Palestinian “Reconciliation” Won’t Last Long

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A document released by WikiLeaks dated June 13, 2007 shows that the Israeli Security Agency said it has “established a very good working relationship” with the Palestinian Authority’s security services. The agency’s chief, Yuval Diskin, is reported as saying that they “share with ISA almost all the intelligence that it collects” and that Fatah leaders even asked Israel to attack Hamas in Gaza. “This is a new development. We have never seen this before. They are desperate,” he said.

As recently as last month, Abbas accused Hamas of being an Iranian and Syrian proxy. The Palestinian Authority condemned Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2009 but blamed the “massacre” of Palestinians on Hamas. It said that Hamas was wrong to not renew the ceasefire and that it was done on orders from Tehran. The Israelis appear to have given the Palestinian Authority advance notice of the operation as they sought to have Fatah or Egypt govern Gaza after it was finished but failed to persuade either. Hamas has repeatedly accused Fatah of sharing intelligence on its operations with Israel.

Following the Turkish flotilla incident, the Palestinian Authority forbade Hamas from staging protests in the West Bank. In September, the Palestinian Authority arrested 150 members of Hamas following shootings of Israeli civilians, saying the attacks “can’t be regarded as an act of resistance” and were designed to sabotage peace talks. This enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend mentality that benefited Israel will no longer exist as Hamas and Fatah begin holding hands.

Since the West Bank and the Gaza Strip began being governed separately, 4,000 members of Hamas have been arrested in the West Bank and thousands of Fatah supporters have been imprisoned in Gaza. Each side tortured each other’s supporters, though Fatah said it stopped doing so in October 2010 and jailed, fired or demoted 43 prison officers for abuses. In August 2010, there were reports about the increasing amount of abuse each side was exercising toward the other. This past will not be forgotten and it is difficult to see a future where the two permanently settle their differences.

The antagonism will reignite as the election campaigns heat up, though domestic pressure may prevent a war or complete break. At this point, it is quite possible that Hamas will lose the next elections. The terrorist group has seen its popularity decline in Gaza and is actually more well-liked in the West Bank, where the citizens have not been exposed to Hamas governance. About 56 percent of Gazans have a negative view of Hamas, with 28 having a positive view. In the West Bank, 53 percent give the terrorist group a negative rating but its support is larger than in Gaza with 40 percent.

Remarkably, 46 percent of Gazans blame Hamas and Israel equally for their troubles. President Abbas has a 63 percent approval rating in Gaza and Prime Minister Fayyad is at 65 percent. When it comes to Iran, 49 percent of people in the Gaza Strip have a negative attitude as do 58 percent of those in the West Bank. Tying Hamas to Iran looks to be a smart political strategy for Fatah. This, of course, assumes elections will even be held and if they are, that they will be free and both sides will respect the results.

The reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah is bad news for Israel but it is unlikely to last. Hamas will never give up its goal of creating a Sharia-based state that will destroy Israel. Fatah will have to participate or become its enemy again. Hamas will not be a better peace partner for Fatah than it has been for Israel.

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  • Y Brandstetter MD

    this is indeed good news for Israel. the PA and Hamas are essentially two sides of the same coin, both intent on the destruction of the Jewish State. The presence of an Arab polity west of the Jordan is incompatible with Jewish life, but as long as the PA assumes a veneer of civility Israel cannot move to remove this blight from the Land. Only when a Hamas led intifadah breaks out in ful furor with Arabs-style bloodshed, only then will israel be able to exrcise the British Mandate for the Close and unlimited settlement of the Land.

  • macdaddy31

    What difference does it make if this reconciliation does not last. As if there were not enough facts already to dissuade Israel from trusting this so called "peace partner" (LindaRivera pointed out a few rather noxious ones), the fact that the PA would even consider reconciliation with this barbaric entity should cause Israel to forego peace negotiations until at least the PA's current government is cleaned out completely, hate and incitement are no longer preached as regular, daily consumption to the Palestinian masses, AND Palestinian society is prepared to accept the realization that Israel will exist in its current form as a sovereign entity in perpetuity. In my view, without what I would consider obvious, absolutely necessary things, how can there ever be good faith negotiations. It has to be a sham without these prerequisites. And frankly, the Israeli government should not even pretend to negotiate or want to negotiate until these things start to occur. They do it to try and satisfy world opinion but I think world opinion would be better shaped over the long run if Israel stands firm to principle and civil logic.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    but it ends the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and is bound to ultimately fail.

    If that is true, it is very welcome news, since the fake peace processes were meant to weaken Israel and to dupe gullible useful idiots. The truth is there can never be peace between the Islamic world and the Jews in Israel, just like there can never be peace between the Islamic world and the Hindus in Kashmir, just like there can never be peace between the Islamic world and the Buddhists in Thailand, just like there can never be peace between the Islamic world and the Christians in the Philippines, just like there can never be peace between the Islamic world and the Atheists in Chechnya, just like there can never be peace between the Islamic world and the Christians and animists in the Ivory Coast, and on and on ad nauseum.

    The Arab Spring motivated Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to pressure their governments to come together

    Actually the so-called Arab Spring has exactly zero to do with anything between the Fatah, the PLO, and Hamas.

    Hamas’ war against Israel will never give up its war against Israel and Fatah will be forced to join in or abandon the unity government.

    Actually, the jihad being waged by Fatah and the PLO has also always been permanent exactly like Hamas’ jihad. The notion that their movement is secular as opposed to Hamas is a ruse and is meant to dupe and deceive gullible useful idiot kafir infidels. Moreover, both groups have always colluded, as one side plays the good cop and the other side plays the bad cop, and both groups share the same exact goal, the genocidal destruction of Israel by any means possible. Indeed, both groups are the proxies of the Islamic world.

    Very obviously the writer of this lame piece doesn’t have a clue. He would be far better off writing for a liberal rag instead of a conservative magazine.

  • Michael

    Maybe they've been ordered to make peace by the hidden imam. lol

    Even if it doesn't last, the timing is bad. Just before all this recent stuff broke, we were watching Iran and it's growing influence in the region, especially in Lebanon through Hezbollah. President Obama hasn't been Israels best friend and the UN has become openly hostile. There are a lot of variables in play and a lot that could go wrong. Makes me nervous.

  • jzsnake

    It will last as long as one of Liz Taylor's (may she rest in peace) marriages.