Ron Paul’s War on Israel

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Rep. Ron Paul is now in first place in the Iowa caucus polls, second in New Hampshire and third nationally. This has prompted a former close aide of his, Eric Dondero, to speak out about the anti-Israeli views he expressed to him in private. The Paul campaign is ridiculing Dondero as a “disgruntled former staffer” and another aide, an Israeli, is defending Paul. A close examination of Paul’s books, newsletters and statements give credence to Dondero.

Dondero worked closely with Paul from 1987 to 2003. After he left, he nearly ran against Ron Paul but instead supported another candidate. Dondero claims that the presidential candidate is not anti-Semitic but “wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all.” Dr. Leon Hadar, a dual American-Israeli citizen who served as a foreign policy advisor to Paul during his 2008 presidential campaign, has risen to Paul’s defense. He says that Paul does not want to see Israel eliminated as a state, yet Paul praises an anti-Zionist group that envisions just that.

On page 317 of his book, “Liberty Defined,” Paul laments the influence of the Israeli government on America and the “apartheid conditions that Palestinians are subjected to.” He says that “Even newspapers in Israel are willing to discuss this issue openly, but it is essentially never permitted in the United States.” He praises J-Street for challenging “AIPAC’s monopoly control of the discussion” and Peace Now. He expresses his pleasure that an anti-Zionist group called the American Council for Judaism has growing support.

The American Council for Judaism is opposed the concept of Jewish nationality and a Jewish state. The editor of its publications, Allan C. Brownfield, told the New York Times that “While we wish Israel well, we don’t view it as our homeland.” In the fall of 2010, he wrote a glowing book review of “The Dark Side of Zionism.” The title speaks for itself.

In spring 2009, the American Council for Judaism’s Issues publication carried an article by Yakov M. Rabkin that defends Iran and bashes Israel. He writes that Jews are treated well in Iran and that “the role of the Israel Lobby has been seminal in the anti-Iran hysteria.”

“The religiously inspired Iranian president predicts the end of the Zionist regime, but he does not threaten to massacre the inhabitants of Israel,” the ACJ’s publication states. The author agrees with Ahmadinejad in predicting the eventual disappearance of Israel and talks about the “contradictions” between Zionism and Judaism. He also says that Zionism “takes precedence over the human welfare and the very survival of the Jews.” This is the group that Ron Paul speaks fondly of.

Voters first saw a glimpse of Paul’s attitude towards Israel during an argument with Newt Gingrich. The former House speaker was under fire for calling the Palestinians an “invented” people. Paul did not necessarily disagree, conceding that “Technically and historically” Gingrich is right. He then added, “You know, under the Ottoman Empire, the Palestinians didn’t have a state, but neither did Israel have a state then, too.”

Ron Paul defends Iran’s innocence, going so far as to say there is no evidence that it is seeking a nuclear weapon, stands in sharp contrast to the heaps of criticism he levels towards Israel. In January 2009, he talked to Iranian state TV about the “tragedy of Gaza” (his words) and said, “To me, I look at it like a concentration camp, and people [in Gaza] are making homemade bombs, like they are the aggressors?”

He made similar comments in an interview in June 2010 with Don Imus, calling the flotilla raid “horrible” and again accusing Israel of turning the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into a “concentration camp” by blocking the arrival of humanitarian aid.

He consistently paints the terrorist threat as beginning and ending with U.S. support for Israel. He writes in “A Foreign Policy of Freedom” that American “dollars and weapons are being used against the Palestinians as the Palestinian territory shrinks and Israel’s occupation expands.” Elsewhere in the book, he complains that “all recent presidents have reiterated our obligation to bleed for Israel.”

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  • erp1

    Ron Paul is anti-Israel because he won't commit USA troops and dollars to murdering thousands of Iranian kids for Israel lobby… got it.
    All I can say is thank god the troops support Ron Paul more than all the other candidates combined and despise lizards like Ryan Mauro. By the way Ryan, are you claiming to be the voice of American Jews?

    • Touchstone

      Look out, here come the Paulistinians! Or should I say, Spam Alert!

      Notice how the rabid, undeveloped mind of the Paulistinian fanatic clumsily misrepresents the words of the author. As if Paul is being criticized because he won't "murder Iranian kids for Israel". How conveniently "twerp1" forgets all the things of which Paul stands accused. Did "twerp1" even bother to read the article, or is he under orders to spam the website the instant a new anti-Paul article appears?

    • sasss31

      You are a fool. I am an Iranian and I can say that Ron Paul is a moral coward and it is no surprise that Islamic Republic state sponsored terror television PressTV uses Ron Paul for propaganda purposes on their website and television programming. Ron Paul is against the will of the Iranian people and would allow the regime to acquire nuclear weapons in holding the Iranian people hostage in continuing and increasing the murders, rapes, and genocide of our homeland while the regime would be threatening human civilization itself.

      • HermitLion

        You, sir, have just spoken the actual truth, as it is.
        With nuclear weapons, the Iranian regime would be free to oppress the Iranian people, since no one would dare challenge it from outside.
        But of course, Paulians do not care, and are too afraid to stand up to real monsters – only to imaginary 'Jooz' and Illuminati.

      • Edip Yuksel

        Let the USA invade Iran, destroy its infra structure, kill 2 million (prorated according to the population) torture thousands, steal its natural resources and leave behind another shah-like puppet regime under the guise of "US-friendly democracy".

        You cannot be an Iranian! If you are, then you have lost your soul and mind.

        • HermitLion

          Obviously, the people who have a soul and mind are the ones who would allow 2 million Iranians to be butchered by their own regime, without any hope for a future as free people, while they themselves cry about money that goes to US allies.

          Iranians aren't Iraqis, but I wouldn't expect an ignorant racist to know that.

          • Brain

            Someone's going to butcher them anyways, why stain our reputation as the greatest nation on Earth doing that deed ourselves?

        • aspacia

          No, he probably identifies as Persian.

        • SpiritOf1683

          Let he US deport you to Turkey, retarded hate-filled Muslim barbarian.

        • SpiritOf1683

          Just like your Turks murdered 2 million Armenians in cold blood. Get back to Turkey, parasitical Mohammedan savage.

    • fisherKing

      Paul's numbers on troops support include retirees and democrats. Republican troop support gets split among 4 or 5 candidates. The democrats just give it to Paul because they want weakened opposition to Obama. This is also goes for primaries which allow non-Republicans to vote which highly inflate Paul's numbers.

    • aspacia

      Nope, I have researched the evidence, and Paul is a racist of the worst sort.

      • Flipside

        You're full of crap. Maybe research outside of the Bible next time.

        • aspacia

          No, that is you!

        • aspacia

          Go to Atlas Shrugged and Geller has all the information and links on the RP bigot.

          "That’s why I think the debate on the Republican side is so important. And why when I see, I have to be candid, a candidate like Ron Paul whose foreign policy is if anything is worse than the Obama administration apparently leading in Iowa according to some polls, it just gives me great concern…So if you’re thinking about Ron Paul because of his domestic issues, think again and look at virtually any of the other candidates and consider how they would be as Commander-in-Chief. That’s the president’s first duty, defending the country."


          Previously at Atlas:

          Ron Paul: U.S. Shouldn't Have Fought Hitler Just to Save Jews From Holocaust

          Ron Paul Walks Out On CNN Interview When Asked About His Newsletter Blaming Israel for 1993 WTC Attack

          Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters

          • Flipside

            Ron Paul did not walk out on the interview. He politely asked the stupid shill from CNN to accept his answer and stop asking him the same thing over and over again. The woman ended the interview by raising the same canard repeatedly and not accepting an answer.

    • Jacob Pischerman

      Forget about Iran; they've never done anything to the US. Bomb Israel, the world's #1 terrorist nation. The world will be a better place for it. The Mossad did 9/11!

      • aspacia

        Right, what about the Hostage Crisis during the Carter years? How about the continual call of Death to the Great Satan (USA)? What about documented proof that they supplied arms to the Iraqi insurgents?

        • Flipside

          How about the Arrowroot cookies you were probably eating when that happened.

    • Grekko

      Thank you for stating the obvious. Since Israel has over 200 nukes, I sincerely believe that they can, and should, take care of themselves. Israel is more than a match for any country in the region. I think we should butt out of their business and let them make their own decisions. Heck, they'd probably already be at peace with their neighbors if it wasn't for the US meddling in their affairs and trying to force our way on them. Israel has one of the most open medias for expressing the views of all different opinions. They should be a model for our own biased press. I'm sure that since they have this openness in the media, that they will arrive at the right decision regarding their soveriegnity in the Middle East. I believe that america should be Israel's best friend, not their overlords.

  • Aaron

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! DON'T VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!!Giving more $$$ to Israel Is the most important thing facing the average american right now!

    • alan g

      Although so called aid is given to Israel, it is given in the form of defensive weapons and the US is given much in return. Such as new technology and intelligences. It is not just one way as in aid to other countries

    • Lois

      Psalm 83:4: "They have said, 'Come and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.'" Is this almost verbatim to the statement of Ahmadinejad? The Word of God fulfilled here, isn't it? So what about the next one?
      Zechariah 12:9: "And it shall come to pass in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." That includes America, already in decline..
      The Lord says a lot in this next one about what the Gentiles will do to help Israel: How else will we do it without monetary support?
      Isaiah 49:22: "This is what the Sovereign Lord says: 'See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.' " Praise the Lord!
      I am Lois – a devout believer/Christian for the protection of Jerusalem (where I expect my Lord and Savior to appear soon.) I'm praying for Ron Paul, but not voting for him.

  • Traci St. Claire

    I'm a non Jewish Christian and I do not support foreign aide to Israel. No where have I read in the Bible or the Torah that the U.S. should give unequivocal support to Israel. What made it our place to step in during World War II either? I can think of more occasions where innocent people were slaughtered and by our own hand, most recently during the war on Iraq. Oh should these people not count because they are not Jewish?

    If you are a Christian and believe in the Bible then you can sit back and not worry about Israel because the one thing that God did relate was that he would take care of his people. So to all you pro Israel, pro war folk, where is your faith at?

    More people need to tend to their own garden (America) and Dr. Paul is one of the few people that understand this. This as are most of the articles published in this flavor just twist and mince words to promote their own anti-Christian agenda.


      What busines was it of France to aid the colonists in America. I have long suspected "Christians" of not knowing history and how their religion survived for 2000 years in the face of some very formidable odds. The "Libertarian" position on foreign affairs and diplomacy is weak in the extreem because it denies human nature and assumes the earth is populated with reasonable people who only want the same things we want. I would gladly make a libertarian POTUS if he was limited to domestic affairs only.

      • Joe

        The only reason France supported us at that time was because we were fighting England.

        It didn't have a single thing to do with them supporting us directly. The loss of the colonies for the British was a huge victory for France over England in terms of strength.

        But yes, it's everyone else who doesn't know history – not you.

    • Alexander Gofen

      To not care about Israel is not what Christianity is about, but I do not blame you.

      Yet I wonder how you care about the Christian national identity of America (near 100% in the 1800s). How does it help to Christianity of America when Ron Paul actually paves the way for free intervention of islam into America by all means? And how does it help to Christianity if Ron Dhimmy Paul does not even acknowledge that America is an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation?

      • aspacia

        Alexander Gofen,

        We are not just Judeo-Christian, but have almost every faith know to the world in our lands. Our founders were exclusively Judeo-Christian, albeit Native Americans were either polytheist or pantheist.

        • Alexander Gofen

          I recall just some 15 years ago not one – even craziest Leftist – would dare to say as though "We are not just Judeo-Christian"! This terrible shift in minds speaks volumes about our demise in itself.

          Before the 1950s every Western nation was exclusively Christian, and indeed the national identity of each of them was exclusively Christian.

          What a coherent nation would like to voluntarily change its national identity for anything in the world?.. There are other identities which are simply many times more numerous than America… Say Buddhists (benign, unlike moslems), they are over billion. They would swallow America by the mere number if all of them wished and were allowed to enter.

          How can you be so "unpartisan" to our national identity – not to mention that the Judeo-Christian civilization is a unique unparalleled achievement of the humanity.

          • aspacia

            Not exclusively. We had many Chinese building our RRs. We had a number of Jews as well. Remember the camps created for the Japanese during WWII. Nope, I like your insights, but you are mistaken. Most of the population was Judeo-Christian, believers and the Old Testament and New Testament, but this was not exclusive.

          • Alexander Gofen

            You are confused a bit writing:

            "Not exclusively. We had many Chinese building our RRs."

            We speak NOT about the ethnicity (although also ethnicity and race may be legitimate components of a national identity of any nation).

            "We had a number of Jews as well."

            …Which fits perfectly well into the Judeo-Christian national identity.

            Remember the camps created for the Japanese during WWII.

            And Germans and Italians were under scrutiny. So what? How else do you fight wars?..

            "Most of the population was Judeo-Christian, believers and the Old Testament and New Testament, but this was not exclusive."

            When I say that America is an EXCLUSIVELY Judeo-Christian nation (or that the Western nations were exclusively Christian nation), this means that…

            The national identity of AMERICA IS EXACTLY CHRISTIANITY (WITH REVERENCE TO JUDAISM) and nothing else.

            Yes, in every free nation citizens may convert into something else, yet the state must take care that those converts never exceed a negligible minority. Indeed, the state must maintain such an immigration policy, that adherents to foreign religions do not seek and do not even think about asylum in the nation which rigorously maintains its identity as a Judeo-Christian nation.

          • aspacia

            You said exclusively, and this was not so. The Chinese practiced Confusianism. Japanese often were Shinto or Buddhist. That is why I mentioned the ethnicity and not the faith. Exclusive means limited to one group, and we were not limited to only Christianity. You also assert that we should practice religious discriminination. This kind of discrimination is what caused both the Pilgrims and Puritans to settle in the wilderness. However, I tend to agree but believe we must allow skilled immigrants who will assimilate to our social mores and laws rather than resist them. We must be more selective.

            Regardless, here is the definition of exclusive.

            adj \iks-ˈklü-siv, -ziv\
            Definition of EXCLUSIVE
            a : excluding or having power to exclude b : limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group
            a : excluding others from participation b : snobbishly aloof
            a : accepting or soliciting only a socially restricted patronage (as of the upper class) b : stylish, fashionable c : restricted in distribution, use, or appeal because of expense
            a : single, sole <exclusive jurisdiction> b : whole, undivided <his exclusive attention>

          • Alexander Gofen

            Aspacia, you are confusing the national identity with freedom of whims of individuals.

            Yes, just in accordance with the definition of EXCLUSIVE, American (as a state) national identity HAS BEEN and MUST NOT be anything else but Judeo-Christian. Just as a national identity of France, Spain, Italy, …. MUST NOT be anything but Christian. It is a treason to claim as though America is no more only Judeo-Christian but also Islamic (Buddhist and whichever), like the impostor Obama claimed.

            Yes, individual citizens are free to change their religion according to their whim, yet the rest of the citizenry and the state must care that those "changers" always comprise only a negligible minority. That translates into the requirements to the educational system and immigration policies – to maintain the one and only national identity of the nation. This had been the unshakable axiom everywhere until the 1950s. And it must always be – if a nation wants to survive.

    • Bamaguje

      "So to all you pro Israel, pro war folk, where is your faith at?" – Traci St Claire.

      How did faith work out for the holocaust Jews; the 1 million Christian Armenians massacred by Muslim Turks in 1915; the massacred Tutsi's & moderate Hutus who took refuge in a Catholic church in 1994; the Coptic christians presently under attack by Egypt's Islamists, and the 50 Nigerian Christians who died from the recent Christmas day Church bombing by Jihadists?

    • WildJew

      You are a non-Jewish Christian and you do not support foreign aid to Israel. Neither do I.

      What does, "I will bless those who bless you and the one who curses you, I will curse," mean to you as a Christian?

      Is Dr. Paul blessing or cursing Abraham and his descendants?

      • Angela

        The U.S. has been blessing Israel for over 60 years. God says his word will not return to him empty. In blessing Israel, our nation has been blessed as well. As someone else on here mentioned, we are not overrun by militant Islam because of our ally-ship with Israel. So the "I will bless those who bless you" has been enacted for quite some time. To not continue to help Israel will be like cursing them…what then will be the outcome of the U.S. without its ally?

      • aspacia

        Good WildJew. Tracie may understand if you use scripture. I doubt she will understand from the humanist POV.


    • Mellie Wilkes

      Yes, 300,000 Southerners died at the hands of the US military and the sainted abraham lincoln. But my ancestors who were shot, raped, burned out and WHO ARE STILL THE BUTT of mockery did not count; and still do not count in this land of the free and home of the multicultural.

      • HoR_Emperor

        And 350,000 Northerners did at the hands of the Confederate rebel slavemasters and their traitorous leader Jeff Davis.

      • aspacia

        Read some Frederick Douglas for insight regarding what your ancestors did to blacks.

    • davarino

      If you and your saint RP had your way for the last 50 years we would be surrounded by commies and nazis. You would be looking to sign a peace treaty with them while they planned our eventual demise. Has the US made mistakes, yup, is the US perfect, nope, but brother its the best thing going and has fought for freedom all over the world. The US can do better but if your asking me to help you experiment with something that has been the envy of the world and lay down our arms so we can sing kumbiya with our enemies, then your barking up the wrong tree.

    • alan g

      Hey Tracked, it sounds like you are defending Ron Paul. Don’t you think he can fight his own battles? Maybe you should stay out of it to keep your hands clean. After all, Paul can take care of himself. Like Israel, he can take care of himself and do it alone, since that is the same thing.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      FAITH doesn't mean giving yourself or your country, up to be destroyed. Ron Paul's phrase
      "let's mind our own business" is CODE for sacrificing the U.S. and Israel to a world-wide Islamic Caliphate. Don't you understand that? Don't you understand, BY NOW, the value of Israel to the United States? After the Islamists make war on Israel, they're going to make war on the U.S.–and they've been doing that through terrorist attacks since 1993! Also, what would RON PAUL have done about the Barbary Pirates, if he had been President in 1801?
      (This was WAY before 1953, the date PAUL claims the U.S. first interfered with Iran) The Barbary Pirates were a group of fanatic Jihadists, making war on the United States, back
      in 1785-1815; capturing american sailors, stealing their cargoes, and hijacking their ships.
      RON PAUL would have said "Let's mind our own business!" Fortunately, Thomas Jeffeson didn't agree, and declared war on these Muslim jihadi thugs.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Here is a real Christian, a peaceful one with sense of justice. I am glad to hear your voice here. I am not a Christina, but I consider peacemakers like you as my bretherns. Peace.

      • SpiritOf1683

        We know you're not a Christian. You're a demonic hate-filled antisemitic Muslim barbarian.

      • aspacia

        Edip, a Christian who does not know scripture, especially the Covenant, Cain and Abel and the God's promise to Jews.

        A Deist.

    • Pantherpassing

      The Bible states that in the final days the world will turn against Israel. You see this
      has happened. The Bible also states that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. There are many Palestinians who live and work in Isreal and are not the least bit interested in going back to Palestine. They are treated better in Israel, they say. Had we not entered WWII most likely Europe would be Germany. And please expand your knowledge on the Holacaust. My father marched into those camps when they were liberated, served as an interpreter when guards were being interrogated,and I am well aware of the horrible dreams he experienced for the rest of his life. The beastly experiments performed, the piles of skeletal remains not only of the Jews but gypsies and anyone else who did not fit Hitler's criteria for a proper Aryan. He carried these memories with him until the day he died. If you could turn away from such evil and feel content in having done nothing then your heart is truly empty.

    • Angela

      Traci, you are a Christian…are you familiar with the Bible? Are you familiar with Genesis 12:3? What do you think "blessing" Israel entails? Blessing is an action word. Jesus said not to tell people to be warmed and filled, He said to do the warming and filling, an actual DOING something. When we stand with Israel and their defense, we bless them. Something to think about. :)

    • aspacia

      Traci St. Claire, is it only the aide we give to Israel you have a complaint about? Do you, similar to many Christians in formal religions like the Methodists, or Episcopalians view Jews as "Christ Killers?"

      You mention WWII and use stepping in. Oh, let me guess we were attacked On December 7, and lost 2,600 or our troops during this sneak attack. Afterward, HItler declared war on us. I guess we should have bent over nice, save lives, and allow half our nation to be enslaved by Japan and be Shinto worshippers, and the other half enslaved by Hitler who would have massacred most of us "mongrels."

      Most in the ME realize, and many of Saddam's military officers argue that his WMD's are in Syria. Try reading ME media, especially AJ opinion sections, and read what the average ME blogger thinks of you and me. Guess what…they want us dead.

      Paul is a bigot of the worse type. Do you want me to again post his negative comments about Jews?

      A Deist, Feminist, Goy, Zionist

  • DonnieP

    Israel is our ownly partner against the Muslims. If we do not help them we will be on our own to destroy they're crazy cult!!! I hope with us clearing out of Iraq it gives Israel the green light to bomb them to nothing

    • Blaine

      DonnieP, I hope you are willing to get off your duff and enlist or get commissioned. Otherwise, you are diminishing the gravity of your argument by showing that you don't have the conviction to put your skin in the game.

      • HoR_Emperor

        The lame "chickenhawk" sneer is just as invalid coming from Ron Paul supporters as it is coming from Leftists.

        Try a real argument next time.

    • aspacia

      Many right-wing Europeans are becoming angry. The citizens are calling for change and people like LePen, Geert Wilders, Cameron, and even Canada's Harper. Many Muslims with seditious leaning may be deported or incarcerated. However, there could be more backlash against Jews, but most crimes against Jews are committed by Asian/Muslim youth.

      I am waiting and watching.

      More philosophical thought. Should the USA strip any citizens of their citizenship, and deport them back to the land of their ancestors? What if these land do not want them? Do we just permanently incarcerate them as a threat to society since we do not want them and neither does any other land?

      Just ruminating.

  • Touchstone

    It appears the bombardment has begun. The Paulbots have commenced the invasion!

    I'm wondering if maybe it's just one or two low-level grunts at Ron Paul Headquarters, posting one fatuous message after another, but changing their moniker each time, so as to give the impression that a vast multitude blogs endlessly in support of Paul. Without a doubt, there's a calculated, organized effort to hijack websites with pro-Paul propaganda the moment an anti-Paul article appears.




    • CerebralPaulsy

      Poor Touchstone. Leave him alone you dumb Paulbots. People like him need sites like this to buttress their weak positions when hit pieces with half truths and smears go after the most honest Christian man to make it this far in my (long) lifetime.

      I encourage others to pray for Touchstone that he/she will have his/her eyes opened to the truth and will see through the evil that is being perpetrated on the American people.

      • Touchstone

        The most honest? Don't make me laugh! He pretends to "disavow" all the hateful things written in his newsletters (which, incidentally, he signed, published in his name, and profited from). How far is one expected to strain credulity? It's simply beyond belief that he never, ever knew about even one single instance of bigotry contained in those Ron Paul newsletters of his.

        And my eyes are VERY open, I assure you. And what do I see these days with my wide open eyes? I see "the evil that is being perpetrated" in the form of a wave of cyber-hate the likes of which I've never seen before, courtesy of all those rabid fanatical Paulbots.

        Why don't you open YOUR eyes, old-timer, and acknowledge the ugliness, intolerance and hatred currently being unleashed on the nation, unintentionally or not, by "the most honest Christian man" in politics.

        • CerebralPaulsy

          Have you seen this?

          This is just one of many examples to disprove what you have been fed by the media. You are playing right into their hands. Search your heart after you see this.

          • Touchstone

            You're not engaged in debate, you're engaged in propaganda. You want people to feel all warm and fuzzy about Paul and see only his positives and forget the negatives swirling around him. You want me to forget the hatred I've been reading with my own OPEN EYES, written by angry Paulbots. On this point you're silent. You don't seem prepared to acknowledge that there are ugly factions in society who feel empowered by Paul's rise.

            Just because Paul had compassion for patients doesn't mean he didn't do something irresponsible and shameful with respect to his newsletters. The two aren't mutually exclusive. And it certainly has no bearing whatsoever on the hatred currently being spewed by many of his supporters. You're not making a cogent or relevant point by showing me that video.

            How am I playing into the hands of the media when I'm describing to you what I've seen with my own damn eyes?

          • CerebralPaulsy

            Sorry I took so long to get back to you – been taking time off with my family. The newsletters aren't sticking – because everyone who knows him personally affirms that he is not a racist in anyway. He fights for individual liberty.

            I agree that a lot of Paul supporters are downright rude – I'm not one of them though and I apologize on their behalf for their behavior. They are frustrated and turn to anger to win arguments.

            You were playing into the media's hands by going along with the racial stuff – that even now – they are still propagating. They are trying to stir up feelings based upon unsubstantiated claims and slants.

            Based on the anger in your response – I can tell you are not open to more information – but write back if you are and I'll happily debate you in a very cordial manner.

    • Me and You

      I'm 26, male, of Democratic parents, raised in Maryland, registered independent. I'm not affiliated with Ron Paul's organization. However, I have been aware of Ron Paul since 2006. You may not consider me a "paulbot" as so many people are inclined to label. I am a youth, sure. I like my video games, thank you. If we can all agree that our world or, more locally, our union is in a very bad state (as suggested by economic and environmental nonsustainability, violent tensions among various groups whose only distinctions are the circumstances of their births, "reality TV" and more), then the cause of our union's troubles is exactly leaving politics to so-called "adults."

      Obama was clearly the youth's choice, it was our victory of voice. Change is what we demanded. Indeed, Change is what we still demand because it, change favorable to young adults, has not happened. I do not know, unfortunately, if enough youth is aware of how we were duped and deceived by politicians, mainstream media, and most of the "adults" in the world in 2008. We do, however, recognize that Ron Paul is the only representative of true Change. How many of us have been killed where we were ordered (by whom?) to go? How many of us have been arrested, our money taken and our record tarnished, by using a benign plant that has been by man's side throughout human civilization? How many of us can afford higher education, pursue a fulfilling career, or even realistically expect a prosperous future? The answers are TOO MANY, TOO MANY, and NOT ENOUGH!

      From our view, the most obvious difference between Ron Paul and the rest of the GOP candidates is how each carries oneself. Ron Paul is clearly humble, never insults another, and is always patient. He will listen to what one has to say and will respond in kind. In contrast, all politicians, except very few, are seen by us as liars, cheaters, and simply jerks. Admittedly, we were once persuaded by glamour, power, and Romney's hair, but we're older now – old enough to know what's truly important and genuine.

      Ron Paul is principled. We need that.

      I'm neither white nor black, neither Christian nor Muslim, but definitely not gay. I still support Ron Paul. I live in Texas now, and I will be registering as a Republican to vote for Paul in the primaries.

      • Touchstone

        "From our view, the most obvious difference between Ron Paul and the rest of the GOP candidates is how each carries oneself. Ron Paul is clearly humble, never insults another, and is always patient."

        Yes, they all carry themselves differently. Nobody but Paul stands accused of publishing bigoted slurs. Nobody but Paul stands accused of believing dangerous, rabble-rousing conspiracy theories. These kinds of views are DANGEROUS. They have consequences. They have the power to unleash haters from the margins of society, to make targets of innocent people, and to spread fear and chaos.

        And Ron Paul certainly did insult a fellow candidate when he described Michelle Bachmann as "not liking Muslims". Then, in the next breath, he accused Rick Santorum of disliking gays AND Muslims! Do you find Ron Paul's indelicate bedside manner endearing?

        • Brain

          and yet so many people on this website complain about multiculturalism.

        • Flipside

          It is nothing to stand accused of something.

        • Chris Willette

          i for one, think that you have your head totally up your rear end on this Ron Paul subject….i myself am what is now called a 'Ron Paul person' of course, but even i have my disagreements on a few subjects that he agreed with, but still, your claims are totally unsubstantiated and clearly without merit….calling 40% of the population 'crazy conspiracy theorists' (yes, at least that much of the polulation disagrees with the so called official findings of the biased 9/11 commission) is indeed no better than what you 'claim' Ron Paul has done…..if you honestly think 19 muslim extremists from saudi arabia armed with box cutters were able to dismantle andimmoblilize the US aerospace defense system, and hit 75% of their targets supposedly, and NOT release footage of the pentagon officially being hit by a charter flight, and REFUSE to look at the fACTS of WTC 7 AND WTC 4(which was on fire WAAAAY worse than WTC 7 and did NOT collapse into its own footprint), than you obviously do not have the critical thinking ability to do anything noteworthy

      • Touchstone

        As for "always patient", Paul became so flustered and feverish during the last debate, he suddenly blurted out that it's wrong to declare war on "1.2 billion Muslims". He dodged the question of what he would do if a nuclear Iran blocked Hormuz. THREE TIMES he dodged the question, and then finally declared that we must not go to war with "1.2 billion Muslims". What on Earth was he talking about? What legalized drug was he smoking?

        Perhaps more than any other reason, Paul shouldn't be President because he's simply too old. He's showing signs of intellectual deterioration. He's easily flustered, sometimes incoherent and generally cantankerous. I watched a youtube video of him from the early 1990's and he was much more measured, articulate and thoughtful. There's been a conspicuous decline in his cognitive abilities. This will only get worse with time. He'll be 78 in his first year in office. He's past his "best before" date, and, as mentioned, too many of his followers are full of hate.

      • HermitLion

        The fact that you started your textwall with a declaration of dubious statistics about yourself makes you a classic 'Paulbot'.
        Furthermore, your statements clearly contradict what you at first claim to be, yet you think that anyone who reads them will take your words without any scrutiny.

        The shallow tactics of a liar, and a propaganda zombie.

      • CanadaMissesU

        You are what scares me about the future.

        In your post you proudly claim you "like your video games", and suggest that you've been arrested and tarnished because of a "benign plant".

        But you can still vote. Which is scary. First you drank the Obama kool-aid and now you're hungry for what Ron Paul is serving.

        Forget Obama and Paul – If you want real change in life, put down the video games, stop getting high and find a job.

        "In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem." – George Carlin.

      • WildJew

        "Me and You," why does it seem like I am reading something from an angry young man in early nineteen thirties Germany; angry at the false promises of the Weimar government, ready for extreme change in Germany?

      • Stephen_Brady

        Son, if you live long enough, you will not be a young adult for too many more years. You will have to live in the world that you so ardently desire, now. Stop and think whether that's the world you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in.

      • HoR_Emperor

        "Ron Paul is clearly humble, never insults another, and is always patient."

        Ron Paul said "Bachmann hates Muslims" on Letterman. He blows his stack any time someone questions his views or calls him out on his crackpottery — check out the Paul/Ben Stein clash on YouTube. For that matter read Dondero's account of his private behavior — the guy's a bubbling cauldron of anger.

    • Francisco d Anconia

      Are you wearing an aluminum foil cap by any chance?

  • iranaware1

    He “did not write, edit or authorize” them and that he completely rejects their bigotry.. BUT he sure cashed those checks…
    Ron Paul needs to just retire and go away. Him and Carter can hang, they have the same views lol.

  • Matt

    I'm a British Jew, and I always wonder what Israel has to do with Britain,USA, Sweden, China. Why should those nations jump if Israel has a cough? Anyone can decide not to send money to another nation and look after themselves without being accused of anything.
    Of course, if you wish to run to Israels defence, then do so, individually. Go and fight for them literally and financially, without dragging whole countries with you.

    • Touchstone

      "without dragging whole countries with you"

      This is the same fatuous, defamatory BS spewed by Paulbots everywhere. Israel has always fought its own wars. The USA never sent troops to fight in any of Israel's wars. Israel never dragged "whole countries" to wage war on its behalf. What a cheap slander. Why don't you go drag yourself to a history book. (And I doubt you're who you say you are, since you're spewing the standard BS of the Paulbots.)

      • WildJew

        Notice how most of these people throw a proverbial "Molotov cocktail" into the crowd and then run? Not too often are Paul supporters willing to engage in reasonable discussion. Some are. Most are not.

      • Flipside

        You can't defame and slander a country.


      Dear Matt

      Your comment brings to mind WWI and WWII which, in the European theatre had little to do with the US (other than Her Schiclegruber declared war on us) but we focused more blood and treasure fighting the Nazi's than the Japanese who did attack us first.
      You of all people should understand.

    • Larry

      Israel is the canary in the coal mine for Western civilization. Think of it as the Czechoslovakia of the 21st century. It we let it go down unsupported it will lead to another holocaust and another world war, which can only end with the entire muslim world smashed flat.

      As long as we stand behind and support Israel, instead of selling her out to the barbarians there is a chance to avoid that war. If we don't it will come.

      • Flipside

        How come the canary in the coal mine keeps chiseling away at the gas pocket?

        • SpiritOf1683

          You must be sick that the canary in the coal mine refuses to venture into the gas chamber.

    • HermitLion

      "I am a Shaolin monk, a nun, a bazaar stand, and an Illuminati agent.

      The statements that I am about to write down here are copy-paste talking points in support of Ron Paul, which absolutely contradict the group affiliation that I declared above, in a way that no normal person does.

      I think that Ron Paul is X, Y, and Z, and you all should believe everything I say despite my obvious attempt to deceive you."

      • Flipside

        If you can clap a sword, say a Hail Mary, serve up some dates, and give the secret handshake, I might believe you.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Buffoon. These nations jump when Iran clicks its finger. Israel is the only Middle Eastern ally we have and the only country with the courage to stand up to the mad mullahs. You never saw any cheering Israeli Jews when the 9/11 atrocity happened, unlike the rest of the Islamic world where they partied and handed out sweets to their children until midnight. I suppose you'd try to buy off someone who wanted to kill you with a bouquet of flowers rather than treat them to the business end of a Glock. And wehen it comes to sending money to other nations, it is long past time we stopped sending it to ungrateful hate-filled Muslim cesspits. And you're not a Jew but a typical Mohammedan liar.

    • aspacia

      Matt, do you have any idea of the British history, continual practice of antiSemitism? How about stopping the Exodus, with its many Holocaust refugees from landing.

      • Flipside

        Quit acting like Jews have never committed genocide or stolen anything.

        • SpiritOf1683

          You're not acting when you want another Holocaust. That is your desire, to see another Auschwitz operating at full throttle, Naziside.

          • Flipside

            No. That’s just the phantoms inside your head.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      As a British Jew, you should understand why people should support
      Israel; Islamists have taken over the public sphere in England. Whole areas of London are now "no go" zones, where non-Muslims can't enter; and the English
      people have pretty well been beaten down the road towards Dhimmi status.
      It's not a matter of "Israel having a cough," but rather that England, France,
      Germany, Sweden, and Norway are on the way to Dhimmit status, as well.
      Or do you want a world-wide Islamic caliphate?

  • Alexander Gofen

    I am more concerned with Ron Paul's war on America. Why? Because a "prominent non-interventionist Ron Paul" is all for intervention of islam into America. In fact he paves the way for islamization of America even more. In fact, he does not even acknowledge that America is an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation.

    Of course, he does not acknowledge that islam is at war with America and the entire Western world. He completely misunderstands both the enemies of America, and America itself: her role and God's mission. Due to that alone he is a national threat to America (and therefore to Israel).

    True to the facts, not one of the other "front runners" is up to the mission. The greatest tragedy of America is that in this 3rd year of Obama/Soetoro coup, the best opposition we have is represented by these so called "front runners"! A crook guiding the crooks… At best, some of them may be right on one issue (yet wrong on everything else). And all are traitors on the most important: on cover up for the impostor, identity thief, and forger Obama/Soetoro.

    How much more staged (fixed, thrown) must be this so called "election" if the opponents shy to challenge their rival (the rival for G0d's sake!) who happened to be the most egregious violator and criminal ever residing in the White House!

    • WildJew

      My aim is to pick the strongest candidate on national security / related foreign policy and hope we can bring him or her along on the rest. If we can't find leader that understands the threat from Islam, in the long run we are done.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      Right on Alexander. Ron Paul would have said, "Lets mind our own business," in response to the Barbary Pirates, a group of fanatical jihadi thugs, that made war on the United States, way back in 1785.

      • Rifleman

        I can hear him whine now, "…but the Barbary Pirates didn't attack us, they attacked some merchants intruding on their sea."

    • Alexander Gofen

      In fact we have presidential candidates who are exposing the Criminal-in-Chief: They are Leah Lax (Democrat) and Laurie Roth (Independent). The "party" affiliation is irrelevant indeed.

      In fact "election" is already irrelevant in this totally corrupt nation already taken by modern Bolsheviks (similarly to Russia in 1917):

      In my view, it is wrong and misguiding to think about recovery and "victory" in electoral terms – given the roster of crooks "offered" for election.

      Follow and help . If recover is still possible, it goes through the complete exposure of the coup and its culprits… Because "Sunlight is the best disinfectant (Justice Louis Brandeis). And the only one!..

  • naksuthin

    Ron Paul is right about Israel
    Every year we give 3 billion dollars to the State of Israel which they then use to subsidize legal abortions to exterminate over 20,000 unborn babies each year.

    Even Palestinian women must go to Israel if they want to abort their babies (Palestinians consider abortion to be a crime.)

    Meanwhile, if a female Israeli soldier finds herself pregnant, the Israel Military (IDF) will pay for at least two free abortions. If she refuses to kill the fetus, she is immediately dismissed from the army without any benefits or severance pay.

    Please Google "Israel, abortions" to find out how American tax dollars are being used to subsidize the extermination of innocent Jewish children of God each year.

    Call your Congressman and remind him that US aid to Israel contravenes the Hyde Amendment, which forbids US aid to nations that use government funds to subsidize abor tion services.

    • HermitLion

      You are right – America should only invest this money in groups that kill babies after they are already born, like Hamas, Fatah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Instead of supporting the abortion of Jewish babies, you should support the genocide of all Jews – such infallible Paulian logic truly cannot be contested.

      • stern

        Brilliant response, HermitLion.

        • HermitLion

          Why thank you, Stern :)

    • Touchstone

      It's cute when Israel-bashers get inventive. You would have folks believe that, in the name of saving Jewish babies, you support weakening the Jewish state. You want to deprive the Jewish state of resources, all out of heartfelt concern for Jewish lives! Who do you think you're fooling?

      Look, there's a good argument to be made for reducing or ending the aid, but you're not making it. You're hiding behind false concern for Jewish babies, when your real agenda is to deprive Israel of something valuable with a view to weakening her.

      And how dare you claim that "we give 3 billion dollars to the State of Israel which they then use to subsidize legal abortions…" As if Israel spends 3 billion dollars in US aid on abortions! Most of that aid comes right back to the USA, because Israel is required to spend it on American military equipment. But you and other Israel-bashers prefer to distort the truth by spewing monstrous allegations. Nice try, weasel!

    • SpiritOf1683

      You'd rather see US aid go to Sharia states instead. The US has given over $80 bnillion to Egypt – a backward Muslim cesspit, and got 9/11 in return. Yes, two towers destroyed, 5,000 people dead, for that is now the death toll for 9/11 with thousands more to die, and trillions in damage to the economy. That is how Muslims repay the US aid lavished on them. But then again, you're too boneheaded to know that.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Quick question for you……are there any of you Ron Paul acolytes that aren't obsessed and unhinged Jew haters? In fact, I believe that Ron Paul doesn't have a prayer in hell of winning simply due to the fact there aren't enough unhinged and obsessed Jews haters in America to elect him.

    • WildJew

      I don't know how many times I have seen this same line from Naksuthin and maybe others. Isn't Dr. Paul's position, abortion is a states' rights issue?

    • stern

      "Even Palestinian women must go to Israel if they want to abort their babies "

      Yes, and even Palestinian gays must go to Israel if they want to abort their hangings.

    • alan g

      This may disturb you but the old testament and Jewish law sees abortion a bit differently than Christians. It is unfortunate but true. Remember, the Jews have been thinking about this for a long time.

      • Pantherpassing

        Would you please tell me how the Jews view abortion? I didn't know they had different views and would like to know. Thank you.

        • Pantherpassing

          Also, I clicked on the wrong button. That should have been a thumbs up.

    • alan g

      The 3 billion in aid is purely for weaponry and natiional defense. It is not used for anything else. So cut the lying crap already.

    • Questions

      I've long believed that the sorts of people who unequivocably equate abortion with first-degree murder are the sorts of people who denounce the "genocide" by Israel against the Arabs. Your post confirms this suspicion.

    • UCSPanther

      *Sniff!* *Sniff!*

      I smell a blood libel. They all have the unmistakable reek of BS.

    • aspacia

      Abortion in Israel: Terms of Termination

      A 1977 law ensures a low-cost, and in some cases free, legal abortion to any woman who fills one of four criteria:

      She is under 18 or over 40 (cost to those in between: 1,500 shekels [$370]).

      She is carrying a fetus with a serious mental or physical defect (free).

      She claims that the fetus results from forbidden relations such as rape or incest (free) or, in the case of a married woman, that the baby is not her husband's (not free). Single women also fall under this clause, and they too must pay.

      She shows that by continuing the pregnancy, her physical or mental health would be damaged (free).

      Just the facts from a prochoice Deist.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    LIke Nasser, Arafat, Assad, Saddam, bin Laden, and an assortment of genocidal Hamas leaders Ron Paul will die and go to his grave, but Israel will live.

    • ApolloSpeaks

      Click my name to continue reading the above article.

  • Alex Kovnat

    We tried to appease Hitler by betraying Czechoslovakia in 1938. It didn't work. Hitler only became even more aggressive. Throwing Israel to the wolves won't work either.

    And if Ron Paul even suggests that we be neutral between North and South Korea, hopefully then the nation will know how utterly naive he is.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Dondero claims that the presidential candidate is not anti-Semitic but “wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all.”

    In the debates, Ron Paul claimed that Gaza was a concentration camp and blamed Israel for it. However, Israel is not responsible for the permanent and perpetual jihad of conquest being waged against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world in the cause of Allah. Indeed, the Jewish unbelievers like numerous various and sundry non-Muslim unbelievers all around the world are victims of one of many perpetual jihads of conquest, both violent and non-violent, the Islamic world has been waging perpetually for the past almost 1400 years that altogether comprise the greater global jihad at large. Hence, when Paul vilifies and demonizes Israel for being responsible for Gaza, it amounts to incitement of hatred and violence against Israel in order to foment another mass genocidal holocaust of Jews. Thus, how is Paul not extremely bigoted?

    • Larry

      Gaza IS a concentration camp, but Israel is not responsible for it, Egypt is. It is the concentration camp that Egypt put the arabs of Palestine in after the arabs lost the founding war, it is the concentration camp they kept them in for 20 years after they annexed the Gaza Strip, and it is the concentration camp they didn't want back in 1978, because unlike the Sinai it had no oil under it.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Yep – a 'concentration camp' which has plush hotels, restauarants, beaches, food-laden markets, cars, luxury goods, not to mention the eighth fattest people on the planet – and all financed by the Western taxpayer, and is supplied gas, electricity and clean water by the Israelis, who get rockets fired at them in return for their benevolence – a far cry from Auschwitz circa 1944.

    • jacob

      On such matters, PAUL can't tell his ass from his elbow, if he dares call GAZA
      a "concentration camp" caused by Israel…sweeping conveniently under the floor
      in typical rotten politician fashion, the historical origin of the 60 year plus GAZA
      STRIP "refugees"…..
      And I guess he is right about the help Israel gets from the USA, notwhitstanding
      the fact it doesn't get actual money but "loan guarantees" it has to spend on
      American war material and which IT ALMOST REPAYS ENTIRELY…
      However, if this "help" entails having to squat as low as the "helper" wants, isn't
      in order for the "helped" to tell the helper to take his help and shove it ????
      If, GOD forbids, PAUL ever gets the Republican nomination and by the same
      stupidity that brought OBAMA to the White House, is elected President, may GOD
      protect America…..

    • Flipside

      Thus Hillel cranks out crappy debaters.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    O boy,you'll find R.P.s under every slimy stone and every invested cellar.
    And those who support them will get or have dirty hands.

  • john in cheshire

    In my limited understanding of these matters, Ron Paul appears to be as dangerous a person as Barack Obama and neither of them (including their cohorts) should be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

    • scum

      Except for the fact that Obama handed out money to Republican CEO's and saved capitalism.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    Let's see; Ron Paul says "Lets mind our own business!" What would have been Ron Paul's response if he had been President on December 7, 1941? You got it–"Let's mind our own business!" What would have been his response to Hitler's declaring war on the U.S. four days later. You got it-"Let's mind our own business!" In addition, America paid protection money–ransom–to the Barbary Pirates, for 16 years–to this group of fanatic jihadi thugs that were preying on American merchants ships way back in 1785-1815. Fortunately, Ron Paul wasn't wasn;'t President in 1801. But Thomas Jefferson (a "Lets Mind our own Business" guy), who didn't want a Navy for the U.S., realized the error of his ways, and declared war on the Barbary pirates–and they ceased to be a threat. But in the 21st Century, the stakes are MUCH HIGHER.
    We couldn't afford "Let's Mind our own Business" back in 1801; HOW CAN WE AFFORD IT NOW?

    • Stephen_Brady

      He probably would have said, "Let's go be friendly with th Japanese. I'll go over there and talk to the Emperor and everything will be fine!"

      Extreme naivete …

  • Edip Yuksel

    I have never voted for a Republican, with one exception. I have once voted for McCain for senate, to support his stand agains torture and against the influence of money in our political system.

    After reading this article, I have decided to vote for a Rupublican candidate, for the second time. My vote is for Ron Paul, a brave American patriot who has the courage and wisdom to stand against the Nazionist propaganda machine!

  • mrbean

    Last year Ron Paul said that the CIA perpetrated a coup over the United States. “There’s been a coup, have you heard? It’s the CIA coup. They’re in businesses, in drug businesses.” That fits in as just another part of the wacky world of Ron Paul that has spanned decades of denigrating blacks, assigning all sorts of crazy conspiracies to the US government, and above all hatred for Israel. It is a disgusting sin that this man is a political candidate for anything much less for the GOP nomination for President of the United States. James Kirchick wrote a short piece in 2008 for The New Republic detailing what he found in an archive of Ron Paul’s racist newsletters and also
    documented his nutcase conspiracy theories.

  • AL__
    • Stephen_Brady

      Excellent! No political correctness, there!

  • AL__

    wrong paul/bradley manning 2012

  • Shadow Watcher

    GOD IS A ZIONIST -Read the book dummies! Then after doing so, if you persist in your stubborn unbelief in the God of Israel (the true and living God), don't blame him if you're on the wrong side when the "you know what" hits the proverbial fan. If you DO want to know what's about to happen, I suggest the book of Joel and the 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel…Note who the victors are.
    BTW, just because God doesn't need Americas help defending Israel, doesn't mean we should abandon her. That's what cowards do-and in this case incredibly cowardice worms- (Like Ron Paul) I mean; "if God be with us, who can stand against us.?

    • Flipside

      Any sane person.

    • formationrx

      You are a brainwashed religious fanatic. If god was here he'd be pissed at you for separating man against each other, and if jesus came back you think he would want to see you and your stupid cross? You suck and so does your lame god. Oh and israel SUCKS too.

      • shadow watcher

        Not…What's wrong with dual loyalties? It's like saying you can't love your mom AND your dad…bad logic by this "Palestinian American" don't let these cheesy arguments get your eyes off the truth. Muslims are loyal to Mecca and no-one seems to want to talk them out of these loyalties-no matter what country they reside in, so a Jew should have Jerusalem/Zion in his heart and not be so easily talked out of it by some phoney baloney appeal to your "liberalness".

    • Oldman

      Those who believe in Absurdities,will continue to commit Atrocities.


  • Ben

    when the world fast and unpleasatly changes there must be somebody the guilty.For the third World and alike for the West it is Israel.Dondero depict Paul as the qultural Imperialist non racist who aren`t interested in minorities qultures.Having nothing against the Jews isolationist Paul hates the US role of supporter of this hated singularity-Israel.Isolationists doesn`t understand that the fright is the bad adviser and that the moral policy is best in the long run.

  • Isahiah62

    Wrong Paul is a good name for it- he thinks we fought Nazis to stop the Jew killing? no we knew of it, and did NOTHING until we were attacked- the reason it took a sneak attack to shake us up to action, is because we were "minding our own business". At no time in WW2 did we attempt to liberate JEWs from camps, not stop exterminations nor help them escape- in fact we refused to help and turned them away to DIE at sea-This one and of course all the other misrepresentations of history presented by RP prove he IS A DANGEROUS moron- BIGOTED, poorly educated and a parrot who repeats the ugliest propaganda of our enemies. How is he even in the REP party? He is more left and more proMuslim than Obama

  • Ghostwriter

    Ron Paul lives in a fantasy world. If he believes that withdrawing from the rest of the world will make them leave us alone,it won't. It didn't work in 1917,it didn't in 1941,it's not going to work now. We need leaders who live in the real world,not the fantasy land of Obama and Paul. Fantasy may be fun in fiction,but it doesn't really work in politics.

    • SpiritOf1683

      And it didn't work in 1786 either.

    • Flipside

      Israel is not the rest of the world.

      • Ghostwriter

        Has anyone ever told you that you're a disgusting human being,Flipside?

        • Flipside

          Just anonymous people. No one with balls.

  • Nakba1948

    Put aside the fact that I'm a Palestinian-American and that I wholeheartedly detest the way that Israel treats my people and robs them of their dignity, humanity and self-determination. I'm also an American, and a proud one at that. The people who run FPM, and the freaks who consider themselves loyal readers, are in large part American. How can you justify the amount of importance you attach to Israel, a foreign country, often at the expense of American interest? In the truest sense of the term, you are Israel-firsters. The US is a means to an end for you people. Whether you know it or not, you are traitors. WHO CARES what Ron Paul's position is on Israel at the end of the day? Why aren't any of you interested in his position on AMERICA? You Zionazis are truly a mentally ill bunch. The Jews among you here fortunately represent only a small portion of American Jews, but perhaps you should step back and ask yourselves why so many people throughout history (albeit unjustly) have accused Jews of "dual loyalties." You people are living, breathing STEREOTYPES! You are a terrible burden to your co-religionists and you give non-Zionist, upstanding Jews a bad name!

    • Jacob Pischerman


      • shadow watcher

        Not…What's wrong with dual loyalties? It's like saying you can't love your mom AND your dad…bad logic by this "Palestinian American" don't let these cheesy arguments get your eyes off the truth. Muslims are loyal to Mecca and no-one seems to want to talk them out of these loyalties-no matter what country they reside in, so a Jew should have Jerusalem/Zion in his heart and not be so easily talked out of it by some phoney baloney appeal to your "liberalness".
        I'm afraid the problem with most Jews anymore is the same as it's always been-they simply won't believe what their God has said and promised them. It's all in the Bible-just READ! And be confident in your GOD. He's the true ONE you know.

    • Leah

      How can you be an American if you state you are a Palestinian. If America went to war with Palestine where would your loyality be?

      • Rango

        Same could be asked about Jews in America

    • AL__

      islam should not be allowed in the free world

    • APP

      You, as many so-called Palestinians, are supporting the mass murder of innocent men women and children. Then you complain that the Israelis have to defend their people by erecting a protective wall, security barriers, etc. Your small children wear suicide belts and are taught to hate. Your leaders talk about killing all the Jews, deny the WW II Holocaust. When you STOP your hate, your mass murder and genocidal behavior, your dignity WILL return!

    • Ghostwriter

      I tend to agree with APP. Your people haven't exactly have had clean hands in this affair either. Maybe if you and your people stopped with the suicide bombings,the anti-semitism,etc,your people would've had a state by now. You didn't want a state. You just wanted to destroy Israel. Your people didn't want peace. They just wanted to kill Israelis. What were they supposed to do? Let more suicide bombers in to kill more Israelis? The Israelis want peace,you and your people don't,Nakba1948.

    • Flipside

      Hear hear!

    • SpiritOf1683

      And you're mentally ill, but then again thats because you're a hate-filled Muslim who would like to see any Jew who dares to fight for their lives dead. For the likes of yourself and your ilk, Hitler didn't murder enough Jews – you would have loved to see every Jew wiped off the face of the Earth, and finally, you belong in Jordan, not the US.

  • Jacob Pischerman

    If you zionist jews don't like America and patriots like Ron Paul who put America first, why don't you just move to that crappy little country of yours in Israel? What an obnoxious, thieving, self-focused lot you are. No wonder you've been kicked out of so many countries. We're all sick of you! Ron Paul 2012! Separation of synagogue and state!

    • BS77

      Another clueless idiot Paul follower with the typical hate speech ….yeah, another big brave man .

    • UCSPanther

      Well, well. More ineloquent 1920s-era hate speech from some loser with an antisemitic hate site.

      Now begone.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Jacob, you made an excellent point. These people are a bunch of zealots who are exploiting the past tragedies of another generation and use it to promote their racist, hateful, paranoid and agressive agenda. They cannot see that Israel is a killing machine, not a victim; a racist country not democracy.

      • SpiritOf1683

        And Turkey isn't a killing machine, doofuss? Armenian Genocides, the mass slaughter of Greeks and Bulgarians, the cruel devshirme system, the waging of jihad against the whole of Europe, then playing the crybaby once the military reverses started. And there is no greater killing machine around than Islam – the butcher of half a billion souls – around 300 million infidels and 200 million plus of their fellow Muslims.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Don't like Jews, do we? You KNOW that you have trouble when Edip is praising you …

      • Edip Yuksel

        I have no problem with Jews; but I have problem with bullies who act like a victim, with racists who act like a moral being. Zionists are the enemies of Jews, since they give bad name to Jews.

        Noam Chomsky is a Jew and he is my friend. Finkelstein is a Jew and he is too my friend. You know that you are lying to your teeth when you accuse me of not liking Jews, but as a racist you use "projection" which is psychological trick to fool yourself.

        • SpiritOf1683

          You have no problem with self-loathing Jews, but you have an insatiable hattred of those Jews who have no intention of being led into the gas chambers again, don't you hate-filled Muslim bigot. And you've never met Chumpsky and Finkelstein in your life, liar.

        • Stephen_Brady

          I would like to suggest that Noam hasn't taught you, very well. My comment about Jacob's "not liking Jews" was directed to him, not to you. However, I know that you an anti-Zionist, and used that against him.

          Do you like Jews? Or do you only like the self-loathing kind?

    • SpiritOf1683

      Ron Paul isn't a patriot – he is Adolf Eichmann II. And you and your ilk are his fellow Eichmannites.

      • mah29001

        wRONg Paul is indeed a National Socialist.

    • mah29001

      wRONg Paul and his supporters prove they'll turn the USA into National Socialist Germany every time they make a comment about Israel and the Jews in general.

    • formationrx

      I second that. If you love israel- go there.

    • digdigby

      Kill the canary! Kill the canary! And everything will be alright in the coal mine.

  • LibertyIL

    Assiatant Secretary of State, Andrew Shapiro just sold 80 F-15 Aircrafts to Saudi Arabia. Now how does that help Isreal again?

    • Stephen_Brady

      I would be the last person to praise anyone in the Obama administration. But if a Republican were in the White House, I would expect him to set Muslims against each other. Unlike Obama, he would also tap our own resources so that we're not dependant upon Middle East oil.

  • Flipside

    Ryan is using his scare quotes to make it look like this is Ron Paul’s kooky belief: “He praises J-Street for challenging “AIPAC’s monopoly control of the discussion.”

    The fact is that Alan Dershowitz is on video record deliberately trying to absorb J-Street into AIPAC in order to maintain AIPAC’s monopoly control of the discussion. Real Americans, unlike Ryan Mauro, know that AIPAC needs to be destroyed.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Real Americans know that the DEM party, with its 70 Dem Soc Party mem Congressional members, needs to be destroyed …

  • Ben

    Compare this Palestinian Nacba and his Jewish supporter J.Pisherman: one is simply Muslim Jew-hater , the other is cowardice Jew-hater too , both are false American patriots.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Ron Paul is supported by people with limited and shallow understanding of history. Products of our public education system.

    A strict isolationsist policy for a Country dependent on imports as the U.S. is pure unadulterated folly.

    Many of the "American firsters" were Hitler supporters who shut right up after dec.7th 1941.

    Ron Paul still has not learned the very lessons that Jefferson did well over a Hundred years ago.

    • SpiritOf1683

      But then again Ron Paul isn't capable of learning anything, except how to hate Jews.

  • Jakareh

    Ron Paul and his drones are right! The 1,400 years of jihad have been a hoax. Muhammad never massacred the Jews of Khaybar. The Muslims did not conquer Egypt in 639, Spain in 711, Sicily in 965 or Constantinople in 1453. They never were at the gates of Vienna and they never invaded France on the way to subjugating all of Europe.

    The Barbary Pirates enslaving Americans… psshh, it was all b.s. The lads just went ashore to chase after the hot Libyan girls–you know sailors! And my Armenian great grandmother lied; the Turks never sent everybody in her town to die of thirst in the Syrian Desert.

    Yeah, the CIA did 9/11! The Mossad pitched in, just to join in the fun, of course–Israelis are major party animals! The Madrid train bombings? Staged! Same for the London ones. And, of course, the Underwear Bomber was a "false flag operation". Some guy says so–right in this link provided by a kindly Paul-bot:

    I think that you should read this:…. and this….

    Is Iran trying to build a nuke? Of course not! I mean, if they were, it would be totally justified. After all, the OSS may have been involved in overthrowing a socialist prime minister there 60 years ago. Plus, we're talking tough to them now just because they're threatening to close a vital international waterway. Can't Iran peacefully commit an act of war? You know what? Americans deserve to be nuked! Hell, we should nuke ourselves.

    I'm convinced: Islam really is the Religion of Peace™. Oh, wait… I got it! Islam doesn't actually exist! It's all been a joint CIA-FBI-ATF-Pentagon-Mossad-KGB-Trilateral Commission-Bilderberg-MI6 operation from the beginning! How could I have been so blind?! Muhammad was an agent and so was my great grandmother–naughty old girl!

    Go Ron Paul! R3VO_|ution!

  • Lady In Red

    I like Horowitz. A lot.

    I'm liking Ron Paul, a lot, more and more.

    What is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing (not to mention bowing to the Muslims, a dollop) over and over expecting different results.

    I think Ron Paul has integrity. I'm long on that.

    I found this site, as one of them….?, defended Ron Paul:

    I think about Netanyahu to Congress, just in October….

    I think: follow the money! Who the hell is committed to demonizing Ron Paul? I'm not sure.

    But, David Horowitz, I wish you would be a bit more thoughtful, and careful.

    ….Lady in Red

  • sasss31

    I urge people to watch this short video clip with Ron Paul answering a question on "why won't he come out on the truth about 9/11". It is astonishing and it makes a rational observer conclude that Ron Paul indeed is a truther. Watch for yourselves:

  • scum

    Ron Paul is your #1 Tea Party candidate, bro. And do you support the Ultra-Orthodox segregation being proposed in Israel?

  • digdigby

    The 'poor Palestinians' are a fabrication and are the most blood-thirsty and barbaric gang of delusional savages around. They have held the whole world hostage to their ever-shifting demands and bottomless self-pity. The entire world has put up with their spectacular terror for over forty years. They have one clear and unequivocal 'reasonable' demand and it has never ever changed since the 1920's: the extermination of Jews anywhere in the 'Muslim' world. Then Christians – I take that back…the extermination of Christians has already begun.

  • joego

    Israel will never have peace in the region until Americans get out of the process. There is no incentive for them to make peace with the United States guarantee of military help and foreign aid. Why should they?

    • Ghostwriter

      Perhaps a little thing like their very survival as a country comes to mind.

  • reader

    I suspect that many closet Obama supporters peddle Ron Paul in the hopes that he gets the nomination in the chaos we're in. This will hand Obama a golden chance to hold on to the second term.

  • Questions

    Ron Paul fanatics are also pretty good at stuffing ballot boxes in straw polls.

  • AL__

    the wrong paul brown shirts are the cockroaches of the internet.

  • Flipside

    The video speaks for itself. Dershowitz was taped trying to con J-Street into joining AIPAC in order to remove Zionist disseontion from public view. If you don't like facts, that's your own weakness.

    Come on. Prove it didn't happen. You frigging yoni.

  • Flipside

    In case you have noticed, we don't care what the Zionists think of us fixing our own country. If you want to be on the wrong side of national reform, don't cry about it later.

  • mah29001

    You are a dumb Nazi. The type of America you envision is more similar to that of National Socialist Germany.

  • formationrx

    i wonder why? duh

  • formationrx

    your so witty and know everything NOT

  • scum

    You sound like the Hutu's trying to justify the killing of the Tutsi, calling people cockroaches. Remember, words have ears.

  • Flipside

    Israel loves the attention.

  • Flipside

    I am here. This is site Stormfront for Jews. Anyway. I see you have no answer for the FACT that Alan Dershowitz is right there on video trying to squelch public dissent on Israel by absorbing J-Street. There it is, for all to see.