Chavez Imperiled

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Despite weeks of deception and affectation of good health, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is in Cuba for chemotherapy, heightening speculation about whether he’ll still run for re-election in 2012 and how the regime will survive after him. His declining health adds another burden to his campaign for a third term, as a majority of Venezuelans already oppose his re-election due to a horrible economy, a soaring murder rate, and relentless power grabs.

Rumors about Chavez’s health began when he disappeared for weeks in Cuba, absent from the limelight he craves. His government originally claimed he had a pelvic abscess, but reports that he had prostate cancer quickly spread. Chavez has since admitted that a baseball-sized tumor was removed on June 20, without offering any details. He says he is now cancer-free, but is going back to Cuba for chemotherapy to prevent the return of the cancer.

Chavez’s decision to go to Cuba reflects his closeness with the Castro brothers. Brazilian President Rousseff offered to have him treated in his country or to send two top doctors to Venezuela. He refused, instead deciding to get authorization from the National Assembly to go to Cuba. This was probably done because leaks of information are less likely under a dictatorship. The Castro regime is more than happy to offer such support to its closest ally, as two-thirds of its oil is subsidized from Venezuela. If this aid were to be lost, Cuba’s economy “would not necessarily crash, but it would endure a devastating blow that it can hardly afford right now,” explains Michael Shifter, president of Inter-American Dialogue.

Questions about the 56-year old leader’s health may hinder his re-election campaign. Already, 64 percent of the people oppose giving him a third term. Basic goods are in short supply, and there is an exodus of doctors out of the country because of skyrocketing health care costs. The murder rate has gone up 400% since Chavez took power. There were over 16,000 murders in Venezuela in 2009. To put that in perspective, there were 4,644 violent civilian deaths in Iraq that year. Venezuela also had the world’s highest inflation rate last year. Foreign direct investment has plummeted from a gain of $349 million in 2008 to an outflow of $3.1 billion because of nationalizations.

Oil production has fallen from 3.5 million barrels per day when Chavez was elected to 2.5 million barrels per day now. Corruption and incompetent management in the oil industry has led to worker strikes. Blackouts are a common occurrence. Ironically, in February, the power went out on Chavez while he was giving a speech condemning the U.S. This year, the Arab Spring inspired a hunger strike to demand the release of political prisoners that grabbed the attention of the entire country. With a record like this, it is not hard to see why Chavez only has an approval rating of 36 percent, according to one poll.

However, the opposition faces an uphill fight in defeating Chavez at the ballot box. His government now controls 72 television stations, 400 radio stations and 18 newspapers. An arrest warrant has been issued for the CEO of the last independent television station. During the last National Assembly elections, which stripped Chavez’s party of its supermajority, the regime tipped the scales in its favor through redistricting, lowering the number of seats from proportional representation, and ending the rule that gave the minority party in a district a minimal number of seats. A law banning the spreading of “false information” was just used to convict a former governor who criticized Chavez’s government for sponsoring drug trafficking. The links between drug trafficking and Chavez’s government are thoroughly documented.

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  • SavetheRepublic

    Chavez says…"he is now cancer-free."

    As always our communist monsters that dress up in human garb can never tell the truth.
    Hugo is in fact riddled with cancer. he has a malignant Marxist mass that has metastasized completely through his soul.

    The toxic growth has choked off, and starved any remaining humanity left in his freedom crushing existence. All diagnosis conclude his condition is terminal. Chavez has rejected all efforts to restore his original dignity as an image bearer of G-d.

    The only thing left is to try and make Hugo's transition from tyrant to repentance as comfortable as possible. He is going to be on the other side for a long, long time.

    • kafir4life

      When Sean Penn's buddy, when Barack Obama's mentor, when Hugo Chavez dies, THEN Venezuela will be cancer free.

      • SavetheRepublic

        "Barack Obama's mentor" You hit the nail on the head with that one.

        We can know in advance anything Obama's going to do, just by observing everything Chavez has done.

  • HalleysFifth

    Human Beings of Venezuela, Unite!
    Excise that malignant lump Hugo and irradiate his filthy minions till they're dust.

  • al Kidya

    "the opposition faces an uphill fight in defeating Chavez at the ballot box. His government now controls 72 television stations, 400 radio stations and 18 newspapers"

    This sounds like an Obama plan of action.

    • kafir4life

      I thought they WERE referring to BamO, but really butchered the spelling. My bad.

    • Sound&Fury

      You forgot to mention that his government also controls NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, you name it. The Dems have made sure of that.

  • Angel

    The law of unintended consequences is as reliable as a clock, although it may not beat steadily it can always be relied upon. No amount of planning can assured success against it. The best plans deals with the fact that everything can and will go wrong. These regimes always implode because the basic tenant of their existence dictate actions which quite frankly are delusional. I saw a movie a while back where one of the character on the good side says to the devil or the evil entity something like this.

    Good guy: This is all preordained you cannot win

    Evil dude: yes

    Good guy: Why do you do it?

    Evil dude: Because it is who I am, it is what I do.

    Okay I probably butchered the lines and I can't even remember the name of the movie but I remember that scene for some reason. Our present crop of evil will do what they do and we must do what we do.

    Are all these things simply the way nature restores balance or Divine providence?

    • skulldiggerin

      Well Angel, there is no Nature if there is no Supernature first.

  • Cuban Refugee

    What Chavez has done to Venezuela is a perfect example of what happens to a prosperous, thriving nation when the cancer of communism metastasizes. He and his Bolivarian Revolution have brought Venezuela's people to their knees just as his buddy Castro brought down an island paradise, which had the highest standard of living in Latin America and most of the civilized world before 1959, to a cauldron of repression and misery with fourth world status. A propos of Castro, he must be quaking in his jogging suit about the prospect of his financial benefactor's demise. The tyrannical brothers in communism and cancer have both started paying their monumental karmic debt on earth — perhaps they will request adjoining cells in hell.

  • jacob

    If the Venezuelan opposition dreams of unseating CHAVEZ or whoever he abdicates
    on, it better wakes up while there is still time…

    Chavez controls absolutely the elections council, the electronic voting machines, the
    Supreme Court, in other words, he is the owner of the "hacienda" ;his minions the
    "caporales" or overseers and the rest of the people his peons…

    His rivals elimination system, most likely a CASTRO's invention, is political neutralization due to alleged public funds mishandlings, as he had his recently
    croaked Comptroller do to many opposition figures and which will be attemped on
    one CAPRILES RADONSKI he fears, on a cooked up accusation introduced in
    2009 and dormant at a court until now…

    But rest assured that the 15th Cuban province into which CHAVEZ turned
    VENEZUELA into, will not escape from the Cuban clutches, at least while
    CASTRO can stop it and he sure as hell knows how…

    And in the meantime, good old USA is whatching the bulls from the bleachers,
    even as Hizbullah penetrates our back patio, MEXICO…..

  • T. Reb

    Oh pray, where is there a U.S. president that would stand up to the oppressors of freedom in the Americas. It certainly isn't our current president who only wishes to kiss A– & cuddle up to one's like Chaves.

  • Steve Chavez

    THE REAL REASON HE'S GOING TO CUBA: He didn't trust his own doctors for the first surgery since they might have accidentally given him a LOBOTOMY OR A SEX CHANGE! Really!

  • Cuban Refugee

    Yes, I noticed that immediately … how fitting that this dictator should remind us of the other.

    • William_Z


      And since I accidently deleted my comment, I'll repeat it here:

      Did anyone one else notice the picture of Chaves for this article? The way the microphone is situated it looks like he's got a little mustache…reminiscent of a particular historical dictator.

      • MBA NJ

        yes and even evil colored blood like out of a mindless zombie

      • WilliamJamesWard

        First thing I saw……………………….William

  • UCSPanther

    I hope Chavez gives up the ghost soon. It would be a blow for all the anti-american elements in South America and around the world…

  • Ed Parise

    This communist p*ick should die and eat s*it!

  • Sound&Fury

    When he dies in a Cuban hospital, I wonder what Michael Moore will have to say about that?

  • pyeatte

    Venezuela will be in for a big change soon. Maybe they will regain their senses and throw the leftists out so their economy can recover. Perhaps Michael Moore could move to Cuba and try the low calorie diet, that comes with food shortages, to lose weight.

  • Ghostwriter

    Right now,Venezuelans both in this country and their own are probably praying for Chavez's demise. But the Venezuelans in Venezuela are probably doing it secretly.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'll also be honest. I find Hugo Chavez to be an obnoxious jerk. I wonder how the Venezuelans put up with him for so long.

  • Ann


  • mcrobbins

    I really hope he is replaced by a more favorable government. The people of Venezuela have put up with him long enough. I would really like to see the Iranians kicked out of Venezuela for good.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Islamist-leftist influence in South America is growing at an alarming rate
    and many of the impoverished are falling for the Islamist picture and enamored
    with the Mexican/Muslim generation. South America is ripe for new and more
    destructive acculturation which Obama says is no threat to America, I guess
    the guns these new recruits have and other weapons are not a threat until they are
    in American Cities……….they are not doing this for fun and games, If Obama
    were to be reelected they will be marching in Washington parades…………
    Chavez like all false people come to and end and the people of Venezeuela
    are probably quite happy with this. The poor who have been truly friendless
    can be manipulated by evil influence such as from Iran and Cuba and
    Washington D.C…………Ignoring South America has been a great American
    blunder. Obama and Chavez are so much alike…………………William

    • skulldiggerin

      Remember Frank Capra's WW2 documentary "Why We Fight" ?

      In the first episode there's a superposition of parading Jap troops on a view of Pennsylvania Avenue with Capitol Hill in the background.
      And the warning commentary :
      " And lo, the Japanese Imperial Army parading down Pennsylvania Avenue !
      And when we know how they treated the people of Nanking, Singapore, Hong Kong and Manila, we have no doubt how they will treat the people of Washington, New York, Philadelphia and San-Francisco". Just to name a few.

      Were Americans to allow such a thing with all the Islamic, Narco, Chikom and Vladian scumfilth in the immediate future, no dearth of cheering will rise from the Filth Kolumn presently at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at their passage.

      And no doubt too at what will happen to Americans.

  • skulldiggerin

    Pigpen is a lesson in commie reality for South America.
    Keep voting leftard, nitwits.

  • skulldiggerin

    Congratulations to the author of the picture !

  • skulldiggerin

    One of the best months for a while !

    – Adipose toad Chikom Jiang brain-dead

    – Pigpen eaten alive by crabs and returning to Castroistan for a cure

    – Zahi-hi Haw-hawass, the pot-bellied, potato-faced, stetsoned Indiana Jones wannabe,
    Jew-hater, and phony archeologist just got the mummies' boot

    – Lil' Adipose Toad Kim Jong ILL joined his barking to his Chikom master's in denouncing Uncle Sam for the welcome given to the Dalai-Lama.

    No doubt they are accusing the good monk for having caused all of the above villains' woes by long-range evil spellcasting.

    – And oh I forget, there's the lil' matter of the torched Sin-Kiang Chikom police station too. No doubt it's put to the Dalai-Lama's account too !

  • Terry

    Whatever chavez has got, it's G-d's verdict on the evil b*****d. His suffering reflects the suffering he's caused. Soon he'll be frying in hell with arafart, bin liner, *itler, staling, mao and pol pot.

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