Useful Idiots’ Stockholm Syndrome

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Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, the leftist American hikers who unwittingly ventured across the Iran/Iraq border and were convicted of espionage and imprisoned for two years in Iran, have been freed – and at a press conference Sunday, revealed that they were none the wiser for their ordeal.

They indulged in some moral equivalence: “Two years in prison is too long, and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran.” They assured the right-thinking world that their hearts (obviously not their minds) were in the right place: said Bauer, “The irony is Sarah [another hiker who was freed earlier], Josh and I oppose U.S. policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility.”

They thanked some of the world’s leading enemies of freedom and Useful Idiots for fighting for their freedom, including Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, limousine leftist Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Code Pink’s manipulative propagandist Cindy Sheehan, hard-Left America-hating pseudo-scholar Noam Chomsky, and the addle-brained actor/activist Sean Penn.

Bauer appeared to be on the verge of an independent thought when he said: “We were convicted of espionage, because we are American. It’s that simple. No evidence was ever presented against us. That is because there is no evidence and because we are completely innocent.” But any hope that he might realize that the Iranian hostility toward the United States is similarly irrational and unjustified proved unfounded. For above all, Bauer said: “The only explanation for our prolonged detention is the 32 years of mutual hostility between America and Iran.”

The “only explanation”? Really? Well, actually in other remarks Bauer made it clear that he thought that America was more culpable than Iran: “In prison, every time we complained about our conditions, the guards would immediately remind us of comparable conditions at Guantanamo Bay. They would remind us in other parts of the world and the conditions that Iranians and others experience in prisons in the U.S. We do not believe such human rights violations on the part of our government justify what has been done to us. Not for a moment. However, we do believe these actions on the part of the U.S. provide an excuse for other governments, including the government of Iran to act in kind.”

It is clear from this that Shane Bauer, like Barack Obama, Ron Paul and so many others on all points along the political spectrum, believes that the actions of the United States provoke Muslims to behave badly, and that if the U.S. would only behave decently, then the Muslims would calm down, and a new era of peace would dawn. While this view is common among followers of Paul on the Right, it is much more prevalent on the Left, and indeed forms the underlying assumption of all of Obama’s foreign policy.

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  • Tim

    Is it too late to give them back?

    • Fred Dawes

      The muslims asking way to much

  • John N Walters

    Communicating and consorting with the enemy is treason..Two Anti-American Leftists in a war zone? Tell me these two genius's weren't passing information such as locations and activities of American and Allied forces to the enemy…the #CIA and #FBI should be interrogating them..I would water board them..45 seconds they would be spilling their guts

  • BS77

    Soon, watch for the BOOK….then the MOVIE. Then the talk show circuit. Aint it grand?

    • Questions

      Somehow I doubt it. A few talk shows and that's about it.

  • DissolvetheUN

    Seeing the list of western fascists and dictators like chavez who wanted these herberts freed, I rather wish they'd been left in prison. If they were arrested only because they were American, being innocent of any spying charge, then this indicates that iran is visiting its wider attack on western democracy on individuals, not the other way around. They were jailed because iran is an islamofasicst, racist state that hates western democray, freedom and rule of law. The conflict is generated by iran to attack freedom. Freedom is protecting itself from islamofascism (albeit not too successfully). If west and Jew haters like chomsky and tutu persuaded iran to release these hikers, it was for the worst of reasons.

  • Luke

    If one of my daughters brought home one of these pencil necked weirdos I would disinherit her….

    • Flipside

      I know, right? How come they didn’t bulk up in prison?

  • MarkRich

    Mr. Spencer Bravo! You truly identified the arrogance and eliteism of those on the left who feign compassion for the thugs of humanity.Since the 1930's these minds of loving compassion and moral equivalence have shielded a deep seated disdain for those they seek to defend. Like liberals do to African Americans they are really saying "you folks are nothing more than an appendage of us" and are incapable of independent moral action. Its the epitome of arrogance and self righteousness. You stated it as well as I have ever seen.

  • Jim

    As their self appointed recreation director I suggest their next hiking trip should be at the Mexican Border and on The Mexican side.

    Just think if they get a shot in the head they can blame that on America and the Jews.

  • Mary

    The extremely sad thing is . . . they could really be CIA operatives. One of the jobs of an operative is to guide the use of information obtained. They could have had a mission to observe, align themselves with, and spread the absurd ideas they are spouting. And, unfortunately, our "intelligence" agencies are politically hogtied and are not allowed to be intellectually independent. So, the CIA and FBI and even Homeland Security are open to abuse by the rich and powerful, even against what is in the best interest of the U.S. citizen

  • Ken Jones

    The stupidity of this web site never fails to amaze me (as does the sheer idiocy of most of the posters). Robert Spencer is a Useful Idiot for Bigots, Knee-Jerk Hysterics, and other Losers.

    • Foolster41

      Thanks for your non-knee jerk response showing how Islam is indeed not a threat to western society and infadels, how this website is incorrect , and how Islam in fact supports human rights of women and non-muslims!

      I'm going back to sleep now and dream of my muslim overlords. Night!

  • Serafino

    I wouldn't be surprised to learn some day that Soros posted the bail for these 2 scatterbrains.

  • Ugh

    If they think Iran is so wonderful then why did they want to leave imprisonment so bad?!?

  • winston

    Nobody here has ever opened a history book that much is clear.

  • HowdeeDoodee

    Iran does in fact have reasons to hate America, Spencer needs to remember how who we use to support in Iran before the revolution and the human lives and rights we helped violate. Sure, things aren’t better now but to ignore the role we played in Irans past and current situation is hypocritical.

  • Bryan

    At first, I wondered how anyone could be stupid enough to go hiking near the Iranian border. Now I understand.

  • Dredd
  • asahani

    Any muslim act by a islamic group west should go after the islamic nations ,who are behind this act. No islamic terror is possible without support by these islamic nations. West need to form the policy how to deal with islamic group who are backed by mostly the islamic nations.
    We will be doomed if west don't have a good policy on this.