Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and the Cyber Threat

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Cuban, Iranian and Venezuelan officials have been caught actively considering cyber attacks on the U.S., including ones that would be “worse than the World Trade Center.” In the frightening documentary, the U.S.-based Spanish language Univision also exposes subversive operations by Iran in Latin America.

The undercover operation began after a former computers instructor at Mexico’s National Autonomous University was recruited by another professor in 2006 for a cyber terror plot requested by the Cuban embassy in Mexico City. The instructor, Juan Carlos Munoz Ledo, turned the tables on the Cuban government and later, its Iranian and Venezuelan allies. He said he’d go along with the plot and get some students involved to carry it out. In reality, he and his partners were starting a seven-month investigation that would expose the evils contemplated by these governments against the U.S.

Ledo and his team approached Mohamed Hassan Ghadiri in 2007, who was then Iran’s ambassador to Mexico. They discussed a plot to hack into American computer systems at nuclear power plants, the White House, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and other critical sites from Mexico. A “digital bomb” would be implanted that would be “worse than the World Trade Center.” The footage of Ghadiri shows his excitement over the plot. He emphasized that the hackers should retrieve classified information because Iran needed to know if the U.S. was planning an attack.  Ghadiri admits to having met with the students but claims that the Iranian regime rejected their offer to attack the U.S.

In 2008, the team approached Livia Acosta, the cultural attaché of the Venezuelan embassy in Mexico City. Like Ghadiri, she was interested in the cyber plot. She promised to put any information they provide into the hands of Hugo Chavez. She was particularly pleased when the team claimed it could access the computers of nuclear power plants, specifically Florida’s Turkey Point and Arkansas’ Nuclear One.

The documentary also revealed covert Iranian activities in Latin America. The journalists obtained footage from a failed terrorist attack against New York’s JFK Airport in 2007. It is widely known that Al-Qaeda was tied to the plot, but the involvement of Iran and Venezuela is less known.

The film reveals that the Iranian regime is still using Edgardo Ruben Assad, an operative involved in the 1992 bombing of Israel’s embassy in Argentina that killed 29 and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural center in Argentina that killed 85. Ghadiri worked to try to get this terrorist operative into Mexico. One team member was recruited by Ghadiri to go to Iran to study Islam for two months so he could come back and preach the regime’s ideology. He bravely went there and he met Muslim converts from Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia who all arrived for the same reason.

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  • Amused

    All those named countries need do , is consult with the Chinese , who have hacked their way into just about everything , even producing a jet fighter that is remarkably similar to one of our newest . If the Pentagons computers can be hacked so easily , how much more the targets mentioned in this article . Encryption codes in most American buisiness and industry are woefully out of date , and they all know it .Their reasons for not updating ? Why …cost ! Of course .

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Absolutely correct and I would not be surprised if they have not already
      done so but I consider the Chinese clever enough to want to protect their
      possibly best market…………………………………………..William

  • Adrian

    I think this article proves the absolute necessity to end Western dependence upon Middle eastern oil. Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries have been funding jihad, mosques and Islamic institutions in America, Europe and all over the world using petrodollars.

    • temarch

      Agreed. In fact, the best way to defeat and/or damage their plans is to cut off the funding which is mostly petrodollars. That is no doubt one of the reasons the dems want us to be dependent on foreign oil and this administration is one of the worst in keeping us on it. Look at the gulf oil problem and the way they handled it along with all of the related things that have damaged our energy independence.

    • joy52

      The public is starting to clamor for energy independence. It is not just the Right anymore. Let them sell their oil to people they like.

    • tanstaafl

      And yet the Obama Administration continues to drag its feet on the pipeline……

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The Obama administration's plans to subsidize energy for all citizen households
      may be ahead of this problem, it may be announced soon that Obama
      is sending a box with two sticks to all who file tax returns except of course
      the rich, you know those who have enough to eat and a roof over their

  • BLJ

    We need to send out some hit teams to start liquidating these lowlifes. A bullet doesn't cost much and when strategically placed is very effective.

  • SpiritOf1683

    And another thing. Why dion't those who throw up that bogus accusations of the Israelis as being occupiers have anything to say about the 62 years old Chinese occupation of Tibet?

    I think we know why.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Marxist-Islamic Alliance is alive and well.
    Surprisingly, the world has hardly heard of the things Fidel Castro has said since he retired. His interviews with Jefrey Goldberg of the Atlantic are hardly known. Here is one of them:

  • KKKK

    this is no surprise. Islma is essentially Nazi-like hatered, Marxist-Leninism economics and political power, and a thin blanket of "religion." if Iran attacks the USA and ISrael (and they will very soon) it will be becuase our current stooge-in-chief did not do anything to prevent them from their attacks.