Egypt’s Defining Period Begins

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On November 28, the opportunity that the Muslim Brotherhood has waited for since 1928 came. The first round of elections in Egypt took place, and although the results are not yet in, the Brotherhood’s mammoth political operation blew away its competitors. A Brotherhood spokesman was honest about what the group seeks: “The Sharia, the Muslim legal framework, must be the foundation for everything.”

The vote for the lower house of parliament took place in nine provinces. In districts where a candidate does not take a majority, there will be a run-off election on December 5-6. Two other rounds of voting will take place for a lower house among the remaining provinces, and then there will be three rounds to decide the upper house. The entire process will finish on March 11, ushering in an interim government that will draft the next constitution.

The turnout was so high that an extra two hours was given for people to vote. There were no notable clashes and by all accounts, a sense of happiness filled the air. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists, who were accused of buying votes by selling cheap goods to poor voters in the run-up to the election, are being accused by some rivals of cheating. Farid Zahran of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party claims that some veiled women refused to expose their face for identification or to dip their fingers in ink, allowing them to vote multiple times. The Muslim Brotherhood, he says, stuffed ballot boxes in Luxor, Aswan and Faroun, and Coptic Christians were prevented from entering some polling stations.

According to Zahran, thousands of the Brotherhood’s “youth volunteers” were at the polling stations to help illiterate people to vote and guided them to choose their party. The Wasat Party is complaining that the Brotherhood stole ballot papers in Damietta. The National Human Rights Council confirms that there were 391 complaints filed, most of which were related to the illegal campaigning on election day that many parties were involved in. One Free Egyptians candidate told an army officer that the Brotherhood was handing out flyers at a polling station and he did nothing. The law preventing campaigning during the 48 hours before a vote was largely ignored and unenforced.

The White House has tough language for the ruling military council but when asked about the Muslim Brotherhood’s likely victory, White House spokesman Jay Carney replied that it is “unfair to assume that any party that has a religious affiliation cannot adhere to democratic principles.” That doesn’t exactly jive with the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman’s statement that the “Sharia, the Muslim legal framework, must be the foundation for everything.”

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  • Larry

    Those secular activists won't be active in Egypt for long after the MB win this election. Like the secular activists in Iran 30 years ago they will either be dead or in exile.

    Anybody who thought differently was tooting on waayyy too much wacky baccy.

  • StephenD

    We can all relax knowing Hillary is already smoothing out the way for us to give our money to the M.B. Last week she said she "looks forward to working with the Muslim Brotherhood." To me, this translates into acquiescence of the entire election proceedings and sanctioning them as legitimate (even if they were not) and opening us up for "dialogue" with them. How do we speak to the M.B. with our ultimate hope of being eaten last? Why we give them our Tax Dollars is how! We turn a blind eye to the eventual legal suppression of women. We ignore the blatant hostility toward the Copts and Jews. We continue to give in to them even though their stated goal is to destroy the West from within until Islam is all that is left on the earth. We go merrily along with it because, well they smile at us and sometimes they say things like…they don’t hate us!

  • L8gr8usa

    Muslim Brotherhood use similar tactics as Democrats, acorn, SEIU, Teachers union, UAW, etc., and secure in the knowledge that the ACLU, MSM, judges, Secretaries of State have their back if the hateful “do gooders” try to uphold the rule of law.

    Like their using the same playbook… who is mentoring who???

  • alan g

    Egypt is in deep doo doo now. Thanks Barry.

    • ziontruth

      Not to defend Barry, but Egypt has been in deep doo doo ever since Mo's hordes conquered it in the 7th century.

      • Bill

        You got that right!!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    No matter who you are, what you believe, what you want, where you go, rich or
    poor, Sharia and Islam is out to get you and make you submit or it will kill you.
    How close to your comfort zone is the truth about this demonic cult, no one is
    safe, not even it's followers, they are in the grip of it's slavery and oppression
    and barbarism, What we call criminal behavior, the most detestable conduct
    they see as their good and normal success in life. Make no mistake Islam is
    the enemy of mankind and any alignment with it will produce destruction.

  • BS77

    I pity the Copts now that the thugs are going to take over….at least with Mubarak, things were relatively peaceful.

  • Deborah Weiss

    The problem is that the MB is legal in this country. Maybe it shouldn't be. We should make the MB a state-designated terrorist organization. That would solve so many problems, but I'm not optimistic about this happenning any time soon (if at all). The U.S. is on a suicide mission.