Pakistan to Blame for NATO Airstrike

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On September 25, Afghanistan accused Pakistan of permitting the firing of over 340 rockets in just four days over the border. On October 3, terrorists fired four 122-millimeter Grad rockets into Afghanistan less than 100 feet away from a Pakistani border post. It is suspected that someone at the post helped tell the terrorists where to aim the rockets. U.S. officers say that many attacks happen less than a mile away from border posts that have a clear view of them. The Pakistani military claims it doesn’t see it happening.

Pakistan’s blocking of the supplies to Afghanistan is its most aggressive action yet since the killing of Osama Bin Laden. About half of the non-lethal supplies sent to NATO forces in Afghanistan arrive through Pakistan. As Richard Miniter notes, that is significantly less than what it was during the Bush administration, when 80 percent came through that route. He argues that the U.S. should airlift more supplies using allies in central Asia and that the U.S. should secretly build a supply route through India. Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism recently led Afghanistan to form a “strategic partnership” with India, Pakistan’s worst enemy.

It is an open question whether Pakistan’s half-hearted and inconsistent cooperation with the U.S. on counter-terrorism will continue. It is true that Pakistan’s government faces a threat from Islamist terrorists, including the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces it has fought but still offers sanctuary to. It is looking to China to replace U.S. influence, and may well cut a deal with the Islamist terrorists in order to reach a ceasefire with them. Pakistan seems to be treating them more favorably than it treats the U.S., despite the billions of dollars it receives from American taxpayers.

After 9/11, President Bush told every nation of the world: “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Pakistan didn’t take him seriously and took a middle road that it can travel no longer. Pakistan, instead of changing its ways and being apologetic, has only become more antagonistic since Bin Laden was killed in its territory. The American people are fed up.

Pakistan is under unprecedented pressure to pick a side and its choosing the side of the terrorists.

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  • Beth

    "How much longer until counter-terrorism cooperation ceases altogether?…"

    Until the right leaders are chosen.

  • Grenadier

    "U.S. forces are not allowed to fire back into Pakistan." Amazing. The Paks shoot at us and we are not allowed to shoot back? Another absurd, even criminal, PC rules of engagement which kill our troops. If US forces are threatened or fired upon our response should be immediate and very violent. I believe that is the kind of "message" our "friends " and enemies will understand. If we choose to fight, then fight to win or get out. Let's not sacrifice our men and women in futile effort to win "hearts and minds."

    • stern

      Welcome to the world of double standards that Israel has been facing for years.

  • Josh

    I still don't understand how the US gives billions of dollars every year to it's enemies. Where's the logic?

    • mrbean

      It is called protection money so they don't go against American interests – similar to the neighborhood hoodulum shakedowns in the 20s and 30s as an analogy.

    • Alvaro


  • mrbean

    Alot of peoplee don't know that there is a unspoken secret alliance between India and the United States that should the Islamic Jihadists ever take over Pakistan that India and the US will either seize or take out all of Pakistans nuclear weapons and capabilities.

    • StephenD

      How is it you know this to be true?

      • mrbean

        A little birdie told me. This is widely known if you would watch something other than CNN and MNSBC and read something other thanthe NYT,

        • StephenD

          Listen, I asked a civil question. There was no need for you to be condescending and suggest what I should or should not read or watch. The fact is I don't indulge in any of the outlets you suggested. I expect to be treated with the same respect I afford you. Now then, if you please, how can YOU know of this "alliance" if it is secret? I HOPE you're right but how do you know was my question.

  • speedyjerry

    "the Pakistanis claim they did not fire first." DUH! Theyr'e DEAD ain't they? Why does the media still give Obama a pass on everything? Why did he even triple our troops in Afghanistan when the whole world knew it was a horrible idea?

    How often have you seen reported that U.S. Geologists discovered over a trillion dollars of natural resources in them Pakistan Afghan mountains in 2008? How often have you seen it reported that George Soros has enormous investments in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Uganda? I'm no Rocket Scientist but it's pretty easy for me to see Obama is using American Troops to protect George Soros investments and no one says a thing? More of my thoughts here ~

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I couldn't read his garbage again. With all due disrespect, this writer needs to be writing for a junior high school newspaper somewhere and not FPM.

    Look it's not very complicated. Drop the extremely misguided “War on Terror” because it is incredibly fantasy based. In its place, establish a new strategy to contain the growth, spread, and expansion of Islam. Which should involve first and foremost, outlawing Islam and banning and reversing mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage. As zero Muslims living in America with their excess baggage will yield zero possibility of jihad attacks in America, and if there is zero possibility of jihad attacks in America, then that means we can roll back the overly intrusive Patriot Act, the humongous and useless Department of Homeland Security, the extremely intrusive TSA, and the gargantuan and incredibly incompetent National Intelligence Directorate and use the money we waste today funding those useless and inept federal boondoggles to get our financial house back in order instead.

    Next, get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP, as we are in essence lifting up, propping up, and building up our enemies. The next step would be to eliminate the most imminent threats, which would involve eliminating the Saudi funded Pakistani nuclear weapons arsenal and nuclear weapons program, and eradicating the ruling Mullahs of Iran and destroying their nuclear weapons program.

    Further, seize the Middle East oilfields and confiscate the immense unearned oil wealth from the Saudis and the Gulf State Emirs, since otherwise they will inevitably use those resources to wage jihad perpetually against the West forever. Thus, we don't have any other choice. Finally, isolate the Islamic world from the West so that it will devolve into abject crushing poverty, as a poverty stricken civilization can hardly constitutes a threat.

    It's not rocket science; it's common sense.

    • alex

      I wish I could click 10 times on “like” button for your comment. However, there are two things are should be done differently:

      a.No need to occupy oil-field. These animals can not run them themselves and have nothing else to sell. So, we have to develop our own resources. Especially nuclear power generation.
      b.French and German whores should be restrained from helping our enemies. The rest will line up without much complaining. We have to have an absolutely draconian punishment regime established for enablers of Muslim murderous cult.

      Now you can see that any of it is absolutely impossible and the show will go on. The enemy of our freedom is not overseas. And not even the trash we enticing to come in, yet. The enemy is dumb, illiterate, self-gratifying US electing Kennedys, Clintons, Obamas, Schumers, Franks, Pelosis and countless countless thousands of self-serving psychopaths who are selling our country and us for the “red stuff”.. May be, just may be, they are a perfect reflection of at least a half of the US electorate.

  • 11bravo

    Where's the beef in this article? Tell us something we do not already know. Stop mailing it in!

  • RHK

    "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it" It is unbelievable how the people commenting here have learnt nothing from the main objective/spirit of this site as a source of unadulterated news. People for God's sake, please understand that first casualty of war and conflict is the TRUTH! For all the sheeple who are blinded by their hatred for the fellow humans, no wonder they will believe anything that supports their biases and prejudice. May God help us all, as we near total destruction of everything we should have cherished in this life and this world. GET THE FACTS FIRST! BEFORE SPEWING YOUR HATRED THROUGH ALL YOUR ORIFICES!

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    What do you mean get the truth? This has been going on for a long time. Pakistan wants the money that flows from the US, but does not want the responsibility that goes along with it. Every news agency should be shouting the truth every day until our congressional delegates get the picture. Stop making our soldiers fight with one hand tied behind their backs. No more safe zones for our enemies. You hid in a mosque and fire at US forces, the mosque gets leveled. You run across the border and then turn around and shoot at our soldiers, our warplanes will blow you up. If one side is not allowed to shoot back what king of a war is that? It's time the US gets serious, it's the only thing Islamists understand.