Hezbollah Sets Up Shop in Mexico

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A Tucson Police Department memo from September 2010 has been leaked onto the Internet by hackers, and it warns that Hezbollah has set up shop in Mexico. The terrorist group has linked up with the Mexican drug lords, and is even said to have a large arms stockpile in the country. Terrorist groups are looking at the raging drug war in Mexico as an opportunity to further their deadly ambitions.

The memo recalls that a member of Hezbollah was arrested in Tijuana in July 2010 who was tasked with setting up a network for the terrorist group. It also mentions the April 2010 arrest of Jamal Yousef in New York City, who told the authorities that he worked with his cousin to steal weapons from Iraq for Hezbollah. According to Yousef, a stockpile of 100 M-16 assault rifles, 100 AR-15 rifles, 2500 hand grenades, C4 explosives and anti-tank weapons is presently in Mexico.

The police document says there is a “strong suspicion” that car bombs set off by the drug lords last summer were created with the help of Hezbollah. On June 23 of last year, Rep. Sue Myrick said that a senior Mexican military officer informed her that Hezbollah was giving explosives training to members of the drug cartels. “This might lead to Israel-like car bombings of Mexican/USA border personnel or National Guard units in the border regions,” her letter to the Department of Homeland Security cautioned. Myrick’s warning was prescient. In the first week of July 2010, a car bomb killed four people in Ciudad Juarez that had “Hezbollah-like sophistication.” Car bombs have become part of the drug war since then.

There have been warnings for years that Hezbollah had partnered with the drug cartels. Michael Braun, a former Drug Enforcement Agency chief of operations, said in 2009 that the group utilizes “the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels.” During his July 7 testimony to Congress, Roger Noriega, former assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, predicted that Iran and Hezbollah will carry out an attack on the U.S. using their networks in Latin America.

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  • Jim

    If it's Hezbollah then it's Iranian.

    • guest

      Via Venezuela and our friend Hugo Chavez! Pat Robertson doesn't sound so nuts now does he?

  • jbtrevor

    Finally, someone (Hezbollah) is going to deal with the Mexican drug problem…

  • spinoneone

    Tom Clancy's latest, Against All Enemies" has a similar theme. Might make a good docudrama the way things are going.

    • mlcblog

      I know. Seems like a TV show …docudrama! but this is scary.

      This is real life, and where are our protectors? giving guns to them!!! for some screwy scheme to prove guns cause trouble and should be outlawed.

      Life gets even more wild than any possible docudrama.

  • Sonshinepatriot

    I presume that this has been confirmed by the US intelligence services and that there is a plan to neutralize any gains that Hezbollah my have made in Mexico. One thing that I do know is US special operations groups (SOG) are active in Mexico. But Hezbollah is an arm of the Iranian revolutionary guards; if we had a real president the Monroe Doctrine would be invoked and Hezbollah would be attacked in Lebanon. It is just a matter of time before bullets start flying at Iran.

  • theleastthreat

    Hezbollah in Mexico, project gunrunner gets weapons to the drug lords and the Fed Gov't sues Arizona over illegal immigration. Somehow, I think our enemies have somthing we don't; a plan.

    • Raymond in DC

      Iran certainly has a plan, it's objectives being: 1) drive the US out of the Middle East; 2) destroy the state of Israel; and 3) establish Iran as the dominant power in the region. Everything they've done since 1979 supports those objectives. The US, in contrast, has no obvious strategy, has few clear objectives, and thus it's not clear what it should be doing.

    • JonB

      I have to wonder if our plan is to give them a trial in NYC where we can show the world how stupid we are…

  • Rob Lotz

    With stories such as this, I am constantly reminded of how both Europeans and Americans were aware of the growing threat from the Nazi regime in 1930's, but either refused to do anything about it or wanted to ignore it hoping the problem would just go away.
    Hezbollah is not going to just go away. They see us, and especially our political leadership, as weak and they don't perceive any downside to playing a strong hand as we continue to politically vacillate. We need to wake from our cultural slumber and ask some difficult questions.

  • Cuban Refugee

    One more reason to secure our southern border …. hmmm … wonder how the DOJ's Fast and Furious gun-running operation figures into this? Do you think they might have INTENTIONALLY wanted to arm Hezbollah? Americans are faced with the problem of terrorism both within our government and without. So many Congressional committees, so many investigations, so much deception, so much fraud … we are actors in a horror movie.

  • Piera Prister

    I wrote an article in Italian about the same issue, "Hezbollah Smuggling Across US Border" on April 4, 2009, on "Informazione Corretta" which is an Italian Blogger focusing on the Middle East. Finally FrontPage Magazine writes about what is going on in Mexico. Nobody paid attention to all the heads and hands cut off by the drug dealers and islamic terrorists. That already happened in Cancun, in Chipanncingo and even in Arizona at Nugales, which is a town located on the US border, where friends were horrified watching those heads on the streets. The presense of Hezbollah in America dates back to the Islamic and nazi bombings in Buenos Aires at the Israeli Embassy and at AMIA in the early nineties.

    • BayouCoyote

      Would you be kind enough to provide me a link to your article?


      • Crazyhorse

        Paraguay is where they get off the plane-up to the tri state area.get their papers to travel freely thru all so.america,mexico to US border.

        • BayouCoyote

          Interesting. Thanx for the info.

  • jacob

    But don't expect any action from a "President" that apologized to the Muslim world
    for "American misdeeds" to them, who stated America owes its independence
    to Islam and who is feverishly working towards appeasement by forcing Israel into commiting suicide…

    And in the meantime, his sidekick at Justice Dept has the gall of trying terrorists
    er, "insurgents" (OBAMA DIXIT) in civil court….

    Do we need an improved and enlarged 9/11 edition to wake up ??

    But then we will have one JOY BEHAR and one WHOOPI GOLDBERG claiming they are "MODERATES" as were those dancing and giving out candy in ther streets of QUEENS while people were jumping to their deaths fromthe WTC windows…

    RIGHT ????

    • JonB

      President Obama and his left wing cabal believe that their vision of America can only be achieved by "…fundamentally transforming America…" as Obama has stated it. To fundamentally transform America the old capitalist foundations need to be destroyed. This was taken by the left from the 19th century anarchists who claimed that anything built on the residual foundations could not be sustained; to fundamentally transform a government the entire political economy must first be destroyed. This is what explains the policies of the Obama Administration. For them, the ends justify the means. If anyone would seriously study the Maoist Revolution in China after WWII, The North Korean Revolution under Kim Il Sung, The purges under Lenin and Stalin, the purges under the Pol Pot in the Khmer Rouge they will understand what fundamentally transforming America really means. Just as the Mao was brought power with the aid of the New China News Agency, Obama was brought to power by the mainstream media in America.

      People will think this notion too radical and will dismiss it as impossible. People do ot want to believe ugly truth…they prefer pleasant lies…

  • Zinnia2

    we need to admit the Truth – islam is prevalent in the wh – back in '09 he gave billions when to Hamas – also in '09, Stimulus money was appropriated for the Fast and Furious/Gunrunner project (people are dying) – bho/holder are using tagiyya to hide the Truth – look at bho's background (what we've been allowed) his speech in Cairo, his bowing to the Saudi king, his connections to Farrakhan, Wright – his education in Indonesia – his quoting the Koran perfectly – he has an agenda – and now the UN wants to create a Palestinian state in Sept – he wants the debt ceiling raised by Aug – what will he spend that money on???

    • johnnywoods

      I assume you are speaking of Barack al Obama?

  • mrbean

    Watch this post: This all occurred under Obama's watch.

    • Eating

      he is a pawn elected by the brown scum of American to destroy whites

    • trickyblain

      I had a nice time on vacation in Cabo under Obama's watch.

      Thank you Mr. President!

  • http://baersart.com Jane

    there are 5 or 6 Spanish language tv channels (for the large Mexican population) that come with our regular cable connection here in northern California…surfing through the channels reveals several Spanish language shows that are Muslim-Mexican.

  • StephenD

    There have been at least 54 known nationalities that have penetrated our Southern Border with Mexico…not just Mexican Nationals. Shoot, Hadrian secured the border from the Roman Empire across the continent of Great Britain in 122 AD. We should be able to secure our border with Mexico in 2011. Talk about "Shovel Ready" projects, there is nothing stopping this except politics. Build a wall. SECURE THE DAMN BORDER!

    • Fred Dawes

      if we had a real government we could do just that secure our border but we have no government only people who are puppets of others.. we need 100,000 real guys to go to the borders and make it the USA But that will never happen.

  • Mick60

    *Locks and loads…and waits*

    • Fred Dawes

      I hope so i see more and more mexican cops in this city and most hate the USA.

  • BLJ

    Mexico is a boil on the butt of the U.S. We should declare the border a war zone and shoot anything that trys to cross. Napalm would work as well.

    • Fred Dawes

      Now that is a real idea and any who attack Americans inside the USA Would be spys and shot in front of a wall the next day any who attack Americans inside the USA Would be enemy troopers.

  • Moshe Pupick

    W., 07/13/11 common era

    Let's not be Islamophobic, boys and girls. If Hezbollah wants to put cyanide into taco shells, then it has the right to do so under the Koran. Eric Holder ought to resign and start chasing ambulances; that would be an ethical upgrade for him. The gun grabbers are now targeting law-abiding U.S. citizens but permitting "assault rifles" to be brought into Mexico. "Howz that 'hope and change' thing working out for ya lately?"

    • Fred Dawes

      THANK YOU It is about gun control and the end game is to control people like in the old USSR.

  • Ryan

    Mexico will soon be to the U.S. what the territories are to Israel. Soon, rockets will be flying across the border and landing in elementary schools.
    What will happen then?
    More nothing. That's what.
    Only when a nuke is smuggled across the border in pieces, reassembled somewhere in Texas, and a mushroom cloud appears over Tucson or Dallas or Los Angeles. Only then will the masses realize the war is on and has been for a long time.

    • Eating

      that has largely zero chance of happening but I do feel bad for a country that plummits into choas just because a president tries to crack down on drug cartels. We should go in there and clean up the brown mess

    • JonB

      Ryan, you are too optimistic. A nuke explosion in the U.S. will be blamed on the drug lords and not radical Muslims. The American left will do anything to protect and cater to CAIR and the Muslim power base. We need to understand that the Obama cabal are as dangerous to America as Al Qaeda.

  • LindaRivera

    To Cuban Refugee:

    Yes, the infamous, extremely wicked gun runner operation. Fully aware that Muslim terrorists work together with the drug cartels, our government provided weapons to the drug cartels with which to murder innocents. Hundreds of innocents have already been murdered with these weapons. And as it was known that Hezbollah work with the drug cartels, the U.S. government provided weapons would be in the hands of Hezbollah. Obviously, intentionally. No other explanation.

    • Fred Dawes

      thank you but is this our government that has been gun ranning? or is it something that is only camouflaged as a government with key people who call the shots outs ask why so many guns being sold by our government in mexico to muslims?

      • LindaRivera


        Several years ago, Muslims immigrated to South America, Central America and Mexico. And of course, Hezbollah is there.

        Most people, apparently, are unaware of Gunrunner, also called Gunwalker, as the mainstream media have been largely covering up this horrifying story. http://www.pajamasmedia.com have been reporting on this regularly for quite some time. So you could go to that site.

        Every day we are witness to the tragedy and horror of the destruction of America.

        Also see:

        Obama stimulus funded 'guns-to-drug-lords' plan
        Spending bill gave $10 million of taxpayers' funding to effort
        Posted: July 09, 2011

        By Michael Carl
        © 2011 WND

        Just a day after U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., called for Attorney General Eric Holder's removal, alleging a White House connection to the "Project Gunrunner" that allowed weapons to be delivered to Mexican drug lords, confirmation has come that the program originated at the highest levels of the Obama administration. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=320221

  • Fred Dawes

    Is this news to you? in fact muslims setup in mexico 20 years ago in fact a mexican guy told me that fact, Our so called government has killed this story for 20 years, but if Americans do nothing you will see mexican troopers here helping to take over the southwest within 5 years or before, it has always been part of the plan.

    People we are a doomed nation and we are fools not to act with mass hate and boil with rage over this evil, but people have no Love of nation and you can go to prison for showing rage against your enemies of freedom, so the next time you see your enemies ask if you can help mexico and Hezbollah cut you head off or rape your kids in front of you< be happy God loves you!

    • JonB

      You are so right, Fred. But who will believe you? You speak ugly truth. People want to hear Obama lull them into false hope ad change without asking "Hope for what..change what?" I pray that people will believe you and that you will not tire of telling people the ugly truth!

  • Brujo Blanco

    Perhaps the Muslim in the White House used the Fast and Furious not to provide guns to the cartels but to Hizbollah. Now it should be clear that the cartels, Hizbollah and the human smugglers are acting in concert. Considering that there is territory in the US that is off limits due to encroachment of one or all of these groups it may only be a matter of time until they establish mobile base camps.

  • soloman4israel

    it does not matter what a terrorist group calls its-self or where it is, you will always find radical islamic money backing and gaining strength from it, and at the same time quite oftern takeing a back seat but strong hand in every-thing.
    easy to bend minds are also readily available as a huge amount are young people who need a cause to follow and there are no shortage of sheep, also it doesnot matter to a terrorist group who they get into bed with and this is another way for islam to take more of the world as per the teachings of their quran.

    • Job B

      Terrorist money laundering is now done through HSBC, BOA and all the major banks under the name of Sharia Banking….Our Homeland Security does not seem to have a problem with it…The Obama cabal is America's worst nightmare in the 21st century…

      • soloman4israel

        job B greetings.
        i dont think the banks have ever cared where the cash comes/came from i think ? the u.s.a.had the big problem during the 1920/1930/1940.
        but i thought that they now had to declare any funds their thought came from drug/terrorism,and so on,mind you there are so many ways around things and always advise on how to go about it(from the banks)
        it costs a fortune to track and block bad money,and stop it being used for terrorists causes,if a law is not in place?it should be.
        thank you for your reply to me.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Ay! Caramba Sisco, we got one hot tamale cooking on the Southern Border, in
    the words of a great American……….."What me worry?"……..we have a great
    American Government taking care of this situation and if they don't have enough
    guns and war material to attack us Obama will see to it they do. You know we
    must have equal opportunity for Hiztoiletbolla as they are a minority in this
    hemisphere and PC dictates we bow to the new bad guys in town. I wonder what
    the gangs will charge to bring them into America and set them up with safe houses
    with gang-bangers who will help with rape, murder, drugs and every other evil
    act imaginable. It may be time to let the Marines loose…………………William

  • Ann


  • jIM

    You get what you vote for.When millions of people are voting that have no clue whats going on in the world this is what you get. As long as daddy government feeds these idiots they will vote for them. `Be ready for war, it's coming sooner than you think. Obama should be the first one impeached followed by Holder. Problem is congress won't do it. They all need to be replaced. All of them.

    • Alfred E. Newman

      Impeached? We used to SHOOT traitors, that's still constitutional.

  • mcrobbins

    Hezbollah cells have been caught in the United States. Many of the operations have been fundraising in the capitalist "Great Satan" in order to finance the terror organization. Some have been involved in tobacco smuggling and money laundering.

    The fact that Hezbollah is gaining strength in Mexico should alert U.S. intelligence that Iran is positioning itself to hit the homeland. The threat of Hezbollah is frightening. That they could hit Buenos Aires in two bombings: Israeli embassy in 1992 and AMIA in 1994, demonstrates that they can hit thousands of miles away from their base. This was not merely the usual anti-semitic terrorism that you expect from Islamist organizations. They were sending a clear message to the Argentinian government. Apparently, this government pulled out of secret agreements with the Iranians. The mullahs were furious, and hot for revenge. (Oh, that religion of peace.)

  • http://www.cut.com Zorro the Jew Cutter

    ALLAHU AKBAR , . KAJ . . KAJ . . KAJ = KILL ALL jews .
    ALLAHU AKBAR , . KAJ . . KAJ . . KAJ = KILL ALL jews
    ALLAHU AKBAR , . KAJ . . KAJ . . KAJ = KILL ALL jews .
    ALLAHU AKBAR , . KAJ . . KAJ . . KAJ = KILL ALL jews

    • aspacia

      Allah is a pig, many eat pig-another round of bbq ribs tonight.

    • LindaRivera

      The Creator – the Holy One, Master of the Universe, commanded in the Bible:


    • Guest

      But by arming, training, and equipping the enemies of Israel, don't we then become their enemies as well?

  • jtbaumgart

    I am not surprised. Hugo Chavez recently signed a cooperation agreement with Iran to have medium range ICBM's from Iran to be deployed in Venezuela. Hezbollah has been active for a long time in the area of Central America called the Badlands between Columbia, Venezuela and Argentina. They bombed the Synagogue in Buenos Aires. Sean Hannity recently had a documentary showing how Hezbollah was using the smuggling tunnels to send operatives into the US. FEMA has prisoner box cars with shackles staged throughout the country to transport US Citizens into concentration camps when Martial Law is declared. There is one such camp in Denton Texas. FEMA is officially saying they are there to handle "illegal aliens" And if you believe that, I have some swamp land to sell you in Louisiana. Barak Obama already has his goon squads in place to implement his socialist take over of the United States. These brown shirts are people who are tasked with rounding up dissenters. It seems that the Republic is soon to be just a page in History.

  • LindaRivera


    Obama stimulus funded 'guns-to-drug-lords' plan
    Spending bill gave $10 million of taxpayers' funding to effort

    July 09, 2011

    Just a day after U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., called for Attorney General Eric Holder's removal, alleging a White House connection to the "Project Gunrunner" that allowed weapons to be delivered to Mexican drug lords, confirmation has come that the program originated at the highest levels of the Obama administration. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=320221

  • jmahley

    It looks like the Obama regime ,under operation fast and furious , has been supplying Islamic terrorist in mexico, so when they attack us using those weapons , they can blame gun shows,gun shops and american citizens.They will use those deaths to push for more fascist gun control laws.This tactic was used by hitler when he wanted to invade poland.

  • effemall

    Time to get American drones active in Mexico to help them get rid of their drug lords and protect our borders from lice bearded towel heads.

  • Barbi Rose

    I don't know is if just me or does that salute seem oddly familiar?

    • UCSPanther

      It is, and it's the old Nazi salute.

  • fred dawes

    This is the evil one here may God save us all

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