The Mullahs Rescue Assad

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The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is in big trouble. It has killed over 200 civilians since the anti-government uprising began, but the unrest is spreading across the country. Assad has been forced to turn to Iran for help, and now, the Reform Party of Syria has just revealed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps is overseeing the effort to save the regime.

The Reform Party of Syria, a U.S.-based democratic opposition group, says that as of Monday, April 4, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps stationed in Syria (which it said is 10,000-strong) had gained authority over the efforts to put an end to the uprising. All of the top Syrian generals now report to the IRGC operating out of a command-and-control center inside a military base in Homs Province. The Iranians are said to be closely monitoring military and security leaders, especially Allawite generals that could lead a military coup.

The RPS also says that the IRGC is responsible for footage of alleged attacks on Syrian security personnel that was shown on state television. Assad is denying that his security forces are responsible for the deaths of protesters, instead attributing it to “armed gangs.” The regime has since claimed that these “gangs” are killing both protesters and members of the security forces — a lie meant to justify the use of force and deny responsibility for the death toll.

“In essence, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps now occupies Syria and has become its de facto ruler. Syria has become the 32nd province of Iran,” Farid Ghadry of the Reform Party of Syria said in a press release.

There were strong indications of Iranian involvement in the crackdowns on the protests when the uprising first gained steam. Eyewitnesses in Daraa, where the revolution began, said that some attackers were speaking in Farsi and others said they heard southern Lebanese accents, indicating the involvement of Hezbollah. On March 21, Turkish officials intercepted a secret Iranian arms shipment to Aleppo, Syria. The huge stockpile included “60 Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles, 14 BKC/Bixi machine guns, nearly 8,000 rounds of BKC/AK-47 ammunition, 560 60-mm mortar shells, and 1,288 120-mm mortar shells.”

There is good reason for Assad to be worried enough to request Iranian intervention. The regime consists of Allawites, a minority that represents only 6 to 12 percent of the population. The 4th Armored Division, commanded by Maher Assad, Bashar’s brother, is the only unit fully staffed by Allawites. There are unconfirmed reports of clashes between Assad’s Allawite tribe and that of Ghazi Kanaan, the Interior Minister assassinated in 2006 who comes from a more powerful Allawite tribe.

Video has surfaced of a Syrian soldier in Banias who was shot by the security forces, and eyewitnesses have reported the shooting of soldiers who refused to attack protesters in the city. On April 11, 10 soldiers and officers were hung for disobeying orders to fire on citizens in Banias. State television predictably said they were killed by “armed gangs.” There have been unverifiable reports of friendly encounters between soldiers and protesters, and video has been posted of these positive interactions in Daraa. There is also footage of this happening in Inkhil and Jassem in late March.

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  • eebar

    Syrian People don't need help from nor the US neither from any other country, all we need is JOURNALIST to combat the conspiracy theory from both sides..Stop stealing the dream of freedom from these martyrs STOP talking about external hands, Iranian, Saudi, Jordanian..etc etc.. there is only one equation Peaceful freedom seekers Vs violent regime using real bullets and chars to repress the youth of Syria.. that's all

    • tanstaafl

      Remember what happened to the Iranians.

    • ziontruth

      "Stop stealing the dream of freedom from these martyrs…"

      The dream of freedom? Ha! Double ha!

      Let me make my argument short: Muslims speaking of their "dream of freedom" will only sound credible when they start directing their ire, not toward the usual targets of "Western colonialism" or Zionism, or even their corrupt leaders, but to Islam, to the politicoreligious system of Islam itself.

      Until then, they are only rearranging their biases and conspiracy theories. For Islam is the source of their thralldom–their chains are within and not without.

  • Chezwick_mac

    The paradox of this situation is that during the Iranian demonstrations of '09, members of Hezbollah were brought in from Lebanon to fire on Iranian crowds. In both Iran AND Syria, it is apparently difficult to assess the willingness of security forces to enthusiastically murder their fellow countrymen who are unarmed and demonstrating peacefully.

    What this also reveals is the trans-national character of Islam. From all the local conflicts around the world involving Muslims, there is a MSM narrative that they are precisely that: Local conflicts. No attempt has been made to connect the dots.

    Whether Muslim extremists are murdering Catholic Philippinos in southern Mindinao, Buddhist monks in southern Thailand, indigenous Hindus in Kashmir, Bahai school-teachers in Iran, Jewish children in Israel, Christian villagers in Nigeria, etc., it is little different than Shia killing Sunni in Syria, or Arab Muslim killing African Muslim in Darfur. It's all driven by the Jihadi imperative found in the Quran…and the violent and amoral example set by the Prophet Muhammad so unambiguously documented in the Ahadith.

  • Amused

    Here we go again ……..handwringing over muslims killing muslims .Lets "choose up sides " again and see who supports who , and whoever supports the side we dont like , we'll call'em "immoral leftists " .
    I wonder , do the alleged editorialists here ever tire of this silly game ? In ALL of the countries , where "freedom loving muslims" are ,will, or have revolted ,THERE HAS BEEN PERSECUTION , of Christians , Hindus , Bahais , anyone non-muslim . [ as well as muslim countries where no "freedom revolts " are taking place ]. And of course there is always the " traditional Shia vs.Sunni eternal slaughters. Like bad dogs on a leash , the only time they will not bite ……is when they are MUZZLED . When are we gonna learn to keep our bloody "TWO CENTS " out of it and let'em have at it ?? BOTH sides of the political coin GOADED this president into Libyan involvement , and then bitched about formal " permission " from Congress . EVERYONE shoulda been screaming-STAY OUT .

  • Amused

    Come to think of it , I dont hear any REAL , MEANINGFULL , BOISTEROUS screaming , from EITHER side of the aisle , regarding the persecution, murder , rape , burning of churches and mob lynchings of christians and other non-muslim sects, occurring in muslims nations around the globe , and on a daily basis . And MOST of this behavior was , and is not initiated with the impetus of burning a book .

  • Raymond

    The TSA Gropefest Continues

    By Bob Livingston

    It’s been a while since we touched on the abuses of the Transportation and Security Administration, but that organization continues its daily assault on Americans.
    In this video, a TSA goon gropes a young girl, telling her how pretty and sweet she is all the while. It’s insidious, and although her parent or guardian is present while it takes place, it puts this young girl in danger of an assault. As a youngster, she will see no difference between this authority figure putting her hands down her pants and an adult rapist who would like to do the same thing. It’s a difficult prospect to teach a child the difference between authority figures.


    And listen carefully for the mention of the drug test they going to do “on the 6-year-old.” This is a blatant 4th Amendment violation.
    Don’t be fooled into thinking the TSA’s goal here is to catch a potential terrorist before he or she boards a plane. This is about conditioning; plain and simple.
    The goal of the TSA is to brainwash children and small-minded adults to submit to whatever an authoritarian government wants to do. If you drum this into them as children, they’re much easier to manipulate as adults.


    • mike c

      Raymond , while i agree with you! Please stay on the subject of the story!! Please! And if you want change then keep bugging your reps!! If enough do they will pay attention!

    • sodizzy

      Yeah! you are WAY off topic and it's a bit irritating. Distracting. We have enough to keep track of in life without unexpected digressions like this.

      • Raymond

        Obama has authorized the sexual assault of every
        person in America and you're irritated? Exposing what
        Obama the muslim is doing to America is never off topic.

        Your screen name fits you!

        • Stephen_Brady

          Raymond, the reason why people are reacting to your post, the way they are, is because it is completely off-topic.

          • Raymond

            Off topic or not, somethings need to be brought into the light…

          • Stephen_Brady

            I agree with you, Raymond. But a thread about Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria is not the place to do it.

          • Chiggles

            Raymond is here to pimp Jack Chick tracts. Ignore him.

          • Raymond

            Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

        • sodizzy

          I am just saying Find a proper venue. We are focusing on Mullahs and Syria right now. Things work better when done in order.

          p.s. I am at least as outraged as you I am sure.

          Dizzy with all that's going on!! aren't you? Keeping things orderly is helpful I think.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When will Obama speak to them or no bluff Joe? Caliphate in the pot and
    brewing nicely……………………William

  • Amused

    Oooops , Raymond just slid off the deep end ..Not only off topic , but Ray , you're off your rocker …..and steve brady agrees ..lolololol.,

  • Amused

    Again we are ramping up nthe rhetoric . The Syrians are interfereing in Lebanon , and now the Iranians are interfering in Syria …SO WHAT ! There are basically two major versions of islam -Sunni and Shai , and mulikms worldwide fall in line to either side ….and then they kill , each other . We'll deal with WHATER morphs out of it all , and in the interim our enemies diminish themselves yet even further .AND IT'S NOT COSTINMG US LIVES OR TREASURE ….are we crazy ? Either of them are our enemy .Both seek Israel's destruction , both hate the west , this is a no brainer! Bush played the same game as Obama now does . Obama bows to the sheiks of Saudi , Bush holds hand with them .