Pakistan: Guilty

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The U.S. has discovered that Osama Bin Laden’s courier was working with a terrorist group called Harakat-ul-Mujahidin that is in close contact with Pakistani intelligence. The Pakistani government says the story is “part of a well-orchestrated smear campaign against our security organizations.” The revelation further exposes Pakistan’s duplicity, and shows why there can be no differentiation between Al-Qaeda and like-minded groups.

Harakut-ul-Mujahidin (HUM) is a terrorist group that has long enjoyed the support of the Pakistani government. Like other Pakistani jihadist groups, it has been used by the government as a proxy to fight India over Kashmir. Osama Bin Laden consulted with the group’s leader, Fazle-ur-Rahman Khalil, who signed the Al-Qaeda chief’s 1998 declaration of war against the U.S. HUM’s involvement with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups that operate beyond Kashmir has not stopped Pakistan’s support. There are photos available of the compound outside Islamabad where Khalil lives.

HUM’s involvement with Osama Bin Laden underscores the point that a war focused narrowly on Al-Qaeda is destined to fail, as Al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups are part of a single ideology. Another example is Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET), which is also protected by Pakistan. It is known to have at least 7 terrorist training camps in Kashmir. The group is responsible for the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India that Al-Qaeda has sought to replicate elsewhere. An American named David Coleman Headley who was involved in the attacks has testified that he was handled by the Pakistani ISI intelligence service. He said that the ISI sent him on five reconnaissance missions to survey sites for the attacks, including a Jewish community center that was later targeted. He was also sent by the ISI to check out an Indian nuclear power plant in April 2008.

The LET responded to its banning by simply changing its name to Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Its leader still publicly preaches. The group boasts of running over 202 facilities in Pakistan, including schools, hospitals and charities. The Long War Journal says that LET “essentially runs a state within a state in Pakistan.” This is especially dangerous because of the group’s proven ability to recruit Westerners. European officials say that the LET is the biggest inspirer of homegrown terrorists, and it is known to be expanding operations in the West. The group’s focus on Afghanistan, Pakistan and India does not mean that it doesn’t harbor global ambitions. It has promised to “plant a flag” in Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C.

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  • Umer

    Pakistan = Escape Goat for the US failing in Afghanistan.

  • Amused

    Pakistan is a terrorist State .It has participated in terrorism , it supports atleast 5 terrorist organizations who murder and slaughter , it is obsessive and unrelenting in its hatred for Hindus and India , it has sponsored terrorism in in India , it created the Taliban , it protects Al Queda , it is in reality an ENEMY of the US , which takes the billions we give it to bolster it's campaign against India and Kashmir . In return we get an overland route to supply our troops in Afghanistan , but it supplies the very people we are fighting in Afghanistan . Pakistan was technically COMPLICIT with 9/11 . All the more reason to get the hell OUT of Afghanistan .

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I agree with your assessment, but should we continue to naively allow such a hostile Islamic country like Pakistan to continue to possess nuclear weapons?

      • mjazz

        Do we wage war on them? Suppose China and Russia takes their side? Maybe even a few Muslim countries would join in.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Other than make a lot of noise, Russia can’t possibly afford to stand up to America and we owe China far too much money for it to go against us. Not to mention that China is also dependent upon the USA for markets. Plus even if China made that stupid mistake it would suffer an ignominious defeat. With respect to a few other Muslim countries joining in, so much the better.

          Very apparently you don’t have the first clue about Islam, which leads you to naively morally equate it with other religions, cultures, and societies. In addition, you obviously also don’t understand the difference between living in freedom and living under totalitarianism, especially very draconian Islamic totalitarianism. Finally, it is apparent that you also don’t understand that freedom must be fought for and defended at all cost.

          Thus, the world can’t afford to allow Muslims to have nuclear weapons since the fundamental sole purpose and main goal of Islam is to subjugate the world into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia. In addition, all devout Muslims are inculcated to love death more than they love life. Hence, only people extremely naïve and gullible, insanely stupid, or incredibly suicidal would allow Muslims to continue to have a nuclear weapons arsenal instead of acting in anticipatory self-defense.

          In other words, if you naively believe that the Islamic world is acquiring nukes for self-defense instead of for offensive jihad; then I have a bridge I need to sell you. Indeed, if we are stupid enough not to act in the near future to remove the nuclear weapons arsenal Pakistan maintains and also to stop Iran from acquiring nukes, thermo-nuclear war is certain to occur in the not too distant future, or otherwise there won’t be any freedom left in the world. You may not mind living in harsh and degrading dhimmitude, but I, on the other hand, would rather fight and die than live as a subjugated Dhimmi slave.

          • mjazz

            I notice that in your angry rants you like to insult others.
            How does asking if we should go to war with Pakistan with China and Russia and maybe Muslim countries taking their side = me not having a clue about Islam?
            I know quite a bit about Islam.
            I don't morally equate it with other religions, cultures and societies.
            I never said that they are acquiring nukes for self defense.
            Yes, I would mind living under harsh and degrading dhimmitude.
            So I take it that your answer to my question is, yes, we should wage war against Pakistan.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            My post may have been blunt, but it sure in the hell wasn’t insulting. Next time, maybe you should explain from where it is you are coming from.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    HUM’s involvement with Osama Bin Laden underscores the point that a war focused narrowly on Al-Qaeda is destined to fail, as Al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups are part of a single ideology.

    That is the most intelligent thing you have ever written. Congratulations, maybe there is some hope for you yet.

    Too bad though you still haven’t figured out that what the West naively defines as terrorism is really violent jihad in the cause of Allah, and the extremely violent and brutal total warfare tactics they routinely employ, are perpetrated in emulation of Muhammad, the uswa hasana (the perfect model for emulation).

    Moreover, with respect to Islam, those total warfare tactics aren’t radical at all as they are employed anytime and every time Muslims no matter where perpetrate violence anywhere in the world, including against fellow Muslims. Hence, while those total warfare tactics may seem radical and extreme to Westerners because civilized people don’t resort to targeting innocents, in the Islamic world, on the other hand, extremely violent and brutal total warfare tactics couldn’t be anymore mainstream as it is the only tactics employed anytime and every time Muslims resort to violence.

    Yet, when you resort to calling those violent jihadists terrorists, radicals, and extremists, it implies that most Muslims are peaceful and moderate just like most unbelievers and Westerners, and that is just not the case and in fact is very misleading at the same time. Hence, whether you realize it or not, you are misleading your readers and perpetrating the political correctness that has caused so many people around the world to misconstrue the true nature of Islam and the threat to mankind it represents.

    In addition, because GWB like a loon declared war on terrorism, the USA as a result has become totally transfixed only on targeting and combating violent jihad, which it misconstrues as being terrorism, at the same time that the USA also remains totally oblivious to the stealth and deceptive non-violent varieties of jihad taking place right under their noses that in the long run represents a far greater threat to the West than does the violent varieties of jihad.

    In fact, our federal government has been so infiltrated by stealth jihadists that it isn’t funny, and the sad part is it is totally oblivious. It’s also one of the leading reasons why that almost 10 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks our military establishment still at this point doesn’t have the first clue with respect to the threat that we really are facing. It truly is mind boggling, extremely amazing, and very frustrating all at the same time, but hey with writers like you, no wonder everyone is so damn confused.

  • StephenD

    It is quite simple really. Support any government that shares our values and don't support any government that does not share our values. Israel is the only one in that part of the world. Everyone else should be left to their own devices. Perhaps they'll see that to share in our bounty they must abandon living like barbarian cave dwellers. Money talks, even with these people. Either way, if they choose to remain in the 7th century at least we didn't waste our resources. Let them know that because Israel is a Western Style Democracy and protects individual freedom, we will protect them as our own. And then…leave!

  • Ghostwriter

    I looked up "Pakistani-Americans" on-line sometime ago. One of them said that he was concerned that other Americans are angry with his native land not just because Bin Laden was found to be living in a Pakistani town in a compound close to what could be called the West Point of Pakistan. This and other things he's concerned are blackening Pakistan's reputation. Maybe they should be making more of an effort to fight terrorist instead of hiding them.

  • test

    shove those dollars up your as*s that you claim to give to Pak. Pak has risked and ruined more than your thoughts, just to be your ally in this so called WOT. WTF are u doing thousands of miles away from your own land? But guess its too late to avoid a clash now, it would be a lesson your wont forget.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The ugly truth being avoided is that Islam is the terrorist attacking the free World.
    It attacks by subversion and terrorism, colonization and lying, deception is the
    a key weapon. The left knowing they are destructive paves the way for them to
    be here in America as a force to aid the left in destroying our Constitution and
    attendant freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights. If we are truly at war with
    terrorism we should be using our most terrible weapons and against all of
    the Muslim populations that exist, bar none, a showdown will take place
    and hopefully before we are betrayed beyond redemption………………William

  • sbj1964

    Pakistan ,and it's corrupt leaders are just as guilty of supporting Terrorist as our Good friends the Saudis ?

  • Jesus Christ