Peter King Exposes Danger of “Prislam”

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Rep. Peter King, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, held a hearing last week on radical Islam in the U.S. prison system, called “prislam” by one witness. The hearing was met with predictable accusations of discrimination and bigotry, but the name-calling failed to impede the exposure of the nexus between convicts and radical Islam.

Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson confronted King for singling out extremists within Islam, saying his hearing could “be deemed as racist and as discriminatory.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations likewise stated, “Congressman King has been shown very clearly to have made anti-Muslim statements and a number of false allegations toward the American-Muslim community.”

Rep. King defended himself. “If we find out that Neo-Nazis are allied with a foreign power and they come into this country…we will address it. The fact is we are not going to spread ourselves out and investigate everything, which means addressing nothing,” he said.

The content of the hearing shows why Rep. King is right to focus on the phenomenon that Michael Downing of Los Angeles Police’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau called “prislam.” One witness, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Smith, discussed a plot by prison converts to attack Los Angeles International Airport and Jewish sites around Los Angeles. “From the prison [the cell leader] was able to set up and set out an operation cell of would be jihadists on the streets of Southern California” Smith said. In 2009, four Muslims who met in prison were arrested for planning to bomb synagogues in the New York area and conspiring to shoot down a military plane with a Stinger missile. Three of the four involved converted while imprisoned.

There are other cases that have not received as much publicity. For example, in January 2010, a Senate report warned that up to three dozen Americans that have served time in prison are in Yemen, claiming to be studying Arabic. They were described as “blond-haired, blue-eyed types,” and are suspected of joining Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. In April 2010, a prison convert named James Larry killed his pregnant wife, two nieces (one of which was pregnant) and his seven-year old son named Jihad. His brother said that he had become more devout leading up to the attack, and was furious with his wife for not wearing a hijab. His defense is that he is mentally ill.

In October 2009, another prison convert in Ohio named Abdullah Mohammed Muslim who spent time on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan was arrested with a large stockpile of weapons. The authorities immediately said there was no evidence of a link to terrorism. In September 2009, a convert to “prislam” named Michael C. Finton was arrested in Illinois who was a fan of Anwar al-Awlaki. He told an undercover FBI agent that he sought to go to the Gaza Strip, but also wanted to carry out an attack in the U.S. He was apprehended after planning to attack the Paul Findley Federal Building in Springfield using inert explosives provided in the FBI sting.

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  • ashmorris

    Makes sense if you think about it. Perfect religion for rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and thieves. We call it criminal behavior. They just keep on doing what got them in prison in the first place, except that since now it's done with Allah's blessing that makes it o.k.

  • StephenD

    We're all "racists" for noticing this. We're supposed to look at the bright side in that the prisoners settle down for the rest of their time behind bars and strike out only when they leave the system. Somehow, it will be our fault as these folks will now have become "victims" of our Islamphobia.

    • wdednh

      You are Ill-advised , it is our fault? really?

  • jacob

    I say any American who loves his country, should stand behind Rep. KING in his
    endeavor to stop the Islamization of our country by this absolutely foreign, savage
    and strange "Religion" which tennents similar to Hitler's 'MEIN KAMPF"….
    This Democrap Rep. LAURA RICHARDSON, rather than blasting Rep. KING with
    her moronic concepts, should study instead what is going on with Islam in her
    country, that is, if her liberal and "socialistic" views doesn't allow her to see the
    forest because of this single tree…
    Now, with the mountain of evidence stated in this article, which doesn't even cover
    the tip of the iceberg, does Rep. Richardson have the gall to state that Rep. KING
    is singling out any group because of discrimination ??
    What kind of proof does she need??
    The bombing of the Capitol with everybody inside ??
    Isn't the WTC horror enough for her and her ilk, OBAMA included ,with his apology
    for American misdeeds to the Muslim world, existing only in his prolific imagination ?

  • hrayspitz

    You can't really blame the convicts.
    Face it. Mohammed was a very successful bandit. Islam makes the convicts feel good about themselves and what they do. The Koran is sort of a "self-help" book for criminals who want to be BETTER criminals. Of course it is going to be popular in prisons.

    • aspacia

      True, however according to Sharia these dudes would lose a hand, possibly a foot and probably their heads.

  • Jake


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    “The time will come when anyone who kills you will think that by doing this he is serving God.” (John 16:2)

  • StephenD

    Did you not notice the sarcasm in what I said? I think we agree mrbean. Please re-read my comment.

  • William_Z

    ‘…only a dozen converted while in prison…’ 

     Now, how many are needed to fly planes into buildings?  Or walk through a crowded mall?  Or— 'fill in the blank'?   

    Decreasing and eliminating a risk factor is just common sense.

  • Questions

    Black Muslims for many decades have proselytized prison inmates. That's bad enough, but this latest development is much more frightening. It means that worldwide jihad can recruit almost at will. May Rep. King get to the bottom of this without being spooked into submission by those CAIR types.

  • CisscoKidd

    No matter what the white man does–speak or cough or burp or brush his teeth, etc, he is always being racist to some minority somewhere. Enter the muslims here with "Prislam". Prislam is just another instance out of millions and millions that has a minority being offended. It is "old-hat" to say the least. But, for this old-hat, I have to wonder how the illegal aliens fit in, since they make up almost 30% of the prison population in the United States. Maybe a whole slew of illegal aliens are turning to Islam in prison, and they will be new people when they are released. I don't know, I think I'll take the original illegal alien over a "Prislamized" one–lesser of two evils it is.

  • soloman4israel

    i am interesed.
    we know that terrorists/radical islam,will drop down into the gutter to meet their aims and any-body is fair game to brainwash and there is nothing to low that they will try/do.
    but those in u.s.a. prisons,lets say mr average white male wife 2 children gets out after 4years petty crime first time offender goes home after converting in prison is he going to now preach/force his family to follow his new so called faith,is he going to keep it quietly and continue as a sheep doing dirty jobs for their cause or is he going to say that was prison game over not understanding there is no out door.
    compared to a black man with wife 2kids 4yrs for petty crime first time in prison is the black person going to be the safer bet to have given his full oath and keep it compaired to the white.
    i think he is but i have never been to the states and do not know the full extent of conversion in your country.
    my question has nothing to do with being anti black i am not,i am anti radical islam.
    thank you.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I wonder if the inmates are stating that they have a right to violent and hate
    filled literature, which would include the Quran and a vile expositor of the
    demonic cult of Islam. It is akin to gang recruitment in prison and should
    be banned along with the Islamist subversives who peddle this monstrosity.

  • CHARLEY 60

    Maybe we should be more concerned, with the large amount of effort to convert to Muslim, the people of Mexico.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Read author PAUL SPERRY'S books called
    Muslims were caught on film placing the books in different sections of the bookstores so that no one could find them.