North Korea Gets Scarier

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On October 29, a South Korean border post was fired upon. On November 23, 2010, North Korea fired 200 artillery shells at the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, killing 2 soldiers and 2 civilians. It was then learned that, right before the attack, Kim Jong-Il and Jong-Un met with the top military officials in the area where the rounds were fired from, including the battalion that launched the attack.

This series of events draws a strong correlation between steps in the succession process and aggressive action on the part of the regime. Now that Kim Jong-Un has officially taken over, obviously biggest step in the process, more provocations are very likely on the way. Indeed, the announcement was immediately followed by the firing of a short-range missile.

The enemies of North Korea face a serious dilemma. The regime is a threat and it is encouraging to see it become weakened. However, the provocations will become more severe as those weaknesses grow.

The North Korean population and elements of the military are becoming much more rebellious. In November 2009, the regime unveiled currency reform plans that enraged the population. In an extremely rare challenge, protests and open criticism erupted. Remarkably, the regime backed down and apologized. Kim Jong-Il had an advisor executed shortly thereafter. Then in February 2011, market traders protested after promised goods did not arrive. The security forces beat one man unconscious, sparking dozens of more citizens to participate, resulting in larger clashes.

Over half of the North Korean population now consumes foreign news, breaking the information blockade that has held the regime in power and maintained the leaders’ personality cult. Even some North Korean soldiers near the South Korean border are watching South Korean movies and television shows and selling pornographic DVDs. One was arrested for taking part in a pornographic film, and another for explaining the democratic South Korean political system to his fellow soldiers after learning about it through a radio broadcast.

The North Korean regime has become weaker and more unstable. Its population is eager to learn about the realities of the world, instead of the propaganda they are force-fed. The loyalty of the military to Kim Jong-Un is in question. He will respond to these problems with repression and aggression and the West should get ready for it.

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  • tarleton

    The totalitarian minset of N Korea is essentially a parody of the religious mind is the religious impulse shoehorned into secular form …a kind of secular cult
    Have you noticed that even in S Korea they tend to be hysterical christians…the korean mind , like the japanese mind , is prone to hysteria , whether in religious or secular form
    Let's face it , religion is sometype of psychosis that holds the human mind in a vice-like grip's part of the human condition and is not going to disappear …the best we can do is to try and tame and channel the religious impulse for positive results …kinda like you would tame a wild river by building a dam and hydroelectric plant

    • ILIA

      You really believe you're smart, don't you? I come from Albania, "the next best thing" after Norks. You dare not mourn, or not mourn well enough, or not show proper enthusiasm when enthusiasm is due, and you're forever in a reeducation camp, practically a slave. These people wait for a spark, and we'll be surprised how it all falls as a house of cards.

      For the rest of it, I have my own doubts. It can be that Dear Leaders faint insanity in order to be left alone. I don't know that. If they REALLY are insane, they are gonna use nukes, just like this.

      • tarleton

        These type of regimes tend to be dangerously paranoid too , like Hoxa in Albania …there are similarities , but also differences too …the Balkan minset is not prone to the type of hysteria that comes from places like Korea …and that hysteria , whether in secular or religious form is higly inflamible and prone to ignition …a volotile mix , I presume

  • UCSPanther

    Don't forget: some North Korean soldiers murdered a South Korean tourist at the Kumgang resort back in 2008, leading to South Korea putting a freeze on all travel to the Mount Kumgang resort.

  • tarleton

    It's rich irony that this korean creep died a few days after Hitchens …Hitch always imagined heaven as a celestial N Korea …haha , now Kim will have to suffer Hitchen's poison pen and wicked wit for eternity …….gro…ooooan ''who will rid me of this turbulent journalist '' ? ? haha …that's hell for Kim and heaven for Hitch

  • mrbean

    Although it’s been reported that Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Un, is his successor, former Ambassador Bolton doubts that the all factions of the military will go along with that, saying, “I think the greatest risk at the moment is of state collapse. You know this is not a long-established European monarchy where the son takes office sort of automatically. I think it’s very possible that the military, who hold the real power in North Korea, are simply not going to accept this now a newly minted 4-star general as the inevitable successor

  • BLJ

    Great another Long Duc Dong to deal with. This family is like the mafia.

  • fxgeorges

    North Koreans are only allowed a maximum of 0.24 seconds per day of fun.

    This has to be at cedar point or something.

  • Amused

    North Korea can not get any scarier than it already is .

    • ProudInfidel12

      I beg to differ. Jong-Un is going to want to make a point, that he is as powerful, or more so, than his poppa. And if that means initiating an all-out nuclear war, so be it. Like the muslims, these nutjobs won't mind going down with the ship. It would be the ultimate honor.

  • Fred Dawes

    So what will that monkey do?, kill a million people in his own country?

  • Ryan

    I pray for the North Korean people, I hate to think of how many people will have to die unnecessarily for this brutal bastard to prove he is top dog amongst a populaces of starving people. GOD have mercy on their souls.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Like Iran, North Korea is anti-Israel. The only country it has fought against, other than South Korea and the United Nations force during the Korean War, is Israel. “Egypt’s military relationship with North Korea goes back to the early 70s, when Pyongyang sent an air battalion to Egypt as a sign of solidarity in its war with Israel,” according to an article by Eli J. Lake and Richard Sale in the June 22, 2001, issue of the Middle East Times entitled “U.S. Worries over Egypt-North Korea Missile Program.”

  • Rico Brazo

    As S-Koryo is the Miracle of the century.N-Koryo is the Abyss of man Kind.
    The North will just continue to use the Iran channel to feed them Nuke product,
    And counterfeit money.
    They will provoke to get the food they need to feed the Army.So they can control it.
    Lets just Hope the winter is not to cold,and that the food shipment from the South is ongoing. If the N-K Army is starving they will run down over the 38 parelle,just like
    Nov 1950.

  • Alex Kovnat

    We should ask Ron Paul, "Do you or do you not believe North and South Korea are morally and spiritually equivalent, and do you or do you not believe we should be neutral between North and South Korea?" If RP responds in such a way as to suggest we should be utterly impartial between North and South Korea and/or that we should pull our troops and our Navy out of S. Korea, than we will know we have a guy who might as well be an ultra-liberal leftist for all it matters.

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