Backlash in Pakistan

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A poll found that three-fourths of Pakistanis oppose the U.S. raid to kill Bin Laden and only 11 percent approve. A little more than half say that the county is at greater risk from Al-Qaeda as a result of it. The anger has caused some members of the ruling coalition and the opposition to stage a walkout and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, leader of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has taken the lead in criticizing the government. He called the raid a “big blow to national sovereignty, independence and self-respect.”

“The Abbottabad operation was a serious attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan and the nation is looking at recent developments with concern and wants to know who is responsible for the situation,” Sharif said.

Another senior member of Sharif’s party emphasized that Gilani gave his speech in English and accused him of trying to “appease his [U.S.] masters.” Former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is asking for Gilani and President Zardari to resign along with military officials responsible for failing to stop the raid. He also wants the parliament to investigate the military.

Gilani runs the risk of losing support to his opponents like the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and former Prime Minister Sharif because of the outrage. This is dangerous for the world because of Sharif’s past.

A document released by Wikileaks shows that the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan in 2007 described Sharif as “the author of Islamic radicalism in our region.” The president of Sharif’s party is alleged in another document to have told the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist group of pending U.N. sanctions after it carried out attacks in Mumbai in 2008, giving it time to withdraw funds from its bank accounts.

In 1998, TIME Magazine wrote that Sharif “contends that only a strict adherence to Shari’a—which relies on the Koran and on the Sunna, a record of the Prophet Muhammad’s deeds and sayings—can save Pakistan from ‘corruption and maladministration’.” The article was describing Sharif’s move towards Sharia-based governance, not the application of a personal form of Sharia on an individual basis.

Former ISI officer and close friend of Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Khawaja, claims that Sharif met with Bin Laden multiple times and that Bin Laden helped him develop a relationship with the Saudi Royal Family. Ali Mohammed, who was Al-Qaeda’s special projects coordinator in the mid-1990s, says that Bin Laden gave Sharif $1 million for his favorable stance towards the Taliban. There have also been reports that Bin Laden contributed to Sharif’s campaign to become Prime Minister in 1990.

The Pakistani government now, out of political necessity if nothing else, must take a more forcefully anti-American position. The U.S.-Pakistani relationship has completely changed in the past two weeks and is likely to become even worse.

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  • James

    well get ready for a bunch of cheap knives thrown that's all I ever saw that came out of that country !

  • Nick54

    And we're supporting these a____holes??!! Talk about bite the hand that feeds you! If Obama had any balls he'd cut the BILLIONS we're pumping into that hapless country. Then they wouldn't be able to fight their way out of a paper bag!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Click my name and read my widely linked, eye opening Townhall piece: Why Obama Delayed the Misssion to Kill Bin Laden and the Bogus B-2 Bombing Story

    • trickyblain

      He's dead. I'll take seven months over eight years of “not a top priority use of American resources" and "I don't really think about him very much."

  • Amused

    Go peddle your "theories " on "you're too dumb street Appollo " …Oh wait , that might be here huh ? After all a blogger like you MUST know more than the NSA , CIA , therefore you can confidently second guess the Pres. on the attack . Get your head out from up your butt .

  • al-kidya

    Next time the CIA locates a person of interest in Pakistan they should notify the Prime Minister and let him carry out the raid, the capture, the trial, etc. and see what happens.

    I would be that person of interest would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a "don't do that again, you bad boy".

  • proudinfidel

    LOL the only thing the wakipaki's are p1zzed at is we got him when their own people didnt even know he was there, they have been humiliated at their stupidity, they have to save face and restore honour thus they need to attack those who dishonoured them. Oh to be a wakipaki, must be disgustingly humiliating to know that they can never get anything right, and all their attempts at regaining honour only culminates in more humiliation at their own hands and thus the cycle continues of humiliation and throwing tanties at selfhumiliation, until they will implode from selfhumiliation to subhuman standards.

  • OLJingoist

    George Bush did say if you hide them you will be held to account.
    And so Paki. doubles down on stupid and threatens the US after playing stupid muslim games with us.
    As soon as the world wakes up to the fact that islam is on the march again, and realizes this is with the big toys so one way or the other the situation will be resolved.

  • Chiggles

    Does this mean they'll stop moving here? Yay!

    • Yetwave

      Who will work the midnight shift at the 7-11?

  • ziontruth

    Not a backlash. Just regular Islamic behavior intensified by having found a fresh excuse.

  • BLJ

    Pakistan can go pound sand. India is our real ally in that part of the world.

  • Jim

    The Pakistani Government is trying to avoid retaliation by Jihad terrorists.

    • Joe

      When will governments do right by packing up, locking up, or shipping out the Jihad terrorists in their midst?

  • Fred Dawes

    its only the start.

  • StephenD

    Imagine if they put it to a vote…continue giving OUR money to these trade route bandits for use of their…trade route into Afghanistan or forget Afghanistan and your "safe passage" we'll just keep our money and you cave dwellers can fend for yourselves. How do you think it would go?

  • go america

    are you people kidding me? yall are all about america, ya, america has its problems, but let me tell you i have more info than you! and we has top security, if yall think yall can hurt us, good luck. yall get near our country we have under water submaries with missles waiting. and once our radar see you, your done, your either forced to land, and shot down and killed. plus, we have bases all over are country. so all i got to say is good luck.

  • Questions

    We have no allies anywhere in that part of the world. India is preferable to Pakistan is the same sense that Bolivia is preferable to Venezuela.

  • Yetwave

    Kenneth Lay was the avuncular chairman of Enron when it imploded a decade back. If he was innocent of all the malfeasance that led to Enron's demise, he was either stupid or incompetent.
    It is Ken Lay's great legacy for his defense to be exalted to matters of international consequence.

  • tanstaafl

    Stop the jizya to Pakistan.

  • P.R.

    This is a quote from a Pakistan newspaper linked above:

    "This has humiliated the entire nation and everyone is hanging his head in shame."

    Humiliated over what? Because the nation discovered that the world's #1 terror-master was living, and no doubt protected, by their country's high and mighty military? In your dreams! They're humiliated because the U.S. found out and did something about it.

    Another country's newspaper, upon hearing the bad news of his death, wrote his obituary calling him "Mr bin Laden:" ". . . riches-to-rags story of Mr bin Laden himself—a man who had given up power and wealth in Saudi Arabia, lived simply and seemed almost charmed in his capacity to defy the mightiest army in history" Nor did that newspaper even call him a "terrorist." Was that another Muslim newspaper that nearly writes about him as a martyr? In your dreams! It was the U.K.'s Economist magazine, the most respected in their country.

    • JPetruk

      I read the same Economist "obituary". It was indeed disgusting how fawning they were over this criminal. I'm beginning to believe that we've already lost Europe.

  • JosephWiess

    “Any attack against Pakistan’s strategic assets, whether overt or covert, will find a matching response,”

    So, is pakistan saying that Bin Laden was a strategic asset? And I almost dare them to attack us, we'll wipe out pakistan's army, navy, and air force before they get within 50 miles of our shores.

  • Seamystic

    Perfidious Packistan harboured and protected Bin Laden and assists Jihadists, while accepting Billions of Dollars from the U.S.A..
    Saudi Oil Funds create Islamic Trojan Horses (Mosques), indoctrinating Jihadists. Iran's Theocracy creating Nucleat Weapons to reincarnate the Twelfth Mahdi, after a Nuclear War.
    17,168 Terrorist attacks with multiple victims in each, since 9/11. Declare Total War against Islam.
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  • Seamystic


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  • Seamystic

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  • BLJ

    Pakistan = Time to make the doughnuts

  • Amused

    Pakistan is merely making noise to satisfy it's fanatic hordes , of which it barely has control .It has no control of it's borders , indeed no control over 2/3rds of its regions .US aid is proping up this regime , and without it would have collapsed already . Soon however this will be inevitable , and in order to prevent their nukes from falling into the wrong hands , the west OR India will find it necessarry to PRE-EMPT Pakistan .Pakistan giving way to the absurd "Blaspemy Laws " is a sure sign of Pakistans imminent demise , as it descends into Sharia madness .

    • Fred Dawes

      so pakistan is like the USA It has no control over its former borders and no control of the mass third world population inside the USA.

      • Amused

        Uh , yea Fred , THAT musta been what I was sayin' . Since that's what YOU think , why dont you pack your bags and move to Islamabad . I'm sure YOU would find some freinds there .

  • Sam B.

    BIG MISTAKE–the partition between India and not-yet born Pakistan. The Moslems of pre-partition India would have been better off–if they had learned to get along with their (peaceful) Hindu counterparts. India is a rapidly developing tech . econ, which will mean a better life for those who are still impoverished. But apparently, getting along with "Kuffers" is a hard thing for them to do. By contrast with India, Pakistan is still mired in backwardness, intramural struggles for power–moderates (?) vs.suicidal murderers., and overall misery. The one technology they can boast–the "Islamic Bomb"–was filched from other sources, courtesy of Mr. Kahn–just as many parts of the Qu'ran itself were taken from Hebrew-Christian sources (OT and NT), plus a goulash of Mo's "revelations" and curses.

  • king

  • SpiritOf1683

    Read my lips: "No more jizya".

  • Jedishaferyn1

    Our relationship with Pakistan is straining to the breaking point, and the politicians on both sides are using increasingly ominous rhetoric. Meanwhile, the riots and protests on the streets of Pakistan continue to spread. How will this affect our actual regional ally in the War on (Islamic) Terror, India? Go to for my take on the situation.

  • Kevin Stroup

    Oh Please! Pakistan has always been and will always be largely anti-American. Why? Because they are Muslims. They may have a leader from time to time who lives in the modern world, but for the most part, Pakistan is a backward toilet bowl of a country. Islam is the problem Pakistan has, not America.