Assad Declares State of War

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Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has officially proclaimed the country to be in a state of war against “terrorists,” a prelude to even greater bloodshed. The country may be inching towards civil war as a group of defected soldiers called the Free Syria Army declares responsibility for attacks on the regime’s militia, and protesters plead for international protection.

The number of civilians killed by the regime now tops 3,000, and tens of thousands more have been injured and detained. It is easy to find videos and accounts of merciless shootings of innocent people including young boys and girls. It is only a matter of time before the opposition’s patience runs out and they go to arms.

A growing number of Syrians are looking to the international community for rescue. On Friday, protesters in Qamishli, Homs, Hama and Deir al-Zour called the day, “The Friday for International Protection.” In Jiza, a banner was carried with the words, “People want international protection.” The Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page is asking the United Nations to send international observers into the country. There are also reports of protesters asking NATO for help, and on September 2, demonstrators in the Midan district of Damascus had signs requesting help. On August 30, one sign in Homs said, “We demand international community to intervene for the protection of the Syrian people from genocide.”

There are signs that some of the opposition is losing patience with the non-violent approach towards confronting the regime. Ammar Qurabi of the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria said, “The situation has reached a dead-end,” though he didn’t specifically speak of taking up arms. Muhammed Rihal of a group called the Revolutionary Council for the Syrian Coordination Committees said that activists would soon begin using weapons to defend themselves. Most opposition leaders are against using violence. The Local Coordination Committees are opposed to violence and foreign military intervention.

The Free Syria Army, a group of defected soldiers, is taking credit for attacks on security forces and members of the regime’s Allawite Shabbiha militia. The biggest attack was on a bus transporting members of the militia. U.S.-based opposition activist Ammar Abdulhamid says that the Free Syrian Army appears to be an umbrella that includes the Free Officers Movement, as a video of a soldier declaring his joining of the Free Syrian Army also has a banner of the Free Officers Movement in the background. The leader of the Free Officers Movement, Lt.-General Husain Harmoush, went missing after meeting with a Turkish official on August 29.

The Free Syria Army has been posting videos of defected soldiers holding their military identifications and telling their stories of being ordered to commit human rights abuses. On August 5, the army said it killed 30 members of the Shabbiha militia and injured 15 in Idlib. The Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Division of the Free Officers Movement in Rastan has issued a statement asking the world for assistance. It requests that the international community demand that Syrian soldiers return to their barracks and a no-fly zone be imposed. The group also wants a U.N. resolution expressing support for its fight and demanding the release of political prisoners and disobedient soldiers.

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  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Hang onto your hats, folks, and read Isaiah 17:1. It clearly describes the destruction of Damascus. Then read Psalm 83 to see the alignment of Israel's enemy's. If you cannot connect those dots, then go to Psalm 2.."Why do the heathen rage and plot a vain thing….". Those prophecies were writtten milennia ago, and do you really think that it is mere coincidence that all these things are occurring at this one point in time? Can you possibly believe that out of the last 6,000 years, it is just pure luck that all these events are converging in the brief span of YOUR lifetime?? C'mon now, its time to return to the Word of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator of the cosmos and of your soul.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    It's time to get real, before "time" runs out. This is all preparation for the Lord's imminent return..Acts 1:11..
    How many more signs do you need??? What is it going to take..Even the head of the IDF, Major General Uzi Daylan is stating that war in the Middle East is inevitable and most likely will involve NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Duh, helloooooooo…..(This is not some reporter speculating..this is from the man with his finger on the button).
    Daniel 5…."mene mene tekel upharsin"…check it out…
    God is trying to get YOUR attention….my prayer is that you are listening and begin to turn to Him, Who is the only hope for a lost and dying world. "For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved". But, ya gotta mean it !!!!
    Rev. Roy….<><

  • PhillipGaley

    Where's Asama?

  • The Infidel

    Sadly Roy you are correct, Sadly being that there are still so many who have not been saved by the grace of YWHW. I would have added that if anyone wants to see the exact playbook read Revelations, its all lining up nicely and its not going to be pretty. the armies of Satan are amassing and are readying themselves to be completely distroyed, then noone will be able to say, "But we never got told" well now you have, I shake the dust from my sandals at your gate, the ball is in your court

  • a12iggymom

    Someone PLEASE explain…WHO IS THE OPPOSITION??? The very same jihadis in Egypt and Libya, THAT'S WHO! Are you ready to fight the Ottoman Empire again???

  • killthejihadis

    If we are lucky. Defeat of the Ottoman' jihadist army at Vienna led to the the liberation of eastern Europe and the decline of the Kahlifate. Let''s do it again.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Let Assad and the MB fight it out to the last bullit. Keeping the Syrian Army in any kind of order for the MB to take command of is anything but sound advise.