Egypt in Turmoil

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As protesters clash with the army representing the Military Council, Tahrir Square returns to revolutionary chaos again. In an effort to restore calm before the elections, the cabinet offered its resignation on Monday to Egypt’s transitional military rulers.

Realizing the riots endanger the elections, the Muslim Brotherhood has pulled out of planned demonstrations, saying in a statement that it did not want to be involved in a protest that might delay the elections and thus the transition to democracy. But this may be too little and too late.

The US policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood is highly forgiving.   It has recently changed its attitude toward the Islamic group and is also expecting a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections.  The United States gives $2 billion annually to Egypt in military and economic aid in exchange for its peace treaty with Israel. Will this peace treaty hold once the Muslim Brotherhood is in control?

Free elections require stability and calm. Free elections cannot be held with millions protesting and clashing with military forces.

Egypt needs to rebuild, and to do that it needs a strong secular governing body. Involving religious and political inspirations will only drive Egypt towards Sharia law and chaos.

Sadly, in the first battle between the Military Council and the Islamists, it seems that the army has lost. Egyptians may have free democratic elections. But if they choose the Muslim Brotherhood they will not live in a free democratic state afterward.

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  • StephenD

    Egypt will get what it deserves. The same for the "Palestinians" who freely choose to align themselves with nefarious groups like Hamas. We stuck our foot in it deep with Hillary spewing how she "looks forward to working with the Muslim Brotherhood." If we would only call it like it is, that the M.B. is as guilty as Hamas in the propagation of Terror (in fact, they are one in the same). If we would only treat them as they deserve and cut all aid and take a hard line stand, maybe we could hold a little hope for the Egyptian people. But when we pretty much sanction the M.B. we may as well have handed them the keys and said "if you need anything, let us know."

  • Asher

    Millions of us who did not vote for Obama knew his plans for the Middle East. He hasn't created Democracy, he has created chaos and destabilization. The Brother Hood will win in Egypt which is not good news for Israel. Egypt's geography… location to Israel makes it a huge factor in the next war, if the relationship represents a Foe to Israel.

  • jacob

    Looks like the Egyptian military establishment, watching the way the beards of their
    Turkish colleagues are burning, decided to put theirs into soakage and therefore,
    are handling the protestors the right way, knowing what's and who is behind them

    Now lets hear what our President and his Secretary of State have to say about
    since to them, seems that Mother Theresa is a sinner compared to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD cutthroats….

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    And Israel must stop the red carpet treatment of terrorists in Israeli jails; and stop
    negotiating with Hamas.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Americans should observe well what is happening in these chaotic Nations of
    the Middle East and how the evil Muslim Brotherhood takes control over all
    of the various governments. Sharia slavery will ensue and Democracy being
    a joke in slave societies reminds me of Communist elections, a total farce.
    Right thinking people may have given up, Hillary Clinton pushing the Muslim
    Brotherhood, she is sold out her and Bill, millions for subversives. Obama a
    Muslim in chief laughing all the way to the Mosque. Chaos and destruction is
    what is on the way here gratis the leftist curse, what can Israel expect, fight
    or die, give in inch by inch and die slowly and in agonizind despair. Someone
    with backbone may come on the scene and call and end to the insanity but
    it seems unlikely. The future in America, more clap trap and government
    regulation which will in truth be oppression…………………………William

    • Stephen_Brady

      William, I couldn't agree more …