To Hide an Honor Killing

We held a rally for justice for Fatimah Abdallah last June. Now at last the truth is coming out. This is justice in America in 2011: a police department cowers in fear of violence from Muslims if it tells the truth about an Islamic honor killing. Ask yourself if all the “Islamophobia” mongers care even the slightest bit about justice for Fatimah Abdallah.

Here is an extraordinary announcement from David Caton of the Florida Family Association:

Tampa Police CSI tech admits “fear of Muslim reprisal” in Palestinian woman’s death. Florida Family Association asks Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to investigate.Florida Family Association (FFA) now has direct evidence that officials with the Tampa Police Department are intimidated by the possible involvement of religious creed in the death of the Palestinian woman named Fatima Abdallah.

The Tampa Police Department claims that Fatima Abdallah killed herself by repeatedly beating her head against a coffee table. FFA and numerous other organizations call that assertion preposterous. Florida Family Association contends that Fatima Abdallah died as the result of an honor killing and not an accident. Florida Family Association’s full report on the mishandling of the death of Fatimah Abdallah is posted here at

Tampa Police Crime Scene Technician Shelby Garman called Florida Family Association’s private investigator on July 26, 2011 to request that her name be removed from the Tampa Police Department GO report posted at because of “fear of Muslim reprisal.” Click here to read our private investigator’s report.

Florida Family Association wanted more documentation to support our private investigator’s report so we sent an email to Shelby Garman. When Florida Family Association asked Shelby Garman by email to confirm her request she did. Click here to read her reply and email property validation information that documents she sent the email from the Tampa Police Department.

This Crime Scene Technician’s statement and request verifies what Florida Family Association has alleged all along that the Tampa Police Department and/or the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Office were intimidated by the possible involvement of religious creed in the death of Fatimah Abdallah. It appears that some officials feared Muslim reprisal, feared media attention if the case became public and therefore decided to promptly call this violent death an accident without any further investigation beyond the incident date.

If law enforcement agencies are unwilling to properly investigate and bring charges in violent crimes that may have been perpetuated by religious creeds it will undermine our public safety and severely change our value system.

Florida Family Association sent this letter asking Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to investigate the mishandling of this death investigation by the Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Medical Examiner.

  • Bob Evers

    Way to go guys. I'm your biggest fan. Look..I have 2 of O. Falaci latest books,still in
    plastic. Untouchtched. Please give me an address so I can give them to Pamela.
    She may remember me I always start out my e mails with "Love is where you live"
    Any p.o. box or any address will do, so long as she gets them. I've written 10 times but
    you very busy people have blown me off. Please help…Bob I also think this norway thing will blow over upon the next Muslim slaughter. We all know another is comming. love ya
    all and your tireless work. I feel so usless.

  • kafir4life

    I think that Tampa is just afraid that if they pursue the honor killing angle that the Obama administration may charge the city with violating the muslims civil and religious rights. What's wrong with a muslim killing his whore daughter in the name of allah the magnificent, the marvelous, the moon doggie? The pedophile rapist mohamat that muslims strive to emulate would have killed that tramp as well, and good for the Tampa PD and DA for agreeing with that! It's not islamophibic to want muslims to practice their faith in such a noble fashion.

    allahu snackbar – today's ramadamadingdong special – the Aisha – A yummy BLT with our special camel sauce, served with your choice of side.

  • Amused

    IF true , then it's time for the Florida Attorney General to get involved. An accident is an accident , MURDER is murder . This is ABSURD .

  • guest

    Its NOt murder if a group more powerful than the Govt does it. Wait till they are at 20%

    Just like Britain and the rest of Europe now. Call the cops, tell them and they arrest you for creating a disturbance. Move the Muzzies into the politically corrects neighborhoods!
    That way there will never be a racial problem.

    Want to see a Politically Correct Liberal in a gun shop? Assault him, or his family..

    • Stuart Parsons

      Europe has not reached 20% and its really a case of wait until they are 10%

  • mrbean

    Here is what we are dealing with. And this is typical. FAISALABAD: A man gunned down six of his daughters on suspicion that two of them were in relationships with boys in the neighbourhood. Arif Mubashir called his teenage daughters to his room and shot them while the rest of the family, including their mother, watched. His wife Musarrat called the police after the incident. Mubashir shot the girls after their brother said two of them were in a relationship. He told police officials that he had killed his daughters because they were both “without honour”. The man said his daughters Sameena, 14, and Razia, 16, were in a relationship with college boys from the neighbourhood and the sisters had helped each other. “I should have been told immediately but the girls sided with each other. They were both corrupt,” Mubashir told Tandlianwala Police Inspector Javed Sial. Police officials have taken Mubashir into custody and filed a case against him. “He does not regret what he did. He boasted that he would do it all over again if he had to,” Sial told reporters.

  • Angel

    Muslims must give up these customs or go back where they came from. We cannot as, a civilized nation allow this misogynistic bull crap to go on.

    • Jaladhi

      Unfortunately, Muslims will never give up these criminal acts as they are holy and religious for them And they have an ally with them – the PC/MC liberals of the west who love Muslims so much that they cannot see the obvious truths about Islam and Muslims. maybe they can see it but will never admit this truth. A crime is a crime and it cannot be protected under any kind of religious freedom. Period!!

      Our PC/MC liberals will not be satisfied until they have given this country to the barbarians of Arabia!!

      • Amused

        That will not happen here my freind , there are 95 million or better gunowners in the USA . These wretches will cross a line , then wish they had never come here .

        • effemall

          Right on. I've been predicting this for the last two years. The towel heads are programmed to be what they are and will not change. They will become a greater and greater nuisance. At some point, if the administration at that time will not act, we will see vigilante action.

        • StephenD

          Amused, The problem is the line is not defined.

          • Amused

            The line is there Stephen , it is in the minds of free men , and when it is crossed we will know it , and then we will ….take care of buisiness .

      • Victoria

        They are trying very hard to bring Shariah Law to America so that Islam can deal with Muslims according to their own law. UGH! But this is all part of the desire to bring umma (one world under Islam).

  • Deano

    Ah yes, Islam and muslims. Such a peaceful religion. What a joke.

  • Moshe Pupick

    W., 08/10/11 common era

    The A.D.L. should sponsor an interfaith candlelight vigil to show the dangers of "islamphobia." That'll stop the jihadis!

  • John

    I looked at all of the photos. I have some experience in mortuary science and forensic pathology, but by far not an expert. For a medical examiner to believe that the injuries to the decedent were accidental or self inflicted, while relying mainly on the statements of family members that could very likely be covering up a crime, without further investigation, seems suspicious, shoddy and lax. To me the poor woman looks like she was beaten. But that's just my opinion. Look at the photos yourself.

  • John

    All of the circumstances , 911 calls and conflicting statements by family members should have indicated to the police and medical examiner that the death was highly suspicious, and should have been thoroughly investigated. Are the authorities neglegent, or is there a political whitewash so as not to prevoke a Muslim backlash or bad publicity?

  • Indioviejo

    I would be ashamed of being a cop in Tampa. What about Pam Biondi, how about Gov. Scott? Anybody?

  • Dick

    We are now living among the POLITICAL YELLOW BELLIES in all parts of GOVTS. no mater where they are or who they are supposed to protect.

  • Amused

    Who commits suicide by banging their head against a table ? THE CITY OF TAMPA SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF .

  • Victoria

    Listen – The only reason why Islam is not practice to the full extent like the Quran says to is because we are not an Islamic theocracy. The desire of the supposed "radical" Muslim is to bring umma (one world under Islam).

    By birth alone Muslims will make up a majority of the world's population. It's no wonder Jesus is showing Himself to so many in dreams causing them to convert. North America needs to wake up to a serious threat within our borders and Canada's borders – the rise of Islam! There is not one command to love a non-believer but nearly five hundred about how much Allah hates the un-believer and condones and promotes acts of violence and murder (in the Quran). WE NEED TO WAKE UP!

    • John

      Moreso, there needs to be an investigation led by the FBI. Hanging heads in shame won't do. All of the politicians and authorities found culpable should be charged and brought before a grand jury for possible prosecution.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    I feel sorry for the people of Tampa. As a retired LEO I can not believe what I'm hearing from an employee of the Police Dept. If she is afraid she needs to immediately resign and get a job in a kindergarten class somewhere. When a crime is committed it is the responsibility of the PD to investigate that crime and find the truth about what happened. But if you are afraid of the suspect or the suspect's associates you will never find that truth. I have investigated more than a few homicides and suicides and never have I seen a suicide that was committed by a suspect repeatedly striking their head on a coffee table. A police dept that publishes this kind of report should hang their heads in shame.

  • mjazz

    Murderers, like their false prophet.

  • aspacia

    The administrators should be recalled. The police follow orders. Look, I have to put up with political idiot administrators who harass teachers, take away the teacher's desk, make them go from class to class, not provide supplies, etc., or follow directives-i.e. give 50% for 0 work????? Geez.

  • Amused

    If the Tampa P.D. and the people of Tampa will do nothing , the the FBI should step in on a human rights violation .

  • David, Thailand

    You Americans have it easy. You are several years behind us Europeans in the dhimmitude stakes, with many of our politicians and leaders openly afraid of Islam and no longer pretending that there is one law for all.

    It may be that we humans were not designed to cope with advancing so far and so fast as in the model of Western civilisation, which is why we are committing social and religious suicide by ignoring and worse, denying the greatest threat to Mankind in recorded history.

    It is ironic that the most advanced civilisation ever, is wilfully capitulating to the most backward.

  • Morty62

    I live in Tampa and have communicated repeatedly with a friend who works for a major daily. Despite my friend's claim that the information is being looked into I sense that no one there will touch this with a ten-foot pole. The "Islamophobe" tag is so feared on the left that even an obvious murder going unprosecuted will be left to fade from memory rather than risk that label. I'm sure that if the woman wasn't Muslim the papers would be all over it, especially if the victim was of European descent, had money and was either Christian or an atheist.

  • pchwforum

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  • Tom Stradley

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