Iraqi Military Chief Meets with Iranian Revolutionary Guards

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On November 14, the chief of staff of Iraq’s military, General Babak Zebari, visited Iran to meet with the top commander of the Revolutionary Guards. All U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by the end of year, forcing the Iraqis to reach out to the countries that have helped ravage their country. The Iranians and Syrians couldn’t be more delighted.

General Zebari earlier warned that the Iraqi military will not be able to operate independently until 2020. It is possible that some U.S. forces will come back next year, but this is not guaranteed and it is uncertain if they’d even arrive in adequate numbers. Out of sheer necessity, General Zebari went to Iran to meet with Iranian Major-General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the overseer of Iran’s chief terrorism-sponsoring outfit that has taken the lives of countless Iraqis.

“Since the Islamic Republic of Iran is a capable country in many areas, we met with the commander of the Guards’ ground forces to consult and develop our cooperation,” Zebari said.

The Iranian regime characterized the visit as a victory over its enemies.

“Despite efforts by the U.S. and Israel, which are the true enemies of the two countries of Iran and Iraq, they have not been able to drive a wedge between the two nations, the two countries and their armed forces,” Jafari proclaimed. Earlier, the Iranian Foreign Minister visited Baghdad and described Iran and Iraq as “two branches belonging to one tree.”

The Iraqis do not want to have to use Iran to develop its military capabilities. After it was announced that U.S. forces would leave entirely, Turkey and Iran immediately offered to take up America’s role and train Iraq’s security forces. The Iraqis rejected the offer but if the U.S. and its allies leave them hanging, they’ll have to reconsider.

“We, as army, police and security forces honestly prefer that the trainers be American because our weapons are American,” a senior advisor to Prime Minister al-Maliki explained. He said that the Iraqis want 800-1,000 American trainers to return in 2012 and that they are trying to figure out how to pass legislation to grant them immunity. The possible return of U.S. forces will be brought up by al-Maliki when he meets with President Obama in December.

Iraq has already adjusted its foreign policy stances to reflect its weaker position. Whereas al-Maliki confronted Syria in 2009 over its support for terrorism on Iraqi soil and threatened to support dissident Syrians in retaliation, he now is siding with Bashar Assad over the Syrian opposition. When the Arab League voted to suspend Syria’s membership, Iraq was the only country to abstain. Two others, Yemen and Lebanon, voted in favor of Assad. The Yemeni regime was using Syrian pilots to fight its own revolution and Lebanon’s government is controlled by Hezbollah.

The Iraqis have warned Syrian protesters not to “sabotage” their government and even hosted 100 top businessmen and government officials to look for ways to improve economic ties. The Iraqis and Syrians are discussing a possible gas pipeline to go from Iran to Syria through Iraq. Members of al-Maliki’s political bloc have parroted Assad’s propaganda, claiming that the Syrian protesters are agents of Al-Qaeda and accusing Israel and the Gulf countries of stirring up the revolution.

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  • WilliamJamesWard

    If I was and American contractor I would find employment elsewhere. Obama has
    done his work well in undermining American influence and sacrafice in Iraq.
    That Iran could use Iraq to transport troops and weapons assures that Iraq
    will know no peace and stability. For the American families who lost loved ones
    in Iraq, here is another cause for grief and mourning………………….William

  • StephenD

    Having overthrown the tyrant Saddam Hussein we stayed on to "win hearts and minds" and to "Promote Democracy."
    When we see them hold elections we cheer as if this is true democracy. When they overwhelmingly vote for an Islamic/Sharia based government we still don't take off our blinders and convince ourselves that they freely chose. The fact is, they have NOTHING to compare to when we speak of Freedom and Equality. We help them devise Constitutions that from the outset include Sharia rather than mandates of Personal Liberty and Individual Responsibility with Equality under the law for ALL citizens…we support such nonsense!
    What we're seeing should not surprise any of us. What we are getting is what we deserve for not calling a spade a spade. Islam is the problem and is anathema to our way of life; a life that, unfortunately, these people may never get to sample.

  • joy52

    Become energy independent and leave them to implode. Disrupt their ability to harm us or our friends. Be loyal to friends. Don't give money to people who don't like us. This is not complicated. Refusing to see islam for what it is has caused wasted blood and treasure.You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.If youlook at what Obama has done–stopped off-shore drilling, opposing coal, still has not hardened and upgraded our electrical grid, refused to approve the oil sand pipeline or other home oil extraction plans–he knows energy independence is the key to us not needing muslim countries. He does not want that.

    • StephenD

      Joy, I agree with everything you said except

      "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

      You CAN make it drink…you just have to make it thirsty first.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Okay, I'm not going to waste my time reading the article because this writer should be writing for a junior high school instead of FPM, but nevertheless with respect to the title of this article, this outcome has always been not only very predictable but also very inevitable since even long before the disastrous fantasy based nation-building mission in Iraq was ever implemented. Why? It's because in Iraq and also in Afghanistan as well, we have in essence been lifting up, propping up, and building up what are in effect our eternal enemies. In addition, the writer of this article has also always blindly supported both fantasy based nation-building missions wholeheartedly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Live and learn.

    • chewinmule

      Is it just me or do you write like Paul Krugman?

  • Ellman

    I believe that by supporting the Arab Spring, killing Ghaddafy, evacuating Iraq, not supporting the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009 Obama has accomplished a sinister but publicly unspoken goal: to surround Israel by hostile Islamist states whose sheer numbers will overwhelm Israel. Israel in now afloat in shark-infested waters. I leave the rest to your imagination. Obama increasingly resembles the Anti-Christ.

  • Ben

    Ellman,you are absolutly right,but try to explain this to American Jews who not only vote for Obama, they support him using journalists of "liberal" media and Dem. officials.