what method?

  • humanust

    Poor God, how bad he must feel that his name is so abused, he supposed to approve of all the killings , terrorism, destruction, enslavings ,brutalization , torture and senseless wars. The God that I know, teaches peace, forgiveness, love, understanding, humanly behavior. If there is a punishment or vengeance it is his. We are taught to love and respect all living things. Just maybe, the God those godless people worship is really not a God, but a false idol. Extremism on either side, equals to stupidity.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Every crime ever committed by a Muslim is an act of jihad, according to Spencer, no matter how miniscule

    Actually not Mr. Spencer but the sixth and most important pillar of which Islam stands make is an obligatory duty for every Muslim to fight jihad in the cause of Allah. It doesn't make it an obligatory duty only for extremists and it doesn't make it an obligatory duty only for radicals, while at the same time giving a free pass to so-called moderate Muslims. Instead, the sixth and most important pillar of Islam makes it an obligatory duty for ALL MUSLIMS to fight jihad in the cause of Allah, no exceptions.

    Therefore, ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS are jihadists, a few of them are violent jihadists, but most of them are non-violent jihadists, and the few that are not jihadists are not Muslims at all but instead blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam must be executed.

    Hence, go buy a clue. Obviously, you couldn't be anymore ignorant of Islam.

    Every act by a Muslim to defend his country on his home soil is an act of jihad, although Americans would be doing the same on their own soil.

    That's only because it is an act of jihad. Meanwhile, Americans don't wage jihad because Americans thankfully aren't Muslims. Instead, we wage war.

    In addition, Americans strictly adhere to the Geneva Conventions, while Muslims only strictly emulate Muhammad in that they only practice total warfare, meaning that they don't distinguish between lawful combatants and unlawful non-combatants. Indeed, can you point to a single time that Muslims waged jihad and adhered to the Geneva Conventions? They don't because the Geneva Conventions is a product of manmade laws, which is seen as an abomination by all Muslims.

    He claims to be a freedom fighter, including Muslim women's rights, but he has no record of ever accomplishing anything for women other to ridicule the way they dress.

    Spencer fights for human rights, freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights for all. In addition, he doesn't ridicule the way Muslim females dress. Instead, he condemns female misogyny in all of its various incarnations that is prevalent in the Islamic world.

    Yet he claims he is not anti-Muslim.

    He's anti Islam or anti the ideology of Islam and if you had half a brain, you would also be anti-Islam yourself since it obligates ALL MUSLIMS to fight jihad in the cause of Allah against unbelievers to make Islam is supreme. Indeed, Muslim never ever migrate to the West or to any other non-Muslim countries for that matter to assimilate and integrate. Instead they migrate only to eventually dominate and subjugate to make Islam supreme via demographic conquest.

  • Flipside

    “takes pains to point out that “Robert Spencer and his blog were cited 162 times in the nearly 1,500-page manifesto of Anders Breivik”

    YES. And importantly, Breivik DID NOT MODIFY the ideas of anyone that he plagiarized in his manifesto. No rhetorical posturing and no bending of the English language to its breaking point can erase the fact that Breivik drew preliminarily in Spencer’s race hatred and religious intolerance when he set out to kill “leftists,” “multiculturalists,” and “Muslims.” What Breivik did was merely what college lecturers do not. HE ACTED on the words that Spencer merely repetitively intoned. This is rightfully a very bad time for Robert Spencer, for Kahanists, for neocons and for people trying to reform the cultures and religions of other people. Spencer must now, and is here, indignantly trying to reform his message while not really reforming it and while retaining all if its hateful vitriol. This is a David Duke or a Khallid Muhammad of the Jews twisting on a spit of his own making.

    • UCSPanther

      Let's see: We have a neo-nazi skidder who likes to troll and make disrespectful comments, and we have a leftist moron who likes to spew revisionist garbage and talks like certain prominent fascist apologists of the 1920s.

      • Flipside

        Make up your mind. Am I a leftist or a fascist? I haven’t endorsed Marxism or Socialism or Fascism. This is the red diaper Kahanist site. I am an American, proponent of the Bill of Rights, a centrist, independent, laissez faire capitalist, and libertarian.

        • Foolster41

          No, perhaps neither a fascist or leftist, but a liar and smear artist at least.
          Mr. Spencer reports on the bad behavior of muslims, and points to the texts that they quote in the Koran. Critics who accuse Spencer of being hateful never do give any concrete evidence of this hatred, because they can't they only can point to a vauge "tone".

          If that's "hatred" and "vitirol", then perhaps you think people like Mr. Churchhill should tone down their vitirol when they talked about Hitler (mohammad), and how he encouraged Nazism (Islam) through his recorded actions (Hadith) and book Mein Kamph (the Koran) to promote evil?
          Of course not, because Natsism was evil. Just as Islam's commands to subjugate the non-believer is evil.

          • Flipside

            I don't think you know your Churchill very well.

          • Foolster41

            Huh? There is no mention of Nazism, or any indication of Churchill having a soft stance on nazism. In this article Churchhill calls for the creation of a homeland for the Jews. In fact, it seems pro-zionist in nature. I'm not sure what you're point is in posting this article, or how it disproves anything I said.

            Also, I notice once again you fail to show specifics of your charges of hatred by Mr. Spencer.

    • StephenD

      I'll offer you up Robert Spencer as being an inspiration to this psycho as soon as you offer Mohammed and his Qur’an and all those that emulate him since as being an influence…and all that act on what they said as being psychos themselves.
      This way, we can agree that Islam is truly the problem…even by your logic.

      • Flipside

        Done and done.

      • Foolster41

        It's a false deal. Robert Spencer does NOT promote hate, he reports on the hatred and motivation of muslims.
        Mohammad commanded to "fight the unbeleiver", "kill he who changes his religion" and that in the last days rocks and trees that hide jews will call out for Muslims to murder them.

  • umustbkidding

    The only Muslims that are peaceful are either already dead or have been so westernized that they would be found to be unbelievers by the standards of the Koran.

    I think we really need to worry when we start see them, the "peaceful" Muslims getting murdered.

  • Fred Dawes

    Islam is just one more word of hate, the muslims wants one thing your life.

  • sara

    Bloomberg quietly opens offices of pro-Hamas group at WTC

  • Ming Bucibei

    I do not have islamophobia (fear of islam)

    Rather i have islamo-contemno
    islam hate

    latin_hate =contemno

    Ming Bucibei

  • aprilnovember

    They are Christianphobes and Jewaphobes. We need to issue a report. The Clintons, Obama, Soros, and the rest of their ilk are anti American subversives. They need to be removed from office, and punished for what they're doing. The Clintons would have been NAZI collaborators during Hitler's reign.

    Amazing that Islam murder thousands of our citizens, and they want to claim victimhood? Major Nidal Hasan shot 13 soldiers, but Islam is the victim. We are going to have to go through every hard drive in the Federal Government inside and outside Washington, DC to find out what these people have been doing. Everyone down to the last paper pusher, inside and outside of Washington is going to need a thorough background check. That includes those in the agencies who are supposed to be protecting this country. I can't even imagine the crime that's being committed daily by these people.

  • StephenD

    “…the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Jihad Against Islam”….”
    But haven’t they said that “Jihad” is a personal struggle to better oneself? What definition shall we use?
    Robert, you ought not waste your time explaining yourself to us. There is no need. Keep up the good work.

  • mburu

    down with zionists like spencer….sickening!

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  • Edgar J

    You have a wonderful economy of words DeShawn. Do all "blank men and women" also? Do yourself a favor and read. First read your own posts before you post to see if there are any spelling or grammatical errors. Then read all the history you can. I did. Then read the Quran. I did. Ponder the part about how our skin will be burned off every day, only to be replaced and burned again. And how all we'll have to drink will be pus from wounds. Ponder the section that states if your wife does not obey it is alright to beat her. How inspiring!

    You are in a sad, ignorant condition. It can be improved by learning the truth.

  • sharksbreath

    You do know you could say the exact same things about Christianity.

    Who did George Bush pray to before he invaded Iraq.

    I guess his God gave him the OK.

    Since Christians in large amount voted for Bush is it safe to say since his entire presidency was a failure that God wants to see America end.

    Or is it safe to say since God punished America so badly under Bush that we have fake Christians in this country. Million of them who call themselves Republicans.

    In 2008 it almost happened.

    I'm just asking. I don't believe in any of your fairy tales.

    But if we go by the bible you could say God hates you fake Christians.

  • Khaled Al Walid

    "Do you know what jihad means?" I bet u don't even speak arabic.

    Shariah Law are for muslims only, not you. So, why bother?

    "Islam strives for world domination." Perhaps why not? I think its a good idea to save & reduce people like you.

    Islam is the WAY OF LIFE! remember that. :)

    "Islam wants to dominate all aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave." No, not dominate, but to assist and to guide of course to show you how to live as a human being. Quran is the book of guidance for mankind. Just like a car manual.

    "Shariah law is a law that controls every detail of life in a Islamic society." – Explain to me why US has the highest rate of rape list and theft crime rate? Oh never mind, find any country that don't use shariah law & watch the rate. You'll be surprised!

    "From civic- and family law to criminal law." – 1.6 billion muslims in the world and you still live reading this comment.

    "It determines how one should eat, dress and even use the toilet." – Guess what? where on earth you get the idea of a graduation robe and that funny flat hat? Its from an arabic robe and a quran on top of the head. Islam build the 1st university in the world. Al Azhar University 970~972 AD. You think its the oxford university? When was that? 13th century?

    We teach you how to dress so you will not be rape. When I throw two candies on the ground, one is still wrapped, the other one is not, which one you're gonna pickup? Same like our muslims women. Plus we don't piss anywhere, we love cleanliness. Take note. :)

    "Oppression of women is good, drinking alcohol is bad." Oppression of women? High heels, make up, depressed to look good, silicon, botox, plastic surgery? Who are oppressed.. all of this are not for muslims. Yes, alcohol is BAD, it makes you drunk, hit your wives n kids, addiction, car accident and death to Princess Diana!

    The core of the Quran is the call to jihad. Again, what is is jihad in your dictionary?

    "Jihad means a lot of things and is Arabic for battle." Can you list down what are "lot of things" that you know please.

    "Islam means submission, there cannot be any mistake about its goal." What is our goal? what kind of mistake do you mean? and what submission do you understand about? You don't even know what is the purpose of your life.

    "Islam and freedom, Islam and democracy are not compatible." Democracy or Democrazy?

    "They are opposite values." Yes, I believe islam has the greatest value.

    Mohamed's "wife" was six years old.
    That makes Mohamed a PEDOPHILE!!! – You say pedophile because your head is filled with SEXUAL mindset. Just admit that. Islam emphasizes to think positive and there is always reasons which we might or not know about it.

    Are you INSANE? Perhaps I think you should look into a miror and ask that person the same question. =)

    P/S: who dislike this are those who can't handle the truth.