Exposing Iran’s End Times Vision

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It is telling that the regime has not denied the arguments made in the film. The regime truly believes its contents. The producers of the film held a press conference after the controversy began to defend themselves and their product. They confirmed that it had been shown to Ahmadinejad and Khamenei for approval and that Khamenei nods when the chief of the Revolutionary Guards and senior clerics call him “Seyed Khorasani” during meetings. Khorasani is the prophesied figure who leads a nation from the East in a final war to prepare the way for the Hidden Imam’s emergence, according to the film.

“Many have asked him to verify his position and he has chosen silence. Well if it was not true, if it was not in accordance with his own belief, then wouldn’t the Supreme Leader come out and say this is not true and stop this argument?” one producer said. Indeed, on April 12, a representative of Khamenei told a state-run media outlet that several grand ayatollahs have endorsed the comparison.

Khalili told FrontPage at least one producer of the film has been arrested to stop him from making any more revelations. Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, was fired on April 9. He has denied involvement in the film’s creation but Kahlili says his office was responsible for it.

“The in-fighting will not stop their plans for the final war. They will proceed as before, but with more careful steps….However, this should give us a big awakening that this is a defining moment in history where we can avoid another Holocaust,” Kahlili said.

All indications are that Iran’s plans are indeed moving forward and the stage is being set for war in Bahrain. On April 13, a representative of Khamenei referred to the uprising there as “the best opportunity to establish and prove Islam’s legitimacy to the world. And side by side with those oppressed people, it is also the best opportunity to begin setting the stage for the emergence of the 12th Imam, our Mahdi.”

Dispelling any notion that the film’s message is just a political tactic, the representative said, “First, it is natural that the Mahdi will go to war, but this war needs to be primed…It is true that we are the source of all revolutions, but now the source needs to create a ripple effect.” The Iranian regime truly does believe it is being instructed by Allah to lead this End Times war against Islam’s enemies and the current conflict in Bahrain is part of it.

Kahlili has done the world a favor by releasing this video, and the turmoil inside the regime that it has caused will hopefully inhibit Iran’s dangerous plans. More importantly, it is a wake-up call to the West: the smoking gun that details the Iranian regime’s beliefs and plans. Iran expert Ken Timmerman describes it as “nothing short of a declaration of war, an Iranian version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which after all in German means ‘my struggle’ or ‘my jihad.’”

The West couldn’t ask for a more clear warning of what is ahead. If this won’t wake it up, then it is frightening to think of what will.


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  • PhillipGaley

    After having watched just a whole lotta YT stuff put up by imams and Moslems of various types—and including, The Coming—wholeheartedly, I have never seen so much stuff which in character and effect, is of a piece with MAD MAGAZINE—from the fact of possession and control of weapons systems, coupled with their simplistic attempts in use of reason, to actuality of most everything which they do—excepting, cooking food, . . . and just one example: in one video, one of the imams tells us: "If you say you want to get married, I'll say, 'OK, I'll find you a wife.', and I'll go through my neighborhood and knock on the door of my neighbor and ask if he have any daughters to marry and he will say, 'Yes, I have one 14 and one 16, which would you like?', and you can choose for yourself."; another example would be the lawyer supposing to argue that, Israel be charged with "crimes against humanity" for rape, because Israel has raped the land—just a scream! except that, they're so damned dangerous, . . . if at the very least, to women and children, . . .

    I think, it is as Alexander Pope has left for us concerning lower life forms: "It is fitting that, animals be prey to man that, man be not prey to them.", it is merely a kind of benign mercy which has not before cleared the earth of them, . . .

  • Bamaguje

    What more is the West waiting for?
    Instead of stupidly wasting time & resources trying to replace the secular Ghaddafi with "pro-democracy" Al-Qaeda linked Islamists in Libya; NATO should take out Iran's nuclear power plants and uranium enrichment facilities before the apocalyptic Mullahs use their nuclear arsenal to provoke armagedon.

  • Fingal3

    Sobh writes: "The comparison with Hitler is the most laughable of all…"

    I have read extracts, at least, from many of Ahmadinejad's speeches, and, unlike Sobh perhaps, many of Hitler's speeches. I can tell you now that the language and concepts are almost identical. You don't have to be any kind of expert to identify the connection immediately and those who choose to disregard it are, I'm afraid, deluding themselves.

  • SwampFox2U

    The PC crowd in Washington will brush all of this off since they do not believe in God in the first place and don't have a clue what Islam is all about in the first place.

  • GBeck

    Is that you, Ahmadinejad?

    • Sobh

      No, I'm not Ahmadinejad. I am an Iranian living in Iran, and I didn't vote for Ahmadinejad. While I believe that most Iranians voted for him, I don't consider him a good president and I prefer him impeached.

  • rld77

    I've seen the Iranian clip.–INTERESTING. Me – I'd strap a slaughtered pig to every bomb and missile I had and start THEIR end times now.–OH— I prefer the N-bomb–doesn't screw up the infrastructure so much.

  • Seamystic

    From Seamystic, the Apocalipse does not end well for thse who attack Israel.

  • Herb

    One thing we can do is to stop their expansion right here. We can use an American strong point to do this. BBQ parties. Yes I said BBQ. We begin to have BBQ parties anywhere the Islamics wish to build or infiltrate. We haul our smokers out and BBQ a pig and throw the bones where they intend to build. They will go away. I saw where we are now having a big problem with feral pigs. No problem. God has given us the answer. We now have enough pigs for several nationwide BBQ parties.
    While we BBQ we had better spread the word about the true intent of Islam. Sharpen our knives and clean our guns.
    Just remember the last Crusade of Islam ended on the morning of 9/11 at the gates of Vienna when Jan Sobieski and his winged Hussars crushed the Turkomans. It restarted in NY on the morning of 9/11. The first mosque in Europe was in Cordoba Spain and they are wanting to build a mosque at ground zero called the Cordoba House. Wake up folks! With these guys everything is sybolic and intentional.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Yep, the last Islamic crusades crushed at Vienna on 11th September 1683 and again at Zenta on 11th September 1697. But 304 years after Zenta came 9/11 but unlike back then, we sought refuge in craven dhimmitude.

  • dont see it

    wheres the link to video

  • Amused

    Ooooops now the West will know w e're crazy ! Quick !! call Glenn Beck and have him revise his End Times warnings .

  • Amused

    …end time fanatics …..everyone's got some .

    • OLJingoist

      Education would help the scared and angry part of you But there is no cure for stupid….Sorry.

      • Amused

        Atleast be original OLJingoist, I used that one on you , not the "scared and angry ", that's a total misperception or another display of your ignorance , that 's why I said to you , referring ton you , that you "can't fix stupid " .
        The Mullah makes end times prophecy , obviously to suit his agenda , well what in the hell do you think Beck is doing ? If that's what got your goat , then you truly are in a worse mental state than I originally estimated . Beck and the Ilamic mullahs are all fools . If you bbelieve them , then what does that make you ?
        Angry ? lol…hardly ….scared ? ..OF WHAT ? There's another group making the rounds on bthe web predicting May21 , 2011 will be the end , so why worry , be scared or angry about the other bunch of fools , I'm more chagrined than anything else . Oh and please …don't be sorry for me …I'm ok , you're the one that needs counseling .

        • OLJingoist

          I believe it is you who Beck affects. He seems to bring out a great anger in you. And as I never mentioned his name your obfuscation inferring I follow Beck is at best ignorant.
          And I do believe the Mullah's, as they obviously believe every word and will do anything to bring it about. Islam has a long history of violence towards everything unislamic and I have no reason to not believe them now.

  • Dr Y.Goldfeld

    Regretfully the primitive credibility and serflike nature of the Iranian people enable such mentally disturbed messianists to terrorize them.I am sorry that I cannot see any solution to the real danger the mad regime poses to the world as the West clings to the myth of multiculturalism .

    • Amused

      Indeed Dr. but not a-typical .Glenn beck does the same here , and if you think he's not fear mongering , just look at the amount of followers . The big difference of course is that the "mentally disturbed messianist " is not running the government as in Iran's case . But he's been given a prety wide platform on Fox . And I'm sure you are wise enough to determine the influence he has exerted.

      • Amused

        In addition Dr.Y , Glenn Beck "suggests violence " then ramps up emotions to "defend " against the "oncoming threat " , for Beck in the last of end time rants , claims 25 million Americans will be killed . By Whom ? LOL….fill in the blanks , which is left to the listener , of course after specific suggestion . The motis operandi is the same , the suggestion is sdlightly different , both prep the listener for violence . Glenn Becks baby face and crocodile tears are a deception . His bears all the marks of a disturbed mind ..

  • OLJingoist

    From day 1 most mideast muslim children are taught to mindlessly fight and hate all that is not islamic. Their is no joy in islam is a fact of life for these creatures of evil. And they intend to kill all infidels to prove that point.
    And if they accomplish that then they will turn on one another. When only one stands then what.
    the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris, 'The Haj'

  • morris wise

    Shiites in Iran,Iraq,and Syria after their governments are abandoned will wander off into regions ruled by Sharia Law. Corrupt central authorities will be replaced by assemblies of mediators elected by local communities. Lastly, Saudi-Yemeni Arabia will become a Theocratic paradise whose wealth will be divided between Shiites and Sunnis. This new new world order will be a giant step towards peace in the Middle-East.

  • Amused

    LOL…surely you jest morris , for Sunni consider Shia apostate and vice-versa . That means they will kill each other , just as they have been for almost two millenia . It is no coincidence that muslim nations composed of Shia , gravitate towards one another , so to Sunni regimes or factions . Strange conclusion you reach in view of the historical evidence . Or am I missing a sarcasm on your part ?

  • Jimmy P

    You people are all mentally retarded. David Horowitz is a war monger working directly for the Fortune 500 – you know – the only people on earth actually benefiting from the endless wars he helps fan the flames for…

    Believe what you will, but each and every one of you will suffer while he, and the people he carries water for, laugh all the way to the bank. Smedley Butler said it best, "war is a racket," I'll take his word over the shifty rat Horowitz any day. Hmm,, wonder when the last time Horowitz shouldered a rifle for all the wars he peddles.