Resurrecting the Caliphate

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A main opposition group in Morocco is the Islamist Justice and Development Party. Its unofficial newspaper has spouted anti-Semitic and anti-Western rhetoric, such as saying that a tsunami in December 2004 was a judgment from God upon disobedient Muslims. The paper’s website has linked to Sheikh Qaradawi’s Union of Good, a network of charities that finance Hamas. However, the party does have competition as it came in second in the 2007 parliamentary elections, though foul play was alleged. The Islamist party did not endorse large protests that were recently held, showing an independent streak on the part of the demonstrators.

Sudan may be the next country to become a thoroughly Sharia-based state. President Omar Bashir has said that once South Sudan secedes, he will make Sharia the only source of legislation and Arabic the only language in the country. This is probably a move to appease his Islamist opposition, led by Muslim Brotherhood leader Hasan al-Turabi. Bashir arrested the cleric after he called for an uprising following the Jasmine Revolution and protests immediately formed to demand his release. Nearby in Somalia, the Al-Qaeda-affiliate al-Shabaab controls the southern and central parts of the country including parts of Mogadishu.

The Islamists are also in a good position in the Gulf. The majority of the population in Jordan is Palestinian and polls show a high level of extremism. The Muslim Brotherhood is the dominant opposition force, though it is currently protesting alongside various other parties and organizations. The protests in Iraq are not aimed at overthrowing the government and the pro-Iranian parties lost in a landslide in the last elections, but Moqtada al-Sadr has returned to Iraq and may benefit from the government’s declining support. The government of Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood and has grown closer to Iran and Syria but still hosts a major U.S. base. Protests are being organized now to demand the resignation of the Emir, the cutting of ties to both Israel and Iran and the removal of the U.S. base.

The Yemeni President has taken an anti-American turn in his rhetoric since facing his own uprising. The main opposition bloc is the Joint Meetings Party, of which the Islamist Islah Party is the strongest component. Islah is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood and it has won support from tribal chiefs and Salafists. It supports creating a religious police like that in Saudi Arabia to “promote virtue and combat vice” and is critical of Yemen’s relationship with the U.S. The Treasury Department has designated one of its top leaders, Sheikh Abdul Majidal-Zindani, as a terrorist for his ties to Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Sheikh Qaradawi. He continues to have significant support and recently spoke in front of thousands of protesters. He does not hide his goal, saying “an Islamic state is coming.” Even if Islah does not come to power, instability in Yemen will benefit the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The situation is less clear in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The younger Saudi population is in favor of reform but a very strong Wahhabist clergy and elements of the Royal Family like Prince Nayef oppose them. Kuwait’s Islamist forces suffered a major defeat at the polls in 2009 but remain a potent force, especially the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate called the Islamic Constitutional Movement and the Islamic Salafi Alliance.  There is a Salafi religious network in Kuwait to be concerned about, such as a popular cleric named Sheikh Hamid al-Ali who has been designated by the U.S. as a financier of terrorism.

In Bahrain, 70 percent of the population is Shiite, which one would presume would benefit Iran. However, the Shiite opposition says “We are not looking for a religious government like Iran’s” and another opposition leader said, “We want genuine democracy, not clerical.” Cables released by Wikileaks show that Bahrain told General Petraeus in 2008 that the Shiite opposition was being trained by Hezbollah in Lebanon but the U.S. had “seen no convincing evidence of Iranian weapons or government money here since at least the mid-1990s” and Bahrain was unable to offer proof.

Radical Islamic anti-Western governments are already in power in Iran, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and Turkey has moved decisively in a pro-Iran, Islamist direction. Syria, though governed by a secular regime, is a strong ally of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah. Ironically, the Assad regime’s most organized opposition force is the Muslim Brotherhood. The latest protests by Palestinians threaten the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank more than the Hamas regime in Gaza. It is not inconceivable that Hamas could control both Palestinian territories as the terrorist group is viewed favorably by 47 percent of those in the West Bank.

As these governments become unstable, a struggle will ensue between those who favor secular democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists that view separation of mosque and state as a heresy and jihad against the West as a command from Allah. The stakes could not be much higher.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Leftists deride with gusto any postulations about the re-birth of the Caliphate…characterizing them as the paranoid delusions of neo-cons and "Christo-fascists". It's not JUST the agenda of the Left at play here (though this is a large part of it)….they actually believe their criticism, showing the extent to which they lack any real vision or foresight….which dovetails with their juvenile, nihilistic, "live for today" mindset. Hell, many if not most of them are child-less, which explains both their perpetual adolescence AND their imperviousness about the future.

    The Caliphate movement is alive and well. It is represented by both "hard" and "soft" Islamic groups…and is the aspiration of millions of Muslims world-wide. It may or may not ever come to fruition, but it certainly IS a plausible outcome of today's upheaval in the Arab/Muslim world. Ignoring the prospect would be folly.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    As I summarized in the N.Y. Times yesterday, "The whole so-called phenomenon of these "revolutions," is mainly a matter of monkey see, monkey do by a culture whose religion has made them feel like victims. When the dust settles, because of a lack of alternatives, many of these disastrous states will become theocracies – i.e. from the frying pan into the fire – for them and for the rest of the world."

  • Maggie

    Here is another fun fact:

    You know what the Obama bumper sticker that has a " red circle " over
    "red and white stripes" on it means?

    It is really a SYMBOL that means of the "EAST (SUN) RISING OVER THE WEST."

    • Lee

      Where does that fun fact come from? What is your source for the veracity of that statement? I'm certainly no liberal, but I do get tired of Conservatives repeating urban legends hear or seen on internet as "facts".

      • monet61

        I totally agree.

  • Ex-European

    By killing "the wrong swine (Hussein)" the US made a big strategic mistake – they broke the balance of power in the region, i.e. between Iran and Iraq. Now the US has to deal with the misbalance.

    • John Greene

      Ah yes it is Bush's fault! Just maybe the weakness of our current president has something to do with this since he has been in office for over two years?

  • fxgeorges

    Have you seen James Luko's recent response? But, once again, that kind of behavior should remind you that you became too important to ignore. They know their case is FACTUALLY weak, and thus they feel the necessity for ad hominem attacks.

  • hopetotellyou

    From the article: "The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to modify its image by saying it is a moderate force in favor of democracy and will not seek a parliamentary majority or even participate in presidential elections. This is a political trick." The PURPOSE is to gain one more step toward world-wide Islamic domination using Sharia Law. In other words,
    establishing the Caliphate.


    SATAN is the founder of ISLAM! Irrespective as to what anyone says, or spins, this is the TRUTH! Any Born Again believer in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and Believer in the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC, and JACOB, knows this to be TRUE!
    Irrespective as to what MUSLIMS, say or do, will be met with utter DEFEAT!
    The god of this world is SATAN, any BELIEVER in JESUS CHRIST knows this as the word of the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB, is crystal clear!
    SATAN knows his time is short, and is doing all he can to frighten the people of the world turning to his religion to be "SAVED"? Only those who are unbelievers in JESUS CHRIST need to be worried and afraid, their self carved niche is in the LAKE of FIRE!
    ALLAH is SATAN, the DEMON MULLAHS, and other CLERICS of ISLAM know this, since TRUTH cannot co- exist with LIES, ISLAM flourishes here in this WORLD, which has as it's god SATAN, the father of LIES! Read their Quran, and see for yourself, what SATANIC works really is, all about!

    • CAROLE63

      You`re dead right!!
      I wish more people and our leaders in the West would wake up to the truth!
      We are in the most dangerous time in history and we must draw near to God!
      There is so much deception eveywhere!!
      Come, Lord Jesus!!

      • BYBOOZOO

        Thank you Carole63.
        The WORD of GOD clearly states "THE WORLD LOVES ITS OWN"! For this reason the majority of the creation of the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB, are blinded by SIN which entered this world through SATAN, having been accepted by ADAM and EVE!
        There are two REALMS! PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL! We are presently in the PHYSICAL REALM! Which is material. The SPIRITUAL REALM is non-material. That is the realm of ETERNITY ! GODS WORD clearly states there are two places: 1.) HEAVEN. 2.) LAKE OF FIRE (HELL). We make our choice (GOD gave us freewill), HEAVEN or HELL! There are no other options. If we choose to serve the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB, and become BORN AGAIN, through the shed BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST we will spend eternity with HIM! Refuse HIS SALVATION by ones freewill choice, and they spend eternity in the lake of fire!
        That explains why, considering the population past and present, a small number will spend ETERNITY with HIM! I pray many times a day for the return of OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! HE has promised HE will return, upon that all can rest assured! God Bless you and your family! SHLOAM!

  • Francis

    You're not a Christian you are a polytheist, you believe in a separate god who rules this world. No wonder the Quran is so accurate about fools like you "It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and religion of truth (Islam) and will cause it to prevail over every religion, even though those who set partners with God may be against it. – 9:33"

    • madeleine7

      F— off , Francis (??) , you muslim!!!! Take your muslim, lying rubbish elsewhere….!

  • Tim Sweeney

    Fools like me too.

    31 For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

  • joe

    Now, more than ever, we must stand with our fellow Christians and Jews all over the world. All religions must stand firm against these barbarians that, by their religion, are allowed to kill anyone the consider an unbeliever, even if it is their own family or someone who says something as simple as “muhhommed was a pedophile.”

    This is also why Europe and the united states must never allow sharia law to be enacted. Such barbaric laws stand in opposition to the constitution and magna carta.

  • Khalid

    I hope to god the Caliphate is resurrected, it's been 80 years too long. I will be most certainly voting for the Muslim Brotherhood, support any initiative toward one system governance between Muslim countries, I'm absolutley pro Sharia. I purpose the expulsion of every single Western military personal from ANY Muslim country I.E Oman, Bahrain,Kuwait,Qatar and the rapid restructuring of the way and the price oil is sold to the West. Israel/Palestine problem must be addressed immediately and any interference by the West must be met by a repeat of the 1973 embargo, this time permanently. Re-regulate the water ways I.E Hormuz and Suez.

    Thanks :)

    • MixMChess

      I hope too hope the Caliphate is resurrected… only so the West can nuke it into permanent oblivion.

      • Khalid

        How would that work exactly, you'll nuke 53 countries? well that just goes to show the Barbarity of Westerners, but hey, you already nuked 1 so what's 53 more right?

        • MixMChess

          The so-called barbarity of westerners is nothing compared the barbarity of Shariah.

          • Khalid

            Sharia Law is the Basis of the Western Jurisprudence

          • MixMChess

            No it isn't. Stop pretending to understand Western Law and Jurisprudence. Even your acclaimed source (wikipedia) notes that it merely provided influence in a few areas (property law, civil petitions) to a few Western systems (France and Italy). Western Law has its origin in Judeo-Christian values and Roman and Greek civil systems (all of which predate Islam by thousands of years). It was later highly influenced by English, Germanic and Scandinavian sources in addition to the Native Americans.

            In fact, the best influence Islam could have had on the West was in its development of admiralty law. But even this was a reaction against Islam not with it. The west completely redeveloped its laws on the high seas because Islamic Barbary pirates who were constantly attacking Western shipping channels. Hmmm… this is all beginning to sound familiar huh?

          • Khalid

            Either you're blind or moronic, I suppose I'll go with the latter (with difficultly) and it's highly hilarious that you would presume that Western legal jurisprudence has it basis in Greco-Roman laws when it for the most part of Western History was rejected to be replaced with barbaric "Judeo Christian" laws that left you in cesspit of ignorance and backwardness while much of the world prospered and developed. Had you read the link, you would've also mentioned the idea of civil education was introduced only because of Sharia, the basis of your economic system and most importantly rationality to decide, something clearly lacking on your behalf.

            Face it you have no culture or history, you're nothing without the rest of the world and that which you vehemently rejected will be latched on to you for ever more.


          • MixMChess

            "I suppose I'll go with the latter (with difficultly) and it's highly hilarious that you would presume that Western legal jurisprudence has it basis in Greco-Roman laws when it for the most part of Western History was rejected to be replaced with barbaric "Judeo Christian" laws that left you in cesspit of ignorance and backwardness while much of the world prospered and developed."

            You clearly don't have a grasp on basic history. Judeo-Christian law initially developed under the Holy Roman Empire in the 3rd and 4th Centuries AD. The idea of canon law, the legal system of the Catholic Church, fused with that of Roman law to form the basis of the refounding of Western legal scholarship during this time.

            The reformation and renaissance that spanned from the 14th – 17th centuries resurrected many of the Roman and Greek theories on jurisprudence.

            "Had you read the link, you would've also mentioned the idea of civil education was introduced only because of Sharia, the basis of your economic system and most importantly rationality to decide, something clearly lacking on your behalf."

            I read your link and it was useless and proved nothing. Western civil education was first introduced in ancient Greece. Archeological records show it dates back to at least the 6th century BC, over a thousand years before Mohammed and Islam.

            As for economics, they too have their basis in ancient Greece in addition to ancient Macedonia, Rome, India, Persia and China – all of whom predate the rise of Islam in the 6th century AD.

            In fact, modern economics got their start with the rise of economic nationalism and modern capitalism in Europe during the 16th – 18th centuries. The economists during this time were heavily influenced by the works of Aristotle (Greek), Qin Shi Huang (Chinese), Thomas Aquinas (Italian) and Adam Smith (Scottish). None of their influences were Islamic.

            "Face it you have no culture or history, you're nothing without the rest of the world and that which you vehemently rejected will be latched on to you for ever more."

            I do not doubt that Western culture and legal scholarship has been influenced by other Worldly sources, however, none of these were Islamic. You claimed that Western Culture has its basis in Sharia, which is a lie. Islam only had a marginal influence at best on Western Culture and it was mostly a reaction against Islamic imperialism or barbarism. Seriously pull your head out of the sand.

  • Free Bee

    "the US has one final task before it's collapsed and
    RED China becomes 'world enforcer' —-and that's to
    'bing in' (i.e. franchise slum) the recalcitrant Middle East."
    (essential online listening)

    IMPORTANT to notice that the set-up tyrant of Mubarak was
    a fierce opponent of franchise slum standardization and
    WHO/UNESCO mass covert sterilization and aggressively
    promoted extermination of the unborn.

    VERY IMPORTANT——esp. as America and Europe itself
    teeters on the edge of RED Chinese 'eugenics realism'
    via their own 5 decades of sedulously managed, engineered
    and directed cultural destruction.