Cain Promises to Take On Muslim Brotherhood Fronts

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The United West, an anti-Islamist activist group, is forcing the 2012 presidential candidates to take a stand on whether to prosecute the Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the U.S. tied to Hamas. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was the first to say that he would, and now businessman Herman Cain is on board, also saying that he’d list the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Former Senator Rick Santorum offered a less compelling answer, but said the government must prosecute anyone tied to terrorist activity.

Herman Cain is riding a huge wave of momentum following his surprise victory in the Florida straw poll. This comes after an impressive performance at the Orlando debate, which I judged him to be the winner of. The latest national poll has him behind Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, tied with Ron Paul at 7 percent. His numbers will still climb as the positive media coverage continues, and his understanding of the Islamist threat must be evaluated as his influence grows.

Cain was asked by the United West about prosecuting the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America and the North American Islamic Trust. These three organizations are Muslim Brotherhood fronts that were labeled by the federal government as “unindicted co-conspirators” in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation. The HLF was shut down for funding Hamas. The three Muslim Brotherhood fronts have tried to have their designations removed to no avail. On July 1, 2009, it was ruled that there was “ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA and NAIT with HLF…and with Hamas.”

The HLF trial is the biggest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history and the information submitted by the government in the case is critical to grasping the Islamist threat. Unfortunately, Cain seemed unaware of the trial. When the interviewer said that CAIR, ISNA and NAIT have been designated, Cain said, “as what?”

After the interviewer explained they were tied to Hamas, Cain responded, “The answer is yes, absolutely I’d go after them.” The interviewer then asked if his State Department would label the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Cain’s answer was, “Absolutely, yes. I don’t see what the hesitation is. We can’t do business with terrorists,”  and then tied his answer to the Palestinian push for U.N. membership and statehood.

Cain’s campaign previously hit a bump when he visited a major mosque tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. He had come under fire for saying that communities should be able to ban mosques from being built. In an attempt to make amends, he apologized for the comment and took a tour of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society of Sterling, VA. The mosque is led by the president of ISNA, Imam Mohamed Magid. Evidence of the mosque’s possible ties to terrorism resulted in raids by the authorities in 2002.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Cain debased and discredited himself by apologizing to the Islamists for his previous comments, so I take it all with a grain of salt. How much of this is conviction, and how much politics?

    Having said that, it's a step in the right direction….and Herman Cain has many other assets, first and foremost, he's a genuine conservative and secondly, unlike most pols, he's not afraid to speak his mind. He's got the libs scratching their heads with their "Tea Party is a bunch of racists" mantra coming undone.

  • maturin20

    I bet "stealth jihad" works about as well as our "stealth bombers".

    • tanstaafl

      It's worked so far – look how far you've gotten.

      • maturin20

        And for less than a billion a plane!

  • Mel

    Bravo for Mr. Cain.

    He will now need a lot of vocal support from the American people. I would not be a bit surprised if the mainstream media and its elitist ilk now attempt to portray him as a neanderthal Islamophobe. To these six figure salaried gurus of discretion free (politically correct) thinking, anyone who respects the US Constitution, and wants to live in a society that believes in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and values innocent life and the human right of all people is really, down deep, an Islamophobe?

    • PatriotX

      You know, Mel, “Islamophobe” USED to be an insult. LOL….however looking at how it’s being thrown at people who don’t appease to Islam I’m proud to be one. I find it a little frightening that people who believe in the constitution now are being labeled “constitutionalists”. So, this would indicate a lack of those working in the White House who believe in this document. Hmmmm….shouldn’t believing in the constitution be a prerequisite. Maybe not nowadays.

    • Upaces

      Cain is a good man. He is a successful business man. However, he is way to pliable. He plays to politics: In 72 hrs he stomps on his own feet 5 times

      1) I would have Muslims on my staff (Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels);
      2) When asked about it? States that he "Misspoke (sp)"; in other words, he didn't know what he was really saying.
      3) Changed it to — they can give me an Oath (same mistake–Muslims allowed to lie to infidels);
      4) I will have homosexuals on my staff;
      5) Hard-line stance on Homosexuality as a sin

      Homosexuality is a sin and a choice

      Someone just responded to the entry you subscribed to at:
      Canada Free Press

      The title of the entry is:
      Herman Cain: An Exceptional American of African Descent

      You can see the comment at the following URL:

      Herman Caine's campaign is being bank rolled by,"Skull and Bones"!
      – Slick Corporate Salesman
      – Skull and Bones Pilsbury company
      – Worked for Coca-Cola
      – God Father Pizza – Pilsbury Company
      – Pilsbury Cartel – founding memmbers of Skull and Bones!
      – Pro Torture
      – Federick T. Gates involved and involved with and helped start David
      Rockefeller organizations
      – Held Position at Federal Reserve

      Dig in check him out for yourself, then you know that you know,how the
      Globes are manipulating!

  • Max

    We got the wrong black man in the White House. Cain is the right one!!

    • johnnywoods

      I agree with you Max and I hope Cain has some very good policy advisers lined up. I believe that is what we pay advisers for anyway. He does not need to know the name of the president of Lower Slobovia as long as he has people who do.

  • BLJ

    Bravo! It is about time a politician calls out the MB. They have been a sworn enemy of America since their formation. Comrade O might as well be a member of the MB with the way he has handled things.

  • waterwillows

    It might be a good idea if any and all black presidents were informed about slavery. The white man got 20% of the slave trade. We see their ancestors everywhere.
    Islam got 80% of the slave trade. There is not a single off-spring to be found.

    The blacks should know the agenda Islam has in store for them. Castration for all males, brutal enslavement, torture and death. No survivors…..none at all.

  • pinnie99

    Mr Cain is a any position.Ameriac needs an out spoken Constitutional leader. Presiden, House, Senate, Admin. Just keep him!!
    Love him!

  • Anamah

    And what about Chris? He designed a religious Muslim as high Judge…

  • Dispozadaburka

    Cain can start his search for the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House.

    He might also look who works closely with Hilary Clinton.

  • Fred Dawes

    We must keep a good eye On Cain he maybe the real thing OR NOT? The muslim brotherhood has many good friends like Obama

  • Flowerknife_us

    I love the flabergasted look the Wolfster had when Mr. Cain told him Blacks have been brainwashed.
    Wolfy-called out on his own show. Priceless.

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