Egypt’s False Prophet

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The Mubarak regime is likely in its last days and the Muslim Brotherhood has now endorsed former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) director Mohamed ElBaradei to replace him. The wise move by the Islamists will allow them to control the next government while soothing the fear over the creation of the Islamic Republic of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has allowed ElBaradei to lead a new coalition called the National Association for Change that also includes secular democrats and other opposition figures like Ayman Nour and Dr. Osama al-Ghazali Harb. This coalition led by ElBaradei is going to begin forming a national unity government that will exclude President Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, removing a potential secular voice in the next regime. Once this national unity government is put together, it will force the U.S. to pick either the Mubarak regime or the opposition regime as the government of Egypt.

The Brotherhood decided to embrace ElBaradei because it will make it easier to pursue an Islamist agenda. One of the group’s officials did not try to disguise this, saying “The Brotherhood realizes the sensitivities, especially in the West, towards the Islamists, and we’re not keen to be at the forefront.”

The West should not find comfort in the prospect of ElBaradei leading Egypt instead of an official Brotherhood member. He may be a secular democrat ideologically, but his foreign policy stances are not much different than the Brotherhood and he is a stalwart defender of the organization. He has just compared them to “new evangelical…groups in the U.S., like the orthodox Jews in Jerusalem” and says “[t]his is total bogus that the Muslim Brotherhood are religiously conservative. They are [in] no way extremists.”

He also asserts that the Brotherhood has “not committed any acts of violence in five decades,” drawing a deceitful distinction between the Brotherhood and its Palestinian branch, Hamas. The constitution of Hamas states it is “the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine” and in March, a top Hamas operative  reaffirmed that it remains so. There are already unconfirmed reports that armed members of Hamas are now entering Egypt to link up with the Brotherhood. ElBaradei has in the past defended “the Palestinian resistance,” saying that “the Israeli occupation only understands violence.”

An Egypt under ElBaradei would be friendly to Iran. As the director of the IAEA, El-Baradei was repeatedly accused of covering-up incriminating evidence about the Iranian nuclear program. He opposes sanctions on Iran and says “they are not like the stereotyped fanatics bent on destroying everybody around them. They are not.” It has been reported that an Iranian official gave $7 million to an associate of his in Hungary to finance a presidential campaign and the Iranians also offered other forms of assistance, including information to undermine Mubarak. This could be an attempt by Egypt’s Arab allies to undermine ElBaradei but at the very least, the Iranian state media is supporting the revolution.

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  • Rick

    Just imagine how different the world would be if President Bush had focused US military forces on eliminating Al Qaeda instead of invading Iraq.

    The Neo Cons must be so proud of themselves, by insisting on the Iraq invasion they destroyed the US government's moral, millitary and financial security. And remember drowning the government in a bathtubs is their objective.

  • Rick

    Just imagine how different the world would be if President Bush had focused US military forces on eliminating Al Qaeda instead of invading Iraq.

    The Neo Cons must be so proud of themselves, by insisting on the Iraq invasion they destroyed the US government's moral, millitary and financial security. And remember drowning the government in a bathtubs is their objective.

  • ViewPoint

    The Egyptian protestors did not begin with their typical Islamic demands of, "Death to America"… and… "Death to Israel"… and…"Allah is Great"… instead, they began with demands for freedom, livable wages, and bread. They were resisting the death of the middle class, but their struggle appears to be on the verge of being hijacked by opportunistic radicals backed by the obam administration. Obam has not yet failed to promote the Muslim agenda, even within the U.S…. so, naturally, he is eager to encourage the downfall of Mubarak and the united elevation of former U.N. head Mohammed ElBaradei (who shielded Iran's nuclear weapons program from the Security Council by repeatedly ignoring evidence indicating that Iran's nuclear program was a military program rather than a civilian energy program) and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is tragically ironic that although the protestors were willing to risk their own lives for freedom, they will, most likely, end up with zero freedom under Sharia law.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      What they call freedom and what we call freedom are two different things. The same words to us have a different meaning to Muslims. For us 'freedom' means doing what we like as long as it is lawful. For them, it is the 'freedom' to live under repressive Sharia, and to plot the downfall of Western civilization.

    • cjk

      I heard them screaming 'allah u sh*tbar' from day 1.

      There, fixed it.

  • Shaun

    Don’t get what you’re arguing Rick: al Qaeda is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. If al Qaeda had been crushed in Afghanistan that still would have left the Brotherhood in Egypt untouched.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    The future looks darker and darker.

  • Eagle in NYC

    ElBaradei is the stalking horse for the Muslim Brotherhood. As soon as power has been established his usefulness to them will be over and he'll be pushed aside in favor of the shariah-jihad-caliphate industrial complex. All, while Urkel Mugabe dithers. Not only was HE not ready for this 3am phone call, but neither was his Secretary of State, Hillary.

    • Steve Chavez

      Come on Eagle. We have the Community Organizer-in-Chief, Joe "Gaffy Duck Quack Quack What a Quack" Biden, and to round off the Three Stooges, Hillary "The Nag Hag" Clinton who had no honor, integrity, or bravery by not leaving her cheating husband when most women leave with nothing. Tipper and Elizabeth have honor!

      I can't believe these Stooges spend their time telling the Egyptian government to not "over-react/restraint" when there is looting, robbing, burning buildings, and worse, stealing and trashing ancient Egyptian artifacts, their history! They are blaming the police?

      I wonder what would happen if the Tea Party did the same things as the Egyptian rioters and reasons to be against a dictatorial leadership. I bet the National Guard would be called to mow them down! "Restraint?"

  • SemperCivis

    ElBaradei has proven himself to be a sham, like other followers of the false prophet. Islam exists to enslave its followers and to kill the infidel. Any surprise here? I hope Jews come together and remember their history so they can unite against a common foe. This historic interview on Israel National Radio sheds light on Pre-Abrahamic history and exposes Islam for the reconstituted Baal worship that it is — under the guise of a pseudo-monotheistic "religion"

    and watch Americans take back their country and throw the criminals in jail in this LOL animated satire with the "head-up-the-butt" people — which applies to any Eqyptian who supports the MB too.

  • Irandissident

    The Biggest Trick that Khomeini ever Pulled:

    About two weeks ago the former Revolutionary Guard commander in Iran (Mohsen Rezaii) said that “the biggest trick pulled by the Imam Khomeini to hoodwink the Americans back in 1979, was the appointment of Mehdi Bazargan” (a Western dressed engineer with relations with the Americans) as the prime Minister following his role as the “civilized” point man in the weeks leading to the downfall of the Shah regime.
    The slogan of “Death to America” was not raised during the revolution but a year later following the take over the US Embassy in Tehran.
    Bazargan even looked like Al Baradeii in Egypt ( google him for his photos) !!! ….. I guess 32 years from now, a Muslim Brotherhood commander will proclaim, on a conquered hill top in Jerusalem “The biggest trick pulled by the Brotherhood to hoodwink the Americans was the appointment of Al Baradeii”

    • cjk

      The true sad reality is that they don't have to pull any tricks, their allies in our MSM and demonrat party will gladly do it for them

  • Fred Dawes

    THE MUSLIM Brotherhood will use the young and toss the good people into some hell of a prison.
    Egypt will become a new al qaeda state and jordan and syrian and Americans will be forced to fight or die!

  • Greg

    The players are being allowed to take their places because Gods word is true and every man will bow before Him. Blood will flow to the horses bridle during the failed attempt to destroy Israel by all those who surround Her. This isn't new news by any stretch. Who can stand before God and say I didn't know after watching all that is taking place right in front of our eyes? Unfortunately America will no doubt wind up being a useful idiot who turns on Israel leading up to Armageddon. Look how Obama treats our closest allies today… as he ushers in on a grand scale the old spirit of hatred, making no apologies for his actions. There's a reason he supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, he was raised with similar beliefs. I wonder what Jeremiah Wright thinks of Israel? No one made Obama go to that church for 20 years, it was Obama's choice and he continues to make those same choices his parents made when he was growing up. As he has stated in the past, America is not his home.

  • sodizzy

    This is seriously scary. I just continue to pray for God to prevail and save us all.