America’s Worst Ally

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After receiving $20 billion in U.S. aid over the past decade, Pakistan is unmistakably America’s worst “ally,” having committed the ultimate betrayal: Hiding Osama Bin Laden. Now, Pakistan is angrily protesting the raid that killed him, refusing to give access to 11 of those arrested in his compound and is supporting terrorists likely to try to avenge his death. Pakistan is not an ally worth defending as President Obama did in his address to the country; it is an enemy worth punishing.

It is inconceivable that the Pakistani government did not know of Bin Laden’s presence at the Abbottabad compound that was obviously designed to hide someone of enormous importance. It is now known that Bin Laden’s next-door neighbor, living only 80 yards away, was Major Amir Aziz, a senior army officer. The country’s premier military academy is about a mile away, which General Petraeus visited in February of last year. Many retired intelligence and military personnel live in the affluent city and it is only an hour away from Islamabad.

The Pakistani government is reacting to the exposure of its guilt by bashing the raid, with its officials describing it as “cold-blooded.” The upper house of its parliament is accusing the U.S. of violating the country’s sovereignty and the government is threatening “disastrous consequences” if there are any more unilateral raids. The army has announced that it will reduce the number of U.S. troops in the country to “minimum essential” levels and the Army Chief of Staff said there will be a “review on the level of military/intelligence cooperation with the United States” if another raid is carried out. Pakistan may also forbid future drone strikes, as it was pushing for an end to them shortly before Bin Laden was killed.

President Obama’s announcement that Bin Laden had been killed was designed to protect relations with Pakistan from the inevitable outrage.

“It’s important to note that our counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to Bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding. Indeed, Bin Laden had declared war against Pakistan as well, and ordered attacks against the Pakistani people…it is essential that Pakistan continues to join us in the fight against Al-Qaeda and its affiliates,” Obama told the nation.

Senator John Kerry does not downplay Pakistan’s treachery but cautions against jeopardizing the relationship. Senator Richard Lugar has not shied away from pointing his finger at the Pakistani government but likewise said, “Distancing ourselves from Pakistan would be unwise and extremely dangerous.”

It is true that Pakistan’s limited cooperation has been critical to the prosecution of the War on Terror. More than two-thirds of the killings and arrests of Al-Qaeda members have occurred on Pakistani soil. However, there is a clear pattern of the highest terrorists living in comfortable areas under the control of the Pakistani government, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zubaydah and Ramzi Binalshibh, called the “20th hijacker.” As Richard Miniter writes, “Bin Laden’s mansion-hideout in Pakistan was not the exception, but the rule.”

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  • sky

    the u.s. should not send any money to these countries that dont like the USA.Let the rothschilds,help them,

    • Grantman

      What exactly do you mean by "rothschilds" there, pal?

      • Fred Dawes

        CHECK YOUR HISTORY In the 1920's the bankers helped lefist and rightists meaning the Reds/nezi and many others.

        • sky

          Does any one ever know where all this drug money goes to?Is the goverment the international mob.

  • proxywar

    Ironically we worked with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the 80's.

  • fleedo

    Pull out of Pakistan and prepare to take out their nuclear arsenal. That is the only reason we suck up to them – because we are concerned their nukes might fall into the wrong hands . Their nukes are already in the wrong hands. Get out of slobistan and then TAKE OUT THE NUKES

    • Fred Dawes

      It would be nice but obama would use nukes on the American population before any other place.

      • Amused

        Dawes you're delusional and paranoid , go seek professional counseling , before your racism turns into something dangerous .

    • Kerr Mujin


      You are exactly right. These slimey SOB's are not worth one dollar or one American life. We should simply tell them that we will no longer provide aid of any sort, and that if there is even one more misstep, we will turn their pathetic country to ruble!!!

    • Ghostwalker

      WELL SAID,,,the nukes are ALREADY IN THE WRONG HANDS!!!

  • davarino

    durka durka?

  • jacob

    A stick states that an American politician is so smart, so shrewd, it is impossible
    to tell where the wise man ends and the fool begins…

    Now what has been the reason for subsidizing PAKISTAN ??
    Fear of their nuclear arsenal ??
    There is a country waiting to fix their wagon for good which is INDIA…

    Now, isn't it a known fact that PAKISTAN has been aiding and abetting the Taliban
    as well as al Quaida or does this last find call for more proof ??

    And what do our supergeniuses fear might happen if the billionary subsidy is
    terminated ???

    PAKISTAN will furnish nuclear weaponry to the Taliban and al Quaida ??

    Then make clear to them the next stunt will mean the nuking of their country and
    make known the preparations for such action.

    It is time already for this country to stop the "paper tiger" worldwide concept and
    if its leaders are incapable of, then the people must make them do it…! ! !

    Are we ever see again the MADE IN USA tag in stores or are we going to continue enriching our "friend" Red China ???

  • Fred Dawes

    with growing tensions in this world it looks like the Chinese and our best friend the pakistan guys may make a little deal and start to get behind our enemies for real and out in the open, watch the next 3 weeks its called open war.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHAT ABOUT OUR HELICOPTER? An ally would give every piece back to us! If this copter is a new revolutionary weapon as some suggest, Hillary and Gates should be there is a flash to get it back before it falls in the hands of the KGB Putin and China! Oops, they probably already have the blueprints given or sold to them by one of our "patriotic" Americans!

    • oldatlantic

      No aid money until that is back at a minimum.

      • Chezwick_mac

        They'll give it back….after the Chinese have been allowed to thoroughly inspect it.

  • OLJingoist

    No country that has a muslim majority is our friend.
    They believe everything the koran say's, and it say's we are an enemy.
    Wake up dhimmis wake up.
    EDIT.Is osama's #2 also living in pakistan??????
    Anyone care to wager on that. He probably lives in the house on the other side of the Pak. Major.

  • jonmc

    It seems to me that there are three possibilities:
    1. The ISI is incompetent beyond all reasonable bounds and no-one in Pakistan knew OBL was there.
    2. The Pakistani gov't didn't know what the ISI was up to.
    3. The Pakistani gov't did and was complicit.

    In the first TWO cases this gives the Pakistan gov't a perfect opportunity to "clean house" at the ISI. The only question is whether ISI is (merely) utterly, unbelievably incompetent or outright treasonous. Either way, this should lead to the eventual disbanding of ISI and its replacement with a new intelligence service.
    In the third case, nothing will happen to ISI.

    Thus, as we observe over the coming weeks/months, the real position of the Pakistan gov't will become clear because their ACTIONS (or lack thereof) will tell us their beliefs – we can ignore what they say of course.
    Further, the current "huffing and puffing" of mutually-contradictory opinions/statements is typical "blowing smoke" on the grounds that the News circus will (inevitably) move on within a few weeks and they may be hoping that "the West" will lose interest so they can get back to business as usual – begging from the West and funding terrorists.
    Make no mistake, unless Pakistan takes drastic action against ISI, they will have demonstrated beyond any possible doubt that they are in league with terrorists.

    • oldatlantic

      Very well reasoned.

  • Vermont Yid

    The U.S. should give Pakistan 20 billion dollars worth of bombs – delivered, of course, by air mail.

  • john in cheshire

    Ahmed Rashid has explained in his book, supported by evidence, that pakistan is our enemy. On that basis, it beggars belief that we maintain the charade of them being our staunch and faithful ally. pakistan should be publicly recognised as an enemy and treated accordingly.

  • BLJ

    The Pakistani's are about as two-faced as it gets. They likely hate our guts, but love our money. I am also quite confident that they knew Bin Laden was there and that they also knew and probably supported in the hit on that creep.

    The biggest danger is that they possess nukes. Take those away and we could tell them to focus on making better donuts. The U.S. needs to make sure that we stay friends with India.

  • Lightning Jack

    With friends like Pakistan who needs enemies? Basically we're just paying front money to a corrupt, militaristic entity that supports and mainstreams fundamentalist terrorism into the global community.

    The Pakistan government uses the $$billions we give them for economic/military aid to fund jihadists factions who attack and kill our own troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and practically everywhere else for that matter. And Obama calls these two-faced despots our allies?

    Once again, the strategic insanity of American foreign policy prevails.

  • Ghostwalker

    "1938 ALERT"!!!!!!





  • Raymond in DC

    The US knew of, but tolerated, Pakistan's nuclear project in the 1980s because the US wanted its cooperation in the Afghan resistance to the Soviets. It continued tolerating it in the 2000s because the US wanted its cooperation in the offensive in Afghanistan. All of that tolerance gave the impression that Pakistan could get away with anything and the US would continue its support. That's clearly proving a bankrupt policy.

    If the US intends to continue its operations in Afghanistan, it needs to shift the supply lines to the country's north – through Turkmenistan, Absent better cooperation, a political "tilt" toward India should be made evident. And as those operations wind down or shift to a counter-terror (rather than counter-insurgency) strategy, Pakistan needs to be sanctioned by limiting or eliminating immigration, aid and military supplies. Pakistan has never been a true friend or ally of the US; it's time this charade were ended.

  • Steve

    What did the USA give Pakistan for them to give up OBL? Something big and important, no doubt.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The saddest part about this entire situation is that no American government officials will ever be questioned much less ever be fired or held accountable for all of this institutionalized gross incompetence. Not to mention that the entire reason we are in Afghanistan in the first place is based on fantasies and political correct myths.

    For instance, the so-called democracy our incompetent government is responsible for establishing in Afghanistan is really a Sharia state, and if you believe s Sharia state will somehow be an ally and friend to the USA, then I have a bridge I need to sell you. It will no doubt be an ally and a friend about as much as Pakistan has been a loyal ally and friend all these years. Indeed, the USA needs to fire the entire State Department and all upper level administrators and generals in our Defense Department, and especially Robert Gates.

    The West needs to do three things: First, it needs to eliminate the Pakistani nuclear weapons arsenal and destroy it’s nuclear weapons program, and in accordance with that it also need to do whatever it takes to prevent the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons as well, like eradicating the Mullah regime and destroying its nuclear weapons program. In other words, the West can’t afford to let Muhammadans have nuclear weapons. Second, the West needs to simultaneously outlaw Islam, close down all mosques and madrassas, and ban and reverse Muhammadan immigration. Thirdly, the West needs to oust the House of Saud and the Gulf State Emirs and then seize their oilfields and their immense oil wealth to prevent them from funding and financing jihad perpetually against the West forever.

    Indeed, if we did those three things, the West would finally be safe from Islamic conquest. On the other hand, if we do anything less, Islam will probably subsume the West and the world will enter another dark ages.

    • HenryAlan

      The leftists will rather die then allow us to take any of those actions., they are suicidal and want to drag us down with them.

      The first thing we have to do is smash the left so hard they never get up, then with no resistance we can easily oust the Muslims. If not for the left we wouldn't have the immigration problem in the first place. They have weakened us not only physically but also spiritually turning every male into pussies who are too afraid of being "politically incorrect". The left are a CANCER and the sooner we realize the sooner we can begin to do what is required.

  • Flowerknife_us

    This ball seems to have started to unravel about the same time President Bush became a lame duck President. When striking Iran died with the NIE miss-representation. The "surge" in Iraq. The "war" is lost. Yet- The Demoncrats never criticized Bush's drone strikes. Afcrapistan had a relatively small American footprint. Supply routes were more numerous with less hindrance. Relations were(?) better. Paying for overflight and supply through Pakistan was definitely better than blowing a corridor through it.

    Obama has managed to turn the whole situation on it's head.

    Given the published time line of Osama's activities and general notion of where Osama was- pretty much coincide with Obamas Presidency, Sooooooo on taking office, Obama was informed that the Iranians WERE working on a "Secret Nuclear Facility" and and had a pretty good idea where Osama actually was.

    So Obama sends h?o?w? many extra troops into Afcrapistan to get a guy he knows isn't there??? Then has him killed to earn obvious brownie points with the American People while destroying the Political cover necessary to support those very troops????

    The Fat Lady is singing and some seem to just love the tune.

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