More Blows to the Ground Zero Mosque

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Park51’s Ground Zero Mosque project has been struck with three more blows over the past two weeks. First, it is being threatened with eviction from part of its property. Then, developer Sharif el-Gamal was caught giving faulty receipts to reporters. And just now, it’s been exposed that al-Gamal is in violation of a court order and owes New York City tens of thousands of dollars. Victory can’t be declared yet, but this has been a very bad couple of months for Park51.

Part of the land slated to become the Ground Zero Mosque is a former substation owned by Con Ed, which Park51 is leasing. The two parties agreed to have the property appraised and rent raised, since the $2,750 Park51 was paying was set in 1972. The property was appraised at $10.7 million, so Con Ed raised the rent to $47,437 a month, requiring retroactive payment back to July 31, 2008. Con Ed told Park51 it must pay $1.7 million in back rent by October 4 or face eviction.

Park51 sued to temporarily prevent the eviction and a hearing is set for November 17. Park51 says Con Ed’s demands are “outrageous,” and it only owes $881,519 and the rent should only be $25,875 a month. If Park51 is ordered to pay the rent or surrender the property, the Ground Zero Mosque will be limited to the 5 stories that el-Gamal owns. He is already preparing for such an eventuality, saying that some of the property might be turned into condos, hotels or offices. The Ground Zero Mosque will still be built, but will be a shadow of what he wanted it to be.

El-Gamal was previously evicted from his offices in August 2010 for failing to pay $39,000 in rent. He’s also being sued by Citibank for almost $100,000. Former associates of el-Gamal are skeptical about the sources of his wealth, especially in light of his extensive criminal record.

At the same time, el-Gamal has been caught in a lie to reporters who found out that he owed $30,000 in property taxes. He is supposed to make quarterly payments for $224,000 in taxes that weren’t paid last year. The New York Daily News found out that he didn’t make the required $30,000 payment by October 3. When el-Gamal was called, he said the check had been sent. He gave the newspaper an email receipt from the New York City Department of Finance supposedly showing that the payment was made on October 5.

About 30 minutes later, the Finance Department sent its copy of the payment receipt over to the newspaper. It had the same payment—but was dated October 18. Other reporters approached el-Gamal and found the same discrepancies.

On October 23, yet another scandal emerged when it was revealed that el-Gamal did not show up for a hearing on September 28 in regards to how he has failed to follow court order and address 366 housing-code violations at an apartment building he owns. The tenants repeatedly complained about the poor conditions they are living with. In addition, he owes New York City over $60,000 in taxes, fees and fines for that single building. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development sued and fined his company. The New York Post writes that if el-Gamal again doesn’t show up for the hearing on Thursday, October 27, he may be arrested.

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  • truebearing

    Who gets by without paying this much rent? good grief!

    How long will it be before Obama concocts a reason to stimulate the mosque?

  • dasfads

    Community center with a prayer room several blocks from Ground Zero…

  • mtellius

    He's a liar and a slumlord. Good riddance to bad garbage.

  • jacob

    Fine bunch has STATE allowed into this country….

    Besides a FIFTH COLUMN for the WORLD CALIPHATE and SHAARIA implantation,
    this Mr. EL-GAMAL seems to be some piece of work….

    I wonder what Mayor BLOOMBERG and his Commission have to say on what is
    going on with the project they saw nothing wrong with…

    Politicians will pact with the Devil himself

    Doesn't the President have slumlords among his friends ???

    • kafir4life

      "Doesn't the President have slumlords among his friends ??? "
      He has many. sharif the pig is one of them.

  • kafir4life

    Does shariff pray to that madeup moon god that so many muslims favor? Shouldn't he have a knot in the middle of his forehead? He's not that religious I take it.

  • davarino

    There is no way the ground zero mosk can be allowed to be built. It is a slap in the face of the 9/11 victims and their loved ones.

    I know, why dont they build the mosk in saudi arabia or some other s-hole country like that.

  • waterwillows

    The heck with the prez being onside with the loser. How come the NY Mayor is so chummy?
    What's in it for the mayor? I don't think he does anything for nothing.

  • enoughalready

    Hmmm..cited for apartment code violations. Weren't Daisy Khan and her husband Imam Rauf also cited for deplorable conditions in apartments they owned? Is this a pattern? The new slum lords?

  • StephenD

    I wonder after the taxes he owes. Why is he able to roam the streets? How many of us could get away from being arrested after disobeying court orders and failing to pay past due taxes? To me, it appears he's accomplished part of his goal already and that is to be treated as superior to the Infidels that surround him. Bloomberg, among many others, is happy to oblige.

  • tanstaafl

    Relax, infidels. It's all halal. Remember that under sharia law, believers may rob, lie and cheat you filthy kuffars. As for missing a court date – it is court of silly human laws! Muslims go to courts ruled by Allah's laws – and Allah is God! Who would you obey?

    Abdullah Bhullah, the wacky mullah.

  • Andrea M Hall

    Akbar works in mysterious ways. LOL

  • mlcblog

    God hears our prayers!!

    Let the mosque not prosper, the plans of the enemy fall in upon themselves, never come to fruition, etc. Please feel free to join in!!

  • guest

    Ask Dr Doom-Berg for the money. He can easily spend it on his new "friends"