New Revelations of Saddam’s Terror Ties

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Other Iraqi documents expose the Saddam regime’s relationship with terrorism. It was holding meetings with members of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad as far back as 1990, when the two parties “agreed on a plan to move against the Egyptian government.” Another intelligence file from 1992 listed Osama Bin Laden as one of the “collaborators” that was “in good relationship with our section in Syria.” Others show that Iraq was seeking to recruit jihadists who fought in Afghanistan to attack the U.S. military in Somalia, raising questions about a possible Iraqi role in the ambush at Mogadishu.

It is also now known that in 1995, Osama Bin Laden asked Iraq to broadcast the sermons of a radical cleric. He also requested joint operations in Saudi Arabia against the U.S. military. High-level meetings were held throughout the 1990s, and a payment of $300,000 was made to Ayman al-Zawahiri in 1998. An Iraqi government document from 2001 discussed operations to overthrow the Saudi Royal Family using “martyrs.” It is quite possible Iraq had Al-Qaeda in mind for this objective, as a 2002 intelligence document discusses a forthcoming meeting with al-Zawahiri for a “revenge operation” against the Saudis.

Further investigation is needed into the case of Ahmed Hikmat Shakir Azzawi, an Iraqi who attended a pivotal meeting in January 2000 in Malaysia. Present at the gathering were top Al-Qaeda operatives, including two of the 9/11 hijackers, to plan the U.S.S. Cole bombing and the attacks of September 11, 2001. Azzawi worked as a “facilitator” for special guests at the airport, but it was the Iraqi embassy that determined his schedule and set him up with the job. His boss at the embassy was a member of Iraqi intelligence. Azzawi met one of the 9/11 hijackers at the airport, and they went to the Al-Qaeda meeting together.

The meetings ended on January 8. Azzawi returned to work for two days thereafter, and then disappeared. This strongly indicates that the purpose of his placement at the airport was to participate in this meeting. He was arrested six days after 9/11 in Qatar, where he was found with the contact information for top Al-Qaeda members including the brother of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He also had the contact information for the brother of Abdul Rahman Yasin, the bomb-maker for the 1993 World Trade Center attack, who was harbored in Iraq. Significantly, Azzawi was called in 1993 from the safehouse where that attack was planned. After his release from Qatar, Azzawi was detained in Jordan on the way to Iraq. He was interviewed by the CIA, which determined that he had been trained in how to resist interrogation. He was released in Jordan under pressure from the Iraqi government.

One point that is often missed in the debate over Saddam Hussein’s terror connections is the fact that his regime was the only one to not condemn the 9/11 attacks and the only one to publicly celebrate them. It would have been grossly negligent and irresponsible for the U.S. to not focus on removing a state sponsor of terrorism that honored the 9/11 attacks, trained terrorists to commit further attacks, had a track record that gave every indication of future aggression.

The legacy of the invasion of Iraq will be debated for quite some time, but this new information makes clear that it is a mistake to depict the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s regime as benign and tolerable.


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  • Linda

    I really think that they really need to rethink the WMD issue, but first read the book by General Georges Sada…..SADDAM's SECRETS….and then interview Sada!
    here is a portion of a review of the book at amazon!
    "In General Sada's unique position, he was able to observe some of the worst of Saddam's behavior and trickery and confirms in this book not only the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but also the extraordinary lengths that Saddam went to hide these weapons. He blows the cover off of the United Nations officials and their craven and corrupt complicity in Hussein's schemes to hide his own murderous intents while lining their own pockets."

  • kwg1

    Okay, okay we know politics is dirty. How long are we going to tollerate any party from telling lies to us when later either through FOIA or leaked documents we find out they did! And what they did could not impact on national security, so …other than power and political gain Americans get shafted at being able to keep in office those who really were looking out for us! This is why your word should be worth more than gold! Who the hell can you believe anymore, and what does that say about where we are headed as a country…toilet comes to mind.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Christians have been murdered all over Iraq since Saddam was deposed and many of those that haven't are refugees in Jordan. Iran is filling the power vacumn left by Iraq. Iraq might have prevented Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Israel has slowed Iran down but without American cooperation can't stop Iran. Even with all the terrorism sponsored by Iraq there would be more people alive today and tomorrow if we had done nothing.

    • Rifleman

      The only thing saddam could have done about Iran's nuke program was make his own nukes, and if we had done nothing saddam would control Kuwait and probably some or all of Saudi Arabia by now. Since his nuke program was ahead of Iran's up until he invaded Kuwait, he would most likely be expanding under a nuclear umbrella. Doing nothing with people like saddam only runs up the body count.

    • ajnn

      wasn't saddam hussein averaging about 100,000 people murdered per year every year from 1980-2000 ?

      defending saddam hussein is quite a challenge. while it is true that murder of christians has gone up, total murders have gone down.

      what an ugly country and an ugly group muslims generally.

  • Steve Chavez

    I call it "SADDAM HUMILIATION AND REVENGE!" Remember the clip with Saddam waving his rifle in front of thousands? His eyes had a glow like he was a god. During the Gulf War, he saw his prized Army surrendering live on CNN. Here was a man who stood up to the world and now this man was humiliated, or a madman gone madder! "SADDAM'S HUMILIATION!"

    "SADDAM'S REVENGE!" He gassed and gunned down his own people who used the Gulf War humiliating defeat to oust him. He attempted to assassinate GHW Bush as revenge. He was then kept in a box by no-fly zones. He played cat-n-mouse with the weapons inspectors and even kicked them out. WHEN 9-11 happened, he thought of it as REVENGE by a group he would surely now seek to team up with which this article states already was in place.

    Bush's "IMMINENT THREAT." Eventually Saddam would have purchased, or would be given, a nuke to bring about his ultimate REVENGE! "Purchased or Given?" The Soviet Union was Saddam's main weapons supplier and ally. "PUTIN'S REVENGE" also deals with the Soviet Union's, the Iron Curtain, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The United States aided in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan so now KGB Putin seeks his REVENGE by aiding any group or country seeking our defeat in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the whole Middle East with the ultimate goal of destroying Israel! Putin is aiding in Iran's nuclear program!

    Putin's KGB/FSB directed "peace" fronts, and Saddam's allies here in the U.S., directed by the Communist Party USA, are on the frontlines here in the U.S. aiding and abetting every U.S. enemy WITHIN and abroad! When the Wall fell, we cheered, they cried! When the Twins fell, we cried, they cheered!

    Look at our CPUSA, and their fronts, who are aiding in Hamas Flotillas, Hamas and Hezbollah apologists, "No War on Iran," "No WMD, " "Bush lied," and accusing our soldiers, "We Support the Troops," and Bush, of war crimes with the goal of humiliating and causing lasting mental damage, or PTSD, to our soldiers! Any discussion on world events must include the role of the CPUSA and their numerous fronts! Today, they cry that we shouldn't have gone into Iraq in the first place, especially based on "lies," and the people of Iraq were better off with Saddam! "At least they had electricity 24-7!" They never shed a tear for the hundreds of thousands killed by Saddam. Mass graves are still being found and yet they ridiculed Bush, who stopped a genocide in Iraq, as they cried "Bush, stop the genocide in Darfur!"

    • SAM000

      Hi Steve;

      What you said is right, BUT what you didn't said is that, IRAQ is a hell now, Sadam should be removed, but Islamism should never be allowed to be installed in IRAQ.

      Steve, your army is escaping from IRAQ, the Criminals and all kind of thugs and worms are gathered in the Iraqi security forces and army with the COLONEL and GENERAL ranks.

      Iraqi government has become the Iranian Qods Forces members, Prim Minister Al-Maleki is an Qods EX-FORCES operative, he was under Ahmadinejad's order, he BOMBED the US EMBASSY of Kuwait where 6 US workers were killed.

      Al-Maleki had participated on US SOLDIERS KILLING in IRAQ, you own US Officers considers him as an enemy, now this Criminal who is under direct watch of Ahmadinejad governs IRAQ and kills all the Iraqi democrats, this is the worst thing that USA is tolerating, Removing a dictator like Saddam is a fair thing, but installing and tolerating a proxy government of Ahmadinejad in IRAQ is the worst thing that could be happened to the IRAQIS, this is like that you have saved the people from the torturers but you let them alone with the killers.

    • SAM000

      Steve; when USA freed IRAQ, USA should occupy IRAQ and you should install a US ARMY GENERAL (NOT A DIPLOMAT) as GOVERNOR in IRAQ, exactly like in Japan with MARSHAL after WWII.

      Steve, leaving IRAQ alone in neighborhood of IRAN is an strategical mistake that will never be corrected.

      • Steve Chavez

        Let's just hope that People Power overthrows the regime in Iran which is the main problem of our world right now!

        "Remember Neda!" It will be the Women of Iran who will eventually stand up to the Mullahs. Would the Army shoot and kill all the women protesters? If they did, the world would come down on Iran. If they didn't kill the women, then others will stand behind them!

        The U.S. must also support EVERY movement that will end the reign of Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs!

        What are your people saying about the role of Obama in the Middle East?

        • sam000

          Obama is for the dictators.
          We hate Ahmadinejad, But, Obama finds Ahmadinejad his interlocutor, I do not understand why your president wants to negotiate with our enemy?

          • ajnn

            obama is a 'leftist' and cares nothing for actual freedom.

  • Rifleman

    Something I don't often see mentioned is that in the '90s aq used the identities of Kuwaitis saddam 'disappeared’ when he occupied that country.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Weekly Standard story linked to this item includes these puzzling paragraphs:

    "Contrary to popular anti-war mythology, these officials say, there was no push inside the Bush administration to find out more about Sadkhan’s ties to both al Qaeda and Saddam’s Iraq. In fact, the Bush administration never made any public reference to the intelligence it was accumulating on Sadkhan’s activities in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The same is true for several other Iraqi detainees once held at Gitmo. Hassan Abdul Said and Abbas Habid Rumi al Naely were also once accused of being living connections between Saddam’s fallen regime and al Qaeda. Their stories never gained traction either.

    "Instead, Sadkhan, Said, and Naely were all transferred to their home country in 2009. Said and Naely were transferred by the Bush administration in January 2009."

  • alexander

    didn't Russia help to move Iraqi's WMD to Syria to fool USA?
    Or we cannot talk about it now?

    • Toa

      I remember very well listening to radio broadcasts during the WMD "inspections" being led by Hans Blix, among others, before the war fired up. The inspectors were being stalled and kept from entering certain areas for many days on end, while convoys of trucks were heading out the gates. In the meantime, inter-plant communications were audibly heard saying such things as "all has been evacuated". This went on for weeks.

      Like you, I've been wondering for some time why this has been "forgotten"…..?!?!

  • winoceros

    taqiyya, propaganda, lies, obfuscation. You could have just saved yourself the trouble, Muslim.